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Found 13 results

  1. Hello all, Well, this is my second post, it’s Bandai’s 1/48 AT-ST (manufactured by Kuat Drive Yards) aka Chicken Walker, I finished this one today after about 2 months of work, the whole thing was painted with Tamiya’s XF-19 (sky grey) and then weathered with Abteilung 502 oils and some pigments, the base was painted with lifecolor’s german tank brown and then I added shrub tufts from Green Stuff. I’m 14 years old and I’m still learning a lot, so any comments welcome. Hope you enjoy it!
  2. Hi to all. I just finished this beautiful kit, it is a snap kit, no glue si required. I painted with Tamiya acrylics, XF-2 and XF-53 in a 3:1 ratio with a drops of blue. I wanted to leave the upper hatch opened with a crew member looking out, so I modified a figure to change the posture from sitting to standing. This are the pictures, I hope you like it. Regards, Pablo
  3. Hello everyone well i finished the walker, my very first sci-fi build. Wont be my last one i can tell you that much. I built Bandai’s great little 1/48 AT-ST as a Rebellion captured walker. Its in a temperate camouflage for a moon/planet similar to Endor. I figured instead of a generic scout, it was modified as a Long Range Recon platform with extra sensors and commo antennas. I added a U.V. Searchlight under the chin guns & an anti-personnel Mg on the ring near the hatch. And grenade dischargers on the temples of the walker. There is a stowage rack on the rear of the head and a 3rd crew member - commander’s seat in the cockpit. I hope it meets everyone’s expectations ? Feel free to ask questions, leave comments, or jokes if you please. Dennis
  4. AT-ST Walker Bandai 1/48 I've just received this in the post, fresh from Japan and although I've got other things on the go I wanted to get stuck in as soon as I'd opened the box and seen the contents. I have to admit when I first heard that the SW licence had switched to Bandai from Finemolds I was expecting a load of pre-painted toy-like models in the Revell mould (no pun intended) but having seen some of the builds others have done of the earlier releases, I think these are probably the best SW models yet produced. They also seem to be great value. This was around £10 + postage from HLJ. As I mentioned above, I've got other builds in progress so work on this one may be a little drawn out but to begin with I thought I'd upload some sprue shots to show what Bandai have managed with this release It all comes in a smallish box (12" x 7") and it's pretty packed with sprue's, 6 in total including one with what seems to be Bandai's trademark with these SW kits, multi-colour moulding The main cockpit is a nice one-piece slide moulding And there's some very fine detail for the interior walls and control panel The seats are moulded integrally with the cockpit floor and have a location block for the drivers which will need removing if you don't use the figures Back wall of the main 'head' Waist pivot section The base is a little basic but with some texture added should look OK The transparent red 'laser blasts' for the main guns You get three figures in the box, two identical pilots and this rather nice Chewie Though I've no idea what happened with the two pilots! The weird thing is, the moulding on them is actually very good, particularly the undercut on the helmet, so why they shaped them in such a bizarre way, only Bandai know. Maybe I'm just reading things into it that aren't there but it almost looks as if they were going for some kind of anime look to the figures. In any case I don't think I'll be using them. The decal sheets, waterslide and stickers And the instruction book which, in keeping with the fine traditions of Finemolds, is all in Japanese So, there you have it. I'll try to get some work started on it in the next day or two and I'll get some shots up when work commences Andy
  5. I've already completed this, so it won't necessarily be a step-by-step build (I'm hopeless for doing them since I get ahead of myself before trying to take a pic :P), but I put up some WIP shots Thanks for looking Gaz
  6. Well, after watching Andy's build with great interest, my kit finally made it to the bottom of the world! (Adelaide, South Australia). What I wasn't prepared for however was just how good a kit this one really is! I must say, hats off to the engineering department at Bandai for I have never built a model quite like this one, and I've been modelling for 41 years. The quality of plastic is first rate. Not too soft, not too hard. Very easy to work with. The parts breakdown is VERY cleaver and fits together without glue very well. I'm one of those fussy modellers that has to have everything perfect (which is probably why I finish so few models) So I was very surprised at just how quickly I was getting the parts off the sprues, cleaned up and ready. Here's where I was at after an hour and a half. All parts were lightly glued with Tamiya extra thin cement. Building this kit is so hassle free that I keep thinking I'm doing something wrong! About three hours into the build I'd gotten the head all off the sprues, cleaned up and dry fitted/pushed together. Next it was time to pull the head apart and tackle those seats. First, remove the locating slots for the pilots...... Then clean up the area.............. And make some seat cushions from plastic card. Job done in about 15 minutes. The only issue I've come across so far is a very slight gap at the front of the head. So here is where I'm at three and a half hours into the build. I'm very impressed with how things are going. For anybody who is suffering from, or has suffered from AMS (advanced modellers syndrome) this is the model for you! Next it is time to prime and paint the cockpit and mid section and try and decide on a camouflage scheme for it. At the moment I have 20 different schemes drawn up with more on the way! http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234978670-star-wars-at-st-camouflage-schemes/ Cheers Richard.
  7. Two Quick question’s Im new to Sci-Fi building. Im curious if anyone makes stormtroopers and Rebels infantry to accompany the AT-ST Walkers ? Im thinking of buying a walker but would like to have infantry escorts. The 2nd question - Does anyone make the Imperial tank used in “Rogue one” that was used in the ambush scene in Jedha city ?
  8. Ahoy all, Taking a bit of inspiration from Gekko_1's thread on AT-ST and AT-AT camouflage... ...I decided to apply a camouflage to my own AT-ST. Since I love green camo, I wanted to try out a jungle-style pattern and my first real attempt at masking a hard edged camouflage. I ran into a few pitfalls whereby the intended curves ended up being more like angled splinters, and with the colour choices, made it look decidedly Swedish But I touched it up a bit and I'm happy with the outcome, even if some of my Maskol remains because it wouldn't come off at the time, and came off more in the final weathering stages >< Still have to finish up the base with a bit of turf and vegetation and maybe add some mud spatters to the feet. Enjoy Just wish my camera could pick out more of the detailing. Gaz
  9. While watching Rogue One I was looking at all the shiny vehicles that could be modelled (I'm sure I am not alone with this thought). When the AT-ST appeared all I could think of was the thread in the Sci-Fi discussion section called "Star Wars AT-ST camouflage schemes" by Gekko_1. I don't know a whole lot about camouflage schemes in the real world but I wanted to do one in an urban setting so I hit google hard. While I was researching I started the model build. There are dozens of WIP for Bandai AT-ST's written by much more accomplished modellers so I won't bore you with the build. Before finishing the actual build I decided that I wanted to paint the cockpit, I know its not going to be seen again but I still wanted to do it and I need as much experience as possible.
  10. I've I already started on the walker and have nearly finished it. I've only built the legs and the hull so far but am painting the cockpit at the moment. Never posted my models being built on here before, neither anywhere else so I hope this goes well.
  11. My first modelkit since a long time! Here are photos of my interpretation of the AT-ST. Comments and critics are welcome!
  12. You know how clumsy the imperial soldiers are. Their shooting ability should be a good indicator. So their camouflage ability should not be any different. Tired of that long lasting resistance in dirty, rainy forests of Endor, this AT-ST driver looks when his shift will end. Well, this is the story I made later. After seeing 2-3 AT-ST shared in BM (excellent one by Andy, the camo one), I said, I'd never come close to such works with my skills. So I wanted to make something different. And assembling a Bandai SW kit is not very satisfactory (actually it is but it is very easy, me feeling like assembling a Kinder Surprise kit). So to make things harder, I just decided to paint that black box at hipbone. And others part fallowed. Than I said why not to try few weathering. And I overdid it. I wish I knew where to stop Anyway, I continued with some leaves from J's work which I used for the first time and I'm pretty happy with them. As you know Bandai plastic tends to crack with some paints etc. and it cracked in few spots after the washes, which became battle scars I liked the colors I used in legs etc. I hate the wash in some points. And as a last touch of creativity(!?) after hair spray, I used carob powder (something I bought for cooking desserts, one of my other hobbies). It made the job and you know what, it smells good too So here are some pictures:
  13. Imperial AT-ST Walker Bandai 1/48 So, here it is. The finished Chicken Walker, stress cracks and all. Thanks to all who followed the wip and for those who didn't it can be found here http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234978365-at-st-bandai-148/ This isn't meant to represent Tempest Scout 2, the AT-ST that Chewie commandeered (with the help of Widdle and Wunka) but the big furball gatecrashed the photo shoot Enjoy the shots Thanks for looking Andy
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