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Found 12 results

  1. Hello everyone, This is my take on the most feared German tank of the North African campaign, Panzer IV 'Special'. It was the first attempt to mount KwK 40 L/43 anti-tank gun to the tank, and although it was Panzer III that was intended to fight other tanks on the battlefield, Panzer IV was selected to be equipped with KwK 40 L/43 due to the bigger diameter of the turret ring. It was mounted on Panzer IV Ausf. F, and to distinguish it from the short-barreled version of Ausf. F that was equipped with 7.5 cm KwK L/24, this one was called F2. It was soon renamed to Ausf. G, but it will remain F2 for a few more months, to avoid already existing contracts with factories for Panzer IV F production. So basically, Ausf. F2 and Ausf. G is the same tank. There is no clear distinction between them, although at least among the modelers' community, an earlier version of Ausf. G, with a ball-shaped muzzle break and the presence of observation visors on the sides of the turret, is considered to be an Ausf F2. Panzer IV 'Special' first appeared in North Africa in May 1942, when 9 tanks were delivered to Deutsche Afrika Korps. Their first action was Operation Venezia, which was the prelude to the Battle of Gazala. These tanks were rushed into battle straight from the docks, thus most of them appear without any unit markings on photographs. Until July 1942, there were only 2 'Specials' left. A few more deliveries took place before October, so there were 30 of them present at the Second Battle of El Alamein. This model should represent F2, one of those tanks that fought at El Alamein. This one belonged to the 21st Panzer Division, tank number 215, although, it is visible on the photos that it was renumbered and its previous number was 411. I was not able to find out why it was renumbered. The tank was abandoned during the battle and captured by the British. I didn't find out what happened with its crew. The border Model kit number BT-004 is absolutely fantastic! One of my favorites builds so far. Easy to build and yet, the details are great. Perfect balance IMO. I've seen some complaints on the Internet that the kit is more suited for Ausf. G and that is true, although the changes required to make it F2 are really not a big deal, basically rearranging tools on the fenders and removing a few features. Also, some changes were needed in order to accurately represent this particular vehicle, such as adding jerrycan holders, additional toolbox, etc. but really nothing major. The only issue I had with the kit are the tracks. They are link-and-length tracks, and one section of the tracks that run down from the idler wheels has no sag at all. Pitty because the rest of the tracks looks great. It seems that this tank was painted in RAL 8020. There are no signs of a disruptive pattern though. I painted it with an MRP version of 8020. It looks quite convincing to me, although it lost some of its purple tone once I applied dust pigments over it, making it look more like a Light Stone. Stowage is mostly Value Gear, except sandbags which I molded using Miluput. Additional toolbox attached to the left side and spare wheel holders are scratch-built. And here's the real thing: Thanks for watching and thanks for the feedback. Cheers, Nenad
  2. An update with figures included and additional pre-diorama weathering... Just completed a Horch conversion to depict Rommel's Kfz. 21 used in North Africa. It was based on an Italeri Horch. I used the Plus Model conversion but this needed converting itself as Rommel's car had some differences to the interior and exterior. The only other example I have seen of this conversion is in Landscapes of War, Vol. II, but this vehicle is incorrect in some areas, such as the jerry can position on each side. The original vehicle was found and has been restored. This link tells the story - https://www.erwinrommel.info/headquarter-vehicles Here are a few of the references I used... The model, which is for a diorama with figures under construction...
  3. As I have an interest in this unit, I was inspired by another related image below to build an Sdkfz 261 which is not commonly seen. There is only a 1/48 version. Hope you enjoy the diorama. Here it is...
  4. This diorama was inspired by the following picture from Panzers in the Desert by Bruce Quarrie, Patrick Stephens Ltd. It is a signals operator using a direction finding radio to snoop. Happy to answer any questions about it. Here it is - Here is the full diorama from each side. And details...
  5. I thought I'd have a go at a bit of wargaming, but not sure about a big game with complex rules that takes hours to play. So I got a copy of Gale Force Nine's 'Tanks!' which is played on a three foot square board and apparently only takes 30 minutes or so. And I've been building some scenery, building some stash, and (finally) built my first 15mm scale tank. This one is by Zvezda, rather than Gale Force Nine. I've done my best (I'm out of practice) but kept it OOB as it'll be handled in gaming. The buildings are scratch, might post them in the scenery section. Thanks for looking.
  6. Hi guys, I am currently building HobbyBoss Panzer IA. I am going for vehicle number 833 from the 5 Leichte Division. I am trying to figure out the following: Which Panzer IA model was it. 3.Serie La.S, or 4.Serie La.S? And which modifications were present on the vehicle? HobbyBoss instructions suggesting 3.Serie La.S, but I am not so sure about it as some sources on internet suggest it's a late version (although not sure what late version mean exactly). Statistically speaking, the biggest chances are it's 3.Serie La.S with some modifications, like wider glacis hatch, Bosch horn, Notek and Convoy lights, smoke grenade racks, rear armor, etc. but I can't be sure from the references I found. Was it ever painted with RAL 8000? Hoby Boss and other manufacturers are suggesting in their instructions that it was, but the only photo I was able to find, it's painted Dunkelgrau. This is the only photo I was able to find in my references and on the internet: You can see that there is smoke grenades rack and rear armor but other than that, can't figure out any other modifications. Maybe convoy light, if you increase contrast? Does anybody have any other photo and reference material for this vehicle? Thanks, Nenad
  7. Hi guys, I finally finished this build. It's HobbyBoss Panzer I Ausf. A, kit No. 80145, superb kit, with great details and quite well engineered. There were few frustrating bits, like super small photo-etched parts (and when I say super small, I mean SUPER small), quite a lot of cleanup of indy track links, but it's worth the fun. You can find more about this build in the WIP section here. I decided to build DAK version, Vehicle number 833 from the Regiment 5, the one of vehicles that arrived with the first batch of DAK units and that participated in the first actions until it was probably lost sometime around first fights around Tobruk or soon thereafter. There were quite a lot of research involved and this was the most fun part of this build, because information about Pz Is present in NA theater is quite obscure. The biggest dilemmas I had were which version of Pz I was this and how to paint it. I figured out with quite certainty that this was Serie 3 vehicle, but with many modifications. And regarding the paint, the safe bet would be to leave it painted in RAL 7021, but most of the initial vehicles from the Reg. 5 received a very light "mysterious" paint, early in the campaign, so I decided that it would be more fun to go in this direction. There is no definite answer which paint it was (the only fact that is quite certain is that it's not RAL 8000), but there's a big chance that it was Italian paint, so I decided to go with Giallo Sabbia Chiaro. This paint was used at the time and there is a good chance that stocks were present around Tripoli at the time when Reg. 5 arrived. Here's some pictures: And on the white background: And some details: And finally interior, before I sealed it. I must say that this kit provides really nice interior. Cheers and have a great weekend! Nenad
  8. Hi guys, Hope you are all well. I just finished my Panzerkampfwagen IV build. It's a Dragon kit No. 6779, quite a nice kit, except horrible DS tracks that I replaced anyway with Fruils and a few minor accuracy issues. Following my Pz IA build belonging to Panzer Reg 5, I decided to to the same with this one. I decided to go with a tank number 812, one of the first vehicles that arrived in Tripoli in March 1941. This is the initial vehicle, not a replacement one. It is interesting that I was not able to find any records about when this vehicle was lost (it seams that it survived Operation Crusader and stayed operational well into 1942, making it a true veteran). I had to do some changes to the original kit, some were made due to the accuracy issues (for example drive sprocket provided in the kit is Pz IV E one), some to match workshop and upgrade changes made on tank 812. It also seams that 812 was a veteran of French campaign and that there were some refitting happening after that: changed position of Notek light, missing aerial deflector, rearranged tools, etc.. I also scratch built rear stowage, which is specific only for initial batch of Pz IVs belonging to Panzer Reg 5 . I also added some additional details, like tool clamps and some small PE work here and there. I used a few AM items: Fruil's early 36cm tracks, Blackdog's stowage, Bronco's canisters, etc. It's painted with Mr.Color RAL 7021, and than with LifeColor Giallo Sabbia Chiaro. Weathering is a combination of Mig's nature effects and pigments. I used VMS metal tracks blackening fluid for the first time... it seams ok. And some isometric on white background. A little bit of details. Model with filter applied simulating Panchromatic film: And the real one... patchy painwork on the model is a little bit less vidible than original because dust reduced contrast a lot. Same tank before it was re-painted. Thanks for looking and thanks for the feedback. Cheers, Nenad
  9. Hi guys, I started this build few weeks ago, but I was not able to start WIP topic earlier. Anyway, it's HobbyBoss kit with full interior. I hate kits with full interiors, because I don't like to seal them once I spend a lot of time building them (I know, I will always know it's inside, and I'll have photos of it, but still), but I also can't force myself to not finish it The kit is really great. It's fascinating how many stuff they were able to pack in the box so small There is early/late option offered, early is (mostly) 3.Serie La.S, while late is 4.Serie. I'll probably go for 3. Serie with some field modifications implemented and for the DAK 5. Leighte Division markings, probably vehicle 833. I'll do some additional research regarding this vehicle, which version was it, which markings, etc. because I am not very convinced by HobbyBoss instructions. I started separate topic to discuss vehicle identification, paint & markings, etc. You can find it here. Current state of build is: interior almost finished, I am now struggling with soooo small photo-etched and it's quite frustrating. Some interior photos: I did some research regarding interior paints and tried to stick to original photos and material from Panzer Tracts and similar books, not the restored vehicles. But still, there might be some inaccuracies, for example, handles, metal parts of the driver seat may be painted gloss black, not white, but I am not sure. Also, you may notice that I made a mistake and interior of superstructure is not the same color as interior of the lower hull. It's had to mix these off-white tones consistently. Now it is the time to seal everything (at least I will leave most hatches open) Cheers, Nenad
  10. Some weeks ago I have started building the 1/72 Panzer III Ausf. J to be finished in the 1941/42 DAK scheme of RAL8000 Sandgelb and RAL7008 Graugruen. There are several photos known of such vehicles, the camo scheme is properly deciphred from all views so the task seemed easy. Unfortunately the problem appeared with decals. Two best documented tanks are "143" (red in white outline) and "201" (transparent in white outline). The digits should be 3-3.5mm high and three sets of any are needed for the model. In 1/35 the problem is unknown - both 143 and 201 are available easily. But in 1/72 neither of these schemes is offered by any manufacturer of Panzer III kit nor by the decal makers. After long search all over the web I have found similar German outlined digits in a few decal sets, but I still have no idea if will they fit (i.e. what size actually are they). So my question is whether anybody of you can tell me either the digit size or the whole set dimensions of the decal sets listed below: Authentic Decals G72-01 Peddinghaus 0799 Peddinghaus 0802 Peddinghaus 1082 Peddinghaus 1385 Peddinghaus 2887 There's however another way you can help me too. Maybe my query wasn't deep enough and perhaps there are other examples known of the long-barrel Pz.Kpfw.III Ausf.J sporting the 1941/42 DAK scheme as described above (not the lighter 1942/43 scheme od RAL8020 and RAL7027). Maybe the turret number it had could be found easier - even in my drawer 😀 BTW contrary to the 15th Panzer Division 8th Regiment (which used single digit numbers in various colours, depending on platoon and card symbols for companies - or was it the other way round?) the 21st Panzer Division 5th Regiment used three-digit turret numbers with 1st digit (1-8) for the company number, 2nd digit (1-5) for the platoon within the comany and 3rd digit (1-6) for the individual vehicle within the platoon. Thus what does the "201" on the turret of the Pz.III J mentioned above mean? 2nd company, HQ platoon, 1st tank (i.e. the company commander)? Any help will be warmly appreciated Cheers Michael
  11. My first model and diorama made some time last year after over 20 year break. I've made it as a kind of exercise to test the materials and techniques that I wasn't even aware of when assembling kits as a kid (pre/post shading, weathering etc.). Brush painted (haven't had a airbrush yet) with Mr Hobby paints and weathered with pastels. I've done some photoshop work on two first pictures to blend the diorama with the background to look like an old photo. I haven't touched the model or diorama itself.
  12. Hello, everyone. I finished Tamiya's golden oldie - the Sd.FZ.222 Leichter Panzerpahwagen. It's in Afrika Korps paint scheme. I also used Eduard's PE set to make it look better. It was fun. There's an thread on this subject in WIP section. Hope you will like it. Enjoy. Kind regards. Dawid
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