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Found 11 results

  1. This one finally passed the finish line this weekend! Don't ask me how. With all the other (Domestic) stuff I had to do, I'm still surprised. I got this one as a bit of a gluebomb from the bay for a decent price after wanting one for years. Disassembled, cleaned up and altered a bit, I'm quite chuffed with the result. The colour scheme and markings are not prototypical. Neither is the tail fin. But I've always felt it needs one. Slightly blurry. Sorry. It came with just one engine, so one of them is scratchbuilt. Portholes were drilled & clearfix added. The yellow is Tamiya lemon with a touch of clear orange. I like the patchy 'used' finish. I added the machine guns in the 'grille'. Don't ask me how the engines (anti gravity) are supposed to work. Hey, this is Anime! Anything goes. Today's quiz - Who forgot to unmask the wheels before taking pictures? No prizes for the correct answer. I think those 'doors' on the engines are supposed to close, but I couldn't achieve it. Ah well. Comments and questions are welcome. There is a build thread here.. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235112006-vanship-revamp/ Many thanks for looking, Pete
  2. The Planet Prester. The location for the Japanese Anime Last Exile. A TV series and a film. It's a bit steam punk with 19th Century technology and Anti Gravity! Large Airships are common, as are Vanships. Small agile flying craft used as Couriers and for racing. I watched the film some years ago and have wanted a Vanship kit ever since. This one turned up as spares or repairs on the bay at a decent price so I bought it. It's something of a glue bomb and one engine was missing. Never mind. Here's a link to what it should look like https://www.imgmsplus.com/item/63000/63931_2.jpg This is what I got. I've partially dismantled it and in the centre is the start of my replacement engine. Scale is 1/72nd. The plastic is very nice, Bandai, I think? Weird steampunk engines! The replacement is copper wire from a cable and scrap box parts. I've since remade the smaller circle in plastic. It's easier to work with. My soldering is very poor! Later today. I attacked the seams with extra thin and mostly it came apart nicely. The replacement circle can be seen here. More Austin Allegro steering wheel than circular, but it will do. The carpet monster got the first (better) one I'd made, Ping! That's it for now, back to work tomorrow. Got beer to deliver. No idea what they did with what we delivered last week. Comments welcome as always. Thanks for looking, Pete
  3. "Those unforgettable days, for them... I live" - Omoikane Youkso mina-san, genki desu ka! I could find the Hiragana but I am far to lazy... this is a place holder for my build which will be the 1:1500 scale Nergal ND-001Y "Nadesico" from the anime "Kido Senkan Nadeshiko". This has been one of my all time favourite shows since I don't know when - probably when I first importated the dvd from Amazon.com way back in 2001. It is one of the few animes where the dub is actually a lot better than the sub (only other one I can think off the top of my head is El-Hazard) I have to be honest that I am a pure sub kinda viewer. Anyhow... seeing as about 95% of my stash is eligible for this GB, I had a tough time picking something a bit different. Seeing as I have never seen this kit built, I thought why the hell not? If I get it done quickly (haha yeah right!), I might join in with a Valkyrie/Gundam, Starblazers or even -86- Eighty Six... hhmm... A little bit about the show - it's one of the few shows that doesn't take itself seriously and does poke fun at it self. It has a few references to the classic mecha shows like Gundam, Macross, Getter Robo and Harlock. Spike Spencer (the voice of Akito in Nadesico and Shinji in Evangelion can scream with the best of them!). The show starts off being very light hearted but does take a more serious turn when it is revealed who is attacking Earth and why. Think I will leave it here as I could talk about the show for ages. The only other thing I am going to say is Ruri-ruri! The kit - I pre-ordered this kit from HLJ around 2017-ish and I have had it sitting in my stash ever since. As I have said earlier, I haven't seen any builds of this kit anywhere then again I haven't spent ages looking neither. So it is a 1:1500 scale kit of the Space Battleship Nadesico, which I may sometimes call "Omoikane" as that is what the ships AI is called. It is from a company called "Aquamarine" whom I think are Chinese? Onto the pictures... This is the Nadesico with the "Y-unit" attached to the fron that was meant to be for the Nadesico's sister ship the ND-004 Shakuyaku which was destroyed after an attack on the Moon base, I did always love the artwork of this and have only just noticed the Aestevalis' flying around her after all these years. I am unsure of the side of her at this time, but the below picture should give you an idea of the box size. Sorry, I didn't have any bananas on me, so I had to use a paint pot and the universal reference of size. You can build the kit as either the original Nadesico or with the Y-unit attached. This is the normal/original version. With the Y-unit attached. I think I might be able to build up the kit so they are interchangeable between the normal version and Y-unit version. Some artwork from the back of the manual - I'm a sucker for these kind of artwork pictures. Yay stickers!... *sigh*. I did have a look around but I couldn't find any decals. I might try and print my own as I hate stickers. You can also see that the kit hasn't been started yet, let alone un packaged. There is going to be a metric tonne of plastic here. The references. I do have a few references for this build, ignoring the TV show DVD's and the movie DVD. I also have a few books. This is actually an artwork book with the characters in, but there will be loads of the actual Nadesico as well. I remember importing this from Amazon.co.jp about the same time I got the dvds (I did see them as a fansub somewhere before hand). For those not in the know, fansubs are a gray area legally. A TV show would get shown in Japan and a team of fans (I used to be an editor for one of those groups) would translate it and release it under their group name for free to download. Under the unoffical rule/gentlemans agreement that if the show was ever picked up in the West that all distribution would cease. You used to find that alot of the fake DVD's out on the market where just a collection of the fansubs. There was a famous issue in the anime circles regarding Gundam Seed and an anime group but thats another story for another time. Now a days, I think fansubbing has died out with services like Crunchyroll and Animax (I'm going to ignore Netflix for what they have done to Anime...). Artwork book from the film "The Prince of Darkness". A general artwork book from the creator of Martian Successor Nadesico, Keiji Gotoh. I have only looked at this book once or twice before, hence it still being in the protective cover. I think there is some artwork in there of the actual Nadesico... possibly. All of the art work pictures have been of one of the beloved characters from Nadesico, Ruri Hoshino. She really does make the show and has some heartbreaking storie lines on her own. I need to get my T-80 and F-18's finished before I start this. Hopefully that will not be long. Oo... I just remembered I have the ああっ女神さまっ Shinden, I might add that as well as ああっ女神さまっ is my favourite show and I am a massive Belldandy fanboy. Any questions, please ask away - and yes I do think of myself as an Otaku that is forced to go out. Kind regards, Dazz
  4. Hello guys, here's my latest aircraft, a Strike Witches themed plane. This time it's Erica Hartmann's Bf 109G-14. Kit is from Hasegawa in 1:72.
  5. My last build... Bandai Patlabor Hope you like it
  6. Apparat Male Soldier (Sci-Fi Figure) 1:20 GreenStrawberry This lovely little(ish) figure is part of a fantasy/Sci-Fi universe that springs from the minds of the folks from GreenStrawberry, not the musician I'd never heard of until today! It arrives in a small black themed box in their usual Sci-Fi style, and inside you'll find three ziplok bags of resin parts, a sheet of masks for the included base, and a short instruction sheet that also includes some painting suggestions for your figure. There are ten resin parts in total, including individual legs, arms, lower and upper torso, head, data-link between the head and backpack, front "skirt" and an attractively styled base. He's decked out in some seriously high-tech gear, including a full-face helmet with lots of sensors dotted around it, and a faceted link to the back panel of his body-armour that bears a passing resemblance to the ammo feed for a modern gattling gun. He is stood in a manly pose with legs planted wide apart, and fists balled up as if he's a bit angry or posing manfully for his latest Instagram portrait. Under his body armour he's wearing a three-quarter length jacket with integral elbow pads, and close fitting trousers that also have knee pads and advanced looking boots. Hanging from belt-level is a length of cloth that tapers to a point between his knees, which is purely decorative, and cast as a separate part. This could be painted with a banner or slogan to show his allegiances if you are so minded. The base is a single piece of resin that is also suitably futuristic. A set of masks are included to detail the base with the triangular logo that is seen throughout the instructions. Speaking of instructions, there is a single page of build instructions showing the parts without casting stubs and how they fit together, and two pages of a finished figure that has been exceptionally well painted in a muted grey scheme, with parts of the base illuminated and with extremely nice detail painting, which suggests that it was originally sculpted larger and reduced for production. I may be wrong there, but that's the impression I get. I decided to quickly remove and prepare the parts roughly to get a feel for the size of this figure, so that's what I did. The casting blocks remove easily, and there is little clean-up needed, which is easily achieved with a sharp blade, being careful not to impale yourself. The parts mate cleanly, with short pegs making location a doddle, and very little in the way of gaps between parts, even with my hurried preparations. If I had more time I could have got the joints better I'm sure, but I think you get the gist. He stands around 110mm including the stand, and 100mm without. While you can paint the finished model any way you like, I suspect that subsequent releases will perhaps follow a theme, and would imagine that a female soldier will be along soon to complement chummy here. I look forward to seeing future releases, as I like the styling and casting is excellent with only a little clean up required. Review sample courtesy of
  7. I'm calling this one done, at least for now, although I still need to make a suitable vignette base for it. This is Aoshima's Gigant, a huge flying wing from the 70's Japanese anime Future Boy Conan. As a kit, there's not a great deal to it. Essentially just upper and lower wing/fuselage halves to which the engines, tail and a few other details are added. The original's just shown as plain grey in the anime, but I went with a panelled semi-metallic look to add a bit more interest. The hardest aspect was getting a suitable scale look since the real thing is meant to be massive. At the moment it's temporarily sitting on a stand borrowed from another build, but eventually I'll get around to making a small scenic base for it. The wip can be found here Thanks for looking Andy
  8. Hello! Finished on last friday VF-1 Valkyrie from Macross anime in 1/48 by Hasegawa. Additional two sets of PE parts from Hasegawa and Jasmine Models. Carrier deck from Steel Scorpion and resin carrier tractor from PWMP. Carrier crew also from Hasegawa is on workbench. Hope you'll like it
  9. Gundam plastic model news from Shizouka : watch full album at the HLJ facebook: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=np.1431565409330318.100002440552223&type=1 MSK-008 Dijeh new kit from new Bandai 1/100 RE/100 product line: 1/100 MASTER GRADE MSN-00100 Type 100 Hyakushiki Ver.2.0 b HG Mobile Worker: RG Gundam Astray: Bandai hi-tech molding technology - parts molded from two different plastics: (probably ABS+PS because PS+PS would mixed together)
  10. Been wanting this kit for years and like everything on the grail list is way overpriced. ( then again what price art eh) This kit is easily in my top 5. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/221294182862?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649 Now if anybody would like to kindly donate to the fund. I would show appreciation by squealing like a gurlie. From an anime Film called Venus wars. One of my favourites from the late 80's.
  11. Hi all, This is my first model on this forum, a very colourful AV-8B Harrier II from Hasegawa. Yes, it is a bit of a toy-like shocker but most importantly, it was great fun. Now, how do I sneak this onto the Harrier SIG table at the next model show... A link to the work in progress thread: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234944635-idolmaster-harrier-not-so-grey-and-boring/ Thanks for your interest.
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