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  1. Hello Gents.... I'll add some pics later.... Since 3rd day of gales.... I took some pics and saw the kit moving with the wind.... Stressful experience.... So family pics will come later.... Sorry about that..... In Oz country I sayyyyy..... That will maybe please @Dunny.... NAS Nowra in 1953, if it is an improved Airfix kit, the decals came from the Errormaster sheet 48-703 724 NAS Paints are ye good old Humbrol... It was a looong time that I didn't used glycero paints.... Seemingly, it has been an one of a kind paint scheme used for airshows I was tempted by another EDSG:Sky scheme in Korea but I already have a FAA one.... And another FAA one with that same paint scheme.... Interior has been improved with scratchbuild parts and a quickboost gun sight.... More pics will come when the weather will permit it.... For the one interested by the Sea Fury factory, here below it is Comments are welcome, banters are mandatory.... See you soon. Sincerely. CC
  2. Well this is going to be my take on the much heralded Airfix Seaking. Don’t know if you all need another WIP on this model but this won’t be a bells and whistles build just adding a few AM bits, masks, seat belts etc, as always it’s just my way to relax after a day on the farm, a bit of ‘me’ time away from the stresses of the day ( TB tested 700 cattle today, results by Thursday). Going to build a HU5 version but using Xtradecals XV705 of 771 NAS based at RNAS Culdrose 1996. So here goes!! A few bits stuck and holes drilled. Close up of Eduards space 3D decal IP. Adding a small strip of evergreen strip under the cushions to paint yellow to represent the emergency pack. More sub assembly’s to do for the interior and then a bit of painting, see you soon,
  3. Hello Dears, Did I've been a good guy in Telford ?? Have a look... To my point of view... Yes, I've been, but I'm not sure that SWMBO will agree... Will be curious to know how many of the 1/48 Walrus have been sold this year in SMW ??? And some trainer Harrier too..... And today, I started her Cleaning up the ejection pin This is really a great kit... I asked the Airfix guys about the next 1/48 kits... Seemingly we will not hav the Avro Bison or Blackburn Ripon next year !! What a lack of good taste.. But a Beaufort is possible in a near future, The Blenheim is sure and will be great... But No Stirling or Hampden..... Damn it !! Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  4. Time to throw this into the mix. I got this awhile back and one thing or another never got a chance to get it started ... until now. When I got this Airfix didn't have the regular sea Fury, just the Export version. But I'm still going to do this as a regular F.A.A. . I did get an updated cowling,' cuz every review said this was obligatory and I added Eduard's interior and wing flaps to the mix as well. Along with after market decals. Let the good times roll!
  5. Airfix Navy Lynx, really enjoyed this build a few years ago, it’s a nicely detailed kit straight from the box and l used Xtra colour enamels for the paint work, there recent re-release has made me want to give it another try but go the whole hog this time with PE and resin extra’s, could be an expensive itch to scratch!!
  6. After a break of 20 years, I re-started the hobby this year. This year was also the Singapore Airfix Cup restarted, so I ended building the Airfix Lynx to see where I stand in modeling. It was a trial and error journey since my modeling days 20 years ago. First try for AK acrylic paint, PE parts and the various techniques in modeling. I wasn’t disappointed in this modeling competition. Here’s some pictures of my completed model. What’s my prize? This.
  7. Hot off the bench, this one was finished yesterday and the glamour shots taken today. I built it as part of a small [unofficial] PR Spitfire group build in the WIP section. I also built it as this aircraft was flown by F/L R. Garvey when he outmanoeuvred a pursuing Fw190 such that it crashed into some trees. Garvey was credited with the kill and received a Bar to his DFC for the action. Here's the WIP. TL;DR The Airfix kit builds without too much trouble. As I was building an early PR.XIX I needed to build it as unpressurised which required some adjustment to the rear canopy and windscreen. There were also other airframe adjustments required, but none too onerous. The markings were painted but I used decals for the stencils; the overall approach was based on representing the aircraft was it would have looked on 6th October when Garvey returned from that sortie. The pics... Garvey survived the war and remained in the RAF. Sadly, he was killed at Shawbury, England in January 1948 when his Mosquito crashed during landing. Cheers.
  8. I've long wanted to get around to modelling RM637, ever since I did my PR.X as an RAF No.541 Squadron in "Alone Above All". In researching for that piece, I came across the story of how F/L R.F.C. Garvey's won a Bar to his DFC in RM637 and knew I would have to add his aircraft to it. On the 6th of October, 1944 F/L Garvey was photographing Job 773 - Westkapelle Dyke and near Koblenz at only 6500' was at the same time faced with heavy anti aircraft fire. The flak was fortunately inaccurate but after completing his second run he saw two Fw190s above and to the southwest of his position. F/L Garvey immediately opened up his unarmed PR Spitfire's throttle in a climbing turn to the west in an attempt to outrun them. As he made the turn however, he noticed some form of vapour trail from the leading Fw190 which he assumed to indicate methanol injection was being used to boost its power. Indeed, the enemy aircraft was able to close the range to only 700yds, opening fire as he did so. Garvey immediately pushed his Spitfire over into a tight spiralling dive down to zero feet in a desperate evasive manoeuvre but at least one of the Fw190s was able to pursue him downwards. Now flying at zero feet and with throttle still wide open, Garvey pulled another steep turn which again the pursuing enemy aircraft attempted to follow. Part way through that turn however, Garvey needed to evade some trees and while he was able to pull his Spitfire up and over them, the enemy aircraft did not, exploding as it crashed into them. The other enemy aircraft had not followed and was nowhere to be seen so Garvey set course for home. For this remarkable feat of airmanship in downing an enemy aircraft by superior flying skills alone, F/L R.F.C. Garvey was awarded a Bar to his D.F.C.. The events of that day were recorded in the Squadron Record of Operations thus... If that weren't enough reason to build RM627, the following day Garvey was in the thick of it again, in the same aircraft. His mission that day was to take low-level oblique photographs of the barrage on the Rhine River at Kembs, near Mulhouse in Germany, prior to a planned attack by No. 617 Squadron RAF on the night of 7th October 1944. This is the image he captured that day. Copyright: © IWM Remarkably, shortly before taking this image his aircraft had been hit in the tail by flak which jammed its elevators for a short time. He was eventually able to free some movement by "extreme pressure on the stick" and for the trip home "was able to control the aircraft's attitude by throttle," though it flew tail down for the remainder of the sortie. With ultimate professional pride, his report expressed regret this meant the images "would show a slant". So, here's another entry in the unofficial PR Spitfire GB, which is my third Spitfire this year. The last one welcomes the new one to the bench... Work on this one begins tomorrow. Cheers.
  9. Here's my 1/48 Airfix Sabre built as Boeing's second Sabre chase plane, a Mk.5 which was re-winged with a Mk.6 wing (so I suppose it's a Mk.5-and-a-half). Starting point was the F-86F-40 kit with wingtips shortened to make it a Mk.6 wing. The wingtip pitots, camera fairings, sugar scoops and VHF aerial were 3D printed. Decals are from @Vingtor and were excellent. I also used resin wheels from Eduard (nice) and airbrakes from CMK (wouldn't bother next time, they're nicely detailed but installing the open airbrakes at the end was a bit of a faff). Build thread is in the Canadian GB here. thanks for looking Julian
  10. Hello Dears, At Least… This kit is a birthday gift from SWMBO in 2005, then it has stalled for month when we moved. Then the amount of sanding and adjustment send her (Not my lady of course) to the waiting room. I Added a KMC interior and a brass Master pitot All the NACA have been opened, the 30m/m guns are syringe needles... Paints are Xtracrylics as usual ! When I saw the pic, I got back to my cabinet, thinking the U/C leg is bowed… But NO Pfiuuu it's only a visual flaw 😰 I will make some better pics tomorrow on daylight, but I was to happy to share, since I just finished her right now ! It's my second Sharkmouth and still british ones ! Decals are from the box except for some roundels and fin flash that came from an Xtradecals sheet... That induced me into another Lightning build….. BUT NOT for that while ! As usual, comments are welcome, hope that you'll enjoy the thread more than I enjoyed the build !! Have a very good Friday, still 2 evening work day to do ...😩😩 Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  11. Hello all, after some help in the 'Cold War Aircraft' discussion area on this fine Forum concerning droopy wings, I have finished this one. It was given to me as a Christmas present last year. I had a few problems with the kit, probably all my own doing. I wanted the cowling closed, and it was 'interesting' getting that to happen. I have a feeling that it was the way I fitted the engine - it was only after I had done it that I read the Airfix Magazine review which suggested re-drilling all four location holes for the framework, I had only drilled one. I tried pulling the frame out, but Revell Contacta must be strong stuff! The wing issue was solved by removing the leading edge location pins on the outboard of the wings (known) and clamping the wings under heavy books (suggested), and that worked a treat. The other area I struggled with was the canopy. Airfix supplied a jig to help get the glazing together, and it did join up. However, the track seemed too narrow when I came to add the canopy, and I needed to use CA to get it to fit. I did manage to get the catches fitted on top of the canopy though, so that was a win. The paintwork was brush-painted Colourcoats enamels, they go on beautifully when thinned with their naphtha thinner, and I added four coats to each colour. I buffed the paint before adding the transfers, which I bedded down with Pledge, but did get silvering under the 'Army' and serial number transfers, so again probably my fault. I gave it a final brushed Humbrol Satin enamel varnish, again thinned with the naphtha thinner. All in all, it was a pleasure to build. I have done it as the Army Air Corps option in the kit, from the Army Aviation Centre, Middle Wallop June 1968. I still think it odd that there were no upper wing roundels nor fin flashes, so it is a little different in my collection. Here is the finished model Thanks for looking, Ray
  12. I haven't built a BoB Spitfire in many years and don't have one at all in my current collection of built models. This needs to be rectified. To that end I've settled on Sergeant Kenneth Holland's Mk.Ia N3173 of RAF 152S for reasons I'll elaborate on as we go. In terms of the model, I'm using the Airfix 1/48 kit. I have an idea for an in-flight display so this will be a wheels up, prop spinning (represented that way, at least) pose and the Airfix kit is particularly suited to that. The prop will be the challenge, and I'm going to experiment on how to represent it. I've made a bit of progress, and already messed up a little 🙂 I assembled the cockpit as much as possible and then painted it all black as a pre-shade designed to avoid the need for a wash. There's a little more work to be done here, including the detail colour painting but this gives the gist. As this cockpit will have a pilot in it I'm going to labour it too much, suffice that it looks reasonable through the closed cockpit. The first of my cockups is visible above where I forgot to include the armour behind the seat. It will be a simple matter to add it once the paint is nicely dry. I haven't painted a pilot figure probably since I was a kid! That will be the next adventure, along with finishing the detail painting in the cockpit so that I can close the fuselage and get on with the airframe. Cheers.
  13. Hello chaps I finished this one about Christmas time and took advantage of a sunny day a couple of weeks ago to get some outside pics. Airfix's new Sabre Mk4 in 1/48 painted in the markings of an XB542 of 66 squadron based at Linton on Ouse in 1954. Thanks to @Sabrejet for providing the photo inspiration for the slightly unusual markings. This being a former 2nd TAF a/c repainted but retaining the higher finish of the underside 2nd TAF camo scheme rather than lower finish of fighter command a/c. Painted with Hataka orange line paints on the top sides and Tamiya LP11 silver on the underside. Weathered with Flory Models washes and a few oils here and there. I added a few rivets here and there and fasioned seat belts from Tamiya masking tape. The wheels are Eduard Brassin. Decals are a mixture of the kits, Xtradecals and Fantasy Print Shop for the underwing serials. I made a bit of a mess of the Z on the fin. It's a bit big I think and the outline should be white rather than yellow. Never mind🙂. 78DA2DC6-2D5D-49D8-9D30-BA67AA9AC497 by James Halls, on Flickr BD7374D9-6869-41F8-BF47-D52732B93CFC by James Halls, on Flickr 188A52C6-67C7-4D60-9288-CFBAD6F3FEAE by James Halls, on Flickr B815D32A-E229-4E2C-AC72-9504C1E249E0 by James Halls, on Flickr 6EA3F82B-95BB-4D28-BA97-327A9264D353 by James Halls, on Flickr 6EB7D1BE-C417-4926-9F32-27976EE1CA66 by James Halls, on Flickr And some shots with my Hasegawa Sabre finished in the markings of 3 squadron from last year. AB30CDDB-9CFC-4238-9449-A3A1E96B7715 by James Halls, on Flickr 61A944E4-1DA3-4B4A-8674-46EBE6130F7C by James Halls, on Flickr Thanks for looking. Questions and general comments welcome as always. James
  14. Hi All; Here's my recently completed Airfix Spitfire, built as a 152S aircraft which was lost on 25 September, 1940. The pilot was 20yr old Sgt. Kenneth Holland from Sydney, Australia. The WIP thread can be found here: I thoroughly enjoyed building this little Spitfire. Airfix's kit is a very simple, straightforward rendition of the most beautiful monoplane ever designed and its engineering and design makes the kit a pleasure to build. I tried a few new things on this one too; it's the first time I've painted a pilot since I was a kid, I tried a filter with mixed results, used bare metal foil for the wing root chipping, I added some vegetable oil to my bag of weathering tricks and furthered my mixology of craft acrylic paints to match RAF colours, I tried a new way to add the iconic Spitfire oil staining, and I even built a display stand out of a piece of oak and a thermocouple. The final result is not far off my best but there are a few things I'd differently on the next model; I'm most annoyed about the paint ridge line on the port wing roundel most of all (caused by the only part of the camo masking that was tape and not blutack), but also that I think I slightly over-chipped the port wing root and I don't think I got the elevators just right. I'm being picky, but we see the worst in our our own work, right? Some decisions made during the build which drove how I finished it; The radio was replaced during its time at the maintenance unit in mid-September 1940, hence the tapered post but no wire. IFF wasn't installed until late September at the earliest and this aircraft was active then until being lost on the 25th. Notice that the letter codes on the port wing root are painted over the paint chipping - my supposition being that the aircraft was not repainted at the maintenance unit and the new code letters were simply painted on at squadron level (and the old over-painted) I didn't weather the prop at all - my supposition being that this would be one component that was meticulously maintained, perhaps even replaced in maintenance I base the overall look and weathering on an airframe that was well used, and thrown back into the front line with the minimum of cosmetic work during its time at the maintenance unit Lastly, I am indebted to the collective here at BM for the encouragement and feedback as always, many thanks to everyone that looked in, liked or commented. I couldn't resits playing around with photoshop to come up with some in-flight pics... Thanks for looking! Cheers.
  15. I started this a while ago as a WIP but lack of motivation put it on hold for a bit. This is the #2 TF-86F as it appeared at the time of its first flight (it later gained an F-40 wing). Basic kit is Airfix's 1/48 Sabre 4, with extended forward fuselage (using a second kit), wings backdated to narrow-chord, slatted; wing moved forward (a TF-86F mod to re-establish CG); gun ports filled; seats by Pavla (front one modified to feature the folding headrest in its folded position); canopy from an old Maintrack F-100F conversion set (canopy is identical!); scratch-built speed brake bays; modified fin extension; 'F-86F'-type raised fuselage top vent/intake panel and the additional aft ventral strake. Decals are from Dek L's awesome reverse-printed sheet. Photography by Laurel & Hardy but there it is.
  16. Hard to believe it's been more than three years since I last worked on this one. Airfix's 1/48 Seafire Fr.47. It started as one plane, then went to two and then, to try keep my interest up, I added a third and then stopped! But I want to get at least one of them done and off the shelf of shame, so I'll be pulling 178 off the dusty shelf for this GB. Need to get some resin wheels and maybe new decals. We'll see, Plenty of time though as I won't be starting immediately. I still need to finish the Phantom GB and the Tomcat GB! Looking forward to this Plastic Resurrection! Thom
  17. Several years ago while airfix had enterd their discount to oblivion price war with them selfs i managed to bag their 1/24 Mosquito for around £40.00 and a few of their Bf 109e-4/e-1 kits for a little over £3.00 each from Airfixes own online shop. I probably got 4 of them to get to a free postage point but not sure . Rather than just building one of these kits with a whole lot of after market stuff to make it something different and have the remaining 3 kits sit on the shelf forever more ,i have decided to do a production line and build all four together and set them in a diorama . inspiration for the diorama comes from this picture I hope to get the 4 aircraft in various stages of take off . The first will have its main wheels still on the ground like this the second aircraft will have just left the ground The 3rd and 4th aircraft will be starting their climb 3rd aircraft with wheels starting to retract The 4th will have the wheels fully retracted . I have made a mock up to experiment with Obligatory pictures of unstarted lkits and contents . Only photographed one box content as they are all the same .(promise) Nice to find that Airfix have provided reasonable moulded pilots so that will keep costs down . I have orderd some decals With 4 schemes i will do them all . Thanks for looking Alastair
  18. Hello all; Here's my recently finished Mossie. The WIP explains a few of the decision points such as how I painted the D-Day stripes around the S/N, and the weathering choices I made along the way; I'm not going to claim this is my best work, it isn't. The pics aren't my best either - I just could not get the White Balance just right. But nonetheless here's the finished article. I built the kit more or less straight out of the box, the only real exception being the addition of seatbelts made from Tamiya Tape and foil. The paints I used were Tamiya for the D-Day stripes and Hataka (Red Line) for the PRU Blue; the decals were from the kit. I found this an interesting kit as it was a mix of old and new tooled parts, while t's not nearly up to modern standards it builds up into a reasonably nice finished piece. It definitely looks like a Mosquito to me. My subject aircraft, MM312 was only a month or so old at the moment I've modelled it, which was early hours of the morning of 7th June, 1944. It had just completed back to back sorties over France, the second of which was a night-time sortie. The composite pic below includes one of the actual photos (which I found on the UK's National Collection of Aerial Photography site) taken on that sortie by MM312 over Lisieux, in Lower Normandy. MM312 went on to have a very busy time though June to August but was lost in September, 1944 when one of its Flashbombs exploded prematurely; its pilot that night, F/O H. Flight demonstrated excellent airmanship in being able to bring it back to base. There's more details in the piece on my site. Anyway, without further waffle, here's the pics... Cheers; Mark.
  19. Hello friends. It seems that the Mk XII, first on Griffon, is not the most seen in scale. The Airfix kit from some times ago pays justice to this bird. The model was done some years ago and here are the pics. Plane is the one of Squ Leader Ray Harries OC n° 91 Squadron in May 43. 660B07BA-9EDC-442F-A3D4-0A5C71F3B702 by jean Barby, sur Flickr 69EC181B-FD23-43FF-8D24-B182D04882DB by jean Barby, sur Flickr EC5033EC-A7BB-477B-9649-3A43273D9DBD by jean Barby, sur Flickr 14CC095E-54A7-4303-9075-1360467CE9E1 by jean Barby, sur Flickr 56028A4B-55C0-4F14-9803-B7757556348A by jean Barby, sur Flickr D1D23B12-613D-4CE7-AE6C-A630448D3467 by jean Barby, sur Flickr F046FE1D-0F88-4386-9F5C-A901568AEB39 by jean Barby, sur Flickr
  20. Well having had a 'mare in the BoB GB by trying to rush to beat the deadline clock, I'm hoping to have more luck with a future succesor to that build's Spitfire in the RAF Interceptor role, the English Electric Lightning. The plan is to utilise the Aeroclub conversion set to make the Airfix 1/48 F.1 boxing into it's uglier twin (for those that disagree, Harry Hill has the only answer "there's only one way to find out......."), the two seat trainer version, the T.4. Now I also have an incomplete CMK conversion set for the same T-Bird marks which I am going to use for the inards of this build. I'm not confident enough to blend that set's new resin nose onto Airfix's plastic body but am happy to have a go at the Aerorclub IM fuselage parts, (and TBH the CMK cockpit parts knock the Aeroclub white metal parts to a cocked hat). Now I have 3 Aeroclub sets, so for the next T.4/5 build in my future I may even try to get hold of the Neomega cockpit, specifically designed to be used with the Aeroclub fuselage halves. OK I have already built a single-seat Lightning this year, and that ended up as a bit of a Horlicks too (see a pattern emerging yet????), which was caused by making a real mess of the Natural Metal Finish, and then a bigger mess of the paint stripping to remove it - who knew that Paint Stripper melts resin, well I do now!!! Anyways I want to have another crack at NMF, although with the preparation needed not to show any blemishes with that sort of finish I'm not 100% sure doing a cut and shut is a great idea, but hey we will have a giggle along the way. The intended victim, to keep to the Interceptor theme will be a squadron allocated airframe, as doing a far more colourful OCU T-Bird might stretch the definition too far for this GB. I have been thinking of building to the 74 Sqn theme theme for a while now (having Phantoms aplenty as well as plenty of F2/6 Lightnings just for starters), so why not start here. The plan, which if it survives the first contact, is to build XM974 'T' as pictured below on 18 September 1965 at RAF Leuchars. There are a few differently coloured panels to add even more interest. I will be using the Xtradecal X48151 set and the choice of metal paint will be made on the hoof as I go along!!! Any suggestions/recommendations will be greatfully accepted at this point! Anyways onwards and upwards, let's have a look at what we're actually going to be mangling ............. One of the three Aeroclub Conversion sets. Unfortunately 2 of them have quite yellowed canopies, so for future builds either I will use an unusable one to make a buck to vacform/plungemould others, or if I buy the Neomega set I may just ask them sweetly if I can also buy some of their transparencies to go with it. Plenty of decal options for all the T.4/5 sets I have (plus the Sword kits!). I am currently making some home-brew copies of the CMK resin set for the cockpit parts, pictures of those bits will follow when I can finally cast some without too many air bubbles. Therefore I have started on the wings rather than the normally accepted jumping-off point that is the cockpit. On the previous single-seater build I struggled to get an acceptable join on the leading edge inserts for the lower half of the wings. With this being an attempt at NMF I attempted to make this join better than on that build. To that extent I added some strengthening tabs to the insert and joined them to the wing half before joining the halves to try to get a flusher joint. I also had some homebrewed undercariage wells hanging around from the F.6 build, so the wings were suitably thinned to accept them. For the first attempt I managed to lose a bit of the flap coaming (no idea of the real term!) so used some plastic rod to build it back up again. And after all the glueing and clamping stuff went on..... Now having done the same again for the other wing (for some reason the plastic parts straight from the box were quite warped so hopefully we've cured that!), it was time to actually spite my face by cutting my nose off. Now I hadn't realised that I'd broken my razor saw blade, so that job will now have to wait until Paul at Little-Cars pings me some replacement blades in the post that I purchased at the weekend. So there we are, we've made a start and hopefully I won't mess this one up too much! So until next time, stay safe. Chris
  21. This build came from one of those flashes of inspiration that results in a sudden urge to start a kit from scratch and see it through to the end in quick order, rather than languishing for a few years as per usual. Browsing through Airframe Extra No.7 'The Suez Crisis', I came upon a photo of a lineup of Meteor FR9s of No 208 Sqn at Hal Far, resplendent in Suez stripes! I had no idea this version wore these markings, only ever seeing them on NF13s before. I'd had this book a few years but never twigged, there's even a small version of the photo on the front cover, hiding in plain sight! Very handily, the photo shows the nearest aircraft's serial clearly (WB121), and I knew immediately that I had to build this aircraft. I was already part way through an Airfix Meteor F8, but straight away started a newly received FR9 to build in parallel. I won't go into detail on the kit itself, other than to say it is generally a joy to build with a small number of fit issues, but nothing major. I built it pretty much straight from the box, and finished it with Xtracolor and Humbrol paints and a mix of kit and aftermarket decals (for the serials and 'W' codes). I hope you like the result as much as I do! Thanks for looking. Mike
  22. I picked up these two second hand MkI Spitfires last year, after a long hankering to make a prewar two bladed prop version. I love the yellow bordered A1 style roundels the first batch delivered had, and I was a little disappointed the newest tool version I got first didn't have this option a couple of the earlier versions had. I was also gutted it didn't come with the original flat unblown canopy, just three very similar (to my eyes) blown canopies. The detail is amazing though. 2010 kit top 2015 kit bottom by Mike, on Flickr The second kit was the previous tooling from 2007, which was is much more basic, especially in the cockpit, but came with the squadron transfers I wanted. It also has the earliest flat canopy. MkI Spitfire transfers by Mike, on Flickr Instruction comparisons by Mike, on Flickr 2015 transfer options by Mike, on Flickr 2010 transfer options by Mike, on Flickr Spitfire MkI – 19 Squadron RAF, (1) by Keith Pharo, on Flickr Now, my initial thoughts are to build the newest tooling MkI with the transfers from the older kit. I'm not sure yet what to do about that blown canopy though, as I'd really like to do it with a flat version. And for the second kit with the older tooling, my plans are a bit more ambitious for a novice builder. I have always wanted to build K5054, in one of its variants. This kit has already been started, but thankfully the previous owner gave up quite quickly. This makes me less nervous about making a balls up of it! I've already got a bit of reference material to swat up on. Being a Southampton lad Supermarine is a pet subject. I'm guessing I'm not the first to attempt this, and I'll have a gander on here later to see how others have gone about this. My initial thoughts and worries - where to get the transfers from - how to make the curved windscreen - how to make the stubby exhausts - radiator - tail skid - colour - wing planking ... I think my basic skills will be more suited to later appearances of the prototype, as trying to replicate that bare metal finish looks beyond me. Also later versions will be closer to the production model. Some reading up required by Mike, on Flickr Supermarine Spitfire Mk.I, K5054 by SDASM Archives, on Flickr Well, here goes. First build of 2020. First 1:48. Well, since the 80's anyway. Even then I think I only made one? My mince pies are thanking me already.
  23. Better get my Buccaneer build going before I run out of time. I'm using the Airfix 1/48 kit with a Neomega cockpit, resin wheels, Heritage Aviation intakes and Eduard exterior PE set: I'll be building it as XW987 of the A&AEE as it looked when I photographed it at RIAT '94: Better get cracking. I've started by cleaning up the cockpit parts and priming them. I'll start painting them tomorrow. thanks for looking Julian
  24. With my other build rapidly coming to a finish and still plenty of time in the STGB, barring some disaster, I decided to do another build. This time the Airfix 1/48 Spitfire Mk XIV in RAAF 451 squadron markings. I have found the two Australian squadrons 451 and 453 quite interesting. Both remained in the European Theatre as part of the Occupying Forces. Hence, my topic title "After Journey's End", alluding to a period after war's end and the VE-VJ Group Build that is just about to commence. The Mk XIV came into service with 451 and 453 at the end of 1945 with both squadrons deployed in Germany. It is always tempting to build 453 squadron with the Fox Uncle squadron code (or Freddie Uncle or Foxtrot Uniform depending on the era) and the photographer always made sure he got a photo of K for King (port fuselage). I have built a 453 squadron subject previously, D-Day Mk IX FU-N, and having the Xtradecal sheet for the Mk XIV with 451's NI-K NH895 decals made my decision easy to select this subject as the next build. As mentioned I am using the latest Airfix 1/48 boxing plus a little PE (IP and belts) and resin (wheels and exhausts). These are the chosen markings - very standard. Inspecting the sprues we find no disasters with the exception of a short shot or break off in the mould of one prop tip that I will have to repair or hunt for an appropriate aftermarket solution. Should be fun … Ray
  25. Operational pause, maintenance checks underway. Return to operational status 14 Dec 0000 Zulu Cheers, Rich
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