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  1. Boeing 747-8F Cargolux LX-VCF “Facemask” (03836) 1:144 Revell A very topical issue from Revell featuring their 747-8F kit in Cargolux’s “facemask” livery, including a real facemask with the Revell Logo. Just what you need for the next trip to your local model shop! The 8F is the freighter version of the 800 series of the 747, with a shorter upper deck bulge than the passenger variant, and no windows in the fuselage sides other than 3 either side in the ‘bulge’. The 800 series is the largest of the 747's featuring a fuselage extension of 18 ft, wi
  2. So here we have Revell's 1/390 747-200 in Air Canada livery. Originally released as a Matchbox kit with BA (Landor?) & Air Canada livery in 1990 it was re-released by Revell in '97 with just the updated Air Canada livery. It Has the registration C-FTOC which was infact a 747-100 built in '71 and scrapped in 1999. And here she is.... Not perfect but for £5 and a lick of paint i'm happy with it. 20200130_094006v2 by MikeGBlues, on Flickr 20200130_093943v2 by MikeGBlues, on Flickr 20200130_093914v2 by MikeGBlues, on Flickr
  3. 1/144 Korean Air 747-8 Intercontinental LED lights For a while now I have planned a civilian airliner build with the hope of using LED lights. I am aware there isn't many LED builds out there and none which I can follow step by step so it's going to be a huge learning curve. Although I feel a confident modeller I have no experience with electronics, therefore I had to go out a buy a LED kit with battery, circuit board and several nano LED's courtesy of magic scale modelling. They have a section on civilian airliners and supply LED sets for any Airbus, the Boeing 747 (no variant s
  4. hi all! Would anyone know who to contact regarding custom decals? I’m planing on building Virgin’s Maiden Voyager 747-287B and I can’t seem to find any decals I could use or modify. Any advice would be grand! Thank you
  5. Hello All, I'm going to build a big one
  6. I've always seen the Pan Am Boeing 747 as THE classic airliner. However I'm not that aware of all the small diferences between the various subversions of the 747, so I'm not sure which version to buy if I want to build a Pan Am plane. I know it has to be an earlier version, but which one? I've been looking at the REVELL 1/144 04863 SPACE SHUTTLE & BOEING 747 as it is a 747-121 (I think). Could that be used? Cheers and thanks in advance Hans J
  7. Hi guys! I finished this Boeing 747-200 plastic kit from revell and made a video about my experiences with it. It's not a great kit, but I feel it turned out ok - let me know what you think! Thanks
  8. Boeing 747-200, pics thanks to Graeme H, taken at the Qantas Founders Museum.
  9. Good day every one I though I would share my latest completion. This is the Revell Cargolux 747-8F. Very nice build totally out of the box. Fit was very good and the detail is (to my eye) excellent. I had issues trying to work out the correct colour, in the end I opted for Tamiya spray can which look ok but on reflection it is way, way too dark. On some photos it looks almost white, on others it is quite dark but no where near my selection. I didn't go for a respray because I used a poor primer (automotive) and was worrying about loosing the detail. The decals are very good but the tail one i
  10. 747 egg-plane suitably modified. Its proper stand is drying in the paintbooth, so this is a teaser....
  11. Hi all, I'm starting my first work in progress to present you the build of the 1/144 747-400 from Revell. As many of you already know, there are a lot of issues in this kit. I'll be correcting some but not all. Moreover every part had to be cleared from the plastic as it was pretty badly moulded … I'll try to be pretty accurate with the small details … I've already gathered many pictures of the actual plane. The decals are from F-dcal, and I'll probably be going for the F-GITH "license plate". I began by separating the nose from the rest of the fuselage in order to be able to work on it
  12. Just found this... http://www.authentic-airliners.de/epages/64205758.sf/de_DE/?ViewObjectPath=%2FShops%2F64205758%2FProducts%2FK144-46A Looks like another masterpiece model from AA. Must get me one after saving up a few Euros...
  13. Iron Maiden's (chartered, I think) 747 suffered some damage on the ground this week; http://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/iron-maidens-ed-force-one-11030798 looking at it, it looks to me as if the engine will need a complete new cowling and maybe a new engine, if any part of it has been damaged in the incident. Any ideas out there as to the possible time it might take to repair the engine (and undercarriage, if the story is right) and of course the cost of a new cowling and/or engine, or engine repairs? I couldn't see the R R logo on the cowling, so I am assuming it is an American
  14. Afternoon folks. My two favourite airliners are the 747 and Concorde but for years I have struggled to do a decent job on 1:144 kits with most of them now having been binned off! So last summer I decided I needed to have another go and take more time at getting it right. I had already bought the Revell 747-400 and the Zvezda 747-8 but I didn't want to go Lufthansa on both so started to loom around for other schemes. As luck would have it someone was selling the Landor decals on Ebay so I bought hose and cracked on with the Revell kit. It is as it is so any errors are mine but I am pleased
  15. Hi civil aircraft enthusiasts I'm going to build an early 747. It is next up after I've finished my Zero. It has to be a Pan Am with three upper deck windows - they were the ones I saw in the late '70s as a child. They blew me away. I loved Pan Am and I loved 747s. I've wanted to build this for a long time but it wasn't until I had to spend an additional couple of quid at Hannants to get free postage that I bought the 26decals http://www.26decals.com/STS44107-Pan-Am-late-Boeing-747-121-screen-printed-decal. The next day I went to my LHS and bought the Revell 747 SCA/Shuttle kit and ord
  16. Hello everyone, Haven't posted anything in a while, due to 'technical difficulties' , but here's my latest completion, it's a but rough in a few places and the Shuttle was being a pain because it wouldn't stick to the 747, but I got there eventually. Thanks for looking, Ryan
  17. It seems I finally found a perfect place for photo sessions Dragon "cutaway" kit with TwoSix decals. Mostly out of the box
  18. Hi there, I know I have seen a few different posts about this topic but would anybody have a diagram in how to convert a Revell 1:144 747-200 into a 747 SP? Thanks.
  19. Boeing 747-200 Thai International Revel 1:144 Been building this on & off for a couple of years now, and finally declared it finished today. It is the Revell E-4B boxing, with decals taken from the 747-200 Thai boxing, supplied by my good mate Mr Stringbag who will be doing the BA version at some point, so kindly let me have the Thai set. I had a problem in that I left the windows open to glaze them with Microscale krystal kleer later as all the windows were cut out on the cheatline decal. The problem was the holes didn't line up very well so progress was slow as I had to section t
  20. Ok so on a whim I bought yesterday this kit from my local hobby shop and have decided it will be my next project. The thing is I haven't made an airliner for 30 years and in my mind are the horror experiences of making them as a kid! So I need some advice if I may: 1. Livery - this kit comes with the Boeing livery which is nice but I wondered what were some other good options? 2 Build - what is the wisdom re cabin windows these days? Put the supplied clear parts in or leave them out? How to paint the kit and not make a hash of the windows bit essentially! 3. Paint - gloss was always my Ac
  21. Right folks, this has been a long time in the making. I started this back in summer last year, before my life took a few turns for the worst. Building this kit was only ONE of the tribulations... It's the Revell 1/144 kit, originally meant to be the Lufthansa version, but I wanted a British Airways Landor version. That meant buying an Airfix version for the correct decals and the engines, which turned out to be a waste of time as the decals were scuffed and the engines were pretty useless lumps. I ended up getting the Draw Decal set and some resin engines, and still had to rob the wheels from
  22. Hi all, Back again. I must admit it's been a while since I've posted any work on the site, due to a combination of taking over a mate's business with the corresponding increase of workload, a painful split with my longterm girlfriend, sessions working in the middle east and the fact that my current build is an absolute pig. Anyway, enough whinging. Some time ago I bought a Revell 1/144 Boeing 747, in the Lufthansa boxing. I'd always liked the look of the Jumbo, and when I was deciding what kit to start next, this presented itself. I decided I fancied a British Airways Landor version, which m
  23. Hey All This is my Revell 747SCA, in the last livery worn by the jumbo. Fun build, very odd one. The kit does show its age abit, but it was stillfun. It is the new release 747sca by revell, 1/144. Heres thew photos :-) Thanks for looking Bradley
  24. 3rd build, hopefully not being too optimistic here!! This will be progressed when there's nothing I can do on the DC9 and VC7, the main object of this one is the conversion ot the fuselage into a cargo 747, and shortening the stretched upper deck back to it's original configuration. The rest of the kit looks like a straightforward OOB build, with possibly some scribing round control surfaces as there doesn't seem to be any difference between these and the panel lines. Decals look excellent and areby Two Six.
  25. Hello Everyone i just got an Airfix 747, the series 8 British Airways adition. id lke to do a Highland Express Airways 747 using the kit, but im not sure if it has the correct engines, so can some onetell me does the Airfix 747 have the correct engines for this airliner? http://www.planespotters.net/Aviation_Photos/photo.show?id=169415 Also i have the old Revell 747sca, it doesnt have a shuttle or any shuttle parts, so im going to do it as a boeing 747-100, so does this one have the right engines for the BOAC Airliners? Any one know? Thanks Bradley
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