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Found 17 results

  1. Good evening all, As I introduce this build I type with a heavy heart as I mark the tenth anniversary of the death of my great friend and comrade in plastic, Peter Wright who died suddenly whist skiing of a heart attack at the age of only 52. I first met Pete in 1987 and we instantly hit it off, he was one of those people who only knew how to work hard and play hard. Over many years we spent a great deal of time together, traveling to shows, setting up the stand and often drinking far too much to over come the day's demands!! One of my lasting memories was of him asleep actually in the counter units after a very heavy Saturday night/ Sunday morning at the Nationals in Donnington in 1994 , we had great fun with the gang. Pete had a passion for everything he did and was meticulous and always industrious. For those of you that ever dealt with Aeroclub It was Pete who was the driving force behind taking, making and dispatching orders he cast virtually all of the white metal and his knowledge was encyclopaedic of the range , which ran to hundreds of items in white metal alone. He was an accomplished railway modeller and engineer producing and building fantastic white metal locomotives but in the aviation world it was US navy jets that were his love. At model shows he would disappear off to buy the latest release, only to return clutching a crop of USN Jets, A4's,A7, F8's and F14's but it was Phantoms that always won the day. I think at Telford one year over three days he acquired 10, mostly ESCI , to build in the bright colours of the F4's heyday and build them he did. So I am going to attempt to honour and remember my good friend with this build not in Pete's scale but I hope fitting to him. Rest easy - still missed...….
  2. I have several more Spitfires due to be built, or on order..... Not sure if this 'what if' one can be considered part of the recent unofficial Spit XIV group build. Hopefully it can be accepted in. I'm starting a build of my current favourite Spit XIV kit (not the most accurate I know) in my favourite Spit colour (a PRU blue shade). I'm going to leave on cannons and not add any cameras This is a 'what if' build What if the RAF had a couple of Spitfires dressed up as PRU aircraft to fool the Enemy into engaging in combat? This ruse would make the opposition more wary of engaging the normal PRU aircraft if they started taking losses falling for the ruse. It might work? I'm hoping to capture a flavour of the following look Hopefully, I'll get a pleasing result. It'll be nice to have your company and any suggestions for this particular journey
  3. Ahh, the Academy Mk.XIV kit, such a shame... Well moulded, fine surface detail, good fit; it almost has it all. But, unfortunately, the shape absolutely sucks. There's plenty of detailed commentary on Britmodeller and elsewhere on the how, why and where it falls down; in one thread I read a comment by @Troy Smith, and I quote, "the only accurate bit is the tail." Here's his comprehensive description of all that's wrong, and how to fix it. Troy's piece is comprehensive, inspirational and confidence building, and generated in me an unstoppable enthusiasm to attempt the fix(es) myself. Which lasted for about 30 seconds; unfortunately, that kind of surgery just isn't in my range of interest, much less my ability. So, why build it? I came by the kit when some months ago I saw a stash-clearing post on FB Marketplace and snapped up several of the offerings (incidentally, the Swordfish just completed was also part of that haul) which included an Academy 1/48 Spitfire FR Mk.XVIe. It also included KMC's resin correction set which purports to address the rudder, radiators, spinner, prop blades, exhausts and entire nose, as well as the shortcomings in the cockpit. How well the kit's failings in these areas are addressed by the KMC set I know not. However, they can't make it worse(?), and besides there's very little choice in 48th scale Mk.XIV's as the Airfix offering is apparently almost as flawed as the Academy. Further reason to build this one is nostalgic. I built a high-back version of this kit way back in the late 1990's when I [re]took up modelling to pass the time while recovering from a badly broken arm sustained in a touch football game. A small ironic aside; in a 10 year American Football career which included play at the highest level in UK and Canada I did not sustain an injury worse than bruised ribs, a torn ligament or mild concussion. I broke my arm however playing *touch* football in a city league. Anyway, back to my first go at this kit, I really enjoyed it and its relative quality absolutely blew me away as I was comparing it to my childhood memories of Airfix kits in a bag. So, this one has some sentimental attraction, probably why I bought it, actually. There's few things so anticipatory as a clean and clear bench with a new model sitting on it, ready to go. Nothing but potential, nothing yet screwed up. Despite what you see there, I haven't decided on what scheme my "Sweet Fourteen" will be - or even if it will be one of the options on either the Exito decal set or the Montex mask set. I'll decide nearer the time; I'm currently torn between a RCAF Germany occupation scheme on the Exito set and a Vietnam Jan 1946 RAF airframe. The latter is a fascinating story with all kinds on historical downstream consequences and has some interesting paint and weathering opportunities... I haven't begun anything my Spit yet so in lieu of some paint splashing or glue spilling pics, this is what is in the KMC Set. I had a few names in mind for this WIP which played on the inaccuracy of the kit parts but in the end it's a small plastic model which will be fun to build and will at least have a passing resemblance to an FR Mk.XIVe when finished. If I'm lucky, it will even look like a specific one, too. Cheers.
  4. I present to you the Academy MiG-21bis (MF in Academy`s own words) in 1/48, which I finished about 7 years ago, for the purpose of recovering after the Academy's MiG-29 in 1/48 (absolute agony of kit). I have nothing new to say about the model itself... Very good model, with a great fit and decent level of details, but declassified by Eduard's 21s. The color is HU127 and the decals from Lift here. I mixed the colors of the wheels but the green turned out to be much darker in the pictures than in nature. Fast paint job with weathering done only by the preshading technique. The plane itself is the one before the overhaul, which took part in some maneuvers in Yugoslavia (Šumadija, beginning 80 ... for example, sorry if I made a mistake) and my colleague AGO2 (from Maketarskikutak forum) gave me immense help because I had absolutely no idea about the plane itself. I presented it as if they had (and probably did) shooting tasks and therefore are 2 UB-16 launchers.
  5. Hi all, When I was eight, my Dad came home from work with an Airfix Kittyhawk in a blister pack, which we built together that evening. It was bare plastic, decals stuck on any old how, but it was fun. It started me on the model making hobby, and ten years later I built the same kit, but this time painted to the best of my ability at the time just to see how much I'd improved. I still have both of those builds, and the second one is nowhere near as good as I thought it was at the time! 34 years later I decided to try again, in 1/48th scale this time, and here's the result. I did make one absolute howler during construction, which was only discovered when it was too late to do anything about it...I'll keep quiet about it unless anybody spots it. Azure Blue and Mid Stone paints were mixed from Tamiya acrylics, and weathering was achieved with a mixture of washes, pastels, post shading and actual chipping. The roundels and markings were toned down by masking around them and fading them with heavily thinned Deck Tan. It's quite heavily weathered in real life, but it doesn't show up too well in photos. So, here's Neville Duke's Kittyhawk sitting in the African sun after seeing quite a bit of action: Evolution...aged eight, eighteen and fifty two: Hope you like it, Dean
  6. Another one with kitchen aluminum foil: Thank you for watching.
  7. I've had the Academy F-111C sitting in the stash for ages because I always thought I should have one and it came up at a price I couldn't refuse. Now seemed like the perfect excuse to build it. It's a monster of a kit, everything is huge; the box The contents. I might have to build an extension to house it when it's done And finally (for now) the instructions and decal sheet. I had planned on doing the 25 Anniversary scheme, but the 6 Squadron scheme with the red rudder/white Roo calls out to me. Boar's head unit badges are a special interest, given they're my clan crest. Then I saw this: 6 Sqn Anniversary Novascale do the decals for it and I need to build it. It's a G not a C though so it'll not be happening for this GB. Andy
  8. Hi Everyone, Hope you don`t mind if I share some photo`s of my latest effort: My attempt at Academy`s/Hobbycrafts 1/48th scale Peashooter Which I`ve completed as an aircraft of USAAC, 34th PS/17th PG and representing one as it may have looked in..... the temporary, experimental camouflage scheme worn during War Games that took place during the late 1930s Built OOB with just seat belts and rigging added.... Rigging is done with Copper wire from a flex and the aerial wire is invisible mending thread Hope you enjoy, thanks for looking Cheers Russ
  9. A little late to the party on this one but better late than never. Going to create a `crash landing` dio for this build with a tad bit of battle damage. Kit and plenty of reference pictures. Progress so far....... ..... and a rough idea of the base I`ll be using although I may make a new one depending on time.
  10. Ok well I finally get to start this build, as members are already finishing!! Well as I have mentioned I’m and going through a bit of a phase at the moment (nothing unusual there!) of RAAF WW II aircraft, preferably the more obscure the better. Well strange as it seems the RAAF only operated 3 P-38 Lightning during the war (operated by 1PRU) and were loaned a few more by the USAAF. There is a bit of conjecture over whether the original 3 were F-4s or started as P-38E’s and were modified either in the US or here in Australia. They operated from Mid 42 to late 44, all were eventual written off with one incident resulting in the lost of the pilot. I will be building the last of the 3, A55-3, she started off life as a P-38E with the serial number 41-2144 (there was even for a while some conjecture as to if this serial number was correct.), she was converted to F-4-1-LO either here in Australia or in the US. She served with 1PRU from 27Feb42 till she crashed due to undercarriage failure on the 10Dec43, the wreckage is now in the Darwin Aviation Museum. I had forgotten what I had bought for this build other then the Red Roo conversion kit to turn her into a F-4, but it seems I may have gotten a bit carried away! Ok the base will be Academy’s 1/48 P-38F (Glacier Girl), it was recommended for the basis of the conversion. Then….some masks, Quickboost’s Air Intakes and Superchargers, they look so much better than the kit ones. Aires resin interior along with Eduard PE set, it’s for the Hasegawa version, but I’m bound to find a use for it. Hopefully it will be a quick build, I was very relieved to find out the RAAF aircraft didn’t have the “Haze” colour scheme used by the USAAF as that would have been a pain to get right! First up tomorrow will be lots of washing and resin cutting…maybe even some painting! Have been waiting for this build for soooo long, am really looking forward to this one!
  11. Hi everyone, Stuck between builds again, so I hope you dont mind me showing you some older builds; my P-47 Thunderbolt collection - so far.... Firstly Hasegawas Razorback Done as the 2nd option; Miss Mary Lou of the 19th FS, 318th FG, Saipan Second is Academys P-47N With aftermarket decals to display; Lonesome Polecat Of the same group ( i believe ) and thirdly Monograms P-47D Bubbletop, Passionate Patsy Which you`ve already seen Hope you enjoy, Thanks for looking Cheers Russ
  12. Hi Everyone, just took advantage of the sun and dusted off a build from a little while back, Academys 1/48 scale Seversky P-35A Completed as an aircraft of the 17th Pursuit Squadron and flown by the Commanding Officer Lt Boyd Wagner, at Nichol Field, Philippines, 1941 Built 99% OOB with just some seat belts and a few bits of wire here and there Painted in Humbrol Enamels as usual Hope you enjoy, Thanks for looking, Russ
  13. F-4B Phantom Bu 153019 VF-111 `Sundowners` USS Coral Sea Late March 1972
  14. Interesting times to build this kit. With another upheaval in Middle East and this kit lying in my stash for some time, I thought this is the best time to build it. Its an Academy 1/48 MiG-21 with the following aftermarket sets - Afterburner decals 48-084 Fabulous Fishbeds - Aires 4049, cockpit detail set - Quickboost air scoops 48-021 - Begemot 1/48 MiG-21 stencils 48-003 If you want Academy kit to be a great projects, Aires cockpit and Begemot decals are a must. The weapons except rocket pods, come from sprues donated by a friend modeler at another forum. All Academy weapons are wrong.
  15. I m currently building Academy MiG-21MF in 1/48. I have put in superb Aires cockpit but I cant find stencils/decals for the interior of the canopy. Does anyone know where can I source them from?
  16. Far from the quaility of a Tamiya, Hobby Boss o Trumpeter but not that shabby. The only issue where off course, the decals, i ended up using a mix of leftovers from previous jobs. One of the most beautiful planes ever made on my humble opinion, sleek, elegant, well proportionated. Even sitting on the ground looks fast, and the 5 blade propeller gives her a powerfull stance. Enough speech , time to unveil my last job, (sounded slighly pompous, lol )
  17. Hi all, Academy's 1/48 scale spitfire built straight from the box with the addition of adding some ground crew. Brian.
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