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Found 24 results

  1. Hello everyone, at the end of the year, the work on the completion of the started projects is accelerating. Aside from the Hobby Boss standing in my stash as ultimate mold for A7 in 1/72, I couldn’t help myself, and must finish (if nothing else the one for sentimental reasons) this “old man”. With all the "inaccuracies" and sometimes poor fit, this is one of my favorite ESCI / Italeri molds. Additionally some details added in cockpit, resin pilot seat..etc, and more complicated task to make full length intake from the polystyrene sheet, it turned out a little awkward, but still
  2. A-7Ds of the 174th Tactical Fighter Squadron, 185th Tactical Fighter Group, Iowa Air National Guard out of Sioux Gateway Airport. At Nellis AFB for Green Flag 81-3, April 1981. 69-6210 69-6235 70-0937 72-0182 75-0405 75-0407 Thanks for looking, Sven
  3. Some shots of A-7D 69-6217 of the 6512th Test Squadron, 6510th Test Wing, Air Force Flight Test Center, Edwards AFB, during a radar target mission in June 1992. The SLUFF was acting as a target and threat simulator for an F-16D radar test. Most of the mission was the two aircraft lining up at opposite ends of the test range - an area called Cords Road - and then flying towards each other at various speeds and altitudes. The A-7 would execute various briefed maneuvers or radiate ECM threat simulations. Typically the aircraft would merge and then fly through to the opposite ends of the area agai
  4. SLUFFs of the 125th Tac Fighter Squadron, 138th Tac Fighter Group, Oklahoma ANG out of the Tulsa International Airport. At Nellis AFB for Red Flag 81-2, February 1981. 69-6229 70-0976 70-1028 70-1039 71-0297 Thanks for looking, Sven
  5. The first YA-7D, 67-14582. Operated by the 6512th Test Squadron and the USAF Test Pilot School, 6510th Test Wing, Air Force Flight Test Center, Edwards AFB. Was always fitted with the YAPS (yaw and pitch sensor) nose boom. One of the few YA-7Ds to have the refueling probe removed and the refueling boom receptacle installed atop the fuselage to evaluate this configuration and receiver qualification with the KC-135. March 1981 October 1983, Edwards AFB Open House. October 1989. Changed to white and red scheme some time between 1985 and 1988.
  6. A-7Ds of the 166th Tac Fighter Squadron, 121st Tac Fighter Wing, Ohio Air National Guard out of Rickenbacker AFB. Gunsmoke '83, Nellis AFB, November 1983. 70-0965 71-0347 71-0360 72-0260 Thanks for looking, Sven
  7. YA-7D s/n 67-14584 operated by the USAF Test Pilot School, 6510th Test Wing, Air Force Flight Test Center, Edwards AFB. October 1984 May 1985 The trapezoid markings on top of the wing are for optical tracking during TPS spin training/evaluation missions, making it easier to determine the aircraft attitude with ground-based optical trackers and cameras. TPS would spin the A-7 both upright and inverted. November 1991 September 1992 Like her sisters, she was retired to AMARG in Se
  8. YA-7D, s/n 69-6191, was a support jet with the 6512th Test Squadron, 6510th Test Wing, Air Force Flight Test Center at Edwards AFB. It was primarily used as a trainer for the USAF Test Pilot School (TPS) and as a support aircraft for other aircraft test flights, usually F-15s or F-16s. March 1981. Most of the YA-7Ds retained the US Navy probe and drogue refueling probe and were never fitted with the flying boom receptacle. July 1984. The "ED" tail codes were added to most 6510th Test Wing Aircraft in 1983 May 1985 with SUU-20 practice bomb sus
  9. Hello all... Well heres my entry for this build, the venerable Fujimi 1/72 A-7D. I’ve built A-7’s before but i’ve never built one of these Fujimi kits before. They look great from what i can see, and have been chomping at the bit to start it. Here are the obligatory sprue shots. Markings will be S.E.A. Camouflage and either 23rd FIG (Flying Tigers) from England AFB La. Or the 354th out of Korat RTAFB 1972. See everyone next week. Dennis
  10. Hello everybody... Fresh from the Sharkmouths Group-build i present to you my A-7D. It is in the markings of the 354th TFW. Stationed at Korat RTAFB June 1973. The mouth and eyes are hand painted as i could not source any decals for the project. I have added a link to the WIP log. Please feel free ask questions, comment, or give your thoughts. Dennis
  11. A-7Ds of the 188th Tac Fighter Squadron, New Mexico Air National Guard, out of Tucson IAP. On the transient ramp at Luke AFB. 72-0225 72-0238 72-0256 Thanks for looking, Sven
  12. I had originally posted some images of A-7D 69-6217 of the 6512th Test Squadron at Edwards AFB back in July 2018. I've since found a few more slides... August 1984 In the lead with 69-6194 July 1989 Thanks for looking, Sven
  13. A-7D 69-6194, operated by the 6512th Test Squadron, 6510th Test Wing, Air Force Flight Test Center, Edwards AFB, October 1984. Headed toward the Superior Valley weapons range with a single SUU-20 loaded with six BDU-33 practice bombs. Store separation cameras are mounted on the intake, left wing tip and the aft fuselage to record the BDU-33 releases. Name beneath the windscreen is Maj Gen Peet Odgers, the AFFTC commander. Lined up on Runway Departing Edwards pattern Doing our all-around visual inspection to confirm "Clean and dry" Dropp
  14. Finished the 1/72 Fujimi A-7D kit, circa 1973, from England AFB, LA, using an aftermarket cockpit set and decals scrounged from the spares box. Build thread is here for those interested: A-7D Build It was a great kit and fun to build. Thanks for looking, Ed
  15. Hi, Didn't think I.d be able to start a new build before next years, but the modeling gods have smiled upon me! Therefore, I shall begin a model that I've badly wanted to do for a long time. The model I want to build is this one, rather poorly photographed sometime in '72 or '73 at MacDill AFB, Tampa, FL. Wish I'd had better photo-taking skills in those days!!! The reason for this build is that I wanted to replicate an old model I'd built, in around '73-'74, using IIRC the old Airfix kit of that er
  16. A-7D, s/n 69-6217, was a support jet with the 6512th Test Squadron at Edwards AFB. It was primarily used as a trainer for the USAF Test Pilot School (TPS) and as a support aircraft for other aircraft test flights, usually F-15s or F-16s. October 1983, loaded up for an open house static display August 1984 safety chase proficiency mission. I'm in the RCP of an F-4. During the mission we trade off providing chase coverage for each other. July 1989 during a weapons delivery proficiency mission. The trapezoid markings on top of the wing
  17. Colorado Air National Guard at Red Flag exercise at Nellis AFB in February 1981. USAF s/n 69-6206 70-0929 70-0970 70-0985 71-0341 72-0199 72-0231 72-0243 Thanks for looking, Sven
  18. In early 1981, A-7Ds started showing up on the 57th Fighter Weapons Wing ramp next to the 422nd Fighter Weapons Squadron parking lines. These jets were unusual in that they carried no identifying unit markings and their presentation of the USAF serial numbers on the vertical tail were in very small numbers. A few of us with access to the 422 and weapons school lines caught the first few jets on film in the first week that they were there. Then someone realized that too many people had access to the jets and that area of the ramp got its own security identifier and access was no mor
  19. Hi again chaps, I've deviated from the Phantom to pick out a different jet type, the LTV A-7D Corsair II. These images were taken during a visit to the 125th Tactical Fighter Squadron at Tulsa, Oklahoma. I hope there are some SLUF lovers out there? Martin
  20. YA-7D, USAF s/n 69-6195, recently transferred from the 3246th Test Wing at Eglin AFB FL to the 6510th Test Wing at Edwards AFB CA. At the time, the 3246th belonged to the Air Force Armament Division at Eglin, the 6510th belonged to the Air Force Flight Test Center (AFFTC) at Edwards. That’s the Armament Division shield on the forward fuselage. The Air Force Systems Command (AFSC) shield is on the other side. Surprised that the paint shop replaced the Armament Division tail band (white with red diamonds) with the AFFTC band (blue with white Xs), but didn't remove the shield at the same time.
  21. When the 353rd TFS & 355th TFS of the 354th TFW deployed to Thailand for operations over Vietnam, their aircraft retained all their identifying unit markings, which seems to have been fairly rare among units in Southeast Asia. There are a couple of items regarding these markings that I'm still unsure of, but I'm sure someone here knows what I'm trying to find out. Basically, I have two questions: (1) The aircraft displayed a red or blue band at the top of the fin, which typically identifies the squadron within the wing, but which was which? (2) The
  22. At the RAF Hendon show last month I snagged a Hobbyboss A-7D Corsair to see if I could top that Century Wings diecast version…delusional me… My eyesight sucks so most of this was attempted with me squinting like Mr Magoo despite an up to date prescription. Mainly out of the box, no after market embellishments aside from seat belts made from 0.4mm masking tape and scratched instruments using plasticard. HobbyBoss do not include a decal or anything for the front office avionics. Which is surprising. Office decked out with brass wire as ejection handles…. Painted cockpit but effect looks r
  23. I finished this one earlier tonight, having started it back in September for the Vietnam group build. I got the kit in a model shop in Madrid last July and when someone posted photos of the real "Molar Marauder" I searched out the Two Bobs decal set to allow me to build it. The plane only had this goofy dental artwork for a single day as the Sergeant who painted it dutifully followed the instructions of the young pilot who gave him the design of the artwork, but when the Sqn. Commander saw what it looked like the plane was quickly repainted. I don't think the aircraft ever took to the air wi
  24. I recently bought this kit on a trip to Madrid, and then I saw a post here about this particular aircraft with the goofy teeth (which only lasted less than a day before being painted over, I think in fact it probably never flew with these markings!) and I knew that I had to build my Corsair II as the "Molar Marauder"! I contacted Two Bobs decals and ordered this set directly from them. In addition I got a set of decals for the canopy seals, some resin wheels, a resin seat and the appropriate Eduard photoetch set for this kit. I've still a little work left on my RAF Mustang III and I keep
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