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Found 79 results

  1. Any challenges with the fit of the fuselage/rear door? Cheers, Andrew
  2. Hello all, Whilst I still have to finish my Spitfire build, thought I'd purchase more models ahead of the Christmas rush! Was so excited when I picked up the intercom and heard "Hello, I have a package for your flat." I did a very quick celebration and ran down to get my stuff. My first airliner scale model kits ever! Anyway, the unboxing of these kits is here: Around mid-late December is when I'll be building these, so do stay tuned! Hope you enjoy it! Regards, Hamdhan
  3. Hi folks,well I,ve been tempted to the dark side! having seen and been highly impressed for a while now by the superb civil aircraft posted here and being a little jaded by the site of green and brown paint on my ongoing Hurricane builds I thought I would have a go at something a bit more colourful.So here goes.this is Revells Lufthansa liveried A320 which features nice engraved panel lines and a superb decal sheet a million miles from the last airliner I built way back in the seventies which I think was an Airfix Boeing 727.heres the box top,and I,ll make a start next day off,now where,s the gloss paint..........
  4. Kev1n and I have a (hopefully!) friendly difference of opinion of Revell's Baby Airbuses - A319/A320/A321- in this thread. To avoid hijacking RobF's thread with info not relevant to him I've started this thread to discuss the merits and problems with these kits, as I'm genuinely interested to hear (& see!) what's thought to be wrong with them. Anyone else that wants to chip in with their experiences and observations of these kits, please feel free to do so. First off, I didn't suggest these kits for RobF as he wanted a build with window decals, other kits without windows would better suit him, but I would recommend them as a first airliner for a build with open windows. The kit is readily available, relatively cheap, and there's a selection of out of the box schemes with excellent decal sheets. Accuracy wise I'd consider them pretty accurate, especially for someone who's new to airliner modelling, they certainly look right (to me at least!) when compared to photo's. The only obvious inaccuracies are the small flap track fairings that need removing from the 319 & 320 wings and a couple of flap lines to fill; plus the very undersize wing tip fences, which need to be about half as big again on all versions. Build wise I've never had any problems with them, having put them together with very little filler and only a light sand along the join lines to eliminate them. I've certainly not experienced any fit problems around the wing roots that Kev1n is alluding to. One area that can improve the look of the model, and is only really relevant if doing a clear window model, is to remove the scribed in windows of the cockpit glazing, which is too small. I do this after attaching the glazing and filling around it with superglue. The glazing can then be sanded and polished to fair it in, and the decal windows used as a template to make window masks of the correct size, which (just!) fit the clear glazing. I'll take some photo's later of one that's built ready for the paintshop to illustrate the cockpit glazing & the wing joins. Over to you Kev1n , what exactly is wrong with the wing join , and what are the "multitude of other less obvious problems"?
  5. Here's one I started a while back. Revell a340 converted into an a330 using Braz resin RR engines. Windows filled from the inside with 'fix it' epoxy putty: Modified inboard slats: APU intake: Modified tail: Some exhaust ports opened: Various antennas: I wasn't very happy with the engine intakes and wanted to modify them. I ended up breaking the intake cowling on the starboard engine so this one will have the intake cover on. I did not want to repeat the reshaping process on the port engine and started to build an uncovered gas turbine instead. The turbine still needs a lot more detailing, but the aircraft is nearing completion. Thanks for looking.
  6. 1:144 Revel Airbus A319. Frontier Airlines 'Perry' Puffin by Draw Decals Another addition to my Frontier fleet! This is 'Perry' the Puffin recently released by Draw Decals, and reviewed Here As soon as i saw it I knew I had to have this sheet. The A319 kit is the Revell 'British Airways' edition, and makes up fairly easily into a nice littte model. The only changes I made were to cut out from plasticard a pair of slightly larger winglets, as those in the kit are slightly undersized. I also made a 'DirecTV' receiver from plasticard. It's that lump on top of the fuselage above the 'T'. You could still make an accurate model without it, as Perry was delivered without it fitted. The decals are 'Digital Silk' printed on continuous film, so you need to cut out each design and apply it. I cut the big 'FRONTIER' billboards into two, so I had 'FRONT' and 'IER' and applied them seperately, but at the same time just to ease handling a big decal. Not strictly necessary, but it gave me a little less to concentrate on as they were applied in turn. It is good advice to read Draw's application instructions, and use hot water and a cloth to press the decals down, as the heat helps soften the inks. Perry himself is beautifully printed, very colourful and looks like a photo on the tail. I have a liking for Frontiers livery, and can't stop building them! Each aircraft features a different wildlife subject and has a unique name. So far I have (left to right) A318 'Stu' the rabbit, A319 'Perry' the puffin, and A319 'Chloe' the fawn. Frontier also operate Airbus A320's, but I haven't got one of those............so as soon as Draw Decals release one..... .....I can see it being added to the line up! Thanks for looking John
  7. Frontier 'Perry' Puffin 1:144 Draw Decal Frontier Airlines operate a large fleet of 35 Airbus A319's and 19 A320's on routes around the USA, Mexico, Jamaica, Costa Rica, and the Dominican Republic. Each aircraft has a name and features a large photographic image of an animal on its tail, a whole range being used As noted on the instructions, 'Perry the Puffin' had a fairly short tour at Frontier, arriving in May 2006 and departing in March 2009. Among the latest releases from Draw Decals is this very attractive scheme for one of Frontiers 'Logojets', featuring Perry the Puffin. As soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted to build it. Puffins are comical looking birds, stocky with short stubby wings and brightly coloured feet and beaks. They are great divers and can 'fly' underwater down to about 200 ft to catch fish and sand eels. Tough and hardy little birds, I like their 'attitude' and have tried several times to spot them along various parts of the coast of the UK, but so far been unlucky. Printed by Draw's 'Digital Silk' process, the decals are neatly presented on a sheet of continuous film. The first thing that you notice is the beautifully printed Puffin. It is like a perfect photograph, with pin sharp focus and registration and the colours are spot on. The large Frontier logos are printed with the door outlines already on them, which is a great aid to getting them lined up correctly on the model. Cabin windows are supplied in strips so you have the choice to fill the kit windows and use them, or leave the kit windows open and fill them with kristal kleer or similar. Similarly the cockpit glazing is supplied if you prefer this method. Various smaller details for static ports, overwing emergency exits, and engine cowlings complete the set. I have used Draw Decals on several of my projects, and advise that you read and follow their application instructions for a first class result. This means cutting closely around each decal, and soaking it in very hot water. Once applied to the model the really key thing is to apply heat to it with a cloth dipped in hot water. I use a folded wad of kitchen paper and dip it in very hot water, and then press down on the decal sitting on the model. Do it in such a way that any hot water that squeezes out of the paper runs down and away from your fingers. This way the decals will conform to any curvature and 'weld' themselves onto the underlying paint work. Most impressive of all is the way that the carrier film just vanishes. Such was my enthusiasm for these decals that I started preparing a Revell A319 whilst awaiting their arrival. It is a very simple scheme of a white fuselage, 2 tone grey wings, and green engine cowlings, so makes a good choice for a beginner or intermediate modeller. This should be appearing in the 'Ready for Inspection' section fairly soon. [EDIT] Now in Ready For Inspection [/EDIT] Draw Decals do several other Frontier animals, as well as a large range of other airlines and aircraft types. Their website is well worth taking a look at. Finally I would say that Draw Decals are one of the 'Gold standard' decal suppliers. We sometimes hear horror stories concerning overseas decal companies. Have no fear, Draw's service is top quality, so you can order with confidence. And they even come over to visit us every year at Telford! Highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  8. Revell's Airbus A319 built out of the box and using the twosix decals easyJet set. Thoroughly enjoyable build with superb decals, both those from twosix decals and those from Revell. G-EAZW selected as this aircraft brought Alison and I back from a wonderful week with one of our daughters in Sorento, Italy, flying from Naples to Liverpool. Here are a few pics. A319I by jonbru0903, on Flickr A319D by jonbru0903, on Flickr A319C by jonbru0903, on Flickr A319A by jonbru0903, on Flickr A319H by jonbru0903, on Flickr A319G by jonbru0903, on Flickr A319J by jonbru0903, on Flickr Take care.
  9. I appreciate that it's not in airline service yet, but is anyone planning any decals for the A350? I know Nazca have a couple on their website. Cheers, Andrew
  10. The A318 is the smallest of the Airbus family of airliners, although it has not sold as well as its bigger brothers and several have had comparitively short service lives. I guess that the operating costs are very similar to the A319 and A320, and yet the passenger carrying capacity is somewhat reduced, making it less profitable to run on a variety of routes. It is an attractive little aeroplane, and I wanted one in my collection to go with the A319's, A320's, and A321's that I already have. The options are to use an injection moulded kit from Eastern Express which has had unflattering reviews, or a Welsh Models mixed media kit, or a fuselage from Contrails to use with the Revell kit. A fourth option, and the one I chose, is to take a Revell A319 kit and a razor saw to do your own conversion, the main points of which are to shorten the fuselage fore and aft of the wing, and raise the height of the tail fin.Details here Draw Decals do a number of interesting options for Frontier airlines, who feature various examples of American wildlife on their tailfins, a set of which was obtained from Greg at Draw during last years Telford show. The decals go on very well, and reproduce this scheme to perfection. If you dont fancy chopping up a kit, Draw also do other Frontier schemes for the A319 'straight from the box'. It's quite good fun to do your own conversion and make something a little more unusual, I certainly had fun doing this and special thanks are due to Jonathan (member XV571) for helping out with information that I would otherwise have missed! Time for the photos; With an A319, also using Draw Decals 'Chloe' the fawn; The A318/9/20/21 family, all basically the same aircraft with longer and longer fuselages. All from Revell kits; A318 (Draw Decals) A319 (Draw Decals) A320 (Bangkok Air, Boa Decals) A321 (First Choice, Twosix Decals) Thanks for looking, John
  11. Having built Revell's A321, A320, and A319 Airbus kits I wanted to add the smallest of them all, the A318, to my collection. There are few aftermarket decal options for them. As far as I know Draw Decals are the only manufacturer doing sets for the 318 and Greg from Draw kindly supplied Britmodeller with a review set at this years Telford. No reason to hesitate now! The set is for Frontier Airlines 'Stu the Rabbit', all of Frontiers aircraft feature wildlife designs on the tail fin, and 'Sheldon the sea turtle' is aslo available from Draw for the A318, as well as others for the A319. Only Eastern Express do an injecion moulded A318, and Welsh Models do a mixed media kit. A fuselage is available from Contrails, but I quite like doing my own conversions. The main job with the Revell A319 is to shorten the fuselage and raise the tailfin. Having searched the net I found that the measurement differnces between an A319 and A318 is that 79cm needs to come out ahead of the wing, and 160cm behind it, with a 75cm increase in fin height. These scale down to 5.5mm, 11mm and 5mm respectively. In easier terms this is 1 and a bit windows ahead of the wing and 3 behind. So out with the saw! I made my own mitre box a while ago to help with these sort of conversions. I found some scrap 3cm x 2cm timber in the garage, glued & screwed a 'U' shape together, and made some saw cuts in various places to guide the saw. Now I did all this by hand, so it is possible that my cuts are not perfectly alighned and square down to the last thousands of an inch. It doesn't matter as long as both cuts to remove a section are made in the same slot. The mating faces will then have the same cut in them. So in went the fuselsge halves, and the cuts were made. Note that I staggered the cuts on each side to improve joint strength when it is all fixed together. Then I assembled the half with the alignment sockets in (rather than the pins) on a flat surface, which ensures that the tailfin is nice and square to the fuselege. Once dry, the other centre section is held in place with an elastic band, and the nose section offered up and the mating face sanded if necessary for a neat fit. Ending up with a pair of fuselage halves like the original kit. But leaving a considerable step on the underside which will need sorting out I reinforced the inside with some strips of plasticard, as some serious sanding might take place in this area. Glued together like a normal kit, and with a first fill with Milliput and sanding, it starts to look ok. I also glued some plasticard strips on the inside to cover the windows, as I will be filling them with Milliput as well. The cockpit window I will keep clear. That 'orrible step under the rear fuselage came out ok with some heavy sanding and copious amounts of Milliput, all blended and shaped nicely. Next up was the tailfin, simply done by slicing the tip off and gluing on a roughly shaped plasticard extension. Once dried hard the extension will be sanded to blend it in smoothly. The cokpit window was glued in, and milliput run around its edges. Sanding removed it's clarity but that can be corrected. 10 minutes with some micromesh polishing cloths and it is good as new. The wing has a number of small flap track fairing only appropriate to theh A321, and these were removed and cleaned up. The wing goes on next, I leave it off until the cockpit glass is cleaned and finished, so that if needs be I can get acces to clean the inside of the glass through the hole in the fusealge that the wing covers. No end of dust and stuff can get in, so its as well to have access. Thanks for looking, John
  12. Pictures of the forthcoming kit: http://www.revell.de/?id=1036 Andrew
  13. Frontier 'Stu' Rabbit A318 1:144 Draw Decal Frontier Airlines based in Denver, Colorado currently operates a fleet of Airbus A319 and A320's on services around the USA, Mexico, Jamaica, and the Dominican Republic. Aside from the big 'Frontier' billboard logo down the fuselage sides, their main distinguishing feature is the series of wildlife photographs displayed on the tail fins. Each aircraft features a different animal and has its own unique name, and they make quite interesting line ups if you ever get to see them at a US airport. The Airbus A318 is the smallest of the Airbus family and proved to have poor operating economics compared with it's larger brothers, as it simply can't offer the same seat/mile costs. Very few are still in service, and it is said they they are worth more as scrap and spare parts. Frontier operated several A318's for a fairly short period, and as I wanted to add one to my Airbus collection I was really pleased to see that Draw Decal recently added a couple to their range. 'Sheldon' the Sea Turtle and 'Stu' the Rabbit are both now available (as well as others for A319's and Embraer 190's), and whilst a this years Telford I picked up a set for 'Stu'. There are a couple of options for building an A318, either the Eastern Express kit (although I have not seen one, opinions vary on its buildablity), or the Revell kit of the A319 can be converted. I will convert my own kit by shortening the fuselage & raising the fin, but if you don't like doing this there is an A318 fuselage for the Revell kit available from Contrails. Draw Decals are produced by their own 'Digital Silk' process on a sheet of constant decal film, meaning that you need to cut around each decal as you remove it from the sheet. Supplied here are the 'Frontier' billboards including cabin windows, 'Stu' the rabbit for the tail fin, static ports for the nose, 'Stars & Stripes', registration, fleet numbers, engine markings, and cockpit windows. The printing is razor sharp with perfect colour and Stu himself looks like a high quality photograph. The instructions clearly show where everything goes, with profile views for each side, and a some written instructions about the use of Digital Silk decals. Having used several of Draw's sheets I would only point out that these written instructions are good advice and there is nothing difficult or unusual in using them. In fact they give a lovely result and the carrier film all but disappears. I look forward to using these on my A318 conversion, and have already built one of Revell's A319s using Draw Decals set for 'Chloe' the fawn, and can vouch for the lovely result they give. If you are not into sawing up and converting fuselages, then you can use a Revell A319 straight from the box and apply one of several Frontier options Draw offer for it. Their service from the US to here in Europe is top notch, so don't have any doubts about ordering from them, I speak from personal experience and can say they are among the best! Highly Recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  14. Hello everybody. Since I have some time available I thought it would be nice to share my latest airliner with you. It's the Revell A320 (of course) in 1/144. I started it with target to paint it as Cyprus Airways, I had even printed my own decals for the livery, but resulted being painted as British Airways. Decals were given from a friend and are for the A319 BA Revell kit. Some are missing, some did not lay well, but it's not that bad.
  15. The story (a bit naive ) The list of A380 orders contains one entry that does not follow the pattern - it is an order for VIP transport built to private specification. As it was recently revealed, the order came from one of oil rich monarchies where serious civil unrest has been reported recently. The monarch has eventually fled the country leaving Airbus with almost complete hull. As it was mentioned before, the hull was built to private specification similar to 747-200M combi - aft part of the body converted to cargo compartment with large door to accommodate monarch's Rolls-Royce and guard SUVs. With abrupt cancellation of the order Airbus had to find a new buyer. Surprisingly the only bid came from the international talent management company that suggested to use it as a "touring bus" for musicians of highest calibre. Indeed, the layout of the plane provided luxury accommodation for artists and road crew as well as spacious cargo bay for stage equipment. The modified specification even included the rehearsal room. Using a single plane would simplify logistics and save money for the company. With the new contract secured Airbus completed the plane in just 8 months and delivered A380-800C ( C for Combi ) in late 2014. It first was used in famous Dream Theater 2015 "Galactic Tour". I started this kit very long ago but quickly lost interest. I tried to complete it in A380 STGB http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234917647-pins-what-if/ eventually it occupied so much space in my workshop so I made myself to complete it. At first I wanted to make "Big Four", then Queensryche (mostly because of Triryche logo) but it is DT after all.
  16. Hi All This rolled off the production line this morning. Its the 1/144 Revell Airbus A321 built using two six's decals. Enjoyed the build, like this kit and the plane. Flew on an A321 of Air Berlin about 3 weeks ago to Dusseldorf from Alicante.. The decals were horrific, they broke up again, never had a problem with two six decals before, the tail is a bit crinkled unfortunatley, had to paint on the flower! The winglets were made for me by John (Viking), Thanks :-) The only mod are the winglets. What does everyone think :-) Next to its baby brother the A319 Next to its baby brother the A319 Next to a Monarch 757-200 Next to a Monarch 757-200 Next to the very VERY small Dragon Rapide I hope you enjoy this, i certainly enjoyed building! Thanks Bradley EDIT: Changed the Cockpit window, looks better now and mucked about with the tail and strip decals Thanks
  17. RAF Voyager Aircraft, pics thanks to Jonathan Morgan See our Airbus A330 Walkaround here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234920319-airbus-a330/
  18. Hi all I want to build an Air India Airbus A320-200, VT-ESI. This is one of the few A320's to have a double bogey landing gear. This is the Aircraft i intend on making. So my question is has anybody got any idea how i can modify the landing gear, i was thinking of using a set of 757 gear, any ideas? Thanks Bradley
  19. Look away if you don't like airliner models, this one even has Bambi on the tail! It is the Revell A319 with a couple of mods. I replaced the winglets on the wingtips as the kit one are undersized. I also added the TV satellite receiver on top of the fuselage, as Frontier have them fitted on all of their fleet. It wasn't easy to find any info on it so it has involved studying photographs and making my own approximation of what I could see. I used a disc of 40 thou plasticard shaped as best as I can work out. Cockpit windows were masked to keep them clear, which always seems to work better on the A319 kit than it does on the A320. The decals are from Draw, printed on a constant carrier film so you have to do careful cutting out. The big logos on the fuselage side were a little awkward to place, and did get a bit of silvering under them. Next time I would cut them into smaller sections. Draw suggest settling them down with a hot towel or kitchen paper dipped in hot water, and this certainly works well. Thanks for looking if you made it this far John
  20. Just spotted this on Airliners.net... http://www.airliners.net/photo/Airbus-Industrie/Airbus-A350-941/2260853/L/ Looking pretty smart with it's clothes on. Andrew
  21. Hi everyone! My name is Ben from V1 Decals, and I think this will be my first post on this site. Very excited to see some of the great work on this site and look forward to posting some of my own models and projects! Some of you may have heard of my decals and I, but let me quickly introduce myself. I have been designing and producing airliner decals for probably close to 4 years now, and have since accumulated a catalogue of close to 200 liveries from around the world (with a heavy Canadian bias). When I'm not preoccupied with flying, working, or making decals I also like to try and build 1/200 models in my precious spare time. Summer is here and I've been very busy for the past couple months working on a number of new projects including a complete overhaul of my business. Nevertheless, it is my pleasure to announce July's new releases a day in advance and wish you all a great month of modelling. Stay tuned for many new changes in the coming months. All of our decals are laser printed, available in any scale, and can be found on the V1 Decals website. Be sure to check out the website and the new catalogue on the homepage for more details. Cheers! Advance Air Charter DC-8-62C Mexicanada Cargo DC-8-71F Westjet #100 737 NG 737-800 Odyssey International 757-200 ABX Air 767-200F Amerijet International 767-200F Ansett Australia 767-300 Surinam Airways A340-300 (Available soon in 1/144 from Xotic Planes) Air Club International 747-200 Air Canada Rouge 767-300 (Re-release)
  22. Ok, all this talk about A318s has got me thinking.... something my wife tells me I do far too much of anyway. Having done some research (with a view to converting the Revell A319 - yes I know there are other options) the differences between the A319 and A318 I can find are: a. 1.5 frames shorter at the front (~79cm) b. 3 frames shorter at the back (~160cm) c. Tail fin 75cm taller d. Cargo hold doors narrower (1.33m vs 1.82m). e. Increased wing camber (might give that one a miss) Is there anything else that I need to consider? I assume the fin is just extended along the existing taper? Is the rudder the same height at on the A319? Being a bit of a stickler for these things, I'd like to preserve as much of the kit detail as I can, like windows and stuff, which will no doubt make the whole thing a lot harder to do.... (Before anyone else says it: The 737-600 is obviously inestimably better in every conceivable way ) All pertinent thoughts welcome! Thanks, Andrew
  23. Airbus A320 Air Berlin 1:144 kit from Revell The Airbus A320 is a mid range twin engine airliner that first took to the air in 1987 and has become a popular airliner finding homes with airlines worldwide. Air Berlin is the second biggest airline in Germany after Lufthansa founded in 1978 its headquarters in Berlin. The total airliner fleet at the time of this review is 137 airliners, with 29 of those being the Airbus A320 with the CFM engine option. The 1:144 Revell Airbus A320 has been reviewed in the past on Britmodeller with various operator decal options, add to this a wide range of aftermarket options it is a popular kit. The kit is as before, it hasn’t been updated or modified in any way. This kit includes both the IAE and the CFM engine options, useful if you want to use another decal sheet. The kit has flash in places as we have come to see on these newer boxing of the A320. Nothing too major just a swipe with a sanding stick or a blade in places will clean it up. The winglets are still the wrong size, but oddly Revell supply decals for the incorrect kit parts, or corrected parts. Please Revell can we have the correct ones in the box. There is a new decal sheet carrying the decals for the Air Berlin aircraft only and is printed to the high quality and with the high level of detail by Daco. The colours look good to the pictures I’ve seen online, and the small details are so fine you need a magnifying glass to read them! There is no option on the sheet for filled windows so a dig in the spares will be required if you close and paint over the windows. There are various registration options on the decal sheet including a lone Swiss registered aircraft. Conclusion This will be a welcome re-issue of this popular kit. With the kit including both engine options will make it popular for use with aftermarket decals. The Berlin Air decals are well done, well researched, accurate and with a high level of detail. Please Revell, sort those winglets! Revell model kits are available from all good toy and model retailers. For further information visit
  24. Good evening to all. This is my latest creation I just finished for now. Maybe in a couple of months I will consider to do so wash or dirty it a bit. But in general I like my airliners clean so I might as well leave it like it is. The livery decals are home designed and printed. Windows, doors, warning signs and coroguard are from the excellent Daco airbus decal set. The Pitot tubes, AOA sensors, antennas and winglets are from the photoetched set from the same set. Enjoy. George
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