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Found 15 results

  1. Hi all, here's my Israeli A-4E of 110 Squadron - 'Knights of the North'. Built as part of my Israeli Adventure- WIP can be found here: The kit is the Italeri rebox of the old Esci kit, holds up surprisingly well considering its over 40 years old though there's definitely a few troublesome parts to contend with. The cockpit is extremely barebones OOB, with the canopy requiring a lot of sanding to fit on the fuselage (and I'm still not 100% happy). All OOB though decals are from Isradecals A-4 set, they were wonderful to work with. Paint is a mix of Hataka and AK Interactive acrylics. Here's the photos! And here it is with my Esci "A-4N" I built a few months back Plenty more Israeli stuff in the pipeline, the stash is growing concerningly large at this point 😅 Thanks for looking in!
  2. A new tool 1/48th Skyhawk family (?) by HobbyBoss. It is noted the HobbyBoss catalogue 2016-2017 announced a 1/72nd family of A-4 Skyhawk but definitely not in 1/48th! At the All Japan Model & Hobby Show 2016, HobbyBoss displayed a 1/48th Douglas A-4M Skyhawk test build - ref. 81766. Sources: http://www.moxingfans.com/new/liao/2016/0923/2491.html http://tieba.baidu.com/p/4793391219 For my part and at first sight I stay with the Hasegawa Skyhawk kits... V.P.
  3. That's South East Asian, most Skyhawks were seaworthy out of the crate 😀 From wikipedia: Due to the declining relationship between Indonesia and the Soviet Union, there was a lack of spare parts for military hardware supplied by the Communist Bloc. Soon, most of them were scrapped. The Indonesian Air Force (TNI-AU) acquired A-4 Skyhawks to replace its Il-28 Beagles and Tu-16 Badgers in a covert operation with Israel... The A-4 served the Indonesian Air Force from 1982 until 2003. Take one Hobbyboss 1/48 A-4E, add in some Airies resin for the Israeli extended exhaust and 30mm DEFA cannon (standard on the A-4N, retro fitted to the E) and smother liberally in FCM decals and you should have a very smart Indonesian A-4E in three tone camo. That's the plan anyway 😊 Pics to follow. Andy
  4. Hello guys, I have completed this Skyhawk E from Hobbycraft as a what if from the Armada Argentina. My country negotiated with Israel the sale of 16 A-4Es in 1982, but the US didn't allow the transaction to go through, so the aircraft remained in Israel. The money was never recovered. This attempt at rearming the Armada is known as Operación Goliat. The model was entirely brush painted with Revell Aqua acrylics, and decalled with Condor Decals's set 48032.
  5. An A-4E of the Naval Fighter Weapons School out of NAS Miramar, Bureau Number 151095, on the Edwards AFB transient ramp, April 1985. Thanks for looking, Sven
  6. A Scooter, Bureau Number 151064, of VF-171's Key West Detachment at Nellis AFB for a range exercise, September 1980. Thanks for looking, Sven
  7. This time I've imagined a pair of VA-163 A-4E Skyhawks buzzing a US destroyer, sometimes during the Vietnam conflict era. Everything is modelled and rendered in Modo with a little postwork in Photoshop.. The lead plane AH300, was the plane of later senator John McCain. It's the same plane he later were shot down with an happening that led him into years of pow captivity.
  8. Detachment Key West VF-171, A-4E BuNo 151064, MODEX AD270, September 1980 at Nellis AFB. Apologies for the grainy Ektachrome. Thanks for looking, Sven
  9. A-4Es of the Naval Fighter Weapons School at Nellis AFB, January 1981. 149969 555 150023 556 150044 555 Thanks for looking, Sven
  10. Hello all ... this will be my first WIP. I joined here in June and have been considering what to do for my first WIP. I almost did it with my EE Lightning or Fg.1 Phantom builds. And when I put those planes in the RFI section i will incorporate a few photo’s of the builds. So on to this one, I won’t lie I've been a fan of Naval and Marine Aircraft my whole life. And the “Sheep” hold a special place in my heart. So i have several builds of corsairs in particular. This will be my first “Sheep” jet build. My first Scooter since highschool 30 yrs ago. My first WIP And so on. Im using the Hasegawa 1/48 A-4K “Kiwi” scooter for this build. I have the A-4E instructions downloaded so i can backdate this correctly. I also have about 200 photos of A-4E’s. I had some help from fellow members. Thank you @Finn, @Antoine, @Creepy Pete, & @72modeler. I will be using the incredibly good AOA Decals which i was lucky enough to grab when they came out in Feburary. I happen to have a cutting edge cockpit that will be used. True the markings are for a “C”. Yes most official records say the “Sheep” didn’t get “E’s” until ‘69-‘70. However I have found some written evidence in the form of pilots logbooks and Squadron histories and one photograph to go with. I know the “Rivet Counters” will now start having seisures, Please don’t. I respect your dedication to detail. But i can’t do that anymore and i won’t as it cost me 10 years away from this hobby. Anyone thats seen my posts knows I'm not that concerned about microscopic details. I believe the build is the fun part of our hobby as in reality it is supposed to be fun. Below are the first few photo’s of the Actual kit box from Hasegawa ⬇️ The decals i plan on using from AOA which i Have to say look very good and detailed. Anyone used them before ? I haven't had the oppurtunity yet. So any input from the gallery is welcome ? That goes for comments, tips, kit info, and jokes 😜 also. The actual squadron markings ↕️ The Pit & Bang seat are from cutting edge. I have tons of stuff from my friend who gave me his stash when he moved. He didnt want to transport it a 1000 miles so i benefitted. Thank you my friend. The Pit & Bang seat ⬆️ And Instrument panel so far ⬇️ As you can see I’ve gotten the ball rolling and so far so good 👍 I will add the instrument panel and weight to the nose tonight. If you noticed i didn't place the pedals in the hole. Thats on purpose, if you notice the distance the pilot would have to e about 8’ tall if i used Hasegawa’s mounting hole. As it is he’d have to be about 6’5” or so. Anyone have a rough idea of how much weight ? The Bang seat is just sitting in there and both it and the control column will be put in at the very end so as not to damage either. All the holes are opened and ready to go. Oh well enough for now Comments ? Questions ?
  11. Hello all im in a bit of a confusing spot here ? I have a 1/48th Hasegawa A-4K the “KIWI” version. Its a later square tail that as ive researched was a derivative of The A-4F. Itself an updated “E” if memory and research tell me. My question is im backdating this Skyhawk to an “E” and an early one at that used by the USMC in Vietnam. All the parts are in the kit already so not a lot of work. I know it needs the shorter tailpipe, round tail, no chaff dispenser underneath the tailpipe, & no avionics hump on top, but where i get hung up is Antennae's ? Im not sure the correct antennae's for an early “E” type, nor there placement. Is there a go to website or does anyone here know the answer ? Any help at all is always greatly appreciated. Dennis
  12. Please vote for your preference - F-14 GB III or Topgun/NFWS GB Right, with the upcoming release by AMK and Tamiya of two new tool 1/48 F-14 Tomcats, I would like to propose the F-14 Tomcat III GB for 2018. If there is not enough interest, with Fightertown's recent releases of the excellent Topgun movie stars decals, who would be up for a Topgun GB, where any NFWS aircraft is fair game - F-14, F-16N, A-4E, F-5E, F-21 Kfir - you name it, as long as it was a Topgun/Navy Fighter Weapons School aircraft, it's on! No Airforce aggressors I'm afraid... Edit: 2018 instead of 2017
  13. Hello all, Here is my recently finished 'Top Gun' diorama, depicting the mighty F-14 piloted by 'Maverick' and 'Goose' chasing down the diminutive A-4 flown by 'Viper'. Both kits are from Hasegawa and are mainly OOP, the only additions being the Fightertown decals for the F-14, TACTS pods from a Hasegawa weapons set and Hobbydecal pitot tube for the F-14. I wanted the F-14 to be heavily weathered as shown in the movie. The process I used is on page three of the build thread. Build thread is here Thanks for looking, comments welcome. Dave
  14. Hello all, Started this project a few years ago, it kept stalling and has been sitting at the side of the bench ever since. Original thread So, this GB is the perfect excuse to get it done, finally! The reason i've decided to resurrect it is because my favourite decal maker has just released these….which of course i've ordered. So i'm able to do a proper 'Top Gun' jet! Plan is to make a dogfight diorama with the F-14 chasing down the A-4 Here's how the F-14 is at the minute: And the A-4, which is yet to be started: Hope that this qualifies even if the A-4 remains to be done as it's a KUTA for the whole project! Dave
  15. A-4E Skyhawk Detail Sets (for Trumpeter 1:32 A-4E) 1:32 Eduard To enhance the recent release of the sublime Trumpeter 1:32 A-4E Skyhawk, Eduard have released a number of etched brass detailing sets to further enhance your build. Instructions This is a simple etched brass set and is intended to enhance the weapons fit included in the Kit. It provides detailing parts for the weapons pylons, a pylon extension (part no 7 on the photograph), fuel caps for the drop tanks, Multiple ejection rack details, arming propellers (nose and body) and body details for the Mk 117's, Mk 82's and Mk 82 Snakeyes and finally detail enhancements for the AGM12 and AGM 45. Trumpeter normally push the boat out when it includes weapons in its kits and this set will go some way to provide extra detail. Eduard 1:32 A-4E Landing Flaps Set 32 304 Instructions This set enhances the flap area of the kit and provides replacement faces, hinges and joints. some very minor removal of material will be required from the kit parts. Eduard 1:32 A-4E Slats Set 32 305 Instructions A set that will involve a bit more work on behalf of the modeller. This includes replacing the kit vortex generators on the upper surface of the wing. Thoughtfully, Eduard have included some templates, which when folded and married up to the wing will provide the correct placement points for the etched brass replacements. The under surfaces of the slats and leading edge of the wing also receive replacement faces. Eduard 1:32 A-4E Interior 32 719 Instructions This 2 part set deals with the cockpit tub. Part 1 is pre painted and has an adhesive coating applied to the rear face to enable attachment to the kit parts without glue. It comprises of a new instrument panel and handles, replacement HUD, side switch/instrument panels and details for the floor of the tub including pedals. The second unpainted sheet provides new side panels, ejector seat rail details and canopy detailing. Some minor bending and fettling will be required to enable the canopy detailing items to conform to the complex curves of the canopy. Eduard 1:32 A-4E Escapac Ejection Seat IA-1 Belts 32 724 Instructions More than the its title suggests, this small pre-painted etched brass set contains not only the belts, but seat sides, ejection handles, cushion details, handles, levers, placards and buckles. It will require some careful bending and threading to make up the belts, but will certainly enhance the kit ejection seat. Eduard 1:32 A-4E Exterior Set 32 730 Instructions This set comes on two sheets of etched brass, one is pre painted and comprises of details for the avionics box faces and chaff/flare dispensers. The second larger seat contains detailing material for the undercarriage, undercarriage bays, landing gear, wheels, air brakes, engine and airframe and will add some more finesse to the Trumpeter kit. Review sample courtesy of
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