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  1. Brussels Airlines introduced around half a dozen special liveries on their A320 fleet,all representing Belgium arts. In this case the Smurfs. I assume everybody remembers the cartoons with those blue dwarfs and their enemy Gargamel... PAS decals offers almost all of those liveries,but I guess some of them are just too difficult to reproduce in decal and kit form. The smurf design has its fair share of difficulties as well but it can be done. The decals are very nicely printed and of excellent quality. The most tricky part is the paint and masking job. Lots of photo reference was needed and I also made a copy of the decals that went over the windows to line out the demarcation between the blue and white. For the blue I used Revell blue 52 which I found a good match. The fading black to blue on the fin was achieved with a piece of paper holding in front of the blue.A few trials were needed to get it right. Its a funny livery and a real eye catcher in my cabinet. Thanks for looking Alex
  2. The Airbus A320neo family is a development of the popular A320 family of narrow-body airliners produced by Airbus. The A320neo family is based on the previous A319, A320 and A321. Re-engined with CFM LEAP-1A or Pratt & Whitney PW1000G engines and fitted with sharklets as standard, it is 15% to 20% more fuel efficient than the A320ceo family. The airline depicted is Cebu Pacific Air, founded in 1988, and the largest low-cost airline of the Philippines and the largest airline of the country based on passenger numbers. Operating out of Cebu and Manila as main hubs, the A320 family makes up the majority of its fleet, the A320neo making up 9 of its fleet of 48. It was an ambitious paint scheme for sure, but one I've always wanted to do. This airline is a big part of my and any travelling Filipino's memories, after all. The project ultimately got bogged down quite a bit, but I will elaborate on this later in the post. The aircraft depicted is RP-C3281, a Cebu Pac A320neo that I took on a domestic flight to Dumaguete and then saw again in Caticlan Airport. Thankfully, as an owner of a camera taking reference pics proved to be very useful in the build. Here's the A/C itself as I photographed it in Caticlan Airport. I also compiled some of the timelapse footage I got of the build and put it into a sort of "reel" - First time trying this and I didn't want to spend too much time on it, so the editing and cinematography might not be the greatest. I chose to spoiler tag the rest of it as they do have quite a few images and are talked about in length Review - The kit itself is pretty good for an airliner offering, and it's no secret that Zvezda makes some of the best airliner kits out there. Personally I'm content with how the build went together, I don't have any major gripes or issues with the kit and it's still very good. However, there are a few nitpicks worth talking about - Masking Process - The masking was one of the most challenging parts of the build, and the sweeping curves all around the A320 were certainly very hard to replicate. I've been asked quite a bit about this process when posting about it, so here's a thread explaining the process. Decals: Painted with a combination of Armored Komodo lacquers and Tamiya acrylics. Gloss is GX112. Now, to summarize the build experience as a whole... This build has honestly brought me to the edge of quitting modelling more than any other build in the past, partly due to mistakes as a result of my own negligence, and partly due to luck so bad it was comedic, and certainly much worse than I've encountered on any other build. Issues ranged from paint peel on the white paint that then wouldn't feather when sanded, to incorrect hues on the first rounds of paint resulting in multiple rounds of masking and painting the (very difficult!) Cebu Pacific logo on the rear fuselage. For some reason, the white paint I used then started to yellow over time, which I had to sand back while the decals were already on - look closely around the windows where I had to avoid taking a sanding stick to it and you'll see some of the yellowing still there - Afterwards, seams reopened which resulted in having to repaint over the already peeling and yellowing white paint. The painting of the engines then went awry as the coverage of the white wouldn't lay down correctly, having to strip and repaint each one around 4-6 times each. The paint I used on the wings for some reason lightened under one of the registration decals as well, which meant I had to repaint a good fourth of the starboard wing to correct it. I had to speed up the final phase of the build as I wanted to make it in time for the local Nationals, which ultimately resulted in lots of compromises of the build - it was in the IPMS hall with the engine exhaust cones missing, left at home because they were still drying! Needless to say, it didn't really win any prizes but did catch the attention of quite a lot of people, as the only airliner build put in the competition, and with the vibrant and recognizable colors of Cebu Pacific no less. It then got damaged on the drive home, with the engines and landing gear breaking off and another fuselage seam reopening. Ultimately, the cowling ring and one of the nose landing gear wheels went missing, so I had to 3D print resin substitutes, which then made it onto the build in time to be make it my last completed build for 2022. Any modeler with a good eye can spot quite a few mistakes in the build's craftsmanship, many of which I honestly no longer had the energy or time to correct. In the end, I'm just happy to have gotten this project through the finish line. Thanks for reading, especially if you've gotten this far through the wall of text!
  3. I thought I’d have a change from my usual diet of European airliners and here is the result - the Revell A320 finished as Iran Air’s veteran EP-IED. I used the final (Lufthansa) release of the Revell kit, probably better described as a box of flash with some rather forlorn looking bits of A320 attached. The kit was a mess and bashing it into shape wasn’t a lot of fun. I added a few details from plastic strip, attended to the usual corrections to the wings and replaced the winglets. Paint is Halfords Appliance Gloss White and Holts HL Grey 01 with Revell Aqua 374 representing the Aeroflex on the upper wings. Metallics are by Tamiya and Revell. Decals are by F-DCAL with Authentic Airliners windows. I doubt if any two Iran Air A320s are identical and if accuracy is important a careful study of photographs is needed to ensure the correct combination of details for a particular registration. Engine type, wing colours, winglet colours, the stripe on the leading edge of the fin, stab mounting plate colours and RDF fairings all vary between individual aircraft. Despite my comments about the state of the kit I still prefer Revell’s A320 to Zvezda’s and I’d rather have it with flash than not at all. I actually built two back to back and the other one, which was just as bad, is currently in primer. It should appear in Aegean livery eventually. Thanks for looking and constructive criticism is always welcome. Dave G
  4. Hi guys, I would like to share my straight build of Revell A320 kit. This one is an older kit without the sharklet wingtips. I must confess this was my first attempt at building a passenger airplane and I wanted to focus on building the kit AS-IS without adding after market parts/decals. I did build the same kit at a later time and gave Swiss livery, but Lufthansa is the one I like better. I thoroughly enjoyed building this one as there is something about dealing with public transportation for me. As I was building this kit, I think there were multiple decisions I had to make. I am sure you guys building the passenger airplanes probably went through the same. Honestly, there are no right or wrong approach for these, I think it all comes down to one's personal choice and preference. For one, I contemplated whether I wanted to use clear parts for windows or not. I see most of us simply putty the window openings and use decals. Some skill is definitely required if decals are not utilized since most likely you will need to mask and paint carefully prior to putting together the fuselage halves. I took an easy way out (I must confess that putty work is also messy and boring), I blocked all of the windows and applied decals over. I used the decals supplied from the kit. Secondly, I stumbled for some time on how I wanted to handle the panel lines. For this build, I ended up scribbing lines and washing them. I did not want the lines to be quite pronounced, so I only left faint panel lines. I see other builders not washing the panel lines at all knowing that it is hardly noticeable on the real planes. Lastly, I see some builders complete the plane with semi-gloss finish, but I wanted my build to have some "scale model" look (I meant this in a good way), I gave multiple gloss coats hoping to bring out some shine... I will definitely try different approach for my next build though, perhaps this is the learning process.
  5. This is the 1988 first release of Revell's A320. Compared to their newly molded A320 its a real stinker.No real detail,thick plastic and every part on sprues that would rival even tree trunks. When I was a kid,this was the only game in town when it came to the A320. I tried,and failed, every time to build or even finish one properly back then. Earlier this year I won an auction with 5 model kits and among them there was that nightmarish kit. First I planned to resell it but then I remembered one thing...it had a tow truck in the kit,so I decided to keep it and tried to build it. First thing that I did was replacing the original kit engines with proper CFM56 engines of current releases.The original kit engines are a complete joke. The winglets are also way too thick and big,they were replaced as well. As there is almost no detail on the fuselage,I looked for a livery that would hide most of the kits flaws. PAS decal offers this cute and nice special livery for the Europa Park livery by Eurowings. And because of the all blue fuselage,the missing details are perfectly hidden. Painted with Revell blue 52,Revell 371 for the wings and 374 for the coroguard panels. The decals are laserprinted and have no white backing.White decals are provided with the set,which must be applied first and the the original motives on top. Between the decals I used Gunze Aqueous gloss varnish,and again on top of the rest to seal the decals and give it a nice shiny look. Finally in my 4th attempt,I managed to build Revell's first A320 model. Cheers
  6. Thanks Pin 👍 NEMO72 (new to me) is working on a limited edition 1/72nd Airbus A320Neo injected kit Source: http://scalemodels.ru/modules/forum/viewtopic.php?t=84352 3D renders V.P.
  7. This was an airline that I wanted to have for a long time. I flew with them on one of their A340s from Zurich to Saigon in 2018 and was impressed by their service standard. I planned to make one of my A340 kits with that livery but unfortunately the decal set from 8a decals was out of print. So I looked for the Revell A320 kit with those decals instead. It took a while to find an affordable one but I managed it finally. But I wanted it a bit different,so I used a Zvezda A320 kit,which offers a nice cockpit,options for an open door and lowered flaps. Its depicting something like a maintenance check,but I havent got some ground equipment for it yet. The cockpit is necely detailed but I added arm rests to the seats,thrust levers to the middle console and painted on the display screens. A logbook was placed behind the co-pilots window to add something extra. The entrance was enhanced with detailed painting and the blue carpet was created with Tamyia masking tape. After closing up the fuselage,not much of the work can be seen though....😳 The flaps and slats construction is a bit complicated explained in the instructions,so some research and photo reference of the real thing was needed. The construction itself is easy as the parts fit very well. Painting and weathering was the most work on this project. Careful masking for the red front to get it symetrically was tricky. Paints are Gunze white primer 1000,clear coated with Gunze Premium Gloss. Gunze gloss red,wings are painted with Testors aircraft grey mixed with white.Coroguard panels are from the Zvezda decal sheet. The "Edelweiss" billboard had no window openings ,no idea why Revell did it this way.Their decal sheet only provides silver frames for the windows. As I opted for open windows, I applied the decals over the windows,then clear coated them.After dry I used a new sharp blade and cut out each window, then filled in the windows with white glue.After that the silver frames were applied. This is one of my most sophisticated models to date,for my first time doing all these things,I am quite pleased with the result. Alex
  8. Hi all, This is my second attempt of building civilian aircraft and I am still learning many techniques. My first one was a same kit, but done in Lufthansa livery. Knowing these kits have a small number of parts, I thought it would be a quick build, but I was dead wrong. Never knew how complex it could be dealing w/ painting... And I found out people basically block out all of the windows and that is exactly what I have done here. The build is straight forward, but I found out that there are many after market decals, so I used Draw decals for Swiss logos and also used Pas decals for windows. I gave multiple coats of clear with Gunze Super Clear III. It gave some incredible shine in the beginning, but now after some weeks, it is starting to lose shine. The reason is pretty simple, the thinner getting evaporated, and the clear coat shrinking caused the shine to diminish a bit. I should know this, coming from building autos... Next time, I would like to try something different to prevent that. I used to build everything when I was young, but I have been strictly building autos for many years. Then the hobby got away from me for awhile and now I am picking things up again. As I tried to learn new things and re-learn the know-hows, I must admit that this is definitely a hobby that needs dedication and patience. Unfortunately, this is probably why this industry isn't picking up with young kids, I don't see how this hobby can compete against something such as playing video games. 😉 Having said that, my respect to you all, we are not easy and we know how to pursue what we like for a long time! Steve
  9. In 2020 2021 is to release a new tool 1/144th Airbus A320Neo kit - ref. 7037 Source: https://vk.com/doc-29859496_526077927 V.P.
  10. My first Zvezda build, suffice to say I'll be going back for more. Movable high lift devices were fiddly, and I'll be more careful with them next time as I definitely dinged a few of them with the knife. The fit fits like a glove. I used the OOB livery decals. These look good but I found them to be a bit fragile. Pax and flight deck windows are authentic airliners as always. Painted mostly with Humbrol spray cans. A Zvezda 737ng is already in the post! Chris
  11. Airbus A320neo British Airways 1:144 Revell (03840) The A320 neo is the most recent development of the highly successful Airbus range of narrow bodied airliners. Available as the A319, A320, and A321,'neo' stands foe new engine option' as the aircraft can be fitted with the very fuel efficient Pratt & Whitney PW1000G or the CFM International LEAP (Leading Edge Aviation Propulsion) engines. The other noticeable change is the wingtip 'sharklets', similar in appearance to those used on Boeing aircraft, which replace the smaller winglets previously used. With 95% commonality with the earlier A319-A321 range (now known as the 'eco' engine current option), it is an obvious choice for airlines operating the older machine. Entering service in 2016, the A319-321 neo family has become the worlds fastest selling airliner, although production delays with engines initially slowed down deliveries. They will be seen at airports all around the world for many years to come, probably in a vast number of different liveries. The Kit. This is the second release of Revell's all new tooling, which has no commonality with it previous range of the A320 family. Packed in one of Revell's end opening boxes, and moulded in their standard white plastic, everything is crisply defined and flash free with no sign of sink marks or other flaws. The fuselage has a large cut out where a clear cockpit glazing section is fitted. This far better then the old kit which had a 'letterbox' slot into which the clear part had to be inserted, not an easy job. Cabin windows are moulded open, with clear plastic window strips to fitted from the inside. All the blade aerials are moulded along one fuselage half, but personally I cut these off for later re-attachment as they make cleaning up the fuselage seam very awkward. Rather than alignment holes and pins, Revell have gone for interlocking tabs along the fuselage halves. A neat little cockpit is provided, complete with separate instrument panel. I often scratch build my own airliner cockpit interiors, so here is one job saved. The wings are very nicely moulded with inbuilt dihedral and broad, thin sprue attachment point which make removal from the sprue much easier. On the old A320 kit you had to remove a number of flap track fairings and fill panel lines, as the kit shared the same wing mouldings as Revell's A321. No such problem here, this is a dedicated A320 wing ready to use 'as is'. The wingtip Sharklets are on their own sprue along with the nose cap. The previous release of this kit in Lufthansa colours came without any undercarriage, and could only be built 'in flight' using a stand provided. This was done by Revell to put the kit into a lower 'skill level' rating, but disappointed many of us more serious builders. Happily, the full undercarriage is now included in this 'British Airways' release, along with a range of three different satellite/Wi-Fi fairings. None of these Wi-Fi fairings are needed for this version but it is nice to have them anyway. Another big plus is that two complete sets of engines are included, the Pratt & Whitney PW1000G and the CFM LEAP. BA only use the LEAP, so there are a pair of the PW100G's to go in your spares box! Looking at and comparing them, the differences seem very minor so full marks to Revell for tooling them separately. The fine detail is superb, particularly on the fan blades, which are the major noticeable difference between the two engine types. The intake rings are separate parts, which makes painting them silver much easier. (Tip - attach them after the nacelles are painted, using white glue so as not to risk messing up your nice finish). Options. Only one livery is supplied, the current British Airways scheme. The decal sheet has been designed by DACO, and really is excellent, covering all sorts of fine stencil detail and giving a choice of four different aircraft. Printing is faultless with minimal carrier film and in perfect registration. Were this to be an aftermarket sheet it would probably cost half as much as the complete kit. Conclusion. This is the A320neo kit we have been waiting for Revell to release. Finally it comes with full undercarriage, and the provision of both engine types is a huge bonus for those of us who like to build several variants using aftermarket decals. It looks superb in the box, and should build up fairly easily. I'll build my first one straight from the box as that decal sheet is simply outstanding, and I really like the BA scheme. I'll probably get a few more to put in the stash, awaiting further aftermarket decal sheets. The provision of the three different Wi-Fi fairings and both engine types makes this a no-brainer, as you'll be able to build any airlines A320neo without having to also resort to aftermarket engines. This is how to produce an airliner kit Revell, I'm impressed, keep 'em coming! Highly recommended. Currently, Revell are unable to ship to the UK from their online shop due to recent changes in import regulations, but there are many shops stocking their products where you can pick up the kits either in the flesh or online. Revell model kits are available from all good toy and model retailers. For further information visit
  12. Big Plane Kits (BPK) is definitely working on Airbus A319/320 (family of?) kits. Scale ? Source: https://www.facebook.com/BigPlanesKits/posts/2471733313104397 V.P.
  13. Here's my Zvezda 1/144 A320 finished in VietJet colours using Lima November decals: thanks for looking Julian
  14. Revell is to release 1/144th new tool Airbus kits - ref. 03942 - Airbus A320 neo Lufthansa New Livery - ref. 04952 - Airbus A321 neo Sprues on display at Shizuoka 2019 Sources: https://www.facebook.com/tetramodel/photos/a.2474802349220072/2475722535794720/?type=3&theater https://www.facebook.com/hobbyland.osaka/photos/a.2253464838073537/2253472751406079/?type=3&theater V.P.
  15. Hi All , Ready to go Boxing Day Ansett A320 . White paint stocks checked. Second hand kit seems OK Martin H
  16. I present my Revell Airbus A320 in 1/144, in the sadly no longer with us, Air Berlin livery. This build was OOB even using the Kit Decals and complimented with AA Cockpit and Cabin Decals. The background story of this build wasn’t a good one, it has sat on my shelf for a long time now feeling sorry for itself as I had made a major error trying to fix the Cockpit Windscreen clear part, and it was an horrific mess. Having started using AA Decals I decided to try and give it a new lease of life and give it a livery to take up it’s place on my shelves. I filled and sanded then filled and sanded some more to try and get a smooth and even finish on the cockpit. The masking job was fun... the kit instructions advise photocopying the decals and cutting out the red and silver lines to use as a template mask for the red lower fuselage and tail. I did this then finely drew a pencil line to mark off the fuselage then used that as my guide to achieving the Red section using my tamiya masking tape to hopefully achieve a cleaner finish using the paintbrush... I’m not fully happy with it, but it is looking ten times better than how it did doing nothing... The White was brush painted using Humbrol 22 Gloss white and the red section was Humbrol Red 60, which is a Matt finish. The kit recommends using Revell Gloss Red, but I was out of that and I don’t think it looks too much off colour. Wings and stabilisers are Revell 371 and my own lightened mix of Revell 374 Aqua colours for the coroguard sections. Silver 90 leading edges. Thank you for looking and as always any constructive criticism or feedback is very much appreciated... she’s not my favourite as I don’t think it looks like a particularly clean overall finish. Regards, Alistair
  17. I present my Revell A320 in 1/144 and wearing the Etihad Livery. The build was OOB and even using the kit decals (it can happen sometimes 😂) with the Sharklets from Braz. It was what you’d expect from a Revell kit, it goes together ok but does require trimming around the wingbox to ensure it sits flush with the fuselage section. The only thing I had to do was use some V2500s from my spares as Etihad A6-EJA is powered by them and also has the Sharklets fitted. The Etihad kit, as @Viking excellent review mentions, only comes with the CFM engine options but with the V2500 engine decals. I hadn’t ever used filler before (amateur mistake when I had already put this kit together and had painted it), so I didn’t get round to using it here which can be seen in places ☹️. Lesson learnt and now using it for my future builds. The colour is a difficult one, as again like most aircraft, it looks so different under so many lighting conditions. I followed the Revell paint guide included in the kits instructions. The paints used were Revell Aqua colours White Gloss 04, Aluminium 99 and Orange Klear 730. It’s not brilliant, and I much prefer the ‘Nail Polish’ option, but being limited to brush painting this was my final result. The wings and horizontal stabs are Revell 371 and Revell 374 for coroguard section (until I can track down a Holts supplier locally). The decals are excellent quality from Daco, and fit to the model excellently... if not like completing a jigsaw puzzle. I have recently used AA Decals for my Qatar 787 and am in love with them. I would have used them for this had I known before. I have an ‘Egyptair A321’ that’s virtually finished (I am going to go over the blacked out windows with some AA Decals I have on order). I also am going to be shortly building a ‘Thomas Cook’ A320 in the old light blue bottom scheme for which I have some AA decals on order for as well. As always thank you for looking and any constructive feedback is welcomed and appreciated. Regards, Alistair
  18. Here I present my Swiss A320 built using the Zvezda kit. The kit is OOB except for the decals being from DrawDecal and the Sharklets from BraZ. This was one of my first builds getting back in to the hobby, so apologies if it’s not the best with detail etc. I am missing the Antennas which I may add now that I have some better tools and patience 😂. The Zvezda A320 kit along with the A321 is a great one, as you get the option for flaps extended or retracted, and it comes with different landing gear options to simulate the lack of suspension applied to them when the Aircraft is on finals. The model is painted using Halfords Appliance White, Greys are a variety of Revell Aqua Colours. Red for the tail was Revell Red. I went for the flap extended option on this model, but want to get more tips/practice with ‘weathering’ for the wings etc, as it’s not something I have done before. Would be good to find out what others do to achieve this effect? The decals fitted the model excellently and would have been complimented by AA decals to give that extra ‘real’ effect. Overall I am quite happy with a ‘simple’ livery build for building up experience etc. Thank you for looking and as always any feedback is greatly appreciated. Alistair
  19. Here is my A320 1/144 Scale I’m currently working on. It’s built using the Zvezda Kit, with the extended flaps option. It has been sprayed using a standard Humbrol Gloss Black rattle can. Wings painted using Revell’s standard recommendation of Revell Light Grey 371 and coroguard is Revell 374, with silver leading edges. Engines Revell white gloss. Decals from Ascensio are excellent, and includes a white under layer for the decal to show through over the black fuselage. I much prefer the Zvezda A320 to the Revell one, I like the option for the flaps, and also the Wing mounting goes together with the fuselage a lot neater and easier. Will post the finished product to RFI when I get it complete. (Apologies for the photograph backgrounds 😩☹️)
  20. This is the 2012 edition of Hasegawa's 1/200 A320 which was released in the Japanese Peach Air carriers livery - I purchased Draw Decals 1/200 easyJet decals new release of the airline's 200th A320 delivery celebration colour scheme in an overall orange paint scheme. With all the outstanding Japanese engineering, the kit went together without any issue and the digital silk decals were a delight to work with, The kit is almost complete so this is pretty much a complete A-Z run through of a WIP for you here, needing only a final coat of gloss clear coating tonight. ********************************** Starting life as a Peach short haul carrier with Draw's 2018 celebratory decal set: The kit contents: Work started 2 weeks ago I have never worked in orange before and like yellow, it turns out to be a very unforgiving colour. After some testing, I used a lower toned undercoat orange under the intended top colour coats A bit blurry, The top coat is Tamiya's X6 Orange which turned out to be spot on for squeezy jet With the wings lower grey shade on, this is the corroguard masking process and the tail plane leading edge masking masking out the flap runners and then... Decal work starting A massive issue here. Draw's decal is 4 mm longer than the door recess (below). I had to trim this back and use one of the kits door decals to rectify this issue later on and now with the starboard side front door decal sorted and corrected Its a nifty little kit and I am pleased with Draw's decals. Thanks for dropping in for a look. I will put some photos of the completed model up on the RFI pages soon cheers - John
  21. I’ve been really busy with work and private life lately, but things have settled down a bit so I finally managed to find some time to finish this model. My latest build is the A320-200 from Zvezda in the colours of Amsterdam Airlines. This short-lived Dutch airline operated from 2008 until 2011. As most of you know this model kit is really great, although I struggled a bit to get the engines attached in a straight way. Also the red is a bit too dark (I used gray primer, but should have used white instead) and the windows on the left side are a bit too low. Other than that I'm pleased with the way she turned out. Decals are from Flevo Decals. Cockpit, window and door outlines decals are from Authentic Airliner Decals. Corogard and cargo door decals from 8A Decs. The display bases are all 80 x 80 cm and made by myself. My next build will be the 1:144 PS-84 / Li-2 in Aeroflot colours from Eastern Express, which (just as my DC-2) is part of a Dutch Group Build effort. Anyway, thanks for looking and see you next time!
  22. Hi guys, To celebrate/commemorate the last day of sixth form for me (yesterday) I've decided to embark on a little project. Unfortunately I damaged the seals on my airbrush after trying to thin down Alclad with cellulose thinners; a new airbrush and official Alclad airbrush cleaner will need to be sought at the start of next week hopefully......Anyway... Running alongside my 1:48 Canberra pr.9 build (found here) I'm going to build an aircraft in a particular scheme that I have been wanting to do for quite a while. The kit is the new(ish?)-tool Revell A320 1:144 in an Ethiad scheme: I won't immediately reveal which aircraft I'm doing, I shall reveal bits and pieces as I go along (what a tease I am! ) but I shall start by giving a considerable hint; Red. Any guesses? That's all for now, at least until the airbrush is sorted. Kind regards, Sam
  23. Hello all, Having completed the Air Baltic Avro, I have finally got round to finishing my Iberia One World A320. The kit is the Revell A320 (The Edelweiss boxing) which I recall picking up at the local toy shop, and managed to haggle a lower price for it too (Can't remember how much) but the kit itself was alright, the usual filler was required but that was only around the fuselage join, not much problems elsewhere it terms of fitting. Only problem was every part suffered flash, and there was a few pieces that suffered quite badly, not an issue obviously as it comes off easy, just delays the process a bit. Spraying was easy, white coat was all that was needed for the body, though I manage to accidentally get some green paint down the front side, so had to tidy and re-spray that bit, which set it back again. Lesson learnt, keep wet brushes and open paint pots well away from the model! The One World, windows, doors and Iberia related decals are from Classic-Airlines, and are lovely to work with. The rest are from the stock Edelweiss decal sheet. Thanks for looking! James.
  24. Revell 1:144 Airbus A320. 26 Decals 'British Caledonian'. This is the venerable Revell kit from the 'Eidelweiss' boxing, finished with 26 Decals laser printed British Caledonian Decals.I was motivated to do it when I ordered my BCAL Viscount decals from Ray, and saw this also on his website. The A320 almost made it into service wearing this livery and was undergoing flight testing in it. Unfortunately BCAL were taken over by British Airways before it was delivered, so was repainted in the BA livery before it left the factory. A sort of 'What if' that actually happened. Story here. They were early 100 series A320's that didn't have the wingtip fences, or the strakes on the engine cowlings. British Airways were so impressed with them that they broke from their dominant ordering of Boeing 737's and purchased their own fleet of A319, A320, and A321 aircraft, many of which are still in service. With something else. It had to be the Viscount that started this BCAL theme off. One tip when using laser printed decals is that they often do not contain any white printing. This scheme requires a fine white line under the yellow part of the cheatline. Rather than try and mask & paint it before decal application, I photocopied the decal sheet. Then I Placed the copy over some solid white decal sheet and cut along the bottom edge of the yellow cheatline to give me oversized white areas. These went on the model first, then the cheatlines went of top. Both were applied at the same time and could be moved relative to each other. I just eased the white parts into position with the tip of a blunt knife. I only did one side at a time, letting the first one dry completely before doing the other side the next day. only the bottom edge of the white needs to be crisply cut. Thanks for looking, John
  25. Hi Guys, This isn't completely done yet, but i've been itching to share it. A320 Easyjet 250th Airbus livery, made from the 1/144 Revell kit. Proved a little less cooperative than the 3 x A319's i've built, but generally not bad! Decals from Draw decal, can't remember for the life of me the site I ordered the winglets from. Chris
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