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Found 109 results

  1. Hey all This is my newest model, its a Minicraft Boeing 737-400 of Dan Air. The decals were by Flightpath, they were awful, they exploded in the water. The kit was the Cayman boxing. The red stripe is a dark red, like it should be, but my camera doesn't like red, ask the Corendon 737-800 i took a photo of, it looked purple.... Considering the kit has the Minicraft stamp on it, its not bad, it lacks several details, but its not awful. This is 99% finished, i just have some smaller decals left, ill post some better photos when its done. 100% Finished 26/08/13 Photos on page 2 Thanks The white 737-800 in the background is going to be Transavia :-) Thanks Bradley
  2. Hello everyone This was finished a few months back, its Revell's old little Fokker. Its built using the Prototype boxing. Its a really nice little kit, its falls together. The KLM Cityhopper decals are from the 2004 kit, the windows are from RichW, on here. The biggest flaw with this kit in my opinion are the engines, they don't have joining pins..... Ive actually flown on this aircraft, 4 times to be precise, with 3 different airlines. I first flew on it in 1997, with Air UK, i was only a baby, but my grandma got a photo of us departing, NWI - AMS, next i flew KLM UK in 2002, NWI - AMS, then i was on it to NWI - AMS and AMS- NWI in 2006 with KLM Cityhopper, then after a long history it was scrapped at Amsterdam in 2010 :-( Anyway, heres my model. All i have to do is add the two white TCAS antennas on the top, they were removed during sanding.... Thanks For looking Bradley 26/08/13 Model 100% finished Photos further down thanks
  3. Hey All I finished this quite some time ago, but never got around to taking photos of it. It happliy resides on top of my friends TV lol. Its the Revell SAS DC-10-30. The decals are from RichW, brilliant as usual. I enjoyed this build, the old ten, iv'e been on a Northwest one back in 1999, if id known what it was back then i dont think id be happy lol, it must have been ancient! Anyway here's my kit. That's all folks :-P Thanks Bradley
  4. Hey All This is my Revell 747SCA, in the last livery worn by the jumbo. Fun build, very odd one. The kit does show its age abit, but it was stillfun. It is the new release 747sca by revell, 1/144. Heres thew photos :-) Thanks for looking Bradley
  5. This is the superb but tiny Dragon Rapide kit by Aeroclub. I have been trying to get it finished for a friends birthday so it will be winging its way over the weekend. The aerial mast is over scale but I could not get it any thinner without it bending when tensioning the wire, any suggestions on how to achieve this in 1/144th scale would be very welcome. Any errors are due to this modeller being ham-fisted when putting the kit together. Now to get back to my STGB build. Thanks for looking
  6. Do I really need to spend any amount of time detailing the history of the airplane which led to Douglas' domination of passenger aviation for 26 years and a significant fraction of the jetliner market? Oh, all right. Are you seated comfortably? Then we'll begin. TWA created history when they attempted to buy Boeing 247s and ran afoul of Boeing's ties with United Air Transport. Turning to other manufacturers, TWA issued a specification for an all-metal trimotor airliner which could take off at any airport along TWA's routes with one engine out. Donald Douglas' young company, filled with some of the greatest aeronautical engineers of the day, met the specification with a twin-engined aircraft, something which nobody else had thought possible. The DC-1 was almost immediately a world-beater, and the design was put into service with TWA as the slightly longer DC-2 which was able to carry 14 passengers instead of the DC-1's 12. After being used as a test aircraft by TWA and Douglas, the DC-1 was sold to Lord Forbes in the UK in May of 1938. A few months later it was sold on in France and then in November was sold to Líneas Aéreas Postales Españolas (L.A.P.E.) in Spain. There it was operated by the Republican Air Force and later on by Iberia. The DC-1 was damaged beyond repair in a crash landing in December, 1940 at Malaga. Legend has it that parts of the DC-1 are used in one of Malaga's churches to carry a statue of the Virgin Mary during processionals. On with the build. A few months ago, the Postie delivered these and I wrote a review about them. Now it's time to get building. The DC-1 was lengthened by 2 feet ahead of the wing to create the DC-2. The kit being a DC-2 will need to be shortened accordingly. In 1/144, 2 ft is roughly 4 mm. I've marked a 4 mm band on the forward fuselage to show where the cuts must be made. Luckily this area is uncontaminated by panel lines. After cutting, I discovered that there will be a bit of a step given the taper of the forward fuselage. I'll line up the roof line, and confine the fiddling to the underside. This can be achieved by a bit of sanding and polishing given the thickness of the resin in that area. Here's the shortened fuselage as compared to the stock DC-2 fuselage above it. The nose is not yet glued to the remainder of the fuselage. The difference in length is immediately apparent. This is all that is necessary to convert a DC-2 into the DC-1. Now the task which remains is finishing the kit and painting. I had a custom set of registrations drawn up by Vintage Flyer Decals which will be combined with the TWA markings from the kit to portray the DC-1 during its time with TWA.
  7. Well I never ! This appeared in our house completely out of the blue. Don't know how it got there, but as luck would have it, I needed it to accompany these two : Bits and Pieces : and we're off...... Decal design and drawing underway : Fuselage together and wings taped on : ..and with the home-made decals : Don't quite know what's possessed me ? mike
  8. Dear modellers, Recent surgery has given me an opportunity to “get back into modelling”, something I last did, well, some 30 years ago. Along with the military stuff, I have fond memories of building airliners, notably Airfix’s Trident (BEA livery), a BAC 111 (British Caldonian) and a VC10 (BOAC). So, I thought I’d try one now……Revell’s Airbus A319, in British Airways livery, mainly because these beasties flit over my house every hour on their way into Heathrow. I would like to make “a good go of it” but perusing this forum has left me quite overwhelmed in terms of the tools, techniques and tricks you guys use to make your models represent the real thing. The quality I have to say here is pretty awesome. Long gone it seems are the days of the simple brush and the Quality Street tin full of Humbrol enamels! Therefore, what I’d like to ask is, in respect to airliner modelling per se, what would be your top five tips for a “returnee”? Many thanks flexi ps. it looks like passenger windows are going to be a challenge - what happened to those clear plastic strip windows?
  9. The Avro 748 was one of those aircraft designed in the 1950's as a DC-3 replacement. The first one flew in June 1960 and it went on to great success, finally selling 380 units with a further 89 built in India as the HAL 748. Nothing like the DC-3's production run, but very respesctable by post war standards. The first 18 were series 1 aircraft, all subsequent ones were series 2's which had a higher take off weight. By the time of the series 2 Avro had been absobed into the Hawker Siddely group so it became known as the HS 748. Unofficially it became know as a 'Budgie' because it's such a nice looking little aeroplane! The kit is the Welsh Models Vacform in 1:144 scale which comes with a set of laser printed decals for Dan Air produced by Two Six. It wasn't the easiest of builds as the wing comes in 6 parts with seperate centre section and outer panels, all in upper and lower halves. Cutting and sanding it all out and getting the dihedral lined up took quite some care and checking, so this is probably not the best one for a beginner to tackle. I added scratchbuilt wheel bays, and cut out the cockpit glazing, using Microscale Krystal Kleer to glaze the panels once it was all painted. I made my own props from round section sprue (spinners) and plasticard (blades). The decals went on beautifully. Being laser printed they were on a solid film and needed cutting out individually. I put the fin ones on first followed by the fuselage cheat lines. I thought that the port forward door was too close to the cockpit, so cut it off the cheatline and removed about 3mm of cheatline from between where the door was and the first window. I then put the door on, and placed the 3mm section in front of the door, followed by the bit that curves down to the nose. Its not a very big model( the side views are almost actual size), but makes a nice addition to my collection of twin turboprop airliners. Later the 748 was developed into the ATP, which became known as the 'Super Budgie'. Welsh Models also do one of these, and they make a nice pairing; Thanks for looking, John
  10. Hi all I got this built 737-600 a while ago of a friend. It was a good job but I wanted to change it. So out came 4 bottles of tesco all purpose cleaner and she was sunk into a tub over night. When I got up the following morning the fuse was all falling apart. So I pulled it all apart. All apart I ordered my decals from big H yesterday. They the Malev Citibank sheet from boa decals and it should look like this once built Well last night after work I stuck it all back together, I used balsa wood for the plugs and then filled the gaps with good old milliput. Well I'm off today so spent an hour rubbing down the milliput and this is how she looks now Will get the wings glued on later and do some mods to the engines More to come soon
  11. Well i have started on the b777-300 kit from easten express so far i have glued the fuslarge together will post more pics and will add that i did tomorrow (sunday)
  12. Hi everyone Finished this at the same time as my 757-200. It is the fantastic revell kit. I started this 3 years ago, messed it up back then by spraying way to much paint on it and it was slung into the box. I decided it was time to reserect it of the stash and i got to work sanding of the old paint and here are the results. Its all hand painted, i still havent got any paint.... Well enjoy the results! Thanks Bradley
  13. No intro needed for this one. I recently build the ICM kit of the Tupelov 144 and just had to do a Concorde to go with it. I had an old Airfix kit in the stash but the decals were yellowed and unusable, so I got a set of 'Chatham Dockyard' marking from Draw decals, as I rather like this clean and simple scheme. Built mostly out of the box apart from boxing in the main wheel wells and improving the undercarriage legs with a bit of detail. I kept the clear parts for the cockpit glazing, but used the decals frm the Draw sheet for the cabin windows. Its not bad for a kit from the late 60's/early 70's, but its not the easiest to photograph! And the reason I built it; Can't help thinking 'what a shame' every time I see Concorde, it'll be 10 years soon since it was withdrawn. Thanks for looking, John
  14. This topic was prompted by one of those odd moments on holiday in 2012. Relaxing by the pool (with the Hotel cat on lap) I listed all the flights i had been on. It turned out that the flight that had delivered us to our destination was my 100th flight! My intention is to model all 100 a/c in 1/144, starting with an RAF Argosy from 1966. Not necessarily in order. this is the current status of "flight 100" - a Boeing 777-212 of Singapore Airlines reg. 9V-SRL:
  15. Hi everyone Finished this one the other day. Its Aero clubs fantastic ittle Rapide on 1/144. It is a small plastic sprew kit, a tiny decals sheet and even smaller etch set. It was only £10 from telford, i really did love making this, the smallest thing in my collecting. But i loved it!!!! It was my 1st time using etch and more than likley it will be the last, not very good with it. I screwed up most the pylons... But i really did enjoy it. Heres the photos. Here it is on its own. and a few size comparisons, all on 1/144. DC-3 A319 Concorde Sorry for the bad pictures.... Thanks Bradley
  16. Hi everyone This is my Revell Concorde It has to be said it is one of the worst kits i have ever built. The Airfix Concorde is more enjoyable!!!!!!1 But im pleased with the result. Its a nice little 1/144 kit. I hand painted it for one, ran out of paint in august and havent got any since......... The windows are from RichW. Thanks Everyone
  17. Hi All I have just finished this. Its the Minicraft kit, all the usual problems with the kit of course...... Its all handpainted as i rang out of paint in august and havent gotten round to buying any more lol. This is the new 2012 Monarch Livery, enjoyed the build and it now sits on my shelf. The decals are from RichW. His decals are superb. Tell me what you think. Also look what rolled of the line.... More photos of that one to come. Thanks Bradley
  18. Hey all I see these things daily, they come into Norwich International Airport on a regular basis for maintenance. There two in at the moment. Anyway, this is the Revell 1/144 Flybe kit, i started it sometime back, its hand painted, im back to spraying now. The decals will be from RichW on here. Anyway, here is what iv'e done so far! Enjoy when finished it should look like this :-) http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/1/1a/CityJet_Avro_RJ85.jpg Also i know the nose gear doors are incorrect, they have been fixed, even im amazed i did those wrong, its the 3rd ive built lol Thanks Bradley
  19. well he is my b737-800 ryanair dreamliner i use the daco decals with the revell kit and richw winglets More pics will be added soon
  20. With the ancient Microscale Aloha Airlines decal.
  21. Hi All Heres my idea. What about any British Airliner, as long as it it a jet. Im more thinking the older aircraft such as your Comets, VC-10, BAC 1-11, Trident, Vickers 1000, HS125, Rotordyne, Concorde, BAe 146 etc. You get the idea, as long as it has a jet strapped to it and a made in england sign stamped on it it will count. Any scale, lets try to steer away from the normal BOAC (Boeing Only Aircraft Collection), Lets all build the best of british. Back in the good old times! Theres the Airfix kits, welsh, revell, etc So what does everyone think? Thanks Bradley
  22. Hi everyone Just an idea for us airliner people. When we post our models in these sections would it be an idea to tag them as "Airliners" and "Airliner!, like what ive done to this topic? So far i have and pperkins has as well. This is only a suggestion but it may make it easier for us to locate airliner topics as they generally get pushed back quicker. Just an idea but i will be doing this. Thanks Bradley
  23. Britannia Boeing 757-200 using flying colours decal sheet this is a model of the first new b757-200 received from Boeing it self others before were leased from other airlines decals took some work I had to use 2 sheets to get the strips in the correct position
  24. here is my new Thomson B767-300 useing two six decals
  25. here is my finished new top secret airliner is now done and hope you all like
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