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  1. My latest build - Airfix Curtiss P-40B Warhawk 1:48 - An excellent kit, very good fit with no need for filler on par with some Tamiya kits. Pretty good detail especially in the cockpit with the addition of Eduard details it really pops - not a complicated build at all, managed to put the whole kit together within a couple of hours. Painting was a bit difficult to get the correct tones, underside was a mix of skyblue/light grey, camo was a sandstone base with a mix of olive drab/olive green/neutral grey - bonus was i picked this up from The Works for £10 let me know what you think! all criticism is constructive... From a Tribute To a Tiger Program in Honor of Flying Tiger & Naval Aviator: John E. Petach Jr. “Because he served, we are more secure. Because of the sacrifice, the lamp of liberty burns more brightly in the world. He has earned the undying gratitude of his countrymen and of free man everywhere. How honored of those who knew him; how proud of a nation to have borne such a son.” And my effort
  2. Hello all, hope this might interest some. I started posting some WIP on another platform (which shall remain nameless) but I've found it doesn't have the same 'thread' logic which this forum has provided. So forgive me eloping - I'm back, suitably humbled. This is a new 'quick' (for me) project. Selected because it's small, white (still got some paint from the last project), interesting & - importantly - a biplane without bracing! The Knight Twister - a kit design dating back to the 1920's - in much modified "Imperial" air racer form, as built & competitively raced by former WWII B-24 tail-gunner C.D 'Don' Fairbanks. As a racer it follows that the little plane was constantly tinkered with to improve or maintain its competitiveness. So there are many variations throughout the photographic record, and as now fixed for perpetuity in a Museum. I'll be working to represent one of the earliest incarnations (1971ish), mostly because this most closely aligns with the configuration offered in the kit. Photos here show that phase:
  3. How could I not join an Interceptor GB with anything other than an Angel Interceptor!!! This is an old resin kit from UNCL, also known as the legendary 'Uncle' Bill Oram. I'd been looking for this kit for years as its been out of production for quite a while and then this one came up on Facebook last month for a reasonable price so snapped it up. Its UNCL's old cream resin, with a vac-formed canopy and some small white metal parts for the pilots arms and the wing skids. It came without decals but I have spares for the Spectrum roundels in 1:48 from my What-If builds, when I sourced a bunch of decals from JBOT in the USA. The large A on the underside will be masked and painted For the A on the tail I've got examples from the 1:24 Angel I built last year I have photographed to turn into an image I can print myself. I'll raid the spares box from some other decals for the ejector seat warnings etc. The first job will be to wash it all in soapy water and then cut all the excess resin from the pour stubs and clean up the mating surfaces and joints. This is going to be a bit messy so I might try to do some of it outside weather permitting. A mask will be worn of course, we're all getting used to wearing those beyond the resin modelling arena!
  4. Hello everyone! I'm throwing an instant Italian project into the workshop, and how could I not throw in another Italian. The hero of this workshop will be Reggiane Re. 2002 "Ariete" in 1:48 from Italeri, there will be no additions to it. Instant project so a word of explanation, the model will be at my friend's place on the shelf. Not everyone has the ability or time. Below is a small in-box of the kit:
  5. Ever had one of those kits that end up being just a little disappointing? I picked the old Esci 1:48 scale MB326 going cheap at the swap'n'sell at the local model expo last year. While there I also picked up a set of Hawkeye decals for an all grey 76 Squadron RAAF machine based at Williamtown, NSW late 80's/early 90's. Should have been straight forward - right? Well, it ended up being shelf sitter for the best part of six months. First off, why did they mould it in that hideous, hard to cover, orange plastic? The canopy was all scratched and semi opaque. It may also have been my cack handed abilities, but it didn't fit together very well either. With the finish line in sight, the decals were a bit of a disappointment. It is the first time I have used white decals to go under the main decals - and sadly the roundels were just a bit too big for the wings and too small for the fuselage. I had to use some of the other markings from the Esci sheet - which silvered like crazy and were also very fragile. Finally I made a right mess of getting the undercarriage on. I wasn't going to let it defeat me though - I somehow managed to get to the finish line. I doesn't look two bad on the shelf from a distance, and it really is a very attractive little aircraft. Brush painted with Tamiya acrylics, a little bit of an oil wash and a final coat of semigloss clear from a Tamiya rattle can. Thanks for looking.
  6. Hi all, I had hoped that the "Adlerangriff" Bf109E that I'd ordered would arrive in time for the Battle of Britain Group Build last year. It didn't, which means I get to build it now instead! For this entry I'm going to build the first of the two included kits mostly out of the box, which includes photo-etch and resin parts. However, being lazy, on seeing the individual exhausts I decided to order some one-piece resin ones. I also have some extra decals on order because the kit didn't come with enough I wanted to build something still from the Battle of Britain period, but different. The aircraft I'm planning to represent here was flown by the top scoring Luftwaffe pilot between 10 July and 18 August 1940 (and no, it's not Galland, Wick or Mölders!). He filed victory claims on three major Kanalkampf operations which resulted in British shipping being sunk, and on two airfield attacks including the successful attack on Croydon Aerodrome on 15 August. By then time he was shot down on 18th August 1940 he had claimed 15 victories in the Battle of Britain, to go with 7 in Spain and five in the Battle of France or in the prelude to the Battle of Britain. The aircraft in question is this one: Its pilot is Horst Tietzen, who claimed 15 victories during the Battle of Britain, until he was shot down on 18th August 1940 (now known as The Hardest Day). Decals are from the Eduard Alte Hasen sheet. I also chose this because I like the scheme - plenty of yellow tactical markings but not on the nose for a change! And lots of mottling to have fun with. Right now my bench is strewn with Messerschmitt while I start painting the interior, and I'll start adding some commentary on this in the next few days. Thanks for looking! Matt
  7. More than 20 years after finishing my last model I felt I wanted to try out some modelling again! Last time I was "active" was in 1999-2000 or so, when I moved out from my parents house. Out of my old builds nothing is left except for some photos, but I recall some fun builds like the revell F101-B Voodoo in 1:72 and the Airfix S A Bulldog in the same scale, and of course also the Airfix Bf109 in 1:24. So, after many years I want to get off where I left and as a start I will try out with something rather easy where I can focus on trying out some new techniques. This turned out to be the Hasegawa P-47D in 1:48, so here we go! I started this build already in january 2020 but it was first now I decided to publish a build log of it - for this reason not all steps have been documented. The pace has not been the most rapid one, but I will drop some posts on the current progress and hopefully things will move faster now when I have the tools etc in place. The first thing I did was to replace the exhausts in the front with new ones that I made from beer can aluminium. The parts provided in the kit (seen on top of the exhausts in the photo) were not too convincing. The new ones were somewhat better even if the openings in the end felt a little too large. The rear (intercooler?) openings were good in shape but of course too thick as they are moulded parts. I considered removing them and replace them with brass, aluminium or crash moulded / vac formed plastic sheet, but in the end it turned out I could just carve them out and still get a decent result.
  8. Has anyone built the Eduard AGM65 Mavericks? The main body of the missile and the base come as separate pieces on on different resin blocks. Does anyone have any advice on jetting a good 90 degree surface on both joins and mating them correctly? See images below
  9. Hello everyone, After a bit of a break from the hobby, due to life getting in the way, lockdown has given me the chance to start again and the bug has really bitten! I must have started this one about 20 years ago (unfortunately, I am that old) but never made much progress other than sticking a few bits together but I thought it would make an easy way to start building again and try a few new things out as well. It's the old Esci kit in 1:48 scale with decals from the Ministry of Small Aircraft Production Condor Legion sheet, the original decals just disintegrating when I put them near water. It was painted using Xtracolour enamel and weathered using a mix of dry brushing, pastel chalk and water colour washes. Based on pictures of the actual aircraft I removed the antenna mast, added a faired tail wheel, seat belts, instrument panel and a few other bits. Considering its age it went together well with the only difficulty being the joints in the engine cowl and getting the top wing to fit. The decals on the upper wing also silvered around the edges despite being applied on a gloss surface prior to being oversprayed with matt varnish. I also discovered later that Xtracolour's interpretation of RLM 63 is too light but hey, you live and learn. As it turned out it would be the last kit I would paint using enamel paint but that is another story. Anyway, I hope you like it and I'm happy to get any pointers.
  10. Kit - Hobbyboss AMX A11 / Ghibli Paint - Tamiya acrylics Decals - Gekko Graphics & Kit Extras - Brengun LAU-131 pods, Revell Iris-T AAM's, 'unknown' resin designator pod. Scratchbuilt radar nose & RWR. AMX Kaitiaki (Defender) 2 Sqn Afghanistan 2012 Ok, I know that there's often been some erm... 'resistance' to What If modelling in the past and that used to bother me, but I'm too middle-aged to care nowadays so here's my plastic model of an aircraft that doesn't actually exist in this form and let's move-on. I cannot prove it, but I've had this idea bubbling since before we decided to move to NZ in 2012, the fact that we did move here, simply made the the idea even more real, just a case of when not if I was going to do it. The kit is not great, but I couldn't find a Kinetic kit at a reasonable (to me) price, so you work with what you have, right ?. I made three or four experiments with old drop-tank noses and putty to get the radar nose but ended-up by using the kit nose that I'd removed and changing the length and rear contours with plastic card discs - odd isn't it how sometimes it's the simplest 'fixes' that solve the problem. The RWR pod at the bottom of the fin is plastic card and an old Sparrow missile head cut and shaped to how I wanted it to look. I did think about adding some 'warts' to the ECM bar at the top of the fin and may still do this in the future. The designator pod is an anonymous resin one was in a kit I bought off eBay a few years back, I cut down an old pylon from something I couldn't Identify from the spares box as HB doesn't provide one in the kit - strangely tho' it does provide FOUR droptanks for some reason. The LAU-131's were an indulgence, but they aren't expensive and were exactly what I needed for the 'Armed Recce' / FAC feel I was aiming for. For the paint scheme, I tried as hard as I could to NOT think about [other] contemporary aircraft and just go-my-own-way, now that It's done, it does seem to owe a lot to the CAF & RAAF Hawk 127 scheme, (again) I cannot prove it, but that is entirely coincidental. I've used Tamiya Ocean Grey & Medium Sea Grey with a lot of post-shading and XF-24 Dark Grey for the radome, RWR and fin tip. I have a whole back-story to go with the build but I'm not going to bore folks here with all of that. It's 'just a model' as mein Frau says, it was a great fun project that had a few hiccups along the way, but was definitely a shed-load of fun... pretty sure that's what the hobby is supposed to be about, right ? - Feel free to make any comments, ask any questions or hurl any abuse. All the best from NZ. Ian.
  11. The newest Mk.I kit with the fuel tank cover and landing gear issues. I had to add the padded headrest as per the photo, made from a piece of round sprue tree. Other than that, a great kit. This is WZ⦿H of 19 Squadron, Duxford, 4th May 1939. Innards were painted with Tamiya XF-71 Cockpit Green. Masking tape harnesses. The bottom was painted with Tamiya XF-69 Nato Black and Vallejo Surface Primer – White. Note the long area of white that needed to be masked off and when painting was done and the tape removed, no paint lift. Upper colours were done with Tamiya XF-81 Dark Green 2 (RAF) and Mr. Hobby Aqueous H72 Dark Earth. Antenna is Uschi van der Rosten Super-fine thread From Da Webs
  12. A new thread! A new cardboard jig! Fresh solid, weighty resin floats already with cheeky white socks & sturdy stance white metal struts! Test fit with horizontal radiators doing an impression of a wing... Test fit with shapely curved cowled fuselage! And I'm underway with my next Schneider Trophy racer!!
  13. This was a shocker... I was aware this Revell kit had its issues, but it fought me all the way... despite that quite happy with the final look (from a distance).. despite my ineptitude to get the fuel tank fins on the right way round (too late now to do anything about that).. She's been enhanced with a resin cockpit and a few other bits and bobs off the pylons.
  14. This'll be my first build report so be gentle with me Firstly a bit of background:I got back into modelling like many others I suspect, last year during lockdown here in Germany. Luckily we didn't have it as bad as some and a few shops were still open. I built a couple of WW2 trucks converted to civvy use based on what I see every day on the roads in Myanmar every winter. I also did the very good Revell 1:24 Land Rover which was loosely based on our old Landy. Anyway I got back into aircraft with the Trumpeter 1:48 Wyvern, mainly due to the fact it was based on one serving on HMS Eagle at the same time as my father was serving on it in the mid fifties. I may get round to posting some pics in the 'Ready For Inspection' section: I made a lot of mistakes but it didn't turn out too badly in the end... I quite like building something a bit out of the ordinary(see above!) and thought about trying a MiG in Myanmar Air Force colours as I've seen them flying regularly and have snapped them on occasions too. I discovered that Caracal did a set of decals surprisingly, so that decided things. The choice was between the Trumpeter or the GWH version. Finding the Academy one for 20€ on Ebay whilst the GWH one was around 60€ plus postage twisted my arm towards the cheap option Big mistake as I was to discover... Just tried uploading pics to Flickr and linking them using the 'Insert image from URL' button but it doesn't work
  15. Howdy, Something a little different from me. I'm not a huge fan of modern aircraft, but I'm a big fan of Australian Aboriginal art. This aircraft was painted to commemorate WO Leonard Victor Waters, a member of the Worimi people, and Australia's first indigenous aviator. WO Waters flew 95 combat missions with the RAAF in the southwest Pacific. On account of intense discrimination against Aboriginal peoples in post-war Australia, WO Waters was unable to find support for his efforts to launch an airline, and was not even allowed to practice as an automotive mechanic (even though he was a mechanic in the RAAF prior to becoming a pilot). He became a sheep shearer and died in 1993. The commemorative hornet is a long overdue albeit small gesture acknowledging Mr. Waters and the other Aboriginal men who fought during WWII and were then long forgotten. . . . . On to the build. The kit for this project is Kintetic's FA-18A+B/CF-188. I bought it in 2019 and started gluing some of the fuselage together, but abandoned the project frustrated by mediocre fit. The kit is only about 5% built, so I assume its eligible for this GB. The decals are by Model Maker, a firm I'm not familiar with, but they look nice. One of my modeling goals for this year is to finish up long abandoned builds, and this will be a fun way to do this one. Here is where I currently stand. Step one will be to add more filler to some of those joints and clean them up a little better.
  16. Hi all! Bear with me, this is my first WIP post. Sword’s 1:48 T4 lightning. All the usual comments about “short-run” kits apply - no locating pins, some flash, occasional fit issues, etc., but overall, I’m impressed. I bought a few goodies to go with it, the best being Danny Coreman’s book, but there were a few diorama bits I couldn’t resist, like tow bar, FOD cover (covers a multitude of sins!), tow-tractor... I took inspiration from #propforward’s build, so all the same comments apply as to fit, filling and finish! Natural metal finish on an earlier one-oh-wonder (KH RF-101c, Sun-Run #2) gave me some practice with Alclad and highlighted a few things I wanted to try with this T4. More on that as I get nearer to colouring the plastic. Anyhow, on with the show. I must confess at this point that I’ve progressed a bit before starting this thread, so the progress may appear a tad faster than it actually was. Intended subject was a September ‘63 dated T4 of the OCU, at RAF Middleton St George. Scratched a few bits for the bulkhead, using “Uncovering the Lightning” book and a cockpit tub from CMK, intended for a T5 in the stash. Used Evergreen rod, some solder for the cabling for the canopy and some wires from a short length of 3-core cable. The holes in the bracket at the top I struggled with - how do you guys get them in such a straight line? The drill bit kept slipping offf-line and I made a bit of a bodge of it. Here’s hoping the canopy/bang seats will cover most of it! Side consoles were busied up a bit, but I apparently have fingers too thick to make separate throttles and Airpass radar controls. No matter, I intended to do a canopy-down scene anyway...! ... and all dry-fitted in... Blast! That bracket isn’t covered by Martin Baker’s finest. I may not be able to live with it. The kit seats are pretty good though, as is the IP. especially when some of Airscales fab decals are added... That’s it for now. Wings next. Luckily, there’s a good stint of a few days uninterrupted plastic destruction coming up!
  17. Hi everyone, now available in my web shop and from a few retailers is my latest set, a slatted wing conversion for the Zoukei Mura F-4E (early) hard wing kit. Yes, I know that ZM will eventually release their own, but this is for those who really want to build their slatted F-4E now and maybe also offers a little bit more than the out-of-the-box option will do later... In the package are: slatted outer wings (the main wing parts are cast in extra strong resin to prevent warping), drop-in slat inserts for the inner wings, ARN-101 system antenna, TISEO, upgraded WSO cockpit consoles and instruments, strike cameras, belly/wing reinforcement strap and slime lights (with paint masks). https://www.hypersonicmodels.com/product/f-4e-late-slat-conversion Some pics: Many thanks indeed! This set is forming the basis of two further projects, a Hellenic Air Force "classic" F-4E conversion as well as a HAF F-4E AUP. Both are in the works and will be released under the "Zeus Project" label at The48ers.com Cheers, Jeffrey
  18. Hi everyone! Hope you all are doing well and safe! This past weekend I discovered some photos in an old hard drive of some model kits I build like 10 or more years ago. They are not up to my today standards, but I still have them in my display gabinet, and some of them are still my favorites. This is the case with this Hobbycraft A-4C. If I remember right, this was build out of the box, including decals. I just added a True Details ejection seat, a Squadron vacuform canopy and windscreen to replace the horrible kit one and I scratchbuild FOD and engine covers to hide the non existent detail inside the fuselage. I like so much that I'm seriously considering doing another one with a Hasegawa kit. Hope you like it! PD. I have just notice that after all this years I've still not added the windshield wiper! Regards, Tato
  19. Hi all, here is my Spitfire TR9 G-CTIX (PT462) which I converted from the 1:48 ICM Mark IX kit. Critiques are obviously welcome, but don't be too harsh . This kit was just a distraction from all my school work the past few weeks so it's not perfect! Overall the kit went together well, brilliant abundance of parts from ICM. For £13 you get not only a full 1:48 Spitfire (that you can make several versions of!) with an engine, but also the ground crew with benches, ladders etc. A brilliant base kit for conversions. Here is a link to the build progress post : Enjoy! Thanks
  20. F9F-5P Panther, US Marines, September 1956 - MCAS El Toro, CA Kit: Revell F9F-5P Panther (Recon) (#04582) Scale: 1/48 Paints: Vallejo Model Air, Vallejo Metal Colour Weathering: Flory Models Wash, Mig weathering Products Revell Recon Panther based on the 90's Monogram kit. No big issues with the kit, even if it feels/looks a tad dated. Decals were bit problematic at first but finally they conformed to the surface.
  21. This is my latest creation, as it typical for me an OOB build. Paints are a combination of Model Master, Gunze and Tamiya. This is Revell's 1/48 kit number 3925 of the Panavia Tornado F.3 ADV, No. 111 Squadron, Royal Air Force, Leuchars, Scotand July 2002. I have to thank some fellow Britmodellers for the heads up regarding the fit. The fit is great provided you pay attention to the fuselage and snug it up as the assembly goes along. Also, given it is swing wing you need to plan ahead and in my case the wings were painted before they were attached as it would be near impossible to do this after the fact. Overall I think this is a great kit for the money provided you can get the fuselage parts to all match up. Some silvering of the decals but I think that is partly my fault. I don't have another kit with trust reversers as an option so I thought I would deploy them just because. But it is fidley to get them to work and I would not do it again. The last picture I have paired it with a really great kit (at least to me it is a great kit but partly because I love the plane), which is the Airfix 09179 BAC/EE Lightning F.3 111 XR711 which was flown by the CO in 1965 out of RAF Wattisham. Although the pictures don't really show it the two planes are almost the same size.
  22. This is my latest contribution to Airfix Model World. Eduard 's superb special edition P47 'Jugs Over Germany'. Paints are MRP....
  23. Kit: Monogram Paint: All enamels Decals: Old Models Decals 0799, Aeromaster generic RAF roundels Extras: Eduard pre-painted seat belts. NA Harvard III 2 FTS, Woodbourne, New Zealand Late 1943. This is an original 1979 issue of the Monogram SNJ kit that I've had sitting in my stash since there were Brachiosaur's roaming around . Built in just over three weeks without instructions - lost those so many years ago - I've finished my Harvard as the same aircraft that is in our local museum here ( http://www.tatatm.co.nz/ ), but just after it came into service in 1943. IMO the camo & yellow scheme is really eye-catching and rarely seen on a model, and I like finishing a project in something just a wee bit unusual. Not too much to say about the build, given the aforementioned lack of directions, it actually went together really easily with very little filler or 'modelling skills' needed. The camo pattern is sprayed freehand and isn't too bad if I say so myself, weathering is limited to just an exhaust plume as these machines were kept hangered at Woodbourne and were well looked-after generally. A quick and truly enjoyable build, and isn't that the essence of the hobby, or am I talking out of my a*se again ?. As ever all comments, criticism and questions welcomed. All the best from NZ. Ian.
  24. This is probably @Martians fault. The vacform tutorial build got me thinking about challenging myself to do something other than an injection moulded kit. I stick to 1:48 and almost always the end-of-the-cold-war through to modern era aircraft that I've seen at shows since my childhood. So there really isn't tons of choice in vacform, as soon as I saw the Lightning I knew it was the right one for me. I don't normal go for the un-boxing type shots, but a lot of you might be as new as me to this form of modelling. the box Unfortunately no longer with the etch or the redtops that have been redacted from the front The fuselage Wings Spine stiffener, belly stiffener and an over wing tank Another tank White metal parts for the undercarriage, cockpit, exhausts and nose. injection moulded parts canopy Decals and sticks attached to the bottom of the box First job, as it says in the instructions is to read the instructions. I might have done this in excess of 30 times before I was brave enough to do anything. But eventually the time came. I bought a new cutting mat Outlined the fuselage halves with a fine pen and with my new #11, cut the fuselage out of the backing. Sanding and more sanding until they fit together and also the nose and the exhausts fit snugly at opposite ends. I have no idea how that ended up working so well. Until next time.
  25. After the Kittyhawk Jaguar, I wanted to do something from the rotary side of the house. I had a few options in the stash, but @perdu made a lovely job of an Apache, so I thought I'd give that a shot. I have the Revell kit, having previously read on BM that it has all the defensive suite parts to make a good job of the British version. Despite that, there's relatively little aftermarket available so I'm using the PE & make for the Hasegawa kit, Armoury wheels, Rotor Craft crv-7 rocket pods and some Eduard Hellfires. First job, as always is the cockpit. There are decals in the kit, so I started by removing the moulded switches from the tub and applying the PE. Followers by paint and a wash The interiors are quite dark, but I'm going with a slightly lighter palette to try to help the wash reveal the details. Next up was the seats. These come with moulded belts so they were removed in favour of PE. The pictures in the walk around section show that the seats have a very obvious weave so I tried covering them with microfiber. Glued on with PVA and then trimmed when it was nice and dry Then paint and the PE was ready to go on. They turned out ok, I think. Better to the naked eye than they look in that picture. The "hopefully" suffix in the title is because this kit seems to have some quality issues. There's an Apache in there somewhere it's just up to the modeller to discover it. This is a good example There's also almost enough flash to make a second Apache in 144, but more of that later. The IP needed most of its detail removing anyway for the decals so I fixed the missing bezel at the same time. The front IP isn't much better Two sink holes to fill, but they came out ok. This is the pilots IP, not sure if I got a pic of the gunners panel before I fitted it Here they are in situ with seats and sticks. In place too Test fitting in the fuselage revealed that the fwd coaming was to thick for the IP to four properly and also, checking with the wallpaper section the moulding was too long. You can see here where I think it should be trimmed To bring it closer to this And it also needs thinning. One side is done here so you can see what the issue s And finally both cockpit and fuselage were ready to go The tail rotor shaft needs to be fitted to the other half and then we're ready to close-up. Happy new year Chris
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