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Found 13 results

  1. I'm nearing the end of my Kitty Hawk Su-35 build (which has been an enjoyable, simple build after my Su-30MKI) and already preparing to begin the excellent looking GWH Su-35 in the three tone blue-grey scheme. Although I'm more than confident that AKAN colors (with a little tinkering) will do the job on the three color blue-grey camouflage scheme I thought for fun I'd get some of the new dedicated Su-35 sets that I'm not too familiar with, namely the MRP Su-35 and the AMMO by MIG Jimenez Su-35 and see how they looked. These are simply brushed on to watercolor paper, merely to see the color hues so I'm not worried about the tone as all that will change through the airbrush and any necessary lightening. I'm very happy with the MRP colors and hear great things about how they spray. The light blue is suitably cool, the grey and darker blue-grey also look accurate and most importantly they all look good together. I've used AKAN colors for the modernized Su-27SM as they are what I had planned to use and from earlier use know will look good and won't be so dark when sprayed. The AMMO colors all seem way off to me. I'll see how the MRP colors look when airbrushed but they seem the best so far and I've never sprayed this kind of paint before. I look forward to a strong surface that the acrylic AKAN has never really managed. Has anyone airbrushed any of these colors yet?
  2. Here's my Su-30MKI based on the Academy kit. I used Sol, A.M.U.R Reaver, Neomega, Fairy Hobby, Eduard, Begemot, Aires, AKAN paints, Metallic Details and various other Flanker bits. It was quite a fight to get it all together but I'm glad I finally managed, it's a Flanker I always wanted on the shelf. The AKAN paints for this particular Su-30MKI Bort 01 and the second prototype 06 were excellent and Begemot had both the demonstrator's decals, I think there's something to be said for companies that produce such niche items for kits that don't really exist without some aftermarket and elbow grease. I think I'll reward myself with a well deserved relaxing build of one of the latest 1/48 Flanker family that arrived last week. Thanks for looking.
  3. Discounts & Special Deals valid until 31-March-19: HATAKA Paints: 3ASY2MCVAEFB • 60% off 16 collections • Minimum purchase of €5,00 • Active until Mar 31, 2019 AKAN Enamel: 5FYBQ3JV4W37 • 40% off 12 collections • Minimum purchase of €5,00 • Active until Mar 31, 2019 RP Toolz: 5RBWJ6HWRBRN • 20% off 37 products • Minimum purchase of €10,00 • Active from today until Mar 31, 2019
  4. Out of the box with the exception of the seat. Nicely detailed kit, great cockpit although the coaming around the instrument panel needs thinning. I used Akan's MiG-29SMT paint set but had to remix some colors as there are several schemes. There were 2 kinds of splinter camouflage, grayish and greenish versions. I went with the green version it took a lot of reference photos to get it right.
  5. I won't make a big introduction this time, as this deadline will kill me. But I was thinking should I jump in or not? And here I am... I made one back in 2000 or something, as bort "43". Maybe I could dig a picture of it. Still not sure about bort number and weapons, but one thing is for sure: I HATE THIS NEW GREY CAMO !!! Basic Italeri mold + few scratches planned + Eduard PE + Pavla cockpit + AKAN paints I'm missing joysticks from Pavla - never got them Pictures are talking for themselves...
  6. Acrylic Paints AKAN British RAF Colours Hailing from Russia, these paints were until fairly recently difficult to get hold of here in Western Europe, as well (I suspect) as across the pond in the USA. The word is getting around about them however, partly because of the range of well-respected Russian and Soviet colours, and companies are starting to stock them as demand increases. Our friends at Hobby Paint'N'Things are the first to offer us some samples of their acrylic range, and as they are within the European Union over in Finland, there's no nuisance value of wondering whether you're going to get stung for customs fees, and of course the dreaded grab from Parcel Force for paying your duty up front. RAF WWII Dayfighter Boxed Set So… what's the fuss? Apart from having a wide range of colours in their range, they also have sets that are available to provide a one-stop selection of six pots for certain countries or even certain aircraft. The paints are supplied in 15ml plastic pots with a reduced diameter neck and a white cap that is tethered to the bottle by a one-time snap-off ring for storage and shipping. The labels are bilingual Russian and English, with one on each side, and give the paint name and number, plus any relevant BS, RAL or FS numbers to assist in resolving any conversion issues you might have. Inside is the paint (really???), and it is pleasantly fluid without being watery, pouring well from the small neck that reduces the chances of drips when decanting the painting into mixing pots or your airbrush. I have been fooling round with some of their colours for a couple of weeks now, and am enjoying using them. I'm thinning them with Ultimate Thinners and cleaning up with Ultimate Airbrush Cleaner, which do both jobs admirably, but AKAN have their own thinners in 15ml and 75ml bottles if you're a purist. The paints spray admirably well through the 0.25mm needle of both my Infinities, one of which has a little wiggle in its tip, which usually ends up accumulating dried paint. Using the Ultimate thinners you get good flow, but very slight paint build-up on the tip when the needle is only partially open, but that is easily cleared away using a cotton bud. At full throttle the paint doesn't stop at all, and coverage appears to be good. Using the airbrush to apply tonal variance and post-shading is easy enough as far as my talent extends, but have a cotton bud handy in case you start to get build-up on the tip. The proportion of thinner-to-paint seems to be less than important, which lends itself well to my "that looks about right" method of thinning almost all my paints. Obtaining the thickness of semi-skimmed milk is as good a method of judging it as any, I find. Russian & General Colours I have also used the paint to do some detail painting with paint brushes, and I'm pleased to report that it both covers well, and doesn't gum up quickly like some brands that seem more heavily laced with latex medium. Even their white can cover red almost completely in one coat, and totally after two applications with a suitable delay between layers. I've not used it for larger areas, but I suspect it will be pretty good. I've also spotted some matte, satin and gloss varnishes in their range, which I'll be trying out just as soon as I can get some. Modern Russian Air Force Each 15ml bottle is priced at €2, with the large 75ml thinners and varnishes coming in at €7.50, which is about right, and probably a bit cheaper than the equivalents that are available domestically here in the UK. If you choose the cheaper shipping option, they remain pretty competitive, and arrive within a few days of ordering, courtesy of the ever-cheerful Ville, who runs HPNS from Finland. His English is also excellent, so you'll have no problem talking with him in the event you want something out of the ordinary, or have a query. On the subject of shipping, Ville hasn't had any problem with deliveries to the UK, despite all the kerfuffle over the new and ridiculous rules about acrylic paints. Conclusion As well as a good range of Russian, British, German and American colours, there are also a good number of sets that can make stocking up an easier task. It's good to see that the AFV modeller is being catered for too, and there are even a few civil aircraft colours in the range. If you're into your Soviet, Russian and other former Eastern Bloc countries, you will be spoilt for choice, as here the range excels, as you would expect. As well as covering individual aircraft, eras are also covered, because colours used by any country change over the years, so again you have even more choice. The best suggestion is to take a look around Ville's well laid out website, and you'll see what's on offer. I'm very pleased with the sets I have, and will doubtless be picking up more as I go along. I have the full British set to dabble with next, and will be using these to paint the Vulcan I've just started. Very highly recommended, both the paints, and the gentleman that sells them. Review sample courtesy of Ville at
  7. Ville at Hobby Paint'n'Stuff provides a friendly and efficient service. Having pondered for a while I decided to order myself a few AKAN RAF colours to try out. Paid for the order last Sunday and they arrived well packaged from Finland on Wednesday. How is that for service!!! Have not tried out the paints yet but they are good colour matches. Thanks Ville...you will be getting my business again. Kind regards Rob
  8. Hello! Here they are, paints for Finnish Defence Forces. Since 1981 virtually every ground vehicle has been painted with these colours and now for the first time they are available for scale modellers! These are water-based acrylics, enamel and lacquer versions will be available in the future: AN11 Tumman vihreä (Dark Green) AKAN 77088 AN22 Vaalean vihreä (Light Green) AKAN 77089 AN33 Ruskea (Brown) AKAN 77090 AN44 Musta (Black) AKAN 77091 3-colour camouflage scheme with AN11, AN22 and AN44 is the most common scheme (see 2nd & 3rd picture below), but on some vehicles all four colours are used (as in 4th pic). Some pictures were taken from: http://www.puolustusvoimat.fi/
  9. AKAN Maritime Colours AKAN I’ve been trying these paints out now for the last couple of months so thought it was about time I wrote up the review. I won’t reiterate what Mike has already said about AKAN paints HERE but will try to convey how I got on with them. Ville at HPnS kindly sent out their entire maritime range for me to try out, but since I was building a modern Russian ship at the time I have only used the required colours, but I’m sure the experience I had would have been the same no matter which colour I used. My normal media is enamel so this was going to be pretty much a new experience for me as I had only ever used acrylics on one other model, and that was an AFV. On my first attempt at using the AKAN paints I found them to be rather cloggy and spattered rather than sprayed when using 0.2mm needle in an Iwata airbrush. Once cleaned up and a 0.4mm needle fitted I decided not to be so scientific with the amount of Ultimate Thinners I used and went more by eye, having read Mike’s review, to create the consistency of skimmed milk, as he put it. This worked much better and I was able to get a consistent fine layer of paint over the model. With this success, I refitted the 0.2mm needle and tried a finer spray. With the paint really thinned out I didn’t get any clogging or splattering, yet the coverage was still good, so it goes to show than when it comes to using thinners with AKAN paints, more is more. It was just a shame that the kit defeated me for the time being, but when I get it out again I will add some pictures of the paintwork here. Detail painting using a brush proved to be a delight. The paint going on well and drying to the same tone as the sprayed paint, which I’ve found is not always the case when using enamels. The colours currently in their range include:- Russian/USSR Navy 73107 Grey No.34 73108 Grey No.29 73109 Grey No.32 73110 Grey No.31 73111 Grey No.30 73112 Grey No. 23 73113 Grey No.35 73114 Green 73115 Brown 73116 Red 73117 Coal Varnish German WWII 71095 RAL 3011 Braurot 71096 RAL 7015 Schiefergrau 71097 RAL 7038 Achatgrau 71098 RAL 7035 Lichtgrau 71099 RAL 8012 Rotbraun 71100 Dunklegrau 51 71101 Hellgrau 50 71102 Dunklegrau 71103 Schifflobenfarbe British WWII 70048 APC507A Dark Grey 70049 APC50B Grey 70050 APC507C Light Grey 70051 B15 Grey Blue 70052 G45 Grey 70053 RN White US WWII 72066 5-0 Ocean Grey 72067 5-N Navy Blue 72068 20B Revised Deck Blue 72069 Flight Deck Stain 21 Conclusion I had heard the hype about AKAN paints, but it’s nice to find that it wasn’t all hype when you actually get to use them. Yes, it has been a bit of a learning curve for me, but that’s what modelling is all about, learning and hopefully improving. When the next ship lands on the modelling desk I will certainly be giving these paints another try and I look forward to seeing AKAN add to the maritime range. Highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of Ville at
  10. Hello! Received a new shipment from Moscow earlier this week. All items are now sorted and neatly arranged in rows in my warehouse. This time shipment mostly included 60000-series lacquer paints, for example all AKAN's RAL & RLM colours. However, first in the following list are the new releases by AKAN. Acrylics 6-packs: AK47318 Marching armor USSR, 1930 -1945 AK47334 100th anniversary of the Russian Air Force: Yak-130, new camouflage AK47336 100th anniversary of the Russian Air Force: MiG-25, MiG-31 and MiG-23 (early) AK47337 100th anniversary of the Russian Air Force: Tu-160, Tu-95 and Tu-22M3 AK47338 100th anniversary of the Russian Air Force: Missile and bomb armament AK47339 100th anniversary of the Russian Air Force: Il-76 Lacquer, metallic, reflecting: AK66204 Aluminium Bright - reflecting (mirroring) AK66209 Titan Bright - reflecting (mirroring) Acrylics 70000-series: USA AK72028 FS 36270 Neutral Grey undersides of airplanes USSR/Russia AK73063 Protective (faded), overall camo base coat AK73070 3B - Protective Dark Green (faded), aircraft base coat, TB-3 AK73073 A-19 Green (faded), Il-4, Pe-2, Pe-3, SB, DB-3, Yer-2 AK73078 3B - Protective Dark Green (faded), vehicles, motorcycles, armoured vehicles and equipment AK73171 Grey (factory colour sample), Yak-130 AK73172 Dark Grey (factory colour sample), Yak-130 Lacquer 60000-series, new in stock: Germany AK61001 RAL 6003 Olivgrün AK61003 RAL 7028 Dunkelgelb AK61005 RAL 7021 Dunkelgrau AK61010 RAL 8017 Rotbraun AK61045 RLM 02 Grau AK61046 RLM 04 Gelb AK61052 RLM 27 Gelb AK61054 RLM 65 Hellblau (1941) AK61055 RLM 66 Schwarzgrau AK61056 RLM 70 Schwarzgrün AK61057 RLM 71 Dunkelgrün AK61058 RLM 72 Grün AK61059 RLM 73 Grün AK61060 RLM 74 Dunkelgrau grünlicht AK61061 RLM 75 Mittelgrau AK61062 RLM 76 Lichtblau AK61063 RLM 78 Hellblau AK61064 RLM 79 Sandgelb AK61065 RLM 80 Olivgrün AK61066 RLM 81а Braunviolet AK61067 RLM 81b Dunkelgrün AK61068 RLM 82 Hellgrün AK61069 RLM 83 Dunkelgrün AK61071 RLM 84b Graublau AK61077 RAL 6006 Feldgrau AK61080 RAL 7028 Dunkelgelb nach Muster AK61085 RAL 1001 Elfenbein USSR/Russia AK63000 АМТ-1 Light Brown, Il-2, Po-2, UT-2, Yak-6 AK63001 АМТ-4 Green / Protective, Yak-1, Yak-7, Yak-9, LaGG-3, La-5, MiG-3, Il-2, Su-2, U-2, Il-4, Pe-2, Yak-6, Po-2 AK63002 АМТ-7 Blue, Yak-1, Yak-3, Yak-7, Yak-9, LaGG-3, La-5, La-7, MiG-3, Il-2, Su-2, U-2, Il-4, Pe-2 AK63005 Emerald Green, cockpit interior, MiG-21/-23/-25/-27/-31, first series MiG-29, Mi-8/24 AK63006 Emerald Green (faded), cockpit interior, MiG-21/-23/-25/-27/-31, first series MiG-29, Mi-8/24 AK63008 Blue, underside, MiG-21/-23/-25R/-25RB/-27 and Su-15/-17/-22/-25/-27 AK63010 Radome/Radiotransparent Gray (faded), MiG-23/25/29/31 AK63011 Green / Protective, army vehicles, UAZ, Ural, ZIL etc., 1970s-present AK63012 Red Brown (faded), MiG-21/-23/-25R/-25RB/-27 and Su-15/-17/-22/-25/-27 AK63013 Green (faded), MiG-21/-23/-25R/-25RB/-27 and Su-15/-17/-22/-25/-27 AK63014 Sand (faded), MiG-21/-23/-25R/-25RB/-27 and Su-15/-17/-22/-25/-27 AK63015 Lemon-Grey (faded), aviation primer AK-40 AK63016 Blue (faded), underside, MiG-21/-23/-25R/-25RB/-27 and Su-15/-17/-22/-25/-27 AK63017 Green, vehicles, armour, artillery, equipment, 1939-present day AK63018 А II Z. Green / Protective ("Aero" varnish), I-15bis, I-16 AK63020 4 BO (Basic) Protective Dark Green, vehicles, motorcycles, equipment, armour and artillery or A/C camo, 1939-1952 AK63022 Light Green, vehicles, motorcycles, armour and artillery, 1939-1950s AK63024 Dark Green, Su-17,-25 MiG-21,-23,-27, some early MiG-29 AK63025 Reddish, Su-17,-25 MiG-21,-23,-27, some early MiG-29 AK63026 Dark Brown, Su-17,-25, MiG-21,-23,-27, some early MiG-29 AK63035 Light Blue (faded), Su-27,-27UB,-27PU AK63036 Light-Grey (faded), Su-27,-27UB,-27PU AK63040 А-14 Steel / Grey (faded), A/C interiors AK63041 А II КR. Red ("Aero" varnish, faded) AK63042 А II G. Blue ("Aero" varnish), I-16, MiG-3, Yak-2 AK63043 АМТ-6 Black (faded), Yak-1, Yak-7, Yak-9, LaGG-3, La-5, MiG-3, Il-2, Su-2, U-2, Il-4, Pe-2 AK63044 АМТ-11 Grey-Blue, LaGG-3, La-5F, La-5FN, La-7, Yak-1b, Yak-3, Yak-7B, Yak-9 AK63045 АМТ-12 Dark-Grey, , LaGG-3, La-5F, La-5FN, La-7, Yak-1b, Yak-3, Yak-7B, Yak-9 AK63046 Blue (faded), Su-27,-27UB,-27PU AK63058 Red (faded), interior gear door, flaps, spoilers, etc, Su-27 to 37 AK63059 Grey (faded), MiG-25/31, An-8/12/24/26, Tu-22m2/m3 and early MiG-21/23 AK63060 Radome/Radiotransparent Green (faded), wheels in modern aviation AK63062 Yellow-Grey (faded), aircraft exterior surfaces, fabric coverings, 1910s-1920s AK63063 Protective (faded), overall camo base coat, 1925-1930s AK63069 Grey-Dark Blue (faded), cockpit Su-27/30/32/33/34/35/37/39 AK63070 3B Khaki, Dark-Green (faded), aircraft base coat, top and side surfaces AK63071 Grey-Blue ("Aero" varnish, faded), TB-1, TB-3, R-6, R-5, U-2 AK63072 A-18 Blue (faded), Il-2, Il-4, Pe-2, Pe-3, SB, DB-3 AK63073 A-19 Green (faded), Il-2, Il-4, Pe-2, Pe-3, SB, DB-3 AK63074 A-13 Insignia Red (faded) AK63079 А-21m Light Brown, Il-2, Il-10, Pe-2, Ye-2, Tu-2, Pe-8, Il-4 AK63080 Sand, Su-17,-25 MiG-21,-23,-27, some early MiG-29 AK63081 Yellow-Green, vehicles, motorcycles, armour and artillery, 1939-1950s AK63082 Sand, vehicles, motorcycles, armour and artillery, 1939-1950s AK63083 Brown, vehicles, motorcycles, armour and artillery, 1939-1950s AK63084 Brown-Green, vehicles, motorcycles, armour and artillery, 1939-1950s AK63087 Grey-Green, car tents, gun masks on tanks etc., 1950s-present day AK63091 Dark Blue-Green (faded), army vehicles GAZ 57, ZIL-150/151/157/164…, 1950s-1970s AK63092 Gray (faded), MiG-29 AK63093 Grey-Green (faded), MiG-29 family AK63136 MK-7 White, winter camouflage, WWII AK63146 Radome/Radiotransparent White, Su-24/27/30/32/33/34 That's all for now. Next shipment will be from Miniarm within couple of weeks, stay tuned... I'll be on vacation for 4 weeks starting from 21st July, so please place your orders well in advance before that
  11. Hello! Hobby Paint N' Stuff is a small business located in Helsinki, Finland. It was founded in November 2013 and the first order was delivered in December. Basic idea behind my business is to offer reasonably priced products that are hard to find from other shops. Main products are AKAN scale model paints and other materials. Now that most of AKAN's water based acrylic colours are in stock, the next step is to expand the assortment with lacquer based enamels. Also the first small batch of Zvezda model kits are in stock now. Take a look at my shop: www.hpns.eu What else should I have, please send me a message if you have a good idea! Products are delivered via mail, but if you happen to visit in Helsinki, pick up is possible upon request at my warehouse in Ullanlinna district. Shipping is provided by Finnish mail service . P&P prices start from 5.80€ for Economy Maxi Letter (paints in 6-packs, 75 ml paints and varnishes, model kits). Smaller shipments (max. 15 ml paint bottles) in a regular letter from 2.50€. Shipping time to UK and other EU countries is 3-6 business days. Payment options are: PayPal Invoice SEPA payment (wire transfer) in EU countries Contact information: Email: [email protected] Website: http://www.hpns.eu Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/hobbypaintnstuff please visit there and like!
  12. Hi! The full range of Ultimate Modelling Products now available from my shop! These great products are: Ultimate Airbrush Thinner for ALL acrylic paints Ultimate Airbrush Cleaner Ultimate Weathering Washes Ultimate Modellers Sanders and Thinny Sticks and Sponges Ultimate Photo-Etch Placer Now also lacquer based AKAN enamels in stock: USSR/Russia: АМТ-1 Light Brown camouflage patches, A/C top and side surfaces, wood or mixed design (except fighters) АМТ-4 Green / Protective primary colour, A/C top and side surfaces as from June 1941 to July 1943 on all types of airplanes wooden or mixed construction АМТ-7 Blue lower surfaces of all types of airplanes, wooden or mixed construction А II Z.- Green / Protective ("Aero" varnish), overall base colour, top and side surfaces of airplanes with wood, plywood and fabric A/C surfaces 4 BO (Basic) Protective Dark Green, overall camouflage for vehicles, motorcycles, equipment, armour and artillery, or A/C camo А-14 Steel / Grey (faded), metal and wood surfaces. chassis, flaps of airplanes, air-frames, engine, sometimes motors, disks of wheels, interior of airplane cabins А II КR.- Red ("Aero" varnish; faded) A/C wood, plywood and fabric surfaces, overall base colour aerobatic team, markings, of airplanes, identification signs and numbers А II G. Blue ("Aero" varnish) , basic colour, A/C wood, plywood and fabric lower surfaces АМТ-6 Black (faded), camouflage patches, top and side surfaces as from June 1941 to July 1943 all types, wood or mixed construction A/C АМТ-11 Grey-Blue camouflage patches, upper surfaces as from July 1943 to 1945 all types, wood or mixed construction A/C (except fighters) АМТ-12 Dark-Grey camouflage patches, top and side surfaces as from July 1943 to November 1945 all types, wood or mixed construction A/C Grey-Blue ("Aero" varnish, faded) camouflage colour for lower surfaces, most of Soviet A/C, pre- and WWII A-18 Blue (faded), camouflage colour for lower surfaces, Soviet WWII metal fighter, attack and bomber aircraft such as Petlyakov Pe-2, Pe-3, SB, DB-3, etc… A-19 Green (faded), camouflage colour for top and side surfaces, Soviet WWII metal fighter, attack and bomber aircraft such as Petlyakov Pe-2, Pe-3, SB, DB-3, etc… A-13 Insignia Red (faded), colour for Soviet WWII metal aircraft, flight groups' markings, individual A/C markings, stars, I.D. signs, numbers, props spinners, etc… А-21m Light Brown camouflage patches, A/C top and side surfaces, airplanes of metal construction (except fighters) and 6-packs: Modern Russian AF Su-27 USSR Auto/Moto/AFV WWII USSR - RUSSIA Auto/Moto/AFV Modern Russian aircraft MiG-29; -29smt; -29kub Soviet AF WWI-1941 IL-2: Ground Attack AF USSR in WWII 1943-1945 Some new water-based acrylics: Great Britain: 507 A (1920) Dark Grey, outer surfaces for broadside of the Royal Navy from 1920 507 B (1940) Grey, outer surfaces for broadside of the Royal Navy from 1940 507 C (1920) Light Grey, outer surfaces for broadside of the Royal Navy from 1920 B 15 Grey-Blue, outer surfaces for broadside of the Royal Navy G 45 Grey, outer surfaces for broadside of the Royal Navy RN White, outer surfaces for broadside of the Royal Navy PC 10 Khaki Paint PC 12 Service Brown "NIVO" paint some aircraft of World War I USA: FS 35237 Medium Grey/Blue 2-colour, 3-colour camouflage or, overall base colour, top and side surfaces of airplanes 5-O Ocean Grey (Late 1941) colouring broadside US Navy at the end of 1941 5-N Navy Blue colouring broadside US Navy - WWII 20B Revised Deck Blue colouring the deck of US Navy ships from the end of 1941 Flight Deck Stain 21 colouring the deck of aircraft carriers for the US Navy in 1941 Russia: Grey camouflage patches - 2, top and side surfaces, Su-27sm, 2014 Grey basic - around on airplanes: Su-27sm, 2014 Grey camouflage patches - 1, top and side surfaces, Su-27 sm, 2014 Blue lower surface of airplanes Sukhoi , 2014 6-packs: 100th anniversary of the Russian Air Force: Su-27sm, new camouflage 100th anniversary of the Russian Air Force: Su-25/32-34, new camouflage 100th anniversary of the Russian Air Force: Russian helicopters, new camouflage
  13. Hi! These are the latest additions in stock from AKAN, all water-based and water-soluble acrylics in 15ml bottles: Civil Aviation: Yellow - Lufthansa Blue - Lufthansa Ultramarinblau - Lufthansa airline terrestrial services vehicles Japan: Black-Green Mitsubishi; Raiden; Nakajima camouflage of top and side surfaces of planes Lemon-Orange labeling, identification marks, front edge of the wing 6-packs (6x15ml): Great Britain: RFC/RNAS/RAF Great War 1914 - 1918 RFC/RNAS/RAF Great War 1914 - 1918 Greece: Greek fighters Part 1: Aegean Ghost Greek fighters Part 2: Camouflage Sea and Desert Ukraine: Su-27 Ukrainian Air Force "digital camouflage" Russia: Russian Deck Aviation Su-33 Find these and more at: www.hpns.eu Pictures for 6-packs:
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