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  1. My next build is the venerable Airfix F-80C: This was part of my mid-90's stash-building spree. It may be my favorite straight-winged jet of all time (even over my Banshee!), so I'm super excited to build this. Plus I will be trying AK interactive extreme metal for the first time as well. Not that there's anything wrong with Alclad -- I love it -- but I've found that I can't quite get the "Almost-shiny-but-partly-worn" look from Alclad. Mirror finishes and really worn finishes, yes, but that elusive in-between... no. Here's an example of what I mean:
  2. Asphalt Effects Weathering Set (AK 8090) AK Interactive If you’re an armour, air or a vehicle modeller, there’s bound to be a time where you want to depict a model that has been used extensively on the road, whether it’s a dry, wet or even frozen surface. The accumulations of dusty dirt, traffic film and mud are a common theme of road use, and are difficult to achieve in-scale. This set from AK is designed to help you achieve this. I have to start this with an apology to AK though, as they sent these samples in November (IIRC) 2019, but as I was refi
  3. Chipping Essentials Weathering Set (AK138) AK Interactive Weathering your model is a key component of achieving a realistic-looking result, whether you want to depict it in an almost new condition, or go to extremes and portray a beaten-up piece of junk that is almost ready for the scrapyard. How heavily or otherwise you weather your models is entirely up to you, but chipping of paint on military vehicles is present almost from the factory due to the slightly careless nature of crew and operators who are more focused on the task in hand than keeping their vehicle
  4. Exhaust Stains Weathering Set (AK2037) AK Interactive Until the uptake of the electric motor, most vehicles have and continue to use some kind of hydrocarbon-based fuel such as petroleum/gasoline, diesel, jet fuel etc. The spent fuel and exhaust gases are expelled through pipes or exhausts, and as perfect combustion is impossible, there is always at least a little soot or burned residue left behind. The more rustic or badly-tuned the engine, or if it is using poor quality fuel (late WWII German fuels for example), there is of course more residue. If this isn’t
  5. Gauzy Glass Coat and Intermediate Agent AK Interactive There was a time when Klear/Future were about the only clear gloss varnishes that people raved about, but since the formula was changed by the manufacturers J C Johnstone in the UK, some people don't like it and some do. Stocks of the original are limited, and going for silly prices, so people look for alternatives. AK Interactive have clearly (sorry – pun unintentional) been doing just that, and have found quite an interesting liquid, which they have named Gauzy. Firstly, I have no idea where the name comes from, but Gauzy it is, and
  6. Engine & Metal Weathering Set (AK087) AK Interactive Simulating metal and grotty engines is a great technique for adding realism to your models, as almost no engine is free of oil and dirt, especially back in time before engines were fitted with décor panels with holes for oil, water and washer fluid. This set is a great aid in that task, and arrives in a long clear clamshell box containing five 35ml bottles with black screw-topped lids and a white twist off safety seal. Two bottles contain pigment, while the remaining three are full of enamel washes. In th
  7. Aluminium Palette (AK613) AK Interactive Paint mixing is a chore if you’re always struggling to find a suitable surface, which makes palettes a desirable tool, especially if they have multiple wells so you can keep a number of shades of the same base colour on the go at once. Will 10 wells do you? Well? That’s how many you get in this utilitarian 17cm diameter (6.75”) palette that’s available from AK. The wells are arranged in a circle and it is supplied in a clear bag with header card with no frills. Aluminium ensures that it’s rugged
  8. Hi all Wanted to share some recent experiences having shelled out on some AK products. back in Feb I ordered some weathering products and one item was a heavy chipping effects set which included the chipping fluid etc. On opening the set the lid for the chipping fluid had not been correctly set so all of the liquid had emptied out. In the bin with that then. Now to this week I reached for the "Worn Effects" fluid and on opening up I found the jar contaminated with dear knows what. So that ended up in the bin too and only glad I spotted it before it ended up in the airbr
  9. REAL Colors of WWII - Aircraft AK Interactive Last year AK Interactive launched the "Real Colors" range of Acrylic Lacquer paints after working to get in their words "The Accuracy" in the paints produced. To accompany the paints there are two books one on the Air colors and the other on the AFV colors. Please note we have not gone all "American" here on BM however this is the spelling that AK have chosen to use in their publicity, though readers will no doubt be relieved they reverted to "colour" in the book. The book is a large A-4 sized hard back publication with 292 pages. Ther
  10. Dry Ground, Light Earth & Sandy Desert Acrylic Diorama Terrains AK Interactive (AK8015, AK8021 & AK8022) Dioramas can seem like a dark art to some (I'm speaking personally there), but with the right tools and some handy hints and tips – look out for my later review of the AK Interactive book Diorama FAQ – they can be surprisingly simple, although that might just be the folks that have the talent making it look that way. These acrylic pastes fall into the tools department and they can be used as the textured base for any diorama that has natural groundwor
  11. Hey all, I’m currently looking for a good source for WWII VVS colors, and I’ve come across two brands that seem to have all the colors I’d need. Hataka and AK Interactive both have sets for both early and late colors in acrylic. Given that they represent a reasonable investment, I’d be interested in hearing anyone’s opinion and experience with these paints. Thanks in advance for any input!
  12. Hello, Looking for a few tips on how to make the AK Air Series acrylic paints more reliable in the air brush. I'm using a Harder & Steenbeck and have tried various pressure settings and thinners(except the AK-712 because it's out of stock) such as X-20A. So I was wondering if others have tried these and the results they are getting? They are "suppose" to be ready-mixed of course.... lol Thanks
  13. I've seen this and it would work wonders on a build I'm doing currently although I'm in the early stages of it. I was wondering if there is an off the shelf option that people are aware of or will the hairspray technique work just as well? http://www.scalemodelshop.co.uk/100ml-washable-agent-ak-interactive-ak236.html
  14. GazB

    Real Color Issues

    So I finally cracked out the Real Colors. Adding my Ultimate Thinners to the pots as I do with Tamiya/Gunze, and set about spraying. First issue I noted is that my pipette seems to suck up a lot, but refuses to spit much of it back out, almost like its clinging to the inside of the tube. As a result, painting just a small Humvee canopy resulted in the pot going down to its default fluid level, which was almost the equivalent of one third of the jar. I also experienced some spattering and paint build up in the end cap. I did ultimately managed to get a fairly good coat down, but it didn't perfo
  15. What's the general consensus on AK Interactive paints? Not the Real Color line but the dropper bottle ones. Do they behave exactly the same as the Mig Ammo, or are they slightly different? Reason I ask is I'm eyeing their woodland camouflage figure set, but don't want to spend that amount if they're going to be a bit dodgy. I've heard stories about the paints being lumpy or clogging, but this was from a few years ago. I once picked up a few Vallejo paints and they were horrendous. With the Mig Ammo paints I tend to put a few drops of Ultimate Thinners in the cup to improve the flo
  16. Ahoy all, I have a question. I've just purchased the RealColors NATO set and I'm wondering how suitable they are for U.S. vehicles. As we know, Tamiya does the three colours as well, which I normally use. The reason I ask is because in the past I'd heard there was a slight difference between the U.S. version of the tri-colour scheme, and say the German one. Looking at the paint codes on the NATO set, they aren't FS numbers but RAL, and they look a bit duller/darker than the Tamiya equivalent. A Wikipedia search IDs the green as RAL 6031-F9 'Bronze Green', the brown as
  17. Hi all. I've been thinking of purchasing the AK interactive NATO wash, but I'm curious to know if my Mig Thinner for Washes will work with it, considering the latter is for enamel washes (and Mig washes are a pain to locate) and the AK wash is enamel based. I'm hoping so, as this would avert the need for the AK thinner and let me use the cash for another product. But I'll defer to the expertise of others. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks Gaz
  18. Hi Folks here is another of my occasional forays into 1/48, the Airfix Gloster Javelin FAW9. I have been wanting to do this particular aircraft for quite some time as it was the only operational Javelin to have a natural metal finish (for the last few years of it's career at any rate) and a Javelin was the first ever aircraft I can remember seeing flying over Brechin when I was a nipper. XH898 was the personal mount of 228 OCU's CO, Sqn Ldr George Beaton, when based at RAF Leuchars in the mid 1960's. The kit is without a doubt the best Airfix kit I've ever made, it almost fell together an
  19. Ref.AK148001 Source: https://www.facebook.com/AKinteractive.official/photos/pcb.1062704810417911/1062704483751277/?type=3&theater V.P.
  20. Ref. AK148002 Source: https://www.facebook.com/AKinteractive.official/posts/1062704810417911 V.P.
  21. Hello all Haven´t done much modeling lately but stll manage to finish this 109 in Galland´s colors. Last year I bought AK´s Luftwaffes camouflge color sets and wanted to try them out and a had an old 1/48 hasegawa 109E kit in my stash for ages (not my scale),so i give them a go and here is the result: Also used some items from the Eduard photoetch an decals came from a techmod sheet because the kits decals were to yellow and broke apart in the water. Nose yellow is humbrol 154 and True Details tyres. Really liked AK´s paints. Enjoy the photos. Hope you like it!! Regards
  22. Aces High Magazine. WW1 Centenary. Perhaps best known for their paints and weathering products, AK Interactive have now moved into publishing their own aviation modelling magazine 'Aces High'. Issue 2 is themed 'WW1 Centenary' and is devoted to models from that era. Five different aircraft builds are featured in 1/32 and 1/48, these being the DH.2, Sopwith Pup, and Hannover CL.II form Wingnut Wings, and Fokker DR.1 and Nieuport 23 from Eduard. More than this though, there is a feature on figure painting, a 1/32 fuel cart, and a 1/72 Mack Bulldog truck. This is a great idea, as although
  23. We have the following Acrylic paint sets at cheap prices while stocks last! AK Interactive 559 - German Warships £8.82 560 - WW2 German Vehicles £9.12 1553 - Russian 4B0 Green £10.86 4000 - Tank Accessories £9.12 Lifecolor SPG07 Algae Paint & Pigment set £7.50 XS02 WW2 RAAF Paint set 2 £12.30 Vallejo 78408 Model Air AFV/Armour Modern Russian vehicles £6.66 70104 Model Colour High Elf paints £9.60 70138 Demag D-7 Afrika Corps £9.60 thanks Mike
  24. We've just got a new range of paints in stock now, AK Interactive's Acrylic Aircraft Paints. There are 3 paint sets, each with 8 colours in 17ml bottles, just like Vallejo and are ideal for brush painting or airbrushing when thinned. Luftwaffe set 1 contains - RLM 02, 65, 66, 70, 71, 74, 75 and 76 Luftwaffe set 2 contains - RLM 72, 73, 78, 79, 80, 81, 82 and 83 RAF WW2 set contains - RAF - Dark Green, Dark Earth, Sky, Med Sea Grey, Ocean Grey, Mid Stone, Azure Blue, Int Green Grey. So Luftwaffe set 1 will cover Bomber camouflage throughout the war, Early and Mid war fighter colours and th
  25. Luftwaffe Colours 2 AK Interactive Paints can be a very personal item to the modeller who can and will stick with one particular manufacturer or at the very least a specific type. The choice of paint in the current market is huge. Well, now there is another set of acrylic paints to choose from, released by AK Interactive, who are probably better known for their weathering products and are also increasing their line of paint. The set comes in an end opening box, with the 17ml plastic bottles contained in a plastic tray inside. This set has been designed for German aircraft, and cont
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