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Found 10 results

  1. Well...now that the Hart is done and on the shelf, I figured I would waste no time and officially unbox the 1/72nd scale Hawker Hurricane from Airfix. No surprises here for any of you, I am sure, and since this is my very first Hurricane in all my years of modelling, I hope there will be no surprises for me either. I will build 100% OOB and mark it as VY-C since VY-G from the same kit has been built on another thread. I found an excellent 1/24th scale build on another website that has nice pictures of very subtle weathering and will make use of the 'Hurricane' information thread that is currently on this forum. And it is blowing 9 Beaufort outside, so what better time to begin a Hurricane than on a blustery Sunday? I have primed the plastic... --John
  2. In a previous modelling life (ie first time around!) I developed a love of Hurricanes. One of those was (I believe) a Revell kit to which I added a scratchbuilt interior and main gear well using the Airfix "Classic aircraft and how to model them" book. A couple of years ago I found it in my Dad's attic and brought it back to the US to finish off. Unfortunately it wasn't as good as I liked to remember so I bought an old Airfix MkI/IIB kit to use the interior in. I also bought PE flaps and a resin gear well. Then the new tool kit came out, so I bought that too....Then I realised that the kit was a rag wing, and Alley Cat had just released a "tin wing" conversion, so that too was added... The only problem now was that the wing is a solid 1 piece item so the flaps cannot easily be cut out (scrap the PE flap!) and the gear well was very nicely reproduced too (scrap the resin detail kit). Thanks to my trials and tribulations with the 2 Sopwiths, I decided I needed a relatively quick and simple build - out came the Hurricane! Totally out of what has become my comfort zone (WWI aircraft) and no rigging! This will be built as one of the subjects in the Xtradecal Battle of Britain sheet, I'm not sure yet which one..... I think most are familiar with the new tool Airfix kit so I won't post pics of the kit itself. Since most of the interior is mounted on the wing assembly i thought that would be a good place to start, so out came the new airbrush. Thanks to a post on here with pics of the Finnish MkI Hurricane, I have painted the interior the usual green, with all the framework/seat/wheel well etc in aluminium. As far as the Alley cat wing goes, it's pretty straightforward...the only possible gotcha being the fact that the Airfix instructions show the view looking down on the lower half of the wing... but because the Alley Cat wing is one piece, you will be looking at it upwards towards the upper half...consequently you will need to reverse the 2 parts A5 and A6 , so they fit properly. Don't forget to sand off the little tabs on the rear edge of them either! My wing had quite a bad warp on the inner front edge, where it mates to the lower fuselage, but nothing that couldn't be easily resolved with a little hot water and clamps. The fit is pretty good too but did need a little fettling - I gently filed inside the grooves on the upper rear to reduce the thickness of the resin there, and also filed the lower parts of the fuselage to both thin them and raise them very slightly. Most of the work was required on the underside at the front, where it was too deep and left a large lip under the fuselage. A little sanding there also sorted that problem, although final close fitting will be left until it's all mounted. The last thing I did today was add a lip to the front and sides of the seat, and that will be sanded down to the correct shape when it's dry. Actually, the last thing I did today was order an interior PE set with seatbelts as I realised I didn't have any, so those are on their way from Hannants! Ian
  3. On the 1st of August 1940 at 1400hrs. Hurricane's from 145 Sqn were scrambled to intercept Ju 88's, as they made contact with the Ju 88's there was also a Hershel Hs 126 an number of Hurricanes went to intercept this aircraft. One of the aircraft was P3155 flown by Sub. Lt Kestin, unfortunately he was shot down by the Hs 126 aircraft just off the south coast. The Hs 126 was later shot down close to the French coast. Sub. Lt Kestin's body washed ashore in mid August. This leads me onto my builds a dog fighting double: An Airfix Hurricane 1:48. 145 Sqn ICM hershel Hs 126 1:48. 9 gruppe Some other bits yet to arrive, but this is what I have so far. Both aircraft What's in the box What's in this box
  4. Well, I've thought about it and cant really decide so I thought id do as much as possible. The plan which I know will fail will consist of the following 1x Defiant Airfix 264sqd (PS-U) 1x Spit, AZ Mk.Ib QV-H Mr Unwins kite 1x Airfix Hurricane KW-Z 615sqd 1x Special Hobby Defiant (TW-H 141 Sqd, West Malling) 1x Airfix He111P-2 So that's the plan, I reserve the right to deviate a little as im constructing.
  5. Hi All, After accumulating some bits and bobs over the last few months, I'm aiming to build two or three Hurricanes. I'm planning on building an old tool Airfix Hurricane as one of Douglas Bader's machines flown with 242 Sqn(LE-T), plus an Airfix new tool fabric wing machine from 312 (Czech) Sqn (DU- B ), flown by Sergeant Josef Stehlik . This machine contributed to the squadron's first victory as described in the link here. I might build a third Hurricane using donor wings from an old tool kit and transplanting them onto a new tool Hurricane kit. Here are the kits: Hurricane kits by Bob, on Flickr Some aftermarket: Hurricane-1 by Bob, on Flickr Decals: Hurricane-3 by Bob, on Flickr Hurricane-6 by Bob, on Flickr Hurricane-4 by Bob, on Flickr and a bit of progress on the etch for the old tool kit: Hurricane-8 by Bob, on Flickr Cheers, Rob.
  6. Hello again from the realms of no more shelf space, this is wot I finished yesterday, the new Airfix Hurricane 1 of 85 Squadron, France May 1940. Home made stand, Xtracrylic paint (over a thin coat of matt white enamel) - underside black is just Humbrol acrylic satin black. Pilot is from the Defiant, I modified him by changing the pose of his head, adding oxygen mask from a drop of cyano and hose from sprue. Decals are kit. I know Airfix decals will silver unless they are applied on polished glass with a vapour deposit of lab grade wetting agent, so my tactic was to remove as much carrier film as I could from the fuselage codes etc., use Microsol, plus use Klear as a setting agent in the case of small decals where carrier film is essential - seems to work. Just a case of chucking everything you've got at it... some decal needs a drop of pure alcohol to melt down over detail (note the raised details on the wings) - just don't get it on the paint! This kit has excellent shape and surface detail but a few niggling fit issues - worst being the lower wing is actually too big! Plus I don't think all that interior detail is necessary, once the canopy is on you can't see jot, especially if the pilot is in there - ok for the 1/48 kit (is this scaled down directly??) but it makes assembly too involved for 1/72. Masking RAF camo is one of my least favourite jobs, again I used everything I could think of including strings of tacky stuff, but in the end I just discovered Maskol did the job best. You can get a flaky edge but this can be lifted off with tape. Hope you likes it...
  7. Hi all,well the Hurricane bug is still biting, here,s the Airfix golden oldie in the latest boxings markings,well not strictly true as I found the kits decals way to bright for this option so these are sky decal,s offering.I have put all the tips picked up over the last year or so from other Hurricanes into this one and for the first time added exhaust staining and the oil streaks on the wheel covers on other Hurricane builds I have seen posted.The kit has it,s flaws I had to make the spent ammo shutes under the wings from decal as Airfix made no attempt to add them,and she should have a narrow yellow stripe around the spinner as try as I could not paint it or try to decal it.Hope you like,builhttp://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234967231-airfix-148-hurricane/page-3d here.
  8. Picked this up at Telford on Saturday so though id get straight into it. Nice lovely red box. Started off with the wheel wells, 4 pieces plus the compressor, a little fidley but once set nice and solid. Next stage you can affix the upper wing to the lower wing. Clamps are required. Rudder pedals and stick cemented to the floor piece plus a spalsh of hu56. CP, armour plate and bucket seat affixed painted hu56 and hu70 with the CP night. Fuselage halves cemented together, nice fit and no major join line to fill. Wing meets fuselage. Note here that you need to make sure that the fuselage is pressed down onto the wing to fill the wing root joints.
  9. Guys,can I call on your expertise again,I am at the painting stage of yet another BoB hurricane and using aftermarket decals issued by Extradecal , the colour given for the undersides is sky grey as opposed to sky or sky blue as shown on other aircraft on the sheet as a tamiya paint user can I use their sky grey as being near enough?
  10. Hawker Hurricane Mk.I Detail Set for Airfix Kit 1:72 Valiant Wings Airfix’s 1:72 scale Hawker Hurricane Mk.I is another stalwart of the Margate-based manufacturer’s range, having been around since the late 1970s. It enjoys a pretty good reputation for accuracy, with the exception of a slightly narrow nose. The kit is fairly basic and features raised panel lines, but on the other hand it’s much easier to get hold of that a Hasegawa Mk.I and cheaper than the Mk.Is available from Sword or AZ Model. If you want to build a Mk.I Hurricane (who wouldn’t?) then Valiant Wings have just made the Airfix option a lot more tempting with the release of this resin upgrade set. Included in the sturdy cardboard box are the following goodies: Replacement De Havilland propeller blades and spinner; Replacement main landing gear wheels; A much-improved replacement air intake; and A new pitot tube. All of The parts are all cast in grey resin. According to Valiant Wings, the casting was undertaken by CMR of the Czech Republic. The resulting item is just the sort of high-quality product that you would associate with CMR. The parts look accurate in shape and the finish is pin-sharp, particularly the beautiful air intake. The resin is smooth and the casting is flawless, with no bubbles in sight. Whilst designed to address some of the weaknesses of the Airfix kit, there is no reason why these parts can’t be used on other Hurricane kits. Given the overall quality of this set, I certainly wouldn’t have any hesitation in using it on one of the more expensive Hurricane kits. This set is very good value too, and so can be highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
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