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Found 11 results

  1. Hi everybody, Tomorrow is the Greek National Day commemorating the rejection of the surrender ultimatum and the victorious repulsion of Mussolini’s attack against Greece. Those more interested in history, they may take a look here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greco-Italian_War . For the moment it is enough to say that in fall 1940 Greece was the only other country bar Britain, fighting the Axis in Europe, and this mountain war has been characterized as the first major military setback of the Axis powers. Nough with history though. The below model, a Royal Hellenic Air Force Avro Anson in 1/48, is my small contribution to the commemoration. Eleven of these aircrafts were used during the campaign, having as their main duty sea patrolling and anti-submarine search. After the German invasion in April 6 1941 five of these aircraft (among which the depicted N56) managed to escape via Crete to Egypt, where they formed the nucleus for the renaissance of the Greek Air Force in the Middle East, under RAF command. It’s the well-known late version Anson by Classic Airframes that has been released later by Special Hobby. Being a limited run kit, it was a bit of a challenge in certain cases (i.e. engines and cowlings, landing system), but it was one of the best of its kind that I have coped with. It takes its time, with trial and sanding, but I believe it turns out in a really nice kit of an iconic WWII aircraft. I used the photo-etched provided and I just added a proper for the Greek version turret machine gun. Unfortunately, the decals provided for making the RHAF plane are not correct, being too dark blue and wrong font for the codes. I had to order custom made ones, which with a bit of care and a layer of Future were applied with no problem. The colors, Dark Green and Dark Earth, are from Gunze’s MrColor range, and the more demanding Night undersides were painted with a mixture of 45% German Grey, 45% Navy Blue and 10% Russet, for a more realistic appearance (plain Black just doesn’t look right). Weathering with pastels and post-shading, washing with dark brown and black. I did try some detailing in the interior, but surprisingly not many things can be seen. Hope you enjoy it. Dimitrios K.
  2. The Faithful Annie, a classic RAF aircraft if ever there was one. Over 11,000 Ansons of various marks were built from 1935 to 1952, serving the RAF, RCAF, RAAF and FAA into the 1960s. I’m starting back at the beginning, with the MkI in RAF Coastal Command service. I stand to be corrected but, until this Special Hobby kit arrived in 2007, the only injection moulded kit in 1/72nd scale was the venerable Airfix one - with all its shortcomings and dimensional errors, and that nasty greenhouse. I’m not going to knock the Airfix one further. I know, with care and love and elbow grease, it can be turned into a good representation of the type. Anyway, this thread is about a different kit. My copy is a rebox of the original 2007 kit. Markings are provided for three aircraft, all of which fit my 1940 obsession. However, I’m going to build the box art aircraft, N9732/MK-V. I don’t live very far from Detling, in Kent, where there was a Coastal Command airfield (now the Kent county show ground). MK-V was on the strength of No 500 (County of Kent) Squadron, and with two other Ansons got into a bit of a barney with a pair of Bf109s while on patrol over the English Channel in June 1940. The Emils came off worst, both apparently claimed by the crew of MK-V. Why wouldn’t I build that version? It would be rude not to! The moulded plastic looks really nice, especially the fabric treatment on the control surfaces. A rather worrying number of large gaps appear in the fuselage, though. Large expanses of lovely thin clear glazing, which will fill those gaps with luck. I have found that Montex make a masking set for this kit, which must be ordered fairly soon. This kit has lots and lots of moulded resin detail. This lot is mostly the interior, including the framework supporting the roof and glazing, but there are some worryingly fragile-looking external details as well. I shall consider which can usefully be substituted by metal replacements. More resin, this time crew seats, undercarriage parts, engine cowlings and self-assembly Armstrong Siddeley Cheetahs. Individual cylinders? Really? I had better put the local asylum on standby… Like the Blackburn Skua, this is going to be a slow burn build. Rather perversely, I am rather looking forward to getting into all that resin!
  3. RAAF Avro Ansons 71 Sqn & 1 Air Observers School 1/48 Red Roo Models This provides decals for 3 Avro Anson aircraft used by the RAAF. The RAAF would use over 1000 of these aircraft mainly as trainers but also as Maritime Patrol aircraft in the days where they had little else. The three decal options on the sheet are; 1. AW665 code PP-B used by 71 Sqn from Lowood (QLD) in October 1943 used for Coastal Command camouflage trials. This aircraft featured Foliage Green/Earth Brown top sides, Gloss white undersides, and the fuselage sides in matt white. 2. JD287 code PP-K used by 71 Sqn Md War. In RAF Camo of Dark Green/ Dark Brown and Sky undersides. 3. W2598 code 98 used by 1 Air Observation School Evans Head NSW late 1943. In RAF Camo of Dark Green/ Dark Brown and Sky undersides. Conclusion This is a great sheet if you fancy something different or antipodean for your Anson. The decals are great and the supporting 8 pages of documentation is first rate. Highly Recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  4. Hallo again Here are my two Avro Anson. From Classic Airframe in 1/48. Etched parts are from FlyPath. This a/c I built some years ago. At this time, it was the biggest challenge for me, because of the transparencies. Actually all knots of the internal frame I had to make metal pins and holes, to get them fixed and proof the accuracy of fit. For paint, I used Gunze H colors. Happy modelling
  5. So now for a long awaited NON-GB build - it seems I've spent most of this year building things for GBs, so it made a bona change this week to have a vader at the bijou stashette. Now I have had a long-running project which involves building all the various aircraft my father .There is more about the project in this thread from 3 years ago: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234926820-long-term-project-the-aircraft-of-my-father/ So having built several things from Dad's 81 Sqn and 5 Sqn, I thought I'd turn my attention to the start of his career in the RAF when he was stationed at South Detling airfield, from Feb 1942 to June 1942, During this time there were visits from Mustang 1 equipped 239 Sqn and 280 Sqn an Air-Sea Rescue Squadron, newly equipped with the Avro Anson Mk 1. Research led me to this page which purports to show profiles of the 280 Sqn aircraft: http://www.rafweb.org/Squadrons/Sqn%20Markings/SqnMark271-299.htm#280 However as with all drawn profiles you need to take them with a pinch of salt. That said, with nothing else to suggest otherwise, I'm going to adopt the colour scheme shown here. Squadron codes for 280 Sqn were "YF" and I'm yet to find a photo of an Anson sporting a YF squadron code. This means finding a suitable serial number is going to be a bit of guess work... So research aside, lets look at the kit... This is an interesting kit - its mixed media so you have some Injection Molded plastic and some resin and some PE. I did forget to take the sprue shot before starting so this has had some pices assembled as you can see on the middle-right. I picked up the paint masks from Eduard some time ago as there is a lot of glazing in this kit - speaking of which... and here is a close up of most of the resin The two largest pieces of resin are already attached to the cockpit floor. So thats the kit. I may consider making a diorama to fit in with what I've done before on the larger 1:32 models so I can have a figure representing my Dad - I've got the new Airfix sets so I'm sure something can be arranged there
  6. Hello All, This was part of a GB for the 100 Anniversary of the RAF. The kit is the 1963 pop of the Avro Anson from Airfix in its 1970's boxing guise. A bit of a labour of love and is no show winner, but she was bought second hand unbuilt and saved from the rubbish dump. Thanks for looking and Happy Modelling, Ian
  7. I am looking for some information about RAF Ansons flown in South Africa in the Second World War. My grandfather flew in Ansons in South Africa, and from the stories of his I remember he was often flying reconnaissance and watching out for U-Boats they feared were moving in waters to the south… He died about 11 years ago, and sadly I don’t remember where he was flying from specifically, or much else about it. His stories were mainly about snakes and motorbikes - he seemed to find the actual flying less interesting than living in South Africa. I recently looked through his photos for a picture he showed me when I was young. I remember it quite vividly - black and white (naturally) of him and a friend stood in front of a parked Anson. Sadly - it seems to have disappeared. I want to build a 1/48 Anson, and had hoped to do one in the same markings as his plane. It seems now I won’t be able to find the exact aircraft, sadly, but wondered if anyone has any information about which Squadrons might have been doing this sort of flying, at least I can get close! Many thanks, Bruce
  8. Hi Avro Anson - for many years the only kit in 1/72 was the very old (1960?) Airfix one. Now there is much better, the Special Hobby one. However, models which I would like to show today were made in 2005. So there was no choice - the base must be Airfix kit. Please enjoy - the Anson family photos: They are Mk I of Royal Greek Airforces, 1941, Mk V of RCAF during WWII and Mk XII of RAF, early 1945. Mk I - i did some work with cabin and added some details. The Mk V of RCAF has deeply reshaped fuselage (playwood in original machine), different engines etc. It is a sctrach conversion: Mk XII has taller fuselage and also different engines. This is again scratch work: Regards Jerzy-Wojtek
  9. Hello, Here are a few images of Bill and Robyn Reid's fabulous Avro Anson I taken at different venues in New Zealand. For more images and a detailed walkaround of the aeroplane, take a look here: http://warbirdswalkaround.wixsite.com/warbirds/single-post/2017/01/23/Elegant-Anson-I-Images-Added
  10. Dear gentlemen, Let me present you my latest work. The set had developed a lot of time. I used a lot of putty and sand papers. Spots of docking panes and many parts require large fit.
  11. Congrats to the Kiwis. www.youtube.com/watch?v=clYmbtVQdW0&feature=youtube_gdata_player
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