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Found 20 results

  1. INTRO The last time I stuck plastic was about 36 years ago before family and work pushed my aircraft habit to one side. But I was fortunate to be working with aircraft so wasn't feeling too deprived! Now I have time on my hands I was casting about and came across this fantastick forum. I've had an enjoyable last 8 months rediscovering my stash and logging it for future reference - mostly RAF and Luftwaffe from WW1 to end of WW2 with examples mostly from Airfix, Matchbox, Italeri and Revell and a small number of Heller/Humbrol, Hasegawa and Fujimi. Whilst that was fun, i have also been mesmerised by the fantastic builds and discusions and debates from all the experienced guys and girls from whom I've learned a lot. Strangely my stash has increased by 4 Spitfires, a Defiant, a Hurricane and a Fiat CR 42!! It's all your fault for being so inspirational! BUT now it's time to try and put it into practice after being encouraged to do so by responses to my tentative postings. This will be by way of being a "Starter for 10" (sorry to non-uk people who won't know this as a catchphrase from a well known quiz programme) and to see to where we might get. Hopefully by throwing myself on the populace I, and other similar tyros, can learn something and in return provide a few giggles of the "Ha yes, I did that!" type at the disasters that will inevitabley occur ........ 🤪 To Business If you've not nodded off yet thanks, I will be attempting a Spitfire Mk1 as I do like the year 1940. This will be my recurring theme (assuming I last beyond this build!! 🙂 ) . Oh go on, be ambitious! I'm actually doing 2 Spitfires!! As a nod to my previous experience I thought I'd compare the 1980 tooling/1986 boxing with a newer generation 2010 tooling/ 2018 boxing. The intention here is to do these OOB but I might try and see if we can't create mayhem and mess by adding a few bits as we go along.... Well at least I think I might have managed ot start a topic.........so thats the first thing done! 🙂 Thanks for looking, Rob
  2. Jumping into this GB really just to knock out hopefully a quick build. Bought in quantity (10+!) from HomeBargains a while back for £2.99 each as starter kits (suggestions for use of all those little paint pots and glue??). Spitfire in all guises are understandably well covered in this GB and in general so I am not looking for anything out of the ordinary here as the type is not my area of knowledge either. However I did buy the Xtradecals sheet for the 1a with 9 options - just to decide which one. May research the individual aircraft and pilot stories to get inspiration. Obligatory shots earlier yesterday Progress by close of play ... You cant see much inside....... Any way I like the external painting and finishing stage best, so looking get the fuselage closed up today.
  3. Its been a while since I posted anything on BM, life has really not been too kind lately, I had heart surgery last year and just as I was getting better I fell and broke my left arm. Since then I have moved house so posting anything has been a challenge. Now a kind member gave me some bits n bobs last year to help me make a Sea King from 771 Squadron based in my home county of Cornwall. I cannot thank that person enough but I've lost the PM's somewhere so, you know who you are and hopefully you'll be happy to see them being put to use. I have the Altmark decals and a Revell radome for a Navy Sea king. Just as another thing, I used to see these grey and red cabs all the time as a kid and my brother went on to serve with 771 Sqn as a diver for a number of years. I'm using the new tool Airfix kit of the RAF HAR3 as the base kit along with the Eduard PE set designed for the HC4 kit. As usual anything that is not right will be put right to make a decent Navy cab. This one will go on a small dio and will be displayed in flight, hence the altered rear wheel and the blades being cut off from the hub. A very long way to go yet, loads of scratch building and refining to do. So this is how far I have pushed the build. More photos later, but it looks like I need to find another photo host as PB is asking for a wad of green stuff from me to continue using them Regards Dan
  4. Decision time gang. After much dithering I've dug into the stash and unearthed one of the many Sea Harrier kits which have resided untouched for far too long. The Italeri kit and a Pavla resin cockpit along with an as yet undecided aftermarket decal option from that pile. There's also a growing stack of reference books appearing to support or complicate matters but I'll sort out some photos soon as I can remember how to work Flickr
  5. I rather like odd looking Spitfires, such as with clipped wings, so the trainer type is ideal. When one was recently built / restored at Thruxton, some of my daughter's classmates got to sit in it on their primary school aero club visit. As first reflown the plane was in Dutch markings, which look a bit different, though it's now down at Goodwood with WW2 RAF markings. As this kit had been oop for a while I ordered one of the last two apparently available in the world from a model shop in the Czech Republic. Until I worked out the relative price in Koruna (Crowns?) I wasn't sure but even with postage it wasn't too bad - a lot cheaper than the CMR or Brigade conversion options... Now AZ have plans to rerelease the trainer kits this year, but at least I'm ahead of the curve! Basically you get an AZ Spifire 9 kit with an extra fuselage and the second cockpit interior and canopy. So far I've painted and assembled the interiors. It's not Eduard or Airfix, so it's all a bit delicate until the glue cures as everything is butt joints rather than any locating pins etc. Cheers Will
  6. Some of you will recall the disaster that I had earlier in the year with this model when I sprayed her with Tamiya Satin clear and the paint crazed like crazy. Well I spent a few days over our winter sanding the crazing back vewwy vewwy carefuwwy with increasingly finer sanding sticks until she looked like this. http://i.imgur.com/dCRX6AJl.jpg You can see the depth and extent of the crazing. Then I started the respray job by covering all decals ( which curiously had not been affected by the clear coat) with Humbrol Maskol - comme ca. http://i.imgur.com/rNqIw4Ll.jpg Next I resprayed the two greens - first a bronzy olive and then a patchy olive drab to try to replicate the partially weathered RDAF schemes of the 1970s. http://i.imgur.com/Jsb4cOdl.jpg http://i.imgur.com/pXbxX8Rl.jpg THen a coat of Humbrol Satin Clear , the enamel one this time!, and now she is done and here are some shots of her in the early morning sunshine beaming through our kitchen window - there are still a couple of rough patches but she looks a great deal better than the crinkled mountain range effect that I first produced. Hope you like her. http://i.imgur.com/6rgdPCol.jpg and with flash to dull the colours down http://i.imgur.com/PjpF9CXl.jpg http://i.imgur.com/bE1RT4Wl.jpg http://i.imgur.com/aK9Gld1l.jpg http://i.imgur.com/lbXArZQl.jpg http://i.imgur.com/ZzPGPZ2l.jpg PS - sorry about the linked images - I will have to sort out this issue for other posts.
  7. Howdy chaps. A tradition, me and the good wife, started a year or so ago was to take an airfix starter set on holiday with us. This year we have just arrived at flamborough, for a week, and we have both decided to build the recent airfix jet provost..... My wife is only a beginner at this game, but she does like to have a go too. This will be a log of my own build, as she doesn't fancy having her work put on here. It will be totally oob, using only the supplied brushes and paints, with the exception of tamiya extra thin glue being used. So far, in a couple of hours I've assembled most of the cockpit. I've decided not to use the two pilot figures as they are possibly the worst part of what is a beautifully molded kit. I cut the fuselage halves of the sprues to test fit it. A dry fitting session shows it fits nice and snug. Everything lines up perfectly. I also dry fitted the lower wing section, and that too fits well. In line with the newest output of airfix, test fitting is paramount, as everything has tight tolerances. The front section, just behind the nose wheel well, was a bit tight and needed a bit of sanding to get a snug fit. The area around the intakes fits neatly too. Next up is to paint the cockpit, and fit the instrument panel. More updates to follow, but they might be a bit sporadic, as we are on holiday. Matt.
  8. No photos yet gang but simply nailing my colours to a mast and making a commitment. Plan is to finish a couple of long-term projects and thus create a bit of bench space before starting this one. I've a few examples of the new Airfix 27nd scale kit in the stash and plans for all of them but the simplest and most likely for me to realise within the GB timescale will be one from the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army Air Force. From what I've read these were abandoned Taiwanese aircraft captured at various airbases and impressed into service with the rapidly growing PLAAF along with a plethora of other types including P-47, B-25, C-46, Mosquito and anything else that was servicable during the civil war in China. The few photos I've found on-line show war-weary aircraft with little more than the yellow-trimed red star and bar we now recognise as of the Chinese Air Force along with a red striped rudder and red spinner. I have, however, failled to find a suitable after-market decal sheet that covers this subject so instead am using the markings from the Airfix MiG-15 kit kindly sent to me by a fellow BM member. It'll be a wee while before progress begins with this one but in the meantime I'm gathering as much lnks and information as I can find on the subject. First off some inspiration; http://russiancouncil.ru/common/upload/avianoak111.jpg
  9. Evening gang. Been meaning to post up a few photos of this one for a while and finally got some taken in daylight over the holidays. Worked this one up for the Edgar Brooks Tribute Spitfire STGB using the Special Haobby kit and Colourcoats paint along with only a set of Eduard seatbelts added as extras. Other than the seatbelts and a few minor additions such as the throttle cables and flare rack the cockpit was pretty much that found within the kit... I've read horrible stories about how ill-fitting this kit is but can't say I found any major issues that test-fitting and minor adjusting didn't avoid or cure. I've also read that it's inaccurate but other than the wingtips requiring a few minutes reshaping it looks like a Seafire 45 to me. Painted using Colourcoats Enamel range throughout as my first attempt to use this brand of paint and have to say I loved them. Easy to use and forgiving of my clumsy brush and airbrushing techniques. Always wanted to add a Mk.45 to my small but growing Seafire collection and this one has satisfied my desire
  10. Mind if I play? Got a Home Bargains £2.99 Airfix Spitfire IX kit and was thinking it'd make a good quick build subject as this machine. All the references I can find have this one in overall white but I'm wondering why it couldn't be PRU Pink.
  11. Hot new for 72nd scale fans:
  12. Hello gang A little late to the party but with other projects kicking my head I was hoping a rather straightforward secondary model would help my mojo. Cue a Hurricane from the 72nd scale Airfix starter set bought from Aldi. Why a Hurricane in particular? Well I've always liked the Hurricane and preferred it to the more glamorous Spitfire but a look at my current model collection would make you think otherwise; there are no less than 8 Spitfire/Seafire on display to 0 Hurricane. This wasn't always so. In the more prolific modelling days of my late teens and early 20s I had a good few Hurricanes built but alas none have survived. Now seems as good a time as any to change that. Armed with this, I'd like, with a prop and spinner from the Spitfire I kit along with various spare decals, to make this, and have got so far as doing this today, After thinning down the wing trailing edges I added the undercarriage bay walls. As seems to be typical with new Airfix kits each part needed some material removed from its edges to promote a better fit but it's all gone together without too much fuss. Just what I need Here unfortunately the progress ground to a halt. You see the starter kit instructions tell you to paint the various internal bits in either Hu30, 33, or 90. Now fair enough that's three of the four colours provided in the set but I'm certain they are, with the exception of the Hu33 black, wrong. Therefore I've spent a bit of time looking at other Hurricane models to see what you've all been doing with them. Seems silver and the ubiquitous Hu78 cockpit green is more in keeping with the real machine. Maybe tomorrow...
  13. Right gang, having built a number of the Revell 72nd scale Hawker Hunter kit this year I find myself starting off 2015 with the promise of more, this GB - not to mention the generosity of its creator Cliff - gives me the chance to model a Hunter F.52 used by Peru. Starting point will be the F.6 kit and a set of suitable roundels Cliff gave me. The F.52 was basically a Mk.4 so the usual backdating will need to be done again as it was on my Swedish example. Will try to get some photos taken later in what passes for daylight at this time of year.
  14. Finally finished my fourth Hunter of the year. As per the previous 3 it's made from the Revell 72nd scale kit but this time back-dated to an F.5 Initial plan was to finish this one as a 34 Sqn machine but checked my references too late into the build and realised the one I had decals for didn't carry the link collector bulges under the cockpit so second choice was a 263 Sqn machine. Decals came from an Xtradecal sheet for F.6s suitably modified and supplemented with Modeldecal serial codes. a little extra detail was added to the cockpit and undercarriage, Backdating to an F.5 includes removing the wing leading edge dog-tooth, changing the mid-fuselage vents, adjusting the airbrake proportions, then reducing the tailpipe diameter, Also added the wing tip and tail fairing tip lights from clear plastic. The Hunter fascination will continue next year with at least two planned for GBs
  15. Another Hawker Hunter of the workbench using the Revell 72nd scale kit as a basis. This time a PR.11 of 764 Sqn. at Lossiemouth during the late 60s and one that my father flew on a few occasions. Used the Model Alliance Decals Senior Service Hawker Hunters sheet number MA-72136 but have mixed feelings about this. On one hand it made modelling this machine simpler as I didn't have to raid several other sources to get the decals required and they went on well but the white of the fuselage roundels isn't strong enough to hide the demarcation between upper and lower camouflage colours and none of the many stencils carried by this aircraft after conversion to a PR.11 are provided. While some can be taken from the kit decal sheet that doesn't cover everything. I'll say 7 out of 10 for them. Modifications to the kit were forming the camera nose using the standard kit part built up with plastic tube and filler then the side looking ports glazed with Micro Kristal Klear, filling in the cannon troughs, changing the mid fuselage vents and intakes, and reducing the diameter of the jet pipe with plastic tube and sheet. The airbrake proportions were changed and the arrestor hook made from locking wire that used to come in bicycle brake caliper sets while the pitot probe was turned from some brass rod. The usual extra details inside cockpit and undercarriage were supplemented by a set of 'Remove Before Flight' covers on the intakes and the undercarriage locks. The covers were plastic sheet and fusewire with the straps made from metal foil from a chocolate coin (the joys of having a child ) while the u/c locks were from the same foil and some very thin fusewire. Was also intending to add a P P Aeroparts boarding ladder as well but can't for the life of me find where I've put it so lets call her done as is.
  16. Finished another conversion to the Revell 72nd scale Hunter kit. This one is WB202 as the F.2 prototype when fitted with four dummy Firestreak missiles. A couple of fellow Britmodellers were kind enough to give me spare missiles from their Matchbox Lightning kits and all the other changes to backdate the F.6 were scratch built including the pylons and narrow bore tailpipe. Decals were a mix of kit roundels with Modeldecal codes and the raked fin flashes also from a Modeldecal sheet intended for a Lightning. Painted with Alclad and Humbrol enamels.
  17. First finished model of the year and it's only half way through Based on the Revell Hawker Hunter F.6 kit modified to represent a Swedish Air Force J34 late in their service.
  18. As a small boy my first memories of model kits were the Airfix ones bought from Woolworths during the late 70s and in particular a Lightning my father made with me that got painted overall red. Leap forward 30-odd years (yikes!) and I'm looking at some Lightning profiles and start to wonder where the idea for smothering the poor thing in thick red paint had come from. At first I supposed the kit had featured a 56 Sqn. Firebirds scheme but a look on Scalemates.com only shows a 111 Sqn scheme for it over several releases both before and after 1978. I'm near certain it wasn't the Frog or Matchbox F.6 but even then there's no mention of a likely scheme in either of those kits. So anyone know of a EE Lightning kit from the late 70s that would have featured a red-tailed decal option?
  19. Using the Sword Seafire XV late kit and a set of Almark decals to model a Seafire operated from RNAS Fulmar/Lossiemouth during 1946 as part of the Fleet Air Arm GB I came up with this; This is the progress thread if you want to see how it went... http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234943393-sword-72nd-scale-seafire-xv-767-sqn-1946/
  20. Right, if I've finally discovered how to add Photobucket links via a smartphone I'd like to join in the fun with this one;
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