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Found 23 results

  1. Back in 2016 I finished Airfix’s 1:76 representation of a Cromwell tank. Looking at it on the shelf at the weekend as I sat my just completed Comet next to it I decided it could do with a bit of a refresh. I think it was originally completed with Tamiya Acrylics, with the tracks being completed with metallic grey. It has always looked a bit too dark and glossy to me, and the brightly metallic tracks looked very out of place. I carefully repainted the tracks with Vallejo Track Primer, then gave them a wash with some brown and grey Vallejo Model Wash. I gave the whole tank a wash of Khaki-Green Vallejo Model Wash followed up by European Dust on the tracks and wheels. Finally a coat of Green Stuff World Maxx Matt varnish. I think it’s an improvement.
  2. As my other two builds are pretty much finished, I thought I’d have a go at fitting this in before the end of the GB. It’s been sitting in the stash for a while and should be a fairly straightforward build. Three really crisp and nicely moulded sprues, with the cab a single transparent piece. Nice idea but will take a wee bit of masking. one page instructions and small transfer sheet for three options.
  3. CyberHobby’s Sea Vampire finished as VV151 based at RNAS Ford in 1956. CyberHobby’s instructions say 712 NAS but it was a communications Squadron equipped with transports at Hatson. It’s more likely. 771 NAS which was a Fleet Requirements Unit which was equipped with Sea Vampires. Built OOB and brush painted with Xtracrylix Extra Dark Sea Grey over Sky. Finished off with a couple coats of Liquitex Satin varnish. Build can be found here.
  4. Now the Scammel is finished I thought I’d delve into another Airfix Vintage Classic kit. This time the DUKW from 1966. The classic Airfix art work is acknowledged to Roy Cross on the side of the box, nice touch. Some muddy green runners, a bit of flash and some injection pins but overall pretty good. I’ll replace the machine gun from elsewhere as it hasn’t stood the test of time too well but otherwise it’ll be straight out of the box. There’s a single transparent piece for the windscreen Old style Airfix instructions updated to include a vast amount of safety information. IIRC originally this kit was a bagged Series 1. Small set of transfers for a single vehicle from Operation Overlord at Arromanches.
  5. I will join in with this Airfix Vintage Classic kit. I built one many years ago and I recall it was a little complex as there’s a lot of ‘working parts’. Stalemates has it initially tooled in 1962 so it is a reasonable representation of a kit from them. I’ll build it out OOB apart from some glazing, though I may just glue up some of the moving parts. There’s 7 green coloured sprues, although 2 of them are the wheels, which will be a joy to paint. Not bad moulding for plastic that’s 60 years old, although a little soapy in detail. There’s a bit of flash, not much mind you, some mould seams and some mould depressions. Although there will be some work with files, sanding and filler, I’ve seen worse more modern kits and it should brush up good. Although a more modern boxing the instructions are still quite retro. Two colour schemes with relevant transfers. I’ll be going for the desert version.
  6. With the Higgins Boar approaching completion the Dockside crane started It's time to add the third build to this trilogy that will make up the diorama Yes a pile of card, a USB memory stick along with a Cricut cutter. The memory stick holds these downloads from ScaleScenes LY02 Canal Wharf Boxfile Layout T016 Dock Edge T026a Factory Warehouse T002b Low Relief Warehouse I will not be building all four of the kits in their entirety but selecting various elements.
  7. Found this kit on the bottom shelf of a hobby store, covered in dust. Very straight forward build, but took me months as I picked at it while completing far more complicated kits. Remembered seeing these driving around Tidworth when Dad was stationed there. Brush painted with Tamiya acrylics, weathered with some Vallejo model washes and finished with Green Stuff World Maxx Matt varnish. First time I’ve used this and pretty impressed, nice matt finish. Of course spotted some stray dust on it AFTER taking the photos. Thanks for looking.
  8. I managed to pick this up recently from the large online retailer and thought it would be a good one for this GB. it’s a fairly recent boxing, hence the ‘Vintage Classics’ branding of the original 1966 Airfix kit. The original IIRC came in the plastic bag of a Series 1 kit. The moulding has survived the progress of time fairly well with the detail looking good. Though there is a fair amount of flash, seams and ejection pins needing to be dealt with, especially on some mating surfaces. Four sprues of a rather murky Olive Drab colour. There’s a new style Airfix instruction sheet. But when opened the instructions are fairly elderly, probably not the initial original which would have been on a single page on the inside of the bag header. Colour call out and transfers for a single NW Europe option of the US Army. I'm looking forward to this one as it rekindles memories of childhood. Saturday afternoons at my grandparents after rugby in the morning, then a visit to Woolworths for the latest Airfix kit, before getting the train out and getting lunch and peace to fill their living room with the fumes of polystyrene cement. Happy days.
  9. Number three in the GB is the Revell rebox of the Monty's Caravan kit. I had started to paint the sprues before the GB stated but nothing's off the sprue and nothing glued so is well below the twenty five percent rule. On three dark green plastic sprues which will be a challenge to paint methinks. and the classic MB diorama base Instructions are still the Matchbox style in a Revell booklet. And a small transfer sheet with options for a Western Desert or NW Europe finish for both the Caravan and Scout car. I'll build it out of the box but will probably glaze the windscreen and Caravan windows.
  10. A range of kits that does not seem to have made an appearance in the GB is that made by Metcalfe Models. As we have not had a hut made for some time and this was lurking in my stash, I thought I would add it as my final entry.
  11. The Marmon Herrington Armoured Car was widely use daily by British and Commonwealth Forces in the Mediterranean and Africa theatres. As well as Greece and North Africa they were used extensively by South African Forces in East Africa. It was built in South Africa from parts from the US, Canada, the U.K. and South Africa and saw action across the continent and around the eastern Med. Over 5000 were built from 1940 to 1944 until replaced by heavier armoured and gunned vehicles. There are a number of Marks and the ME version was designed specifically for use in the Mediterranean theatres. There's a single sprue which contains well moulded parts with fine detail. There is a bit of flash on some parts but hopefully nothing that is too difficult to get sorted out. Double page instructions which are OK but the kit lacks location marks and the instructions have a vagueness about them. As well as the colour schemes on the rear of the box there are colour call outs for 4 options, 3 for NZ Forces in Greece and one for a British Unit in North Africa, for which there is a small transfer sheet. I was hoping for a SA option to complete the triumpharate of built, used and employed by Africa(ns). But as Meatloaf says, two out of three ain't bad. All are in the Caunter scheme which will be a challenge, both because of the masking but also getting paint matches, particularly at the moment when shopping is curtailed and sending paint in the post is challenging. But I'll sort something. Let the modelling begin.
  12. Another light tank this time a British one. The Vickers light tank series stretched well back into the 1930s but the Mk VI dated initially from 1937, with the 'c' version with heavier armament being the final version. All three versions a/b/c served on the Home Fromt, with the BEF and in the Western Desert amongst other theatres. This Airfix rendering was originally marketed by JB Models and IIRC in the JB boxing there were two models. in Airfix's box there's only one model on two sprues. The moulding is a little 'soapy' but with a little care and attention should build up into a nice little tank. Although Airfix branding the instructions and painting instructions are straight copies of the earlier JB Models kit. Strangely, although the box art shows a Mk VI in desert colours the instructions and transfer sheet show one home based tank in 1937 and two BEF versions. There should be enough markings to get something sorted out though.
  13. For my third (and last) entry in this very enjoyable GB there can be only one possibility. Located in this box there are parts from three Bloodhound kits purchased some years ago as a project to build a diorama based on the box art which showed 4 Bloodhounds etc.. For various reasons the project never completed but I guessed that the box contained enough parts to build one set while keeping within the 25% rule. As there are only 12 pieces made up (mainly the Landrover) this comes to about 18%. Why the only possibility. When first issued (1960) this was an Airfix Series One kits - with 4 separate builds + personnel and dog, this seemed great value. So I have to revisit this one. Will be OOB and built as a kid - I might even leave a fingerprint on it! As an aside it's worth looking at the Scalemates entry for this as it contains the American boxing. This is an all action boxing and has the bizarre placing of the launch pad on the trailer! https://www.scalemates.com/kits/airfix-02309-0-bristol-bloodhound-missile--181446 Here are (most of) the parts I noticed the missing part when I looked in the box.
  14. I first built this kit in 1981. After it got chewed up by the family mutt*, I think I bought and built it again very soon after, although my records are not certain on that. *Of all the dangers encountered by kits on a beachhead in the family back yard, Canis lupus familiaris must be the most deadly [/Sir David Attenborough mode] The kit I'm building now is an early 1990s boxing, but the kit hadn't changed, apart from better quality decals and Humbrol call-outs. This ought to go together quite easily. Ought to ...
  15. I said I might build this, and I am. Here are my scan of the original Matchbox cover. I think I built this Christmas 1981: This is the Revell boxing that I'm building: I imagine the build phase might get done rather quickly once I start it, which should be today or tomorrow.
  16. Belated thanks to @Enzo Matrix for setting this GB up. In the Christmas Blitzenbuild 2019 my build was based around a N Gauge Metcalfe card kit. this was a pre-cut card kit in 1:148 scale.. Although this scale and 1:148 are my main focus, I have also decided to use the period between now and a house move to complete a micro layout in OO gauge. This will be based around my collection of military vehicles. The first stage is to build a signal box. This is a Scalescenes model that is now available at https://scalescenes.com/product/r010a-arp-signalbox/ although mine was included free n the Hornby Magazine some time ago. The pages as extracted from the magazine the first task is to stick three of the pages to different density card. The first time I built one of these kits I used craft PVA but it was far too wet an the paper never dried flat. I now use Pritt Stick and a roller to remove lumps and ubbles. To avoid the card curling during drying it currently resides under a pile of books. More about the prototype in a future thread.
  17. I am hoping to get this finished. I originally started it for the M3/4 GB but didn't get all that far. I started it again and left it aside but this is a chance to get it done. I bought it some 10/12 years ago on a visit to the Tank Museum at Bovington and its lain on a pile for a while. The Sherman is the Airfix original from about 1960. I'll check Scalemates later. And the flail a much more recent addition. For its age the mouldings are not that bad. It all went together pretty quickly and easily. There were some mould depressions on the inner hull sides behind the transmission that needed filled and the front end is in the need of a small amount of filler. The turret fits together fine and although not up to modern standards does look like a Sherman. I have made a few over the years, including one from a plastic bag in the early 60's but the last one would have been about 30 years ago at least. Here's where I am to start with and the sprues and instructions for the flail.
  18. First things first, I should introduce Arlo. He is my 7 year old son who loves cars, cars and more cars! However in the run up to Christmas he spotted Airfix's Cromwell starter set (along with the HMS Victory), at Aldi and popped them on his list for Father Christmas. Arlo will be doing most of the build himself, with a little guidance and help (with the fiddly bits) from me. So here goes......... The kit comes with 2 detailed sprues (with little or no flash), a tiny decal sheet, paint, cement and brush (although I'm planning to introduce Arlo to my old airbrush!). Arlo began by removing the Base and sides of the tank from the sprue, and gluing them together (I wiped off the access glue). Once secure he then attached the smaller front and back pieces. He has now left the glue to dry, the next step requires fixing the tracks in place, we have decided he needs to paint all these pieces before building them. That's it for now, (remember Arlo is only 7, but is really enjoying the build so far.) Thanks.
  19. I have a few things on the go at the moment but in a moment of madness I lifted this out of the stash. And thought I'm sure I can knock this together before the end of the build and finish everything else off as welll. And build something for the Radial engine GB too. In between being busy at work and the rugby season starting you can see I've plenty of time. But let's get stuck in. The moulds are at least 40 years old as I remember buying enough of these on my honeymoon 40 years ago. It's useful to have these reminders to fix dates. It's classic Airfix with reasonable moulding and detail, albeit a bit chunky. There are options for the gun to be in either the towed or action mode and there are some moveable parts which although compromise the crispness of detail are not too bad. There is a little flash but nothing that can't be dealt with, with a few swipes of a sanding stick. I'll build it OOB and use the kit transfers. I may add a windscreen from clear plastic card or packaging but that's about it. Obligatory sprue shot, comes with gun crew and one 7th Armoured Division in 1940 North Africa option
  20. I don't build tanks, but this kit is a present of a good friend who did not know that I don't build tanks and this GB is a good chance to deviate into the new territory Airfix kit is a nice little set with good level details for the scale and almost perfect fit. I spent about half an hour and he vehicle is half done:
  21. Hello folks I've just got the Cromwell and Centaur book by Ian Carter and I'm trying to work out what the differences are between the Centaur and Cromwell Mk VI CS. The obvious differences I've found are: Centaur No hull MG; early wheels with 'drilled' tyres (but I note two preserved examples in France don't have them); sighting box on turret. Cromwell Mk VI CS Hull MG; later wheels with solid tyres; no sighting box on turret; spare wheels often mounted on turret rear. I expect they're other differences, but I can't spot them. Can anybody help? Thanks Stewart
  22. I made this one a few years ago for the dad of my then girlfriend. I almost got it right, only having forgotten to add the car engine they kept on the engine deck as an auxiliary power unit.. I had very little reference.. And some idea as to how much work went into the detailing..
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