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  1. Hi all, Seeing as I'm co-hosting its about time I started up a thread for my entry into the GB. Like quite a few others here I shall be using the AFV Club 1/48 F-5E as the basis for my build and other than aftermarket decals and a resin seat I shall be building it OOTB. My choice of subject is one that I have been wanting to do for a while, an aggressor from the 527th TFTAS based at RAF Alconbury. I am of an age that I have very clear memories of these at various air shows in the UK, including Alconbury itself, and was fascinated by the various exotic schemes the aircraft wore. I was even lucky enough to see a couple of them plying their trade in a mock dogfight with a couple of RAF Phantoms, no guesses as to who had the tighter circles! Enough of my prattle here are the usual box and contents pictures; Quite nice box art, though sadly not from the 527th. The contents still mostly sealed in their bags except for the cockpit which has been given some paint. The decals by Two Bobs that I shall be using, there are 5 options on the sheet, two in slightly different multi coloured camo and the other 3 in an all over grey scheme. And the one I shall be building is the one in the middle in the picture above, bort number red 53 in the snake scheme, a classic scheme for the ALconbury aggressors. The only problem I have with these is that I want to build all the different schemes used and with the cost of these kits thats not financially viable! Really looking forward to getting started on this one. Craig.
  2. Hello all, Here is my entry for this GB - AFV Clubs 1/48 F-5E 'Mig-28' which will be marked as a machine from VFC-13 'Fighting Saints' based out of NAS Fallon, Nevada. The squadron has flown the F-5 since 1996 but will transition to ex USAF F-16s towards the end of the year, with the F-5s being transferred to VFA-204, another adversary squadron which operates out of New Orleans. This will form part of my Top Gun/Adversary project alongside an F-14, A-4 and F/A-18E. Kit: Extras: I'll be using a Quickboost resin seat, Eduard mask and DEF models FOD inserts. Will be loaded up with a dummy AIM-9 and ACMI pod. Scheme: Should hopefully end up something like this! Cheers Dave
  3. My son bought me this kit for Christmas: Completed out of the box as “Dido” , C Squadron, 4 RTR in Berlin in the early 1960s. Rather unusual in being painted olive drab, with the mantlet cover painted black. While looking for images and information I found this rather nice bit of newsreel: https://www.britishpathe.com/video/VLVA807GJXZU80R6MMI89H8J3QVSD-GERMANY-BRITISH-ARMOURED-EXERCISE-IN-WEST-BERLIN/query/CENTURION Brush painted with Tamiya acrylics, build thread can be found here. Quite a challenging kit for me, rather more complex than the Tamiya AFV kits I have built previously, but very enjoyable. Back to work next week! Thanks for looking. Looks rather good on the shelf with the Comet and Centaur I built at the beginning of last year.
  4. We are having a bit of a heat wave here in Perth in Western Australia, so just too hot to do any work on my almost complete Airfix M3 Grant. Thought I would make a start taking a look at my Christmas present from my son. It’s a re-boxing of the previously released Mk 5, an overview of which can be found here: https://www.cybermodeler.com/hobby/kits/afv/kit_afv_35122.shtml However there are slight modifications. There is no turned aluminium main gun, but there is the mantlet cover, in a soft vinyl type plastic. Another difference is that the road wheels are provided in hard polystyrene and vinyl. I know which ones I’ll be using- the hard ones. Much easier to handle. At the bottom of the box is a rather nice print of the tank on the box top. The included tracks are vinyl, however while visiting the local shop for their Boxing Day sale I picked up these quick assembly link and length tracks. They appear to be a very new release (the box lid says 2021, and I can’t find any online reviews). They look rather nice, hopefully they will be straightforward to use. The kit has several different options from C Squadron, 4 RTR stationed in Berlin in 1960 to 1963 (about the time my Dad was first serving in Germany). The instructions are very specific that the overall colour was olive drab, which surprised me as I assumed it would be deep bronze green. A bit of searching around and I found a few mentions that they were painted OD, with the mantlet cover being painted black. The few photos I could find seemed to confirm this. This is going to be an interesting challenge!
  5. G'day All, It's been quite a while since I've had anything to contribute here (or to modelling in general to be honest), but I have finally finished a kit! This is the 1/48 AFV Club RF-5E kit done using markings from an IsraDecal sheet to depict an all-black Royal Saudi Air Force machine. The kit is basically out of the box but I have added a Master pitot probe, scratch-built refueling probe (the boxing I had didn't include the probe) and replaced the sidewinders with ones from a Hasegawa weapons set. There are a few issues around the markings as I had to cobble together various stencils and guess a lot, so it's more of a representation than a replica, but at least it's finished! Externally, it's painted using Mr Colour and Gaia lacquers which worked very nicely. The metal area at the rear is with SMS paints, a local, Australian brand, which looks very nice too. The base black is very slightly lightened with pure black over the top to depict a bit of weathering, then a matte varnish and clear black (also called "smoke" when Tamiya does it) for further effect. The model does have more tonal variations in real life but it doesn't seem to show up well here. The ladder comes with the kit, the figure is from an old Hasegawa Strike Eagle kit (cleaned up and refined) and the helmet and mask are made by hollowing out a Hasegawa pilot's head. These were added just for a bit of fun and are intended to just be used as generic props. If you've got any questions, please feel free to ask. It's good to be able to contribute something again.. Thanks for looking, Cheers, Motty.
  6. AFV Club is to rebox the Academy 1/35th Bell AH-1W Super Cobra under ref. AF35S21 Air Cavalry Brigade AH-1W Super Cobra NTS Update - R.O.C Army Aviation and Special Forces Command Three barrelled metallic 20mm gun Gun turret can be posed left or right / Up / down Resin parts to reflect the AH-1W late version Photo-etched sheets for the AH-1W late version The engine covers can be posed opened or closed The canopy can be posed opened or closed Including multiple air to land armed modes Brand new decal and painting instruction of ROCA Including opposing force painting instruction Sources: https://www.facebook.com/AFVCLUB.TW/posts/4224422977603189 https://www.facebook.com/AFVCLUB.TW/photos/pcb.4224422977603189/4224407220938098 V.P.
  7. While waiting for the Thunderbird 4 filler and paint to dry, I've started looking at what next to build and fso the time has finally come... Ever since doing the Bar-armoured Scimitar back in 2012, I've been planning to have a go at doing one of the new Scimitar 2s. On the face of it this should be relatively easy, after all its "only" a Scimitar turret on top of a Spartan hull isn't it? Bar armour? pah no problem! (hahahaha!) This is what I mean: (Image sourced from http://plain-military.proboards.com/thread/4962/qrl-sqn-cvr-mk-2 with thanks) So let us begin by working out what we will need to build it. So: Scimitar Turret - not a problem, got several AFV Club Scimitar kits in the stash. Spartan Hull - okay bit trickier, but Accurate Armour do a Spartan resin kit. Problem here is its an old-style hull which will need updating. Bar armour - well I scratch built the bar armour 2 years ago, I could do it again. However Accurate Srmour also have a PE bar armour set of the Warrior, so it might be worth seeing what can be done with it. Tracks? No problem got several sets of early and late Fruilmodel tracks in the stash which are great fun to put together (ahem!) Right to this is the stuff to begin with: Now the reason you see a Spartan AND Samson Accurate Armour kits is that I also intend at some point to build one of the new build bar-armoured Samson recovery vehicles. Now with these, the commander's cupola has migrated from the middle on the old hulls to the left side as on the Spartan, so I'm performing some drastic surgery on the hulls by cutting them both in half and using the Samson front with the Scimitar rear for the Scimitar 2 and the Scimitar front and Samson back on the Samson 2 at some point in the future. Yes I know how mad that sounds, but it seemed like a good idea at the time! Oh and just because there appears to be a lot of expensive Accurate Armour kits, they've all been acquired over the last 2 years so I'm not made of money Opening the boxes and we end up with this lot of components: Left and top, AFV Club Scimitar bits, Middle top, Accurate ARmour Spartan kit Right Top, bar armour plan from my own fair hand! Middle, Scimitar/Scorpion Photoetch leftovers from previous Scorpion and Scimitar builds and some resin pieces from Castoff Armour left over from the LEP Scimitar build, to provide the extra armour panels. Bottom right, Accurate Armour Warrior PE bar armour set. In addition, there will be a plethora of plastic card, stowage accessories from Castoff, Accurate Armour and other sources. Finally in this introductory post is the bar armour schematic I've created, having studied a lot of the photos in the Plain Military board thread linked to above. This has benefited from my previous research efforts while building the bar armoured Scimitar and research into the Samson build. So thats the intro, now to go and actually DO something about it! Watch this space...
  8. AFV Club is to reissue its 1/48th Northrop F-5E Tiger II kit as " Peace Bell Programme" (Yemen & Taiwan AF) - ref. AR48S10 Source: https://www.facebook.com/AFVCLUB.TW/photos/a.3561524077226419/3617871271591699/ V.P.
  9. I'm going to park this thread here for the start of the GB. Here's the kit I'll be building: I was planning to just do a straight OOB build, though seems the kit is missing the tracks, so gah I'll need to find some replacements! Seems like a nice little kit, not an insane amount of bits and comes with a metal barrel for the cannon (handy as plastic that thin would be bound to break), a small PE fret, all the sprues being individually packed (apart from the duplicate sprues for the wheels)... Instructions seem - erm interesting, I was scratching my head over this one on the bottom left, involving a screwdriver and some needle nose pliers - I think though after some thought its about bending some PE... I'm sure it'll make sense when I get around to building it. Looks like the kit is a modification of AFV Club's Scorpion kit - which makes sense since in real-life the vehicles share the same chassis. Obviously planning to do it in the Gulf War scheme as depicted on the box art.
  10. Hi ! I had promised you informations on my friend Basket... I take advantage of the opening of this topic to keep my word This dear friend lives therefore a small mediterranean village called Marseille. Rémy (his real name) is indeed a true anglophile, but of an anglophilia which makes useless the existence of the worst anglophobes. Let me explain This excellent friend draws most of his knowledge of England from the repeated vision of "Little Britain" and has identified himself surprisingly with Miss Howard (the Emily Howard her/himself), a curious and unique case of pathological bovarianism (this partly explaining its acute suceptibility). So he scrupulously adapted his lifestyle to his favorite character... The true problem is that, despite a much sought after outfit, his appearance is closer to that of a trans rugby player than that of a victorian lady and anyone who has suffered the spectacle of the dear Rémy bicycling down the narrow main street of his village (the Cannebière), screaming hysterically in a high-pitched voice “I am an English lady, yes, a real lady” will understand what I am talking about... But let get back to modelling with one of my last build, a M113 ACAV from AFV Club. The figurines are from Bravo6 and the water-buffalo from Mininature. The kit is a gem and an excellent base for detailling. I’ve scratched some internal details which remain visible when closed (so it’s not an exhaustive redetailling of the interior). The project and work in progress The pics below will show you stuffs i added on the interior. AFV done And the final result Complete buid here : http://fighters.forumactif.com/t94091-gb-vietnam-buffaloes-encounter-m113-acav-1st-squadron-10th-cavalry-4th-inf-division See you! Fabrice https://www.facebook.com/Fabrice-Simon-104518141316306
  11. Since going to the movie theatre is not possible at the moment, I am bringing the movies to my modelling . After month working on my other movie build longterm project (Millenium Falcon) , it is time to start 2021 Movie Build 1, and 1st model of the year - the AFV Club F-5E all dressed up as the Mig-28 from Top Gun Lights , Camera , Scalpel & Glue at the ready , it will be building her OOB so nothing fancy to see here. I am hoping a WIP thread will make be build her is a sensible time ie (not finishing in 2024)
  12. Hello friends! Since 1976 the Chilean Air Force (FACH, Fuerza Aérea de Chile) have been equiped with 18 original F-5 E Tiger II. The Freedom Fighters came to join the FACH during a very difficult time of diplomatic relationships with our eastern neighbour: Argentina. On 1978 tensions arose to a point that almost lead our two countries into a war, after Argentina declared null an international referendum in favor of Chile about three islands on the Beagle Channel, south of Tierra del Fuego. Luckily, peace prevailed. At that tough times the FACH was equipped just with some 30-ish Hawker Hunters, A-37 Dragonfly and the new F-5 E Tiger II in opposition to more than 70 argentinian aircrafts between Skyhawks, Mirage III, Daggers and Canberras. During the 90's FACH decided to upgrade the Tigers with the help of Israel's Aeronautic Industry. That's how the Tiger III version was developed, with a lot of new gadgets, including new radar (ELTA EL/M-2032), RWR, Pod Lite, chaff dispenser, in-flight refueling capability (by Tiger Century) and a complete new HUD and instrument panel. AFV Club is most usual a tank's model brand, but they did a very nice work engineering this little jewel. About the ordnance, a pair of Phyton IV missiles (by Reskit) on the tip of the wings and 2 GBU-12 bombs (from the spare parts box) on the inner wing pylon along a 1040 lt. fuel tank on the central pylon. Nowadays, the F-5 are still in service, with 13 units based at Chabunco Base, near Punta Arenas. So, enough talking, let the photos show you my tribute to this cherish american fighter. Best wishes from Chile and happy modelling to all! Cris
  13. AFV-Club ( http://en.hobbyfan.com.tw/index-1.asp ) has just announced 1/48th F-CK-1A & B Ching-Kuo kits. If they do a similar job as they did with the Northrop F-5E/F Tiger, it will be a great kit (http://www.hyperscale.com/2010/reviews/kits/afvclubar48102reviewcs_1.htm). Source: http://scalemodels.ru/news/6236-anons-ot-AFV-Club--1-48-F-CK-1-Ching-Kuo.html V.P.
  14. Hello dear modellers This is F-5E Tiger II in 1/48th scale from AFV CLUB representing nose up take off configuration. (with extended nose gear) Colors are Mr.hobby with decals from Hi-decal Line. This model represents one of the famous Tigers from 2nd tactical fighter base in Iran during 8-year war with Iraq. 3-7059 is famous because has shot down several enemy fighters during war time. Col.Yadollah Javadpour who was one of the F-5 ace pilots of the war with 5 victories , shot down two enemy Su-20 jets in their own territory with his 3-7059 as a leader on a 2ship Kirkuk refinery bombing mission when he encountered with 2 enemy jets. Col.Javadpour jettisoned his four Mk-82 snake-eye bombs and entered a dog fight which it’s result was another two victories and escaping his wingman from being shot down. Hope you like Barzin IMG_0195 by Freddy Pilot, on Flickr IMG_0197 by Freddy Pilot, on Flickr IMG_0238 by Freddy Pilot, on Flickr IMG_0204 by Freddy Pilot, on Flickr IMG_0198 by Freddy Pilot, on Flickr IMG_0205 by Freddy Pilot, on Flickr IMG_0215 by Freddy Pilot, on Flickr IMG_0218 by Freddy Pilot, on Flickr IMG_0201 by Freddy Pilot, on Flickr IMG_0241 by Freddy Pilot, on Flickr IMG_0200 by Freddy Pilot, on Flickr photo_2019-03-15_04-35-38 by Freddy Pilot, on Flickr IMG_0129 by Freddy Pilot, on Flickr IMG_0156 by Freddy Pilot, on Flickr
  15. Calling this finished now AFV Club 1/35 scale gun truck with some extra armour added from plasticard. Decals are from Star (I know, this does not depict the actual Bounty Hunter truck). Figures are from Paracel and are excellent, ordered direct from them in Vietnam and arrived quickly and safely. Paint is Life Color, Tamiya and Vallejo acrylics and weathered using Mig Ammo mud effects pack and oil washes. Base is just made from a drawer front and foam board. All comments welcome
  16. Hello ! My new AFV Club's 88mm with Stalingrad miniatures figures See you ! Fabrice
  17. I originally made a start on this build about 8-10 years ago and got as far as building most of the lower hull, but then I discovered to my horror that the hull tub was warped and there was no chance of fixing it with all of those parts glued in place. Fast forward a couple of years, and I was at Telford and on one of the stands, someone was selling off some kits cheap which had belonged to a modeller who had sadly died. Among them was the AFV Club, Aussie Mk.V.1 for the princely sum of £15 (there was also a Dragon Conquerer for the same price, and I’m still kicking myself for not buying it). Fast forward to today, and I’m setting this as a marker for my next build. I’ve still got the M51 to finish, but it’s not as if I can go out very much at the moment, so hopefully, I can get both done. At least this hull isn’t warped. This is fairly new territory for me, but as I understand it, there isn’t a great deal of difference between the Mk.lll and the Mk.V. One thing that did need changing was the turret, so at the time of the original build, I had purchased a Lionmarc resin turret, which does look good, and incorporates the canvas mantlet cover. There’s a small etched sheet included. The mesh will probably be replaced with some Accurate Armour etched brass diamond mesh. Metal tow rope............ .............and a very nice aluminium 20pdr A type barrel. What isn’t in this kit though are the bazooka plates as the Australians didn’t use them in Vietnam, but I’ve had a kind offer from Ben (Badger) of an etched set. Lastly, a couple of years ago I picked up a Star Decals sheet for the Centurion Mk.lll based in Korea. One other thing. Reading up on the differences between the Mk.lll and the Mk.V I found a reference to the fact that the Mk.V had an extra return wheel added at the front. This is in the AFV kit, but when I checked the instructions on line for the Mk.lll kit from AFV, it too had the additional return roller. Anyone know if this is a mistake on AFV’s part, or were the Mk.lll’s fitted with it? OK, so once I have something done, I'll start to post the progress. If I get any enjoyment out of this build, then I will be looking out for a Shot Kal. John.
  18. Hello everyone Another Tiger from AFV Club , this time the F version. Colors are Gunze and decals are Print Scale 48-113 (IRIAF F-5) The model actually is still incompleted because the seats should be changed with the MB ones. Hope you enjoy. Barzin. The completed family The real thing:
  19. Over the last few months I’ve managed to get three shelf sitters over the finish line so thought I’d continue my efforts into 2020. I started building this one when my son was 2, he’s about to turn 10. It’s the AFV Club RF-5E which I’m painting up to represent a TUDM (Tentera Udara Diraja Malaysia or Royal Malaysian Air Force) aircraft. I’ve taken the FS numbers supplied in the instructions and pulled them out of my gunze paint stocks. Compared to some reference photos that I have they are a pretty close match. It’s also the first time I’ve tried by hand at a freehand camouflage scheme. However, beforehand I did pencil in the line-work with some water colour pencils that you can see in some of the photos. The FOD covers are from Royale resin and hide the ‘gutless’ interior. (Never thought I’d use that phrase in model building). I’ve progressed the painting a bit further than what you see here, but the underside shows the colour combination well. Cheers, Mick
  20. Hi, My first thread here in Britmodeller will be a model I've been building for a while now. It's AFV Club's LVT-4 Early version with few extras such as Voyager basic set, Eduard interior set, Aber metal barrels for machine guns and AFV Club aftermarket tracks. It's one of these vehicles that need the interior to be painted even before the basic assembly. So I was eager to complete the interior that much that it can be painted and the hull could be assembled. At first after following needed steps of the instruction it even seemed that way. But before I reached for the airbrush, I took some time to pay attention to some reference material in hand and it appeared that many of the interior elements are still to be added. So here we go: Gear selector had to be scratched as well because original broke in two and half of it went missing. That's all for now. The engine of my airbrush has finally started and next update will be of the painted interior. Kristjan
  21. Hi all, After far to long sitting on the shelf of "I'll finish it one day", that day has finally arrived. I did start a WIP, but that never went anywhere. Ho hum. This is the AFV Club centurion kit modified with the Accurate Armour conversion to make it into a Centurion MKI used as part of the Operation Sentry. More I could do, but its better than leaving it on that shelf (box in the corner actually) for another day (or three). I think there should be a repeat of the serial number on the turret, but there you go. I like the look of the tank without the side panels, so went with "Sheila", as there is at least one photo of the tank in this state. Comment welcome. Tim
  22. Hi dear friends, this is my second experience with AFV CLUB Northrop family,actually this time with a copy of Northrop’s tiger! ”SAEGHEH” (in persian it means lightning)the Iranian version of F-5E Tiger II with some differences and upgrades.The most visible change is twin vertical fins!! The kit is the old F-5E kit with an extra sprue including saegheh parts and very nice decals. Colors are mixture of MR.HOBBY and AKAN paints. Sorry for non professional pictures,I took them in different lighting. Hope you enjoy Regards Barzin with his IIAF mate: Real Aircraft:
  23. Hello everyone! With my second little one now semi-settled in to a sleeping routine, I may get the chance to do a bit of modelling again and who can ignore the chance to build a Tiger in a GB?! I'm hoping to finish this little beauty, AFV Club's 1/48th Tiger I Ausf E "Final Version". It will be a slow build as I steal the odd hour here and there. Looking forward to getting started
  24. Hello! Here's one of my first two kits completed this year. It's AFV Club's 1:144 Curtiss P-40N-5 Warhawk 663, flown by Wang Kuang Fu (6.5 kills), of the CACW's 7th FS/3rd FG, at Laohokow, China, January 1945. I scratchbuilt the missing intake detail, the CBI radio blister and loop and the outer struts for the drop tank. I added a headrest, belts and stick in the cockpit. I only realised the inaccurate setting of the tail wheel doors when it was too late. These come moulded with the fuselage halves and should be wide open, almost perpendicular to the fuselage. Since the tail wheel comes moulded next to one door, it was risky to fix it at that point. The kit was fully painted and varnished by brush. Thanks for looking and all comments welcome Miguel
  25. Here's the second of my first two kits completed this year. It's AFV Club's 1:144 Curtiss P-40M Warhawk 185, of the 47th Fighter Squadron, 15th Fighter Group, USAAF, at Noumea, New Caledonia, in December 1943. Apart from the comments I made on the P-40N I posted earlier today, I had to correct the cockpit as, despite including an insert for the rear section of the cockpit, the head armour part was incorrect for the M variant being slanted forward (for the P-40N) instead of rearwards. I added the missing radio mast. I had intended to make an RNZAF machine using the decals from the Printscale sheet but these were both incomplete and inaccurate so I went for the kit's only option. The kit was fully painted and varnished by brush. Thank you for looking and all comments are welcome as always Miguel
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