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Found 14 results

  1. Hi all, Seeing the popularity of the A-4 Skyhawk in many GB's and in actual service around the World I'm surprised to find that there hasn't been a STGB for the type. So how about we rectify that? Having seen action in some of the biggest conflicts of the Cold War such as Vietnam, the Arab Israeli conflict, the Falklands and the 1991 Gulf War there is no shortage options to build a grubby bomb toting A-4 armed to the teeth and ready to move some mud somewhere. The aircraft has been operated around the World in a variety of interesting colour schemes and continues in use to this day, predominantly in an aggressor role, which brings me very nicely on to the US Navy and Marine adversaries used at Top Gun and other training facilities and you don't get more colourful than some of their examples. There are also nice kits available in all the major scales and a nice variety of aftermarket decals and other goodies for those that feel they need to have as much resin and etch brass as plastic in their builds, you know who you are . So what do you say? Fancy joining me (and hopefully 24 others!) and building a Scooter or two? 1. Me (obviously) 2. Valkyrie 3. Helios16v 4. Jabba 5. Romeo Alpha Yankee 6. Stevehnz 7. Corsairfoxfouruncle 8. Foxbat 9. Franky Boy 10. CliffB 11. Polybebber 12. Rabbit Leader 13. Arniec 14. Trickyrich 15. Madcat911 16. Zebra 17. TempestMK5 18. Hockeyboy76 19. Marlin 20. Almac 21. Exdraken 22. Col 23. Boman 24. Jens 25. Srkirad 26. Andwil 27. Gingerbob 28. MarkSH 29. stevej60 30. reini 31. Marcin Kaminski 32. klr 33. depressed lemur 34. PinkThorn242 35. Bbdave 36. alt-92 37. Marklo 38. Dermo245 39. John Masters 40. rafalbert 41. Peter W 42. Scooby 43.abat 44. jb65rams 45. RJ-Wobbly-Hands 46. jean 47. planecrazee 48.
  2. This is a placeholder for the ESCi kit of the A-4G variant produced for the Royal Australian Navy. I bought this in the late 1990s ago for the princely sum of 3 Irish Pounds. The supplied stores are 6 x Mk 82 500lb "slicks" + MER (for the centreline pylon), 2 x drop tanks and 2 x rocket pods. This is probably standard for most of the ESCI A-4 kits, except the "Aggressor" & "Blue Angels", which have no stores as I recall. I'm not sure if this load-out was carried by the A-4G, but I do know it was used in the ground attack role. It was also used in the air defence role with up to 4 Sidewinders, which is an interesting possibility.
  3. Sorry for being late to the party, but Affairs of State, took precedents over.... the Affairs of State. Todays entry for your edification and amusement, I'm going to try, (operative word try) to take this old Monogram A-4E, strip down and restore to an A-4C configuration. I built this originally wayy back better than 20 years ago,. Rattle can and hairy stick thick coatings all over. If I remember rightly I got more paint and glue on me than the model. THis was the original Box art And as always any comments , suggestions, or ideas are always welcome. Lets begin shall we?
  4. How to build an accurate 1/72 IDF A-4 Skyhawk these days? The Esci, Matchbox and Frog kits are gone since many years ago. And even the Fujimi and Hasegawa kits are selldom seen. Can something be done with the Italeri and Airfix kits? Cheers / André
  5. Scooters have been a bit of a theme for me over the last few months and this is what I've been building over Xmas - two more Skyhawks to add to my collection: Douglas A-4M Skyhawk II VMAT-102 “Skyhawks” - USMC Aviation, MCAS Yuma, Arizona, 1980s. Italeri 1/72 with markings from Hasegawa and spares box. This kit came without any markings, but provided an excellent excuse to use the very colourful spare set from my Hasegawa A-4E build from October (the kit-supplied ones would have been very "grey" in any event!!!!. Douglas OA-4M Skyhawk H&MS-12 “Outlaws” USMC Aviation, MCAS Yuma, Arizona, 1988. Italeri 1/72 OOB. I struggled with the blended grey on this one - brush painting doesn't always work! Interesting to see how much the double canopy changes the look of the Skyhawk. and finally - here is the full set as it currently stands. there are at least 3 more in the stash, so watch this space!!!
  6. This month's fascination has been a pair of Vietnam-era A-4 Skyhawks. First up was a Hasegawa A-4F from USS HANCOCK, then an Airfix A-4B from USS INTREPID. The Hasegawa kit I've built several times before in different markings, but the Airfix kit is new and I was pleasantly impressed (just as well as I have a few more in the stash!). As always, the kits were brush painted using Humbrol enamels (127 & 130), then a Klear coat for decal application, then an oily wash, finished by a coat of Windsor & Newton acrylic matt. A-4F VA-15 Warhorses - 1973 - USS HANCOCK Yankee Station A-4B VA-15 Valions - 1967 - USS INTREPID - Dixie Station .. and finally, my Skyhawk fleet to date! FredT
  7. Here is another Airfix 1/72 A-4B Skyhawk finished as an aircraft from VMA-225 `Vagabonds'. The information came from Naval Fighters No.50 A-4A/B Skyhawk in USMC/USMCR/USNR service. The decals were made and printed by myself and the only other addition was the 150 gal fuel tanks which were from Freightdog Models. Robert
  8. Douglas A-4B Skyhawk - Airfix 1/72 (03029) This is my first Airfix kit ever. Nice fit, good decals. OOB with some small corrections. Vallejo acrylics.
  9. Hi there, As the title say, are there any aftermarket decals for RNZAF Skyhawks out there, covering all the aircraft's career? I've got a Novascale sheet, but this cover only the A-4G early in their RNZAF service. IIRC, there was also Gekko Graphics, but I don't know if they're still around? Any idea, or others optionss?
  10. After the F-16D, I did a few models, but hadn't the energy to take some pictures and post them. This is the second model I completed in 2017, also started in 2017. The main colors are from Hataka, for me they worked better than Vallejo in the airbrush. It seemed it didn't dry out that fast as Vallejo, even dilluted. I used HTK-A048 – Light Gull Grey (ANA 620) and HTK-A049 – Insignia White (ANA 511). Other colors came from Vallejo and AMMO of Mig. After completing ths bird I managed to knock of the inflight refueling probe twice, that's why it is pointing down a bit. Next time I would paint the red on the intakes, these were the only decals I had a struggle with. The weapons come form Eduard, panels lines were done with oil paint. When the weather improves I'll update this post whit some outdoor photos. Thanks for looking. Jan Remco
  11. Here’s one of my older builds, the Monogram 1/48 A-4E Skyhawk, that I converted to an -F. I think the Monogram Skyhawk is is second only to the Hasegawa A-4′s, and is probably the best A-4 for the money. The biggest drawbacks are a very basic cockpit with the seat molded as part of the cockpit tub, and a too-wide forward fuselage, which makes the canopy and windscreen too flat and squashed-looking. My model was Monogram’s ‘high-tech’ boxing of the Skyhawk, which came with a small fret of photo-etched parts to help dress things up some. I replaced the windscreen with a vacu-formed replacement, and cut away the integrally molded seat and added a True Details ESCAPAC replacement seat. The kit’s photo-etched parts provided canopy locks, catapult bridle hooks, pitot probe, and an AOA indicator (which I have since lost!). The AGM-12B Bullpup guided missiles came from the HobbyBoss FJ-4B Fury kit, which replaced some less-accurate examples I had scrounged from an old Monogram F-100 kit. I added an in-flight refuleing probe light to the right intake, and tried to make it more resemble -F configuration by adding a UHF antenna to the upper spine and nosewheel steering mechanisim from a Hasegawa A-4 kit. The -F version also had wing spoilers and armor plate around the cockpit, but I didn’t try to recreate those. The markings came from a long out-of-production sheet from Third Group Decals, which depict an A-4F from VA-144 ‘Roadrunners’, deployed aboard USS Bonne Homme Richard in 1969.
  12. Last night I spent a good four hours in front of my spray booth. The victim was another of my adversary Skyhawks. This adversary Scooter is supposed to end up as TA-4F BuNo 156491 in these colours: http://a4skyhawk.org...Munzenmaier.jpg Decals are from Afterburner Decals, and the paint is FS16375, FS16251 and FS35237 (all from Xtracolor). SOP, i.e. pre-shading followed by all three colours free-hand. The last two colours acted perfectly so I don't have to touch up the demarcation lines. Jens
  13. Hello guys! here I am to present my last work... an A-4 KU (AF-1) of the Brazilian Navy. The kit is the beautiful Hasegawa in the 1/48 scale. I used Eduard zoom photoetched set for the cockpit, Verlinden ejection seat and FCM decals. Hope you enjoy my Skyhawk! Cheers. Valerio frome Rome, Italy.
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