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Found 11 results

  1. Finally finished my build from the Anything But Injection GB, it's the 1/144 Amercom Valiant....... diecast? Well I started out trying to build a Welsh Models Valiant and very quickly realised that a mixed media kit with resin parts which didn't look remotely like they'd fit together easily was jumping in at the deep end with alternate media kits, and I was a little out of my depth. Perhaps if I could find one of the entirely vacuform versions of the Welsh Models Valiant rather than the mixed media version I might have a little more success. So having bought an Amercom Valiant a few months ago which I intended to repaint at some point I figured it would be a suitable candidate. Because the model would need careful disassembly and the paint would need stripping I would essentially end up with an unstarted kit before I could begin the build. Definitely qualifies for the 25% rule in group builds; it feels more like -25%. Initially I wanted to do one of the really nice PR Valiants in silver with a red tail, but I would need a suitable decal set for that. Airfix's extra parts set for their Valiant actually has such a scheme, but I was doing this in 1/144 so that would be no use. The only decal sheet which has what I needed is the 26 Decals sheet, and in fact it is the only aftermarket decal sheet for 1/144 Valiants I could find. Except I couldn't... Not one for sale anywhere. Bit of a pain. So it was on to plan B, print my own decals. I knew from the outset that I'd be printing at least some decals for this project. Although the canopy part was clear, there was no cockpit interior that remotely matched a Valiant. Nothing worth keeping. The canopy is also smooth so no guide of where to mask, and with the masking sets in the scale being made for the inaccurate Mikromir kit that wouldn't help. I briefly considered using the canopy from the Welsh Models kit but I don't think it would be the right size as it looks a bit smaller than the one from the Amercom model, plus it would need some work anyway. So the best remaining options were either to freehand paint the canopy, I'm sure I could do it but it would be slow and easy to mess up, or I could design and print a decal, using 1/72 masking sets as reference. I've already got designs for V Bomber roundels in both full shade and pale shade (84" for the wings, 54" for the fuselage iirc), and I just needed to adapt the fin flashes to be the correct size. I have a font for printing RAF serials and just need to size it correctly. I decided to also design some 90 Sqn decals to add if they came out ok, which in the end they did. I also added some decals I am printing for another modeller doing some Vulcans and a few spare Vulcan serials for myself in case the ones I got for the new Airfix kit get messed up (I'd rather use the better decals I've got than the ones I've printed, they're decent but not perfect to use). Anyway, I ran over the deadline for the GB and ended up finishing the build this week, I settled on WZ377 in white which wasn't my original plan once I decided on printing the decals myself (WZ371 also in white), but meant that I could use the 90 Sqn decals. I printed decals for 6 models in case I do any more or needed spares (and I really did need those spares!), which was useful as it meant I had extra 7s to change the serials. So after that wall of text, here it is: Too big to get a full black background on the stand Before and after I repainted the model. I also removed all the IFR related bits for the scheme I chose. After partial disassembly (I still had to get a few parts apart yet). Turns out only the wings are actually metal. This is a really obvious copy of the Airfix kit, it has the same errors: incorrect wingtips, incorrect tail and incorrect gear doors. Sure, the wimgtips and tail came from faulty drawings so they could have used the same ones, but the gear doors were Airfix's own original error as far as I know. Although not identical, the way this model is constructed also mirrors the Airfix kit in places. Taken during the final stages of the build after applying the decals: Build threads:
  2. I will be resurrecting this build from last year's Maritime Patrol GB I got hung up with the weapons bay and figuring out how to hang the doors. Still some external details to add like the weapon pylons and various sensors.
  3. I bought this recently and thought that it would have made a nice subject for the Anything but Injection group build, but because that didn't make the cut for this years group builds I am going to build it here. The box and its contents are shown below, I have quite a busy schedule at the moment but I hope to start soon. by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr
  4. Thought I'd take a break from aircraft modelling and while rummaging through a stash box, found these warship models I picked up earlier this year while ordering wargame parts for a diorama. I was planning to make something for the Anything But Injection GB of @Mjwomack so this would be my entry for this year. They are from GHQ, their 1/2400 Harpoon wargame series. Whitemetal with very simple assembly (in fact Gorshkov came as a single piece) but surprisingly good detail and even a sprue of helicopters each. Base here is just a quick test on some watercolour paper, I will probably try and do a slightly larger version of this to represent a Channel escort operation - they usually have a bit more distance between them. Work today was to prep up both ships with Vallejo primer, then painted Duncan. I used Light Ghost Grey and a mix of Med Sea Grey on the hull and Neutral Grey for the decks. Seems similar to the photos of the ship - although the greys do look completely different in every photograph. Some details in white and black. Need to raid the decal stash for numbers and flight deck details.
  5. Every collection ought to have at least one Bleriot XI - it being one of the most important aeroplanes ever built. It also consists of only sticks and strings with some wings stuck on, which makes it show the construction in all its glory, which is always interesting. Unfortunately I’m stuck with 1/72, so it will be limited how much one can see without a looking glass. I plan to built it from scratch, except the engine. Not sure exactly which machine yet (there’s plenty to choose from!), but I’m considering one of the two-seat versions. They were significantly larger, which will make construction easier - or so I hope! This will be a slow build for me as I want to partake in other GBs as well, and I expect it to take many months.
  6. Normally with a GB, I charge in at the start, loose mojo, things get broken (sometimes model related) and I Peter out... but this year's been a right old mix up for eveyone so time for a different approach. 10/12 of the GB gone before I start and intimidated already... I have a thing about lighthouses and so lept at the chance of a model one. I expect lots of us built cardboard Superquick models for model railways 'back in the day', but modern card modelling is a lot more sophiasticated, especially with downloaded ones. But in continental Europe cardboard isn't just for railways- I've seen card kits for jumbo jets (topical) and all manner of WW2 models. But let's keep it simple for now with a lighthouse that I got at a show in Utrecht a couple of years ago Inside are the instructions, in English and German And of course the necessary, over 3 sheets The vigilant (always good with a lighthouse) will pick out that the cover is backed with the last section of printing... to make it more exciting this is double sided with the instructions! It's fine for the German speakers, because their instructions are on the back of the 'cover'. The English version will get steadily nibbled away at! The instructions are a bit old fashioned in their style, rather a case of start at 1 and work through to 11, though some of the sub-assemblies have several parts inside- a kind of cardboard cluster board if anything. Also, I've grown rather soft with Metcalfe's detailed instructions. Anyhow, nothing a good read and a cup of coffee can't solve (here I go again!!)
  7. Hello everyone 👋 Some time ago @Mjwomack suggested an ‘Anything but Injection’ group build. This was and is very appealing to me. I love building resin and vac form kits. I haven’t done one for a long time; it was the KPM vac form Lagg-3. A kit that I actually finished, when I returned to the hobby for the second time, around 15 years ago. I didn’t know of any Internet forums, used my supply of 1970’s Airfix and Humbrol enamel paints, paintbrushes from the same, very old, childhood ‘model making’ box. My skills and hand/eye coordination were worse than those I had aged 10 and I bought a selection of very cheap kits. It was simply therapy. Relaxation, a safe place to revisit for reasons mentioned in other of my threads, sadly all unfinished, most with photographs missing. I do hope to rectify both of those issues as health and repatriation of my stash, tools, paints, drawer of doom and so on allows. I feel I owe it to the good people that run this forum, endured my often rather odd burblings and those that followed the builds. Here are some photographs of my chosen subject. More details to follow 😊 👍 Best Regards TonyT
  8. Yes it's a vacform kit of a rare Italian WW2 Fighter Aircraft which until recently was only available as a vacform kit. Picture from Scalemates Picture from Scalemates I know I have this kit, good job I have a year to find it and build it, I'll no doubt need every blooming day. Good luck everyone. cheers Pat
  9. With a nod to @Mjwomack I've dug this failed attempt out of the Boxes of Doom. This is the ancient Sanger Blenheim IV in 1/48. It was intended for the Maritime Patrol GB but then I discovered that it never flew any missions while attached to 5 (BR) Squadron RCAF so that was that. I also realised that my attempted fuselage corrections had been way off the mark so it went into the Four Boxes of Doom. It will be the one and only Bollingbroke III floatplane. A rather lovely aircraft actually improved by being given big boots. The other reason for building it is to ensure that Airfix announce a 1/48 Blenheim IV at Telford this November. I've spent a couple of days splitting the fuselage, widening it and fitting the nose section. The wings have been worked on too and all is being sanded and shaped. I will post the fruits of this effort when I can take it out of the airing cupboard and remove the jig holding it all firmly in place. The wings have been a 'challenge' but were finally forced to conform. That seemed like a good reason to pause to me.
  10. Belated thanks to @Enzo Matrix for setting this GB up. In the Christmas Blitzenbuild 2019 my build was based around a N Gauge Metcalfe card kit. this was a pre-cut card kit in 1:148 scale.. Although this scale and 1:148 are my main focus, I have also decided to use the period between now and a house move to complete a micro layout in OO gauge. This will be based around my collection of military vehicles. The first stage is to build a signal box. This is a Scalescenes model that is now available at https://scalescenes.com/product/r010a-arp-signalbox/ although mine was included free n the Hornby Magazine some time ago. The pages as extracted from the magazine the first task is to stick three of the pages to different density card. The first time I built one of these kits I used craft PVA but it was far too wet an the paper never dried flat. I now use Pritt Stick and a roller to remove lumps and ubbles. To avoid the card curling during drying it currently resides under a pile of books. More about the prototype in a future thread.
  11. First up from me will be the Welsh Models Avro Tudor IV in 1/144. Fairly simple kit - two vacuum formed fuselages and bulkheads, resin wings, tailplanes and undercarriage doors, white metal props and undercarriage. This will be my first vacform in at least a couple of decades, and first time working with a vacform/resin mixed-media kit. Should be fun. Here's how the parts look: I'll probably make a start tomorrow. cheers Julian
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