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Found 14 results

  1. This is tiny compared to Hunter Rose's sculpture - January's mini-of-the-month was a Fire Warrior and I got mine built and based a week or two ago, but didn't find time to paint until yesterday. I primed it with decanted Mr. Surfacer 1000 Mahagony (dark brown) which was really nice, then drybrushed and shaded the cloth areas before painting in all the armour with 2-3 coats of white airbrush ink applied by brush. This gives a nice finish, albeit not a bright white, but because it's so runny it gets into the panel lines and fills them up really easily. I probably spent more time repainting lines than anything else! After about 3 hours work I was a bit disheartened, but weathering and trying to sharpen up the details has helped and a couple of hours later I think it's not a bad effort for the time spent? The scruffiness certainly adds some texture to the white surfaces. NB: The paint scheme is based on the current GW studio T'au army from Vior'la Sept, and goes with the small-scale aircraft I did last year. They were painted down from light grey/white and ended up a lot tidier. I think the white/red is a really cool scheme and fits the sci-fi militarism of the T'au rather well. Cheers, Will
  2. Some time ago I built another model from this range the "Boomdakka Scrapjet" One I made earlier So I have started another... This is the "Kustom Boosta Blasta", as you can perhaps see, I am trying to assemble the vehicle in sub assemblies. You can perhaps see the only smear of filler used so far on the scuttle behind the engine? Everything fits together so well you can push fit the sub assemblies Notice the unusual way this kit is designed, the driver's boots are moulded in the footwell ...but when you add the figure the fit is perfect. I guess that the model has been designed using CAD/CAM to achieve this accuracy of fit. Here's another example This little guy goes together like this and where he will end up All good relaxing fun.
  3. Here's one of my 40k models from a while ago. My Chaos Knight Armiger of Tzeentch. Figured this is the best place for it. Edit: Doh!!!! Supposed to be in RFI. Need an admin to move it pls
  4. Greetings and salutations fine folk of Britmodellerland. A very Happy New year to one and all. With the arrival of 2018 I'm trying to re-kindle a bit of modelling mojo. I've braved the chill cold of the model room/mancave and managed to have a bit of a play. The victim of this renewed vigour is the plastic Imperial Knight kit from Games Workshop. I've already cut my teeth on one of these in the dim and distant past and thoroughly enjoyed it. The previous iteration was built largely from the box and a lovely model it was too (the kit I mean, not my particular rendition..). This time I'm aiming to have a bit of fun by tweaking one or two things along the way. Some of you may have built this one and if so, you'll know that the legs are fixed in a purposeful stance. I think these could be altered but for this model I opted to simply give a bit more life to the toes by cutting and re-positioning the joints a smidge then using "green stuff" to fill in the resultant gaps. The sculptors at Games Workshop have stuck hoses around the various pistons but I've plumped for adding even more. I wanted to give a similar look to the hydraulics on plant and machinery where flexible hoses are supplemented by hard lines and connectors. I shall also be adding chains from the various tow hooks and eyes that festoon the model since they are begging to be decorated in that manner. Finally before I bombard you with images let me explain that I've chosen to give these components quite a beaten up appearance. This may be contentious but it fits in with how I imagine these ancient machines fought. Stomping through the enemy, kicking and smashing man and machine alike. If that is the case then the paintwork would certainly have lost some of it's lustre would it not? Well, that's the way I see it and the beauty of this type of modelling is that no-one can tell you it's not correct! Lol Anyhoo, on to some pics. The plastic was primed first with GW whizz can primer before I used some rust coloured enamel paints splodged on in a random pattern. These were given a nice coat of hairspray once they'd cured with some salt thrown in for good measure. The next layer was an acrylic turquoise blue from Citadel which in my mind was the primer of the beast. Another coat of hairspray and salt before the final topcoat of white. In my mind these components make up the chassis of the walker and as such are constructed from cheaper, more readily available materials which is why they are rusty. The armour plates that adorn the Knight will be given a different finish to represent a tougher and probably much more rare, exotic metal or alloy. Here's a closer look at how the weathering is turning out. The way I achieved this effect was by removing the salt and gently attacking the painted surface with a few rudimentary tools. An old toothbrush, toothpick and the back of a scalpel blade were all pressed into service. Stippling, scraping and rubbing gives a varied result in different areas. Since the feet were what ought to take the hardest bashing I concentrated my efforts there leaving very little paint on the metalwork. I also used a blade to scuff up and scar the surfaces as if the Knight had been wading through jagged remnants of the broken and smashed enemy. Further up the legs I was more judicious with the chipping and scraping. Large areas at the front of the limbs will be covered by armour plates so these would be less damaged in theory. The uppermost portion of the leg where it attaches at the hip might get quite a bit of chipping since it is exposed but at that height it should be less severe than on the foot. Hopefully the weathering suggests that? The final treatment was some staining which was applied once the paintwork had been sealed using a coat of future. I used artist's oil paints predominantly as these are easier to work for streaking As it turns out, much of the flexible hosing at the front of the leg is hidden by the largest armour plate but hey ho, it was fun anyway. I've commenced some work on the armour plates so more of that next time round. Hope you enjoy the pics. If you feel like commenting then please go ahead. Good or bad it would be great to hear any feedback and if anyone has any questions relating to what I'm doing here I'll certainly do my best to answer them. cheers.
  5. Something a bit different. I don't do much Warhammer or 40K these days but I saw this Ork "Boomdakka Snazzwagon" in one of the Games Workshops shop windows and took a liking to it. It's actually pretty well engineered everything seems to stick together very nicely with only minimal tidying up with scalpel and abrasives. Quite a posh set of instructions and a single sprue of plastic bits. Minor criticism here the numbering of the components is based on the instructions not on the position on the sprue. So part 45 might be at one corner of the sprue and part 46 in the middle on the opposite side. Irritating, but nothing more. So, decided to prime the bits of the vehicle black whilst still on the sprue. I wouldn't normally but it seemed a logical step and it has largely worked as I intended that most of the vehicle would be "bare metal" with metal edges to the armour plate. It is quite an intricate model and I have tried to make sure that the bits that will ultimately be hidden are given as much attention as the bits on the outside. Progress has been slow as painting pretty much has to be done as things progress. You could stick it all together and paint it later but I don't think it would be successful. Colour scheme will be largely red and white with the different metallic colours. The driver is going to be challenging as he is leaning out of the vehicle with a "Molotov Cocktail" in his right hand and he is moulded to his seat. I'm debating whether to stick his arms on before or after painting and before or after installing him in the vehicle (his left hand grips the steering wheel, obviously Orks drive on the same side of the carriageway as us Brits!) Wheels just popped on to the axles and by no means finished. That is an undercoat for the red areas and still some washes required on the metallics. More, eventually!
  6. Hi all, While I'm not supposed to be buying models this year (and that's kinda sorta going OK) I noticed that GW was re-releasing the Necromunda rule set with normal Warhammer 40K forces and some cool plastic scenery kits. Luckily these are technically playing pieces for a miniature war game, and not in any way miniatures or models of any kind. Phew. The box comes with some standard plastic Space Marine Scouts (OK, I already have a couple from that jungle game) and some scouts with sniper rifles (a bit old and clunky, but they'll be OK with paint) plus 11 Ork Boyz. The Orks are pretty cool and I've put enough together to make a team. No pictures yet because they aren't primed, but I made some bases for them yesterday which was a fun little project: They're on 32mm round bases with some plasticard tiles, bits of sprue with the ends hollowed out, scrap plastic and the cool GW crackle paint. I was really impressed with that actually, it looked like it wasn't doing anything and then boom, cracks everywhere I also added a little sand and grit to bring things together and fill gaps. If I was really classy I'd have filled the edges where the discs don't quite match the bases as well... There's one more base but I forgot to prime it in this batch. The real meat of this is the plastic terrain though: It's moulded in China but better quality than the Age of Sigmar terrain in that it all fits pretty well. I haven't used any filler on the bits above although there are a couple of places it might really have been desirable. I have some left-over bits not shown because they do need filler - various pipes and things - and it's going to be a big job. I also have a pile of ladders which are a paint to clean up as there are two nut-and-bolt mouldings for every rung. I guess I could just cut them off as they don't make much sense. I'm thinking that I will use the hairspray technique on these and go with fairly light colours, so the red oxide primer will be the visible chip colour. It is a wee bit light though? Cheers, Will
  7. Hello Everyone, So I mention in Wills great thread about buying a Tau army. I only have a few things to make/play with right now. But as I start playing I am sure it will grow. Right now all I have is : 2 x Hammerheads (Skyray's with the parts). 1 x Devilfish. 1 x Piranha. 2 x Firewarrior Teams. 2 x XV-8 Crisis Teams. 1 x Ethereal. 1 x Pathfinder Team. 1 x Tau Commander Countless drones. I have kinda started on a Crisis Team and the Hammerhead/Skyray's (they where second hand). I've started painting the Devilfish/Hammerheads... I'm going to go with a sorta Gundam/Russian scheme. I know what I am doing I am really impressed with the orange dayglow tho. Even my GF commented on how bright it was. So I have decided to work on the Tau Commander first and then go from there... this will most likely be a slow build but I will try to update when I can. I have been looking for ages for the "Coldstar" variant of the Crisis suit... never realised that it was the commanders one. I might buy three more of these at a later date and make the "Enforcer" version. See how I get on first. The sprues are not much to write home about really. Not sure on the thrusters, I will have a look at them and see what I can come up with Other bits... This is my first time painting a base that I can remember. I think I have dry brushed it a little too heavily... it will do tho. More to come sometime this year As always, recommendations/tips are most welcome. Kind Regards, Dazz
  8. Hi all, managed to spend some time recently working on my second Imperial Guard force, so broke out the Citadel paints and did these. They're sprayed with Zandri Dust, washed predominantly in the panels with Agrax Earthshade and drybrushed heavily with bleached bone. Quite happy with how they turned out. A Squadron, 1st Company, Cadian 30th Armoured Regt Hope you like them! -Flash
  9. Hi folk, I finished my Imperial Knight kit and enjoyed every minute. A quick step-by-step is here should anyone wish to view it: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234993227-warhammer-40k-imperial-knight-carapace-and-other-bits-done/ I opted for the Knight Galant boxing which adds more versions over the original kit. It costs a tenner more but you get the choice of carapace mounted weaponry and new main weapons over and above the first edition. I'm not a gamer so, on this occasion I chose a colour scheme that I liked and it evolved into something resembling "House Terryn" in the GW Codex. GW cleverly give the modeller or gamer a lot of freedom when they write their Codexes. If you prefer to make something up entirely then they call those Knights "Freeblades" and allow the modeller to work them in with their own backstory. Great lateral thinking. I bought the Codex as a kind of inspirational tool and marvelled at the painting skills that the 'Eavy Metal workshop have lavished on their miniatures. Beautiful painting in a typical GW style. Great to look at. I also watched some Youtube tutorials to get a feel for the kit before I started. Most modellers choose a very artistic finish to their creations. Some employ wild airbrush techniques, others use amazing hand painted murals to add that wow factor. Some are pristine, others are heavily weathered. Each finished model is unique to the builder and most of them look superb. I decided that I'd like to try some of the techniques that the armour community use on a regular basis. This model would give me a chance to flex my artistic side in way that aircraft modelling rarely permits. Chipped and worn paint, rust and weathering, basing, all techniques that I only use occasionally. For this model I used the GW Chaos black spray can to prime the bare plastic and give a good key for the next layers. I then sprayed some Alclad II lacquer over this on the chassis components like the legs and body of the knight. Many modellers will finish the main components in metal colours then apply the colourful house schemes to the armour panels but I've gone a slightly different route. Instead of bare metal I chose to paint everything in the way armour gets painted. It's not cammo of course but it is universally covered in the same way a tank or APC might be.. With the Alclad II stainless steel down I added salt in places and sprayed on a coat of hairspray in readiness for the initial weathering stages. I used a combination of acrylic blues through the airbrush starting with the darkest shade and working my way through three layers getting gradually lighter. This is not the actual House Terryn base colour, just something I had on my paint shelf.
  10. Hello Everyone, As some of you might've seen, earlier in the year I was given a building from a teacher where I work for his Warhammer Club (clicky linky herey). He liked the one, I done for him that he asked me to do another. I did have a defense line thing which I painted and gave back, but I seemed to have lost the pictures for it... I dunno... Anyhow, he also gave me something called a Firestorm Redoubt, apparently it's for Anti-Air... you can tell I am an avid player huh? Pictures below What do you guys think of my desk at work? Kinda messy huh? The joys of working in IT Still not too sure if I over-done the dry brushing, but the teacher I gave it to love it. So thats all good. I've had an Ultramarines "Battleforce" set for about 10 years now. I got it for cheap somewhere that escapes me right now. Well in this set is something that is called a Rhino, it looks likes some kinda APC/IFV to me. As the teacher fights with the Ultramarines I done it in those colours with the 4th Company/Chapter?? I dont know what they are called, please excuse my ignorance. Pictures below. I attempted to paint the inside, not too sure if I pulled it off or not. Not even sure if that is how they are supposed to look like inside?? I did give it a satin coat before I handed it over, but it looks more gloss to me. I think I have finally found that gloss varnish I lost last year... oopps. Overall, it wasn't a bad model to make. Not sure if I like the warhammer way of painting tho, as in you assemble it all first then paint. I have a Devilfish (I believe) to paint. Gotta look into what colours they are painted. Hope you like them both. Kind Regards, Dazz
  11. Hi folks, Finally got my paints and things unpacked this weekend and spent an hour priming some miniatures I've been building in front of the TV for the last few nights. These are the plastic Imperial Assassin's from a Games Workshop board game. There are four assassins and a Chaos sorcerer for them to attempt to assassinate. The above is the Callidus (lady of disguise) type, the other three below are the Vindicare (boring sniper), Eversor (drug crazed murder skeleton) and Culexus (snuffs out souls by touching people). They're completely mad and I love them - the models capture the insanity of the original metal designs very well but have much better poses. I left them off the bases for painting access purposes, except for the Callidus whose pose doesn't pose (ha) any problems in that regard. Fit was great, cleaning up the mould lines took a while and assembly was fiddly in places because the parts are small (especially the Callidus' head). And I really like the way they've balanced the woman-in-skin-tight-body-suit trope with the fact that the three guys are all wearing similar stuff and showing off everything they've got as a result. Back and front! Paint scheme is probably going to be black - which is the standard - but I'm wondering about a glossy beetly black-brown to get an Alien feel? Either that or black-green I think. (NB: Please don't tell me that I'm foolish for buying overpriced tat, even with a 20% discount I feel bad about it but also felt like I wanted a treat after weeks of cardboard boxes and DIY... Well OK, you can tell me that but I'm not listening. LALALALALAAAAAA ) Cheers, Will
  12. Hi everyone, With modelling time at the bench at a premium these days I picked up this project that I'd set aside for a while. This figure is the white metal Games Workshop Daemon Prince. It can be used in either the Warhammer or 40K universes as a Chaos character. I'm no gamer so can't tell you anything about the way it plays, sorry. The kit builds easily from only a few pieces. I had to use some green stuff in some joins but nothing over the top. The model is brush painted (approximately) as per the box artwork using Citadel and Valejo acrylics over a Chaos black spray primer.
  13. Modified rider Modified gunsight This is the forge world sguiggoth. This model took me a few hundred hours to complete over a period of about 18 months. This is my first all resin model that I've finished, it represents many first time achievements for me as a model maker. The kit is quite good although some of the flash (which is normal for resin) is a lot thicker than most resin items that I've used on my other models kits (Aires/FreightDogModels). It is slightly softer too, although the forge world resin is fairly consistent (I have loads in boxes!) it is expensive if you consider £ v's quality. That being said it still builds up well with very little filler being used, the legs are the most difficult joint to fit and align, some of the scales need reworking. I have modified this kit from the box (or bag!) the additions/mods are the rider/guider, the gunsight and the two rear most totem poles. The arms on both figures required some work to get the arms to sit right. The reigns are from Christmas cracker jewellery. The gun barrel, which must be bought separately, has been drilled and his missing tooth is the result of "an accident". I dropped it! The worst part about this model is that I had to give it away, I built it for my brother, it was a free gift for him. Inspiration drawn from crocodile, blue tongued lizard and spotted gheko. All paints from games workshop except Matt varnish which was humbrol. The base is mainly tamiya texture paint with some odd bits dotted about, old paintbrush bristles for long dry grass and more random bits and pieces from various sources.
  14. So here we go... Not sure if I should post it to the WIP...but might be somehow considering this is only the first of a squad. Will add here photos of the others as i start/complete them. Greyknight Terminator with power sword and bolter Thanks for looking, Alex
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