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Found 5 results

  1. Thanks to a week off work and a push this afternoon I've finally finished my floaty boat build, Misfit 2. Based on an ancient pre-built FROG Shell Welder tanker, This build has cost me very little, mostly just paint & glues as virtually everything came out of the spares boxes. And it has provided many hours of enjoyment. If you're wondering, the Maschinen kreiger universe is on Earth 800 years in the future, and resources are being fought over. I like the Ian McQue floaty boats & I like kreiger, so, what if the seas are dried up, you have useless ships and anti gravity devices, what do you do? Now without further ado, the pictures, and this time they're mostly in focus. It's a busy day down at the dock, unloading a mixed cargo.... Notice that the lower part of the dock can't now be seen. So much for my desert simulation! The blue fold down wings provide a bit of ground effect lift at speed. This probably counts as a diorama really. Don't tell the Mods. They'll all want one. That drum doesn't seem very heavy. This blokes a Bludger!* *(Aussie speak for Skiver) That's Radar from a Revell MASH set working the crane remote control. All the figures were on the original Misfit. The sharp end, See the leaping antelope up there? This ship is a product of the Springbok shipyards. I think it's intended to be a Reindeer, I nicked some from a table at Christmas! Underneath there is the ground mapping Radar bowl, ex-Harrier steering thrusters and a wonky (rusty/miscoloured) heat exhaust from the Fwd Anti Gravity unit. Below the Springbok is a thruster. (From a toy Space Shuttle, 20p at the car boot). At the back we have a similar arrangement except the heat exhausts are ex Ju87 Night exhausts, cheap from the Big H. In the centre is the main thruster. Back at the front, the figurehead is an Eagle. Actually ex Matchbox tank kit? Nazi Eagle with a missile head placed where the Swastika was. Some clutter behind the wheelhouse. Drums, jerrycans and a bucket. Meanwhile back on the dock. See that silver thing behind the bloke? Ex Revell Dambuster Lancaster and about 50 years old. Now it's a special container of some sort. The Skipper keeps an eye on the unloading procedures. The cargo net was just some mesh and was used (along with the crane) on Misfit 1. A pretty mixed cargo, I think you'll agree. The yellow thing with the 'ears' is a screw on cap for something that I found. Here's Dockyard Matey again, He's been with this since the start. The green wire is plugged into the gizmo for power from the dock. Blue gas bottles on Ju88 bomb racks. Don't ask me what they're for though. (They were bombs at one point). Another view down the old dock. Getting bored yet? Oh, the metal U shaped thing? Staples. Probably now a special part they are delivering. A last long look down the length of the dock. Oh, I measured Misfit, 16 inches bow to stern. And in case you were in any doubt, The name on the back. These were rub down letters I've had for years. Stick them on and add a coat of matt varnish. Result. They've pretty much come out the same colour as the side numbers. The main thruster can be seen better here too. I'm not sure what it was previously meant to be though. And thanks for looking. Any comments, and or money gratefully accepted Next up, I'll be in the vehicle section, with a modified Volkswagen pick up truck. Cheers Pete
  2. I see that it's only eight days since I posted my last RFI. Damn this furlough! This one started when I was cleaning up the garage and found an old Butane lighter. I immediately thought, hover bike. So here we are.... I made up a small diorama to put things into perspective. The main body is the old lighter, that's a Christmas tree bauble as an anti grav generator and Yamaha forks at the front. The panniers are the fuel tanks (there's a gauge on this one) and there are airbrakes on them too for steering. The rear spoiler is ex Porsche 911. Front winglets are ex Lysander. The figures are from Tamiya pit crew sets. The sunglasses on the rider took ages to do as they were so fiddly. His dispatch case is off a large Harley model. For the camo I daubed two shades of green onto the white primer and then used Humbrol Maskol to roughly cover them. A couple of coats of home made sand yellow later and as I started to remove the Maskol it took the yellow with it down to the primer in places. As this would have been built from lightweight materials and not steel, there is none of the usual kreiger rust. So the peeled paint cancels out the lack of oxidation. These were front forks on a Yamaha. That manifold in the centre channels bled off engine thrust up them and out of the front to help to slow this thing down, along with the airbrakes. The headlights are ex 1/76th Panzer, wing mirror from the spares box and by the manifold the odd shaped block contains the drivers instrument screen. The strap on the drivers dispatch case is copper wire. I used large pliers to 'texture' it. The camo sheet is tissue wrapped around scrap wood. Fuel filler caps are home made. On the RH side. Not sure what the bulge in front of the pannier is for, or the pipes under it. But it felt right just there. The footrest (on both sides) is mounted on an engine access panel. The rider was wearing a baseball cap. the helmet is Milliput. There is a green pistol holster and a small intake on this side. The anti grav ball is the same size as that on a Falke. That uses P-38 turbo superchargers to exhaust the gases. Here I've used a Yamaha (or Harley, I can't remember) drive shaft set up instead. The back end with the jet nozzle. It's probably ex space ship but I'm not sure what. A close up of the RH side shows up the holster. It's just laminated plastic card. Markings are from the decal spares box, weathering is all my own work. Many thanks for looking. I always welcome your comments. I enjoyed the build and look forward to the next, (probably another kreiger, sigh). If you missed it, the build is in the Sci fi WIP section. Cheers, Pete
  3. Now what? well, I was clearing out the garage a few weeks ago and found an old butane gas lighter. I looked at the shape and instantly thought, Hover bike. So here we go.... I have a couple of large scale motorbikes in the scrap boxes, so I should be okay for bike bits. (A Harley and a Yamaha, for those who NEED to know). Yeah, sorry about the colour. It did mean we could always find it though. The Christmas tree bauble is the anti grav unit, as used on the Ma.k Falke. The 1/20th scale Falke used table tennis balls but this is near enough the right size. In the foreground, bike bits, stripped of chrome with bleach. The figure is from a Tamiya pit crew set. I widened the gap between the legs (listens for @CedB galloping closer...) so he can straddle this beastie. I had to perform surgery on the left leg to match the right. The pit crew set lets you swap limbs between the figures to a certain extent. And from a slightly different angle. These pictures were taken yesterday. Footpegs were later fitted and the spares boxes searched for suitable greeblies. I've been pressing on today with arms and handlebars. I may get to post more pictures later. Thanks for looking, and of course your comments are welcome. Pete
  4. I was going to wait until I finished the VW but this keeps nagging at me and it is in progress, so.... I got this as 'parts missing' from that nice chap Ian, at Kits for cash. At rest it's always reminded me of a kreiger hover tank. What is a bloke to do? Okay, so it's not that close to a 'Nutrocker' but it's close enough for me, and the original kit is a silly price anyway. Here are the top and base. I've sawn sections out of the top to make vertical joints and I scored the front and rear to reduce the width to 95mm. This has made it slightly taller. The tape is just holding it together for the picture. If I use the base, I'll have to cut that down too. To hold it to the required width I cut lengths of sprue/runner/whatever, drilled holes in the sides and glued the result. Once all was dry I cut off the sticky out bits and sanded it smooth. I'll cover the remains with greeblies later. Here we leap forward a bit. The gap was backed with plastic card and left to dry overnight. The gap then filled with the engine deck of an Airfix Tiger tank, an odd green bit and an ex tank grey bit. It is the same both sides BTW. It now looks a bit more technical. I'll add more later. There will be a skirt around the bottom to even things out so don't worry about the back end as seen here. A higher angle shot showing the plastic card inside and the rods holding it all together. I need to leave it all to set properly for a while now and I also need to finish off the VW so, I'll be back! Meantime, comments and medals are very welcome. Cheers, Pete
  5. Floaty boats. Well, That's the term I use. Imagine a world where the Anti gravity engine has been discovered. You need to transport goods (No roads? Seas dried up?) The only craftsmen are boat builders. So.... There are kits available, Have a look at the Remora build on this thread. But, I thought I'd have a go myself. This is my first In prog on here with pics, So be gentle with me. Hopefully this is a picture of the basic hull, With the base below. Yes, It was under a birthday cake. Next we have the hull clad with plastic card (superglued to the wood) and about 250+ dressmakers pins cutdown & superglued into drilled holes. The card was lightly scored so it followed the contours. This was a Boss Orange aftershave container. Now an Oil tank (Probably) And in place. I forgot to say the scale is 1/35th. The figure is italeri. Leaping about in time here, But here is the completed base. Note the two holes in the front face. The bare hull 'Floating' by the dock. And here is how. rememeber those holes? Add perspex rod and voila! And it eventually got painted Remember Firefly. Loved it, But that engine? Well what does an anti grav engine look like? And then painted & in place The thrusters were 1/24th Formula one car wheels at one point in their lives. The wheelhouse roof. And I think I'll leave it there. The build is more advanced now. I'll see if you like it before I post more! Comments welcome. Thanks for looking. Pete
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