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Found 17 results

  1. I seem to have difficulties with Hurricanes. The Arma kits are superb, of course, so why that should be the case, I really don't know. Anyway, my last two went the way of the dodo, and so, inspired by @AliGauld's Sea Hurricane Mk.Ib build I thought I'd have another go. What I've broken into are a Mk.I "kit" and a Mk.IIb/c "expert set". Be under no illusions - as far as I'm concerned, an "ex" is a has-been and a "spurt" is a drip under pressure. I've got a fair few bits of Arma and Eduard etch floating about, some of which will make an appearance. There may also be a few scratch built bits and bobs along the way. Boxes and sprues: Progress so far: some interior work, wheel bays, cockpit floors and control columns (Quickboost resin replacements), plus some paint. Mk.I Mk.IIb And both together: Its not really easy to see the dull aluminium, its that dull! The light is pretty hopeless which doesn't help, perhaps I'll try a couple of pics in daylight. As for schemes, the Mk.I will be an Idku-based night-fighter, while the Mk.IIb will be a Polish aircraft based at RAF Churchstanton, which is near my home town. Thanks for looking in - there may actually be more soon, who knows....... Cheers, Mark
  2. Felt like giving a BoB vibe tonight with some scenic photography of my Arma Hurricane Mk1 And the new Special Hobby Bf 109E-1. Does anyone recognise the markings? Both aircraft were shot down during the Battle Great that we 1/72 modellers are not being forgotten with some brilliant kits! Regards Andrew
  3. It seems that with the advent of Companies like Arma, modelling in 1/72 has become very exciting and rewarding. I found the Arma Hurricane a pleasure to build and really captured the bulldog character of the plane. In this box the markings of Flt lt Nicholson are included. He is famous as Fighter Command's VC. On 16th August near Southampton he was bounced and his cockpit caught fire. Staying with his aircraft for a while he opened fire at a passing Messerschmidt. To add insult to injury he suffered gunshot wounds from the Home Guard on his way down. With this kit I included the Eduard PE, Quickboost control column and gunsight. Also the DMD mask for the fabric surfaces to cause a shadow effect. I now like to use an AK template with lots of holes to add more shadowing to the surfaces Hope you like it? Andrew
  4. Another installment from my Hawker Hurricanes around the World project, this time an Arma Mk IIc with Portuguese markings from Kits World. The Arma kits are great, and I especially liked this one. Have also been impressed with the Kits World decals. Here is the original: And my version in B&W: And colour:
  5. Hi all! For this GB I'm going to build a Hawker Hurricane from phase 3 of my "Hawker Hurricanes around the World" project... a former ML-KNIL Mk IIb that was captured and "redressed." The kit will be Arma... ... and the decals from "FlyingPapas." Prior to the GB start I cut some sprue... ... and began the wheel well, but nothing more than that so far: I recently completed another Arma Mk IIb as the ML-KNIL version, so this will be quite similar, just different markings!
  6. Hello fellow Britmodellers, this is my first completion of the year, and my first build thread in a while that actually leads to the Ready for Inspection section. It's the new 1/72 Arma high back Mustang kit, and it definitely lived up to expectations. It's depicting famous Polish ace, Jan Zumbach's Mustang III when he was commander of 133 Wing. Thanks for looking!
  7. The fifteenth instalment of Hawker Hurricanes around the world is an ML-KNIL Mk IIb. These were briefly operational in Indonesia before the Japanese overran the Dutch colony. I used an Arma kit OOB for this one, opting for Sky Blue underside (Tamiya XF-23) and Dark Green (Tamiya XF-81)/Dark Earth upper. The DE was a bit of a gong show (I tried a couple after my Tamiya XF-52 got too gloopy), and in the end it's Mission Models. I like the colour, but I'm finding it strange to work with. Anyway, that was about the only challenge I had with this one--the Arma kits are by now famously wonderful, especially the Mk IIb/c version. Decals are from my Kits World sheet (which, by the way, somewhat inspired this project in the first place). I think the only other thing to say is that the next (and I believe last of this project) Mk IIb I build will be one of these ML-KNIL Hawker Hurricanes in captured Japanese markings for the "Turning Japanese" GB, so see you over there! Otherwise, thanks for looking! Turkey got her RFI photos done at the same time, so here they are together: Turkey's RFI is here, if interested:
  8. Arma Hobbies 1:72 Yak-1b In the famous markings of Lydia Litvyak (The white rose of Stalingrad) 73 GIAP This is for the Interesting Modelling Cos, Arma April and taking exactly a week to finish (being off work with covid didnt hurt) it was just a great little build all round. This is the base kit so no etch or masks but you do get a canopy mask template on the instructions to cut around. Painted in Tamiya colours, eyeballed AMT-4, AMT-7 and Nato Black for the Night Black. Weathered in oils, enamels and a bit of pigment. Would recommend it and no doubt any of Armas stable as a perfect pallet cleanser after a long or tough build. Cheers.
  9. As the twelfth instalment in my Hawker Hurricanes around the world project, here we have an Arma kit as an Irish Air Corps Hawker Hurricane Mk I. Shout out to @Beard for generous sharing of the Airfix decals. Hand brushed with Tamiya acrylics. The "real" 105 is in the row below. And here she is in a feature with three of her friends--Kingdom of Yugoslavia (Airfix Mk I), Belgium (Airfix Mk I), and Soviet Union (AZ Mk IId). RFIs for the others linked below.
  10. Following on from building a couple of kits last January with my Grandson Logan, I'm afraid I got rather carried away and invested in all sorts of doo-doo including a couple of airbrushes. It's a learning curve for sure..........and then came the weathering side of things, something I'd never done before. Thanks to Phil Flory's excellent promotional videos I bought some Flory Wash (the Dark Dirt and Sand ones) and after some advice on this forum, a large bottle of Pledge Floor Varnish. A recent result (well, one I'm prepared to show here anyway) is the subject of my first ever RFI, this Arma 1:72nd scale Hawker Hurricane MkIIc (Trop) which I'm well pleased with. It's a bit mucky around the edges, has four cannons instead of the prescribed two (I'm sure it was delivered with four....) and the camouflage pattern is rather cavalier.....but I don't really care because I had a blast building it. Lovely kit and heartily recommended to you all. Paints (all acrylic) were Humbrol Dark Earth 29 and Azure Blue 157, with Tamiya XF-59 Desert Yellow. The propeller hub is Tamiya XF-7. Blacks, Gunmetal, Aluminium and interior green were various Vallejo types. I used White Tac to 'sausage' the camouflage pattern and then the entire model was given a coat of Pledge before decalling (using Micro Sol and Micro Set) and another prior to the Flory wash which was rubbed down for effect around a day later. The overall flat coat is Vallejo Matt Varnish thinned by around 50%. I'm learning a lot reading the stuff you guys post so please keep it coming. ATB, Rich' PS. Should this plane have a radio antenna wire?
  11. This model is everything that modern 1:72 scale aircraft kits should be, and could be. It has excellent petit surface detail, clever engineering, and generally good fit. Arma Hobby has been releasing wonderful kits one after another, and this one has been my favorite so far. I only wish they had provided an open canopy option to show off the very nicely detailed cockpit. One also wishes they have a Yak-9 in the works. The build was a palette cleanser between some larger scale aircraft and armor models. It took maybe two or three evenings in November to build, and another three or four to paint. Painting was done with Mr. Color and Tamiya paints. The chipping was done with a layer of hairspray under the white paint. Weathering was kept simple, with just a dark green and sepia washes.
  12. Here is instalment one from my "Hawker Hurricanes around the world" project--WIP here: This is the Arma Hawker Hurricane Mk I/trop kit late/post war version of the only Hurricane that served in Australia. I found the kit challenging in places (e.g., cockpit, propeller/spinner, nav lights), but in other ways it is a real beauty (I was especially impressed with the decals). I have another three Arma Mk Is in my stash so I'm hoping I can take some lessons learned from this one and apply them to those.
  13. I'm opening a new W.I.P. topic while my work on the 1/72 Spitfire Mk.XIVe is slowly progressing toward (hopefully) a happy ending and BEFORE the Spitfire devil possesses me again in the form of a Mk.XII build. I bought the Arma Hobby Hurricane Mk I some months ago in the hope of building it with minimal modification. As it happens I started to build up info, pics, books and really I could no more consider an out-of-the box build. Worst of all I put my hands on a copy of Arthur Bentley's scale plans (considered to be the most accurate out there) and here I start this WIP. Please consider it as a guide to some modification work which is not really necessary, but could be an improvement of the still beautiful Arma Hobby kit. I sincerely hope not to be misleading to the reader so I plea for some help by contributors like Troy White who know a LOT more than me about Hawker Hurricane. I start with a comparison between the Arma fuselage and the Bentley profile view as well as a measurement of the fuselage length with my faithful Mitutoyo caliper I do not have the original 1:24 plans and I make reference to the scaled-down plans of Model Aircraft Monthly (november 2005) In reducing the size of the scan I took care to respect the dimension of the RAF roundels depicted in the plans (gives you the right proportion for both x and y directions). The resulting measured length should be 113.95-114.00mm- with all of the approximation, it seems that the fuselage is slightly long (0,75mm?) More on this argument later. With reference to the first picture, the main difference in profile between Bentley (B) and Arma (A) could be summarized as: -"hump"height (B is higher) -"hump" shape (A has a recess for the closed canopy which doesn't exist on the real a/c -upper engine cowling profile (B is more convex than A) -lower fuselage depth (B is deeper than A) -tailwheel fin shape (the B fuselage being deeper, its slope is less than in A) -fuselage spine (A is more arched than B, being slightly concave). For your pleasure, in the next post I'll examine these points one by one.
  14. Morning all! This is my planned build for this GB using the gorgeous little Arma kit and Xtradecals 72-113 to make Hurricane IIc BP588 coded RS-X of 33 Sqn in Lybia during 1942. Here's the kit and decals... I have bucket loads of Hurricane references, I was a bit unsure of this option having some doubt about the markings but after getting clarification in this thread, I'm happy to go ahead with it. Initial progress will be slow as I have to finish off my final university project first but the end is in sight on that one, there's light at the end of the tunnel... ...or is that an oncoming train?
  15. Source: http://armahobbynews.pl/en/blog/2017/01/10/2017-new-year-in-arma-hobby/ V.P.
  16. Arma Hobby (http://www.armahobbynews.com/) is to release in March 2014 a 1/48th jet trainer aircraft resin kit. Source: http://www.armahobbynews.com/2013/12/148-scale-pzl-p-1-and-other-2014-news/ Considering the Polish origin from Arma Hobby: a PZL I-22 Iryda or TS-11 Iskra ? All bets are off! Guess the future Attack Squadron 1:48 scale naval fighter: ? V.P.
  17. Arma Hobby was working on a 1/72nd PZL-130 Orlik and Turbo Orlik resin kits. But legal/licence issues suspend the project... Source: http://armahobbynews.pl/blog/2015/06/11/pzl-130-orlik-z-arma-hobby-dlaczego-nie/ V.P.
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