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  1. Saw this and couldnt really resist,nice digital sculpt,figure is about 16cm,Did tone down some of the more explicit details,lets just say she looked really,really cold,came in about five parts,really nice detail on the suit and a pretty good likeness. Figure constructed and a small amount of filler added. No base included,So knocked up one useing plastic card and owt I had lurking about. Base and figure primed base in the process of being painted Working on the suit and flesh tones
  2. Hi Guys, just wanted to share my latest purchase with you shortly (...and also to test if picture hosters without registration really work). This is The SPACE JOCKEY from the Movie PROMETHEUS. Manufacturer: Beninside Studio Scale: 1/6 (~40 cm high) to be continued.....
  3. 20+ Inches of chestbursting,Head smashing Monster fun! Neca mega figure repaint. Cheers Andy build thread here
  4. I started my first project of 2019...a scale model of the Nostromo Airlock from the 1979 movie Alien. I will be working from this Ron Cobb concept drawing and a handful of photos and frame grabs from the movie. I have recently bought a "Silhouette Portrait" cutting machine and will be using that to do most of the tricky styrene cutting. I'm starting with the outer doors, which I have cut out the various pieces which will be layered and glued together. The machine is amazing. I never could have cut those out by hand in a million years. The doors are cut from .030" styrene. the raise panel details are cut from .020". Things are starting to be glued. I've wrapped the outer edges of the doors with thin strips of styrene. These broke when I bent them and will need a bit of filler, but over all things are off to a good start. Unfortunately, I ran out of my favorite glue (Tamiya Extra Thin) which is worse than running out of beer, because the local shops sell beer. So it will be a week or more till I can do any more assembly. Thanks for looking in.
  5. After my brief flirtation on the Frog group build(Who am i kidding,I loved building 1/72 scale aircraft) I have returned with a couple of Alien figure re-paints,figures are about 4.5 ins tall,cast in resin,all base coated and re-painted Base colours based on the film of origin. Alien 1979 Aliens (1986) All together with the Alien 3 creature
  6. My Halcyon Sulaco. Here are some final images. It was a fun build with a very rare kit with lot's of potential to build a unique ship. Thanks for watching. Dirk
  7. Happy New year all,Hope you had a good Christmas,my astonishingly wonderful wife got me this beauty. The presentation and casting are top notch. quality bit of kit Goes together straight out of the box The Semi-Transparent alien egg is a nice touch The only real drawback is that John Hurts estate didnt OK his likeness,but with a bit of lighting I think it will look OK.
  8. 40 years since I crouched down in my Cinema seat thinking "Dont touch the bloody thing you Idiot" I can add Kane to my Alien collection,the head is a replacement with a better likeness ,scale is listed as 1/9th. Good wholesome modelling fun,though got a bit sweary when hollowing out for the lighting
  9. Hi all, this is the final reveal for the Alien Space Jockey diorama. As I previously mentioned in the work in progress topic, in order to give the model a sense of scale, I decided to add the background as it was depicted in the movie. I tried my hand at mold making and resin casting and this was my first attempt at using these products. I'm pretty happy with how it came out, however my only advice to anybody trying to do anything similar is that you seem to need twice as much mold making silicone than you actually think you require. In order to get a nice solid mold, plenty of the silicone is required to pour into your donar part, otherwise you run the risk of distorting the casting. Also, I treated myself to a new camera so that I could hopefully improve my photography in the future to enhance my model builds. Hope you enjoy the photos. My next project is the 1/9 Dragon Man of Steel Superman & 1/8 Moebius Wonder Woman build which I hope to start working on next week. Finally, you can see the work in progress of my build in the link below.
  10. Hi guys, not built a vinyl kit for a while so I decided I would have a go at this old Halcyon kit. I am planning on building the kit into a cave scene diorama as it looked in the movie and I hope to add lighting to the figures helmets. The plan is to try and capture the creepy classic Alien scene.
  11. Barsom Ripley bust,about 5 ins high,Nice little fun project,really enjoyed it. As it came.
  12. I was aware that Neca had released these huge quarter scale figues,(they also do a predator ) and have seen them in a few specialist shops but the £100.00 plus cost,and toy like nature always put me off,However i was having a look on amazon and saw that they had heavily discounted this fiqure due to packaging damage (its the transluscent suit concept figure) so I took a punt. On opening the box its clear just how big the fiqure is,(Just shy of 2 feet) and suprisingly heavy as well,it stands well unaided and looks the part,The plan is to pose,glue ,fill and re-paint,make a display base,and bore you all silly with more Alien based shenanigans Planning on leaving the tendons and mouth parts clear(ish) when I re-paint Cheers Andy
  13. Halcyon Vinyl kits from the early 90's May not be SFW Worst Modelling day..............................................Ever Its a boy!
  14. Not the prettiest Ship in the Galaxy,but one of the most iconic,The Halcyon vinyl and injected plastic Nostromo. Been a bit of a chore,but really happy to have it in the collection. Cheers Andy
  15. A recent "Grail" kit that I have finally managed to get my grubby hands on,Its the 1992 Halcyon Nostromo vinyl and I.M plastic kit,(a bit of a weird combination) The Box art The main body parts,its a fair size Other vinyl bits and pieces Injection parts,mainly landing gear and engine parts And the instruction sheet.
  16. Before i hunker down on the Nostromo I've just had time to finish of my latest action figure re-paint,the base is scratch built from plastic card,air drying clay and those letters you get for old style office message boards The figure is the the "Jumpsuit Ripley from Alien and came complete with that darn cat! Figure straight from the box Base constructed and primed for paint. The completed figure I've just about done all the Ripley figures now,Ripley 8 from "Alien Resurrection" is due next year!
  17. Due to the recent "Photobucket outrage" I kept myself busy with another(Sorry) Neca figure re-paint project,all figures base coated,glued and filled before a re-paint,Base and chair all home made,Was trying to replicate the scene at the end of the film when Ripley blows the Alien out into space. Cheers Andy
  18. Cinemachines Derelict ship,about 16cm long,came in just a metallic finish in one piece with a display stand,This is a design that,to my knowledge,has never been produced by a licensed kit company and was therefore a gap in my Aliens collection,The base is a scratch built affair and the ship was repainted and various inks and washes added. A bit of photoshoppery In flight Crashed Cheers for looking Andy ,
  19. Neca figure,approx 7 ins with scratch built base,Been a bit of a chore this one,but reasonably pleased with the end result. On to pastures new....ish Cheers Andy
  20. Just for a change,I thought I'd do an Alien Diorama I'm one of the weirdos that actually likes Alien 3,especially the "assembly cut" which fills some major plot holes. Using,yet again, another Neca figure,I've glued and filled the leg joins and seams,but have yet to decide on the final pose. The plan is to build a platform for Ripley to be standing on,with her about to release the water that hits the creature after it is covered in molten lead,with the chain coming from the overhead column . Its early days,So it could all change,or go pear shaped. Cheers Andy
  21. I think ths was a LINDBERG kit. This is the alien from first Independence Day movie. Injection moulded polystyrene, here painted with enamels, all done by brush here. Model is quite delicate to make, and needs support untlil the glue sets. (used poly glue) as the painting was done by brush, it looks a bit crude, but the overall effect isn't too bad. Tentacles flow on the the stand and link up with moulded tentacles there, the join is quite concealed by the mould technique. About 7in tall. I have found an IDS alien spacecraft fighter, which I partially did a while back, completed the assembly, just needs painting. again I think LINDBERG Injection moulded polystyrene. Now out of production I think.
  22. This is fairly old stuff, but you might find it interesting, avalible in the 1990's from HALCYON. Here is the remaining picture of the shuttle Narcissus kit, This was the HALCYON kit to about 1/72. Injection moulded, I brush painted it matt very light blue-grey and stuck the transfers on about, um 20 years ago, If you can find this kit, it is very good quality I painted the transparencies gloss black on the inside rather than bother with internal detai,l (the movie internals do not really fit inside). HALCYON did a vinyl NOSTOMO to a huge 1/400 or so, as well as a number of Aliens, in various finishes . In the loft somewhere. Photographed on its stand against a felt background, then photoshoped in some stars. 2 stops under exposed. This is the original HALCYON vinyl ALIEN. I superglued it together and added a load of spurious detail to hide the joins, (Milliput), then glopped lots of acrylics on it. The tail has a metal rod so it can be posed in place, as can the arms. which rotate on the shoulders. A very expenive model, and accurate to the movie: thinking of stripping off the acrylic and re-painting, as I can now do a better job: I think I just smeared the paint on. it should have been blue-ish. Skull cover was transparent vinyl, which is not glued on. I added globes to the skull eye sockets, though you never see them in the movie. Model is about 14 in high and stands on the tail without a stand Below is the injection-moulded polystyrene ALIEN , about 9in high form HALCYON. , was supplied with an egg and stand, but I didn't think much of that so I made it self-supporting. Colour is adjusted to look bluish, these could be re-painted to update to a better quality. Note Vinyl green alien has two thumbs, six fingers in total, IP alien has five fingers. all ALIEN figure vary in details. but I think the HALCYON Vinyl one is the most accurate.
  23. Alien Queen.on the prowl "What a large cranium" Battle is joined Cheers! Andy
  24. These are two recent completed builds that I previously posted, however now that they are on the shelf together I decided to do an Alien vs Predator photo shoot just for fun. You can see my finished Halcyon Alien 3 build here and you can see my finished Billiken Predator build here.
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