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  1. I'm in the process of building the Airfix Swift. Painted it with acrylic paint, Xtracrylix on top, Model Master on underside. Spent 3 days putting on stickers and last night used Humbrol Acrylic Gloss Varnish to seal them in having given it a good shake. Went back to the man cave this morning and the photos show what it looks like. Stickers eaten away, frosted and Matt varnish coat (tho the underside is barely touched ). The photos don't do justice BTW of the extent of the frosting. It's as tho I've misted it in light grey. Before I put it down to bad luck, write off the hours I've p
  2. Aircraft Perfect Metal – Set 2 (CS 48) Lifecolor via The Airbrush Company We’re always on the look-out for new or better ways to recreate the shine and patina of natural metal, so my modelling ears always prick up when I hear of a new one. Lifecolor of Italy have been producing some good acrylic colours for years, and this new set contains a half dozen shades of metal colours, handily grouped together in a cardboard box to add to your collection. Each one comes in a 22ml plastic bottle with a black cap and sticky label to identify the contents. Inside the box a
  3. Hi there, I'm hoping someone can advise regarding the options available to me for an acrylic, water-based gloss clear coat. I have watched countless YouTube videos of people using various clear gloss coats including Future (I'm UK based so no idea what the equivalent is). Is there a water-based (and cleaned with water) gloss clear coat available? I tried the Humbrol Clear Gloss over Revell Aqua Matt Black as a test. The Black was dry at least 24 hours before I applied the Clear. The result was disappointing - satin at best and patchy dull in others. Definitely not gloss as I wanted
  4. Hi there, I am hoping that I can pick the brains of those of you who have experience airbrushing with Revell Aqua acrylics, as I am having a real battle getting a smooth finish on a Ferrari 458 build. I have a H&S Evolution, and used Humbrol grey spray primer prior to spraying. After reading as much info as possible, I thinned the paint to the 'semi skimmed milk' consistency using de-ionised water. I sprayed in light coats, gradually building up the thickness. However, for some reason, I am getting a rough sand paper-like finish, usually semi-gloss. I have changed
  5. I finished my first tank with a heavy weathering of mainly oil washes. Can I use acrylic matte varnish on top of that?
  6. John

    Black is Black

    Reputedly the meanest, mattest, blackest acrylic black on the market: This is one coat over a papier mache mask from The Works. It's still drying so there's some glossiness to bits of it but there's no denying it's black and it's matt: Manufacturer's website: http://stuartsemple.com/project/black-v1-0-beta-worlds-mattest-flattest-black-art-material/ John
  7. I've reached the stage with my Welsh Models Vickers Valletta to start painting and some areas are dayglo red. Can anyone advise me what acrylics are available for this colour, also is it available in a rattlecan? I have seen cans of Humbrol spray for Flourescent Orange but not Dayglo/Flourescent Red. I am building an aircraft with a livery for the Far East Transport Command. Any help would be gratefully appreciated. Mike
  8. Sherman Tanks Vol.1 WWII Commonwealth (A.MIG.7169) Ammo of Mig Jiménez By now we're all pretty familiar with the AMMO range of paints, and many folks are very happy with how they brush and airbrush, so I won't bore you with any of that malarkey. The sets popping out from the AMMO factory are very useful, as they act as a one-stop shop for your project in hand. This time, if it's a Sherman tank that you're wanting to paint (not to be confused with its namesake, the General), then you might want to read on. Arriving in their now standard cardboard box w
  9. Eugene

    Grainy acrylics?

    Hi folks, I've only just come back to scale modelling after a 25 year gap, so taking it slowly! I've started out with a 1:72 Spitfire and I'm finding that my paint in some areas/colours is really grainy - I'm using Humbrol Acrylics and brushes (I never graduated to an airbrush!) Is this 'grainy texture' due to not mixing the paint enough, not thinning enough, or just duff paint? Any ideas or tips greatly appreciated!
  10. Hey, After laying my hands on a 1/350 water line model I started wondering what products there could be for seascape modelling? A short google and youtube search brought up MIG, AK and Vallejo products but barely any comparison. Other than the price, is any of these better/worse than the others? Also, if you might care to share your approach to modelling waves and water that would be very useful to a beginner like me, for sure. Many thanks! Cristian
  11. How well does Vallejo Model Air brush paint? I have it in my head that it is formulated for airbrushing but does that mean it is sort of pre-thinned and does that give it a consistency anything like their regular acrylic with a dollop of flow improver added?
  12. I'm not sure if anyone will be interested in this but… A couple of years ago I noticed that colours/shades on the Tamiya lids and paint charts didn't match the actual paint. So I used strips of plastic card to spray each colour to get an accurate swatch. It was a long BORING job, but it was well worth, it as I refer to it on almost every build I do. Out of interest, yesterday I superimposed the colour shown on a Tamiya paint chart, with a scan of my colour swatch. Admittedly, my monitor is not colour calibrated, but the differences shown, match my experiences of matchin
  13. Is it possible to use White Spirit to remove around 2 thin coats of acrylic paint on a model? Will it damage or eat through the plastic? If it's not safe, please suggest other alternatives other than Fairy Spray, as I've already tried that without any luck because of the new bottles.
  14. Humbrol Acrylic Paint Humbrol Humbrol is a brand name synonymous with scale modelling. With a long and rich history in the hobby, there won’t be many British modellers who have never prised open a tin of their enamel paint, squeezed a tube of their polystyrene cement or dipped one of their paint brushes in a tin of their thinners. Their history is intertwined with that of another iconic brand too – Airfix. Humbrol have had a range of acrylic paints available alongside their long-standing enamel paint range for some time. Now that they have moved most of their manufacturing
  15. Hello . In the midst of waiting for some thinners to arrive to continue my Y-Wing build, my thoughts wandered to an unfinished 1/35 Dragon M1A2 SEP I'd put in the garage. I still have all the parts for it (though it would probably take me a while to discover exactly what I put together and haven't) and I figured this might be a good opportunity to use some of my greater knowledge to fix it up and finish it. Part of that process is to repaint it with sprays, masking it off for the camo scheme. Currently, the main parts are done in tri-colour NATO, which I hand-painted from the jars. I'd like
  16. Hello I am new here. I am more of an 'inventor' than a model-maker. I am looking for the best materials with which to do quick prototypes in order to test the functional qualities of various designs of new/inventive products. I recently watched this video: "Tutorial: The Basics of Working With Styrene" by CustomsByZ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p3gabIJ3Ono And I was rather inspired by it - I had forgotten how quick it is to knock up designs in styrene! However, given that I am more interested in mechanical function than in appearance (e.g. the ability to take paint), is there a be
  17. Hi, I've asked for an airbrush for my birthday, a Badger one of some description (I'm sure I can find it if it matters. I'm planning on using it for some Airfix tank models and a Spitfire. I do have some previous experience with models,although I've only done about 8 before. I was just wondering how much I should thin my paints for use in the airbrush. I'm planning on using Humbrol acrylic paints (they do say that they can be thinned for airbrushing, but they don't say how much I should thin it). Also, would water be sufficient for thinning? If so, any advice on what amount of paint to water
  18. Hello everybody, did anyone succeed in airbrushing Humbrol acrylics? I found this paint cannot be thinned with ethanol, my favorite airbrush-thinner. It rather turns into a sludge or does not disolve in the ethanol. Water, on the other hand, works very well with Humbrol acrylics. Citadel seems to be similar in this aspect. But I never succeeded in airbrushing anything thinned with water, as the paint immediately forms beads or tiny puddles on the model's surface. I have more or less the same problem with water, water with detergent, window cleaner (a German variety, I can't get Windex here
  19. We have now got in the Four New Vallejo Game Air Colours. Vallejo 72769 - Flesh Vallejo 72770 - Burned Flesh Vallejo 72771 - Barbarian Flesh Vallejo 72772 - Red Terracotta The colours in the range have been selected in collaboration with modellers specialized in fantasy figures and dioramas, and the existing colours in the Game Air range have been taken into particular consideration. The names and shades of the most popular colours of Game Colour have been maintained in Game Air, using the formulation and resins employed for Model A
  20. Just a quick note to say we've restocked and expanded on the range of Hataka and Ammo of Mig paint sets. We now stock not just the Aircraft related sets but also the Armour related sets too. http://www.mjwmodels.co.uk/hataka-hobby-293-c.asp http://www.mjwmodels.co.uk/ammo-of-mig-291-c.asp thanks Mike
  21. Hi fellow modellers. I have just used Future as a gloss coat for the first time. I normally use Enamel or Lacquer glosscoats that I would weather easily with acrylic/water based washes and chalk/pastel water sludges My question now is this...... With Future being acrylic .........what are my choices now for weathering????? Can I still use watered down acrylics or will that soften/remove the Future coat? Should I now used thinned enamels or oils for washes and panel lines. But what do I thin them with and clean them up with?? What about the pre-made stuff like Flory or Tamiya washes? Ar
  22. This is my first post here on brimodeller and im fairly new to modelling (just finished a airfix starter) and im getting a 1/48 model soon but im wondering what paint brand to use for acrylic but i dont have an airbrush and will not be getting one soon so what brand is good for brush painting acrylics oh and if you dont mind answering are humbrol brushes good
  23. Some time ago I settled on Vallejo and find I'm fairly competent at airbrushing both Air and Model colour through my Iwatas; I prefer Air, but if I thin the Model Color with plain water and a drop or two of artists flow enhancer, it goes on OK. For the first time, I just tried some Vallejo fluorescent stuff, and couldn't make it work. Even adding more water and half a dozen drops of flow enhancer failed to prevent it from clogging up very quickly. And what gets onto the model is very thin, watery, feeble stuff. Is there a special technique? I wanted to use an Airfix aerosol fluo colour but b
  24. Luftwaffe Colours 2 AK Interactive Paints can be a very personal item to the modeller who can and will stick with one particular manufacturer or at the very least a specific type. The choice of paint in the current market is huge. Well, now there is another set of acrylic paints to choose from, released by AK Interactive, who are probably better known for their weathering products and are also increasing their line of paint. The set comes in an end opening box, with the 17ml plastic bottles contained in a plastic tray inside. This set has been designed for German aircraft, and cont
  25. I purchased a set of testors acrylic paints a while back. I have used one of the paints - Metallic Silver with code number of 1921575 on my klatest build. I am just about to run out, and can't seem to find this paint as an individual pot. I can only find it in the set, which of course, is about $14, and I haven't touched most of the other colors in the set, so I am going to end up with duplicate colors that will never get used. Does anyone know if Testors offer this particular silver in any other format?
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