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  1. Subject exclusively concerning the assembly of this 71-metre ferry. The subject of the design of the model is here: I can start the assembly even if the upper deck that we could call the walkway bridge is not designed yet, which would not be long in coming. The goal of the project is to moor the Nomadic to the Titanic, as it did in Cherbourg before it left for Ireland, in order to transship passengers. Part of the assembly of the accessories must be done before the gluing of the half shells, afterwards it
  2. Hi all Here is my 1:200 model of the RAF’s newest acquisitions the Poseidon MRA.1 I used the Hasegawa P-8A Poseidon kit (10830) and Draw Decal RAF Poseidon MRA.1 set (20s-737-176) I finished it in markings of the first Poseidon received by the RAF ZP801 based at RAF Lossiemouth with 120 SQD i used Xtracolor X301 Boeing Grey for the main colour and Tamiya paints for all other parts Thanks for looking and Happy Modelling
  3. IJN Pre-Dreadnought Mikasa 1:200 Hobbyboss History Mikasa is a pre-dreadnought battleship built for the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) in the late 1890s, and was the only ship of her class. Named after Mount Mikasa in Nara, Japan, the ship served as the flagship of Admiral Tōgō Heihachirō throughout the Russo-Japanese War of 1904–1905, including the Battle of Port Arthur on the second day of the war and the Battles of the Yellow Sea and Tsushima. Days after the end of the Russo-Japanese War, Mikasa's magazine accidentally exploded and sank the ship. She was salvaged an
  4. Here I would like to show you this classic airliner before the wide bodies were available. The kit is from Nitto and has also been on the market under the Doyusha label (afaik). The kit's decals were quite ok, but I did not like the liveries (KLM and JAL). So Draw decals came to the rescue with this colourful livery. The specialists among the audience may have noticed, that Aeromexico did not use the -61, but the -63 with slightly different engines. But I hope nobody else will notice... The Cockpit glazing was not usable. So I had to use filler and had to sand it. The d
  5. Oh no...not another Airliner! Yes, and there is more to come. Here is a very colourful addition to my collection. In the early Noughties (2002-2006...) JAS painted there Aircraft in a very colourful manner. When I saw this kit, I just had to have it. Well, as usual, older Hasegawa decals tend to be brittle and this one was no exception. The decals reacted to softening fluid in a very unusual way. they wrinkled, but stayed that way even after drying. So I had to do some repair work with a lot of Colour mixing and painting at some Areas. It took some trials until I was s
  6. HMS Hood Parts 6 and 7 1:200 Eduard Continuing their releases of etched sets for the huge 1:200 HMS Hood from Trumpeter, Eduard have released the last two sets. The first, (No.6) covers the ships superstructure, the second, and final one for review, (No.7), for the main top. Part 6 (53-194) – Superstructure. This two sheet set contains numerous parts to upgrade the kits superstructure, including the many water tight doors, each made up from two parts, deck hatches, vertical ladders, vents, and skylights. There are also new parts for platform supports, splinte
  7. HMS Hood 1:200 Eduard Continuing their releases of etched sets for the huge 1:200 HMS Hood from Trumpeter, Eduard have released the next three sets. The first, (No.3) covers the ships railings, the second, (No.4), is for the ships life rafts and boats, the final one for this review, (No.5), ships deck fittings. Part 3 (53-189) – Ships Railings. This single large sheet contains a complete ships complement of railings, including all decks and platforms, some of which will need to be modified to accept the PE parts. The prominent quad of inclined ladders and the
  8. IJN Pre-Dreadnought Mikasa Gun Set 1:200 Master Models As the number of 1:200 scale warships increases so does the number of sets that Master Models release. This set is for the Merit International IJN Pre-Dreadnought Mikasa, but should also be ok to use on the recently released Hobbyboss kit. They are well up to the standard we’ve come to expect from Master Models. [200-009] This set is a combination of turned brass and aluminium barrels, the larger items, such as the four 305mm and the fourteen 152mm are aluminium, whereas the twenty 76mm and twelve 47mm ar
  9. HMS Hood 1:200 Eduard The huge 1:200 HMS Hood from Trumpeter has been out for a while now, but it was only a matter of time till Eduard got it in their sights. So, here they are; well, the first two sets at least from a total of six. The first covers the AA weaponry and rocket launchers, while the second deals with the radars. Part 1 (53187) – AA Guns and Rocket Launchers. This two sheet set contains, naturally everything you’ll need to super detail all the AA weaponry, this includes the 4” turrets. Each of the different weapons are covered to a greater or le
  10. HMS Hood Splinter Shields Scalewarships.com 1:200 The set also includes the raised shields either side of the main turret mounting, bridge shields, bridge windows, and also replacement bridge overhangs, should you damage them whilst fitting the bridge shields. As with the degaussing cable set reviewed HERE, this set also goes to replace the incorrect parts of the ship that are most noticeable. In this case it’s some of the splinter shields. Namely the ends of the mid shelter deck 4” gun turret shield, the aft quarter shields, and three areas of the aftermost shield, also on t
  11. HMS Hood Degaussing Cable Scalewarships.com 1:200 The release of the Trumpeter 1:200 scale HMS Hood was met with great excitement, even the gestation period before release seemed interminable. Unfortunately there are a few faults with the kit, on being the degaussing cable doesn’t go where it should. To that end Robin at Scalewarships.com has produced this set just to replace the errant kit item. The single sheet of relief etched brass contains enough cable to go round the whole ship with the correct routing around the hawse pipes. Naturally, being 1:200 it’s still quit
  12. HMS Hood Trumpeter 1:200 HMS Hood (pennant number 51) was the last battlecruiser built for the Royal Navy. Commissioned in 1920, she was named after the 18th-century Admiral Samuel Hood. One of four Admiral-class battlecruisers ordered in mid-1916, Hood had serious design limitations, though her design was drastically revised after the Battle of Jutland and improved while she was under construction. For this reason she was the only ship of her class to be completed. As one of the largest and, ostensibly, the most powerful warships in the world, Hood was the pride of the Royal Navy and, car
  13. Colleagues: I am starting a new WIP on the recently-released Trumpeter 1:200 BB63, Missouri. I am using the opportunity offered by the release of this model, the Pontos PE and Trumpeter aftermarket parts, to try to improve my modeling skills. I am not an expert in any sense, but I am an amateur in the best sense. I love modeling and am at a place in my day job, my income, and my blood pressure that I can relax a bit more and devote time to what has been a very long hobby. I Live in Colorado, work in IT networking in a global association, and am just impressed as all get-out by the quality bu
  14. HMS Rodney Trumpeter 1:200 HMS Rodney (pennant number 29) was one of two Nelson-class battleships built for the Royal Navy in the mid-1920s. The ship was named after Admiral Lord Rodney. The Nelsons were unique in British battleship construction, being the only ships to carry a main armament of 16-inch (406 mm) guns, and the only ones to carry all the main armament forward of the superstructure. As her superstructure was located aft of midships like RN fleet oilers whose names carried the ...'ol' suffix, she was sometimes derisively referred to as "Rodnol". Rodney was laid down on 28 De
  15. Good evening all, First of all, apologies about the photos-they're not the best.... Secondly, being a rather large Vulcan fan I thought why not try the Cyberhobby 1:200 kit, I would have never thought of buying one, but it was on Ebay for £5. And oh, my. What a kit! The panel lines are crisp, the decals are outstanding and the options available (shrike, blue steel, gear up/down, open crew hatch, etc, are quite varied. It even includes parts for the instrument panel and ejection seats-which shockingly also include control columns!!! A brilliant kit- the one issue being that the pressure nee
  16. Hi This is my first finished model in at least 9 months. It was a 24-hour blitz-build, which presented no real construction challenges. The model has a wing span of 26cm. I spayed it with Alclad Dull Aluminium followed by a couple of coats of Alclad Gloss Klear Kote, prior to decalling. I had some frustrations with the walkway decals, but apart from that, a pleasurable weekend build to break my lengthy hiatus! One obviously can't describe it as a tail-sitter, so "wing-sitter" will have to suffice!! This is from Wikipedia: "The Northrop YB-49 was a prototype jet-powered heavy bomber aircra
  17. Royal Navy Crew Eduard 1:200 With Trumpeter having started producing Royal navy ships in 1:200 scale, it’s natural that they will need some crew to man them, and once again Eduard have come to the rescue with this set of crew dressed in standard Atlantic No 3’s dress. The single sheet of what looks like tinned etched brass on which several rows of figures are attached. Each crewmember is pre-painted and self adhesive, making it a lot easier to produce each crewman just by the act of folding the two halves together. As with the 1:350 scale crew sets, these do still look rather flat, perhaps
  18. HMS Nelson detail Set Mk1 Design 1:200 The release of the big 1:200 HMS Nelson by Trumpeter was a bit of a shock, but a very pleasant one. While the kit is superb out of the box, both in size and detail, but there was bound to be at least one company to take up the challenge of producing a details for it. Just such a company is KA Models within their Mk1 Design brand. The set comes on a large flip top opening box with a sleeve on which a listing of the contents on the front and a picture of the built, but unpainted model, showing off all the brass. Talking of which, there is a LOT o
  19. USS Hornet Detail Sets 1:200 Eduard Continuing their range of 1:200 scale ships Trumpeter released the USS Hornet in 2013, since then only the likes of Mk1 Design and Tetra have released detail sets, which are almost as expensive, if not more, than the kit itself. Eduard have now joined the fray with five individual sets for those who like to have more of a choice as to what areas they like to add detail, and on a more affordable budget. The five sets include items for the cranes, radar, life boats, Oerlikon, 5” guns and quad AA mounts. Part 1- (53-128) this single sheet set is des
  20. USS Missouri Detail Sets 1:200 Eduard Fourth in Trumpeters release schedule of famous battleships in 1:200, the USS Missouri kit is one to behold, particularly the size and detail held within the huge box. But as wonderful and detailed the kit is there are always ways to make a model finer and more detailed than even the kit manufacturers thought possible. Naturally Eduard have taken up the baton and released not one, but 10 etched sets for the modeller to bedeck their creation. The sets vary in size and complexity ranging from two to three large sheets down to one small shee
  21. DKM Battleship Bismarck detail sets 1:200 White Ensign Models Since the release of the big 1:200 Trumpeter DKM Bismarck many companies have released detail sets for it. Now, White Ensign Models have released their Ultimate set. The set actually comprises of eight smaller sets, each of which can be purchased separately, depending on how much detail the modeller wishes to add, so it’s the equivalent of Eduards Big Ed sets. Railings- (PE-2010) which, as the title describes is a medium sized sheet of railings. Since the kit comes with suitable railings for he main deck, this set just
  22. DKM Bismarck Detail Sets 1:200 CMK The big Trumpeter 1:200 kit of the DKM battleship Bismarck has already seen attention from the big detail set manufacturers. Whilst they all appear excellent sets they sometimes don’t go far enough. This is where CMKs Maritime Line comes in. They have released nine packs of detail parts to provide additional detail to the big sets. There is only minor overlap, but even then CMK have given the modeller a choice on how much or little they would like to add. Each set consist of finely detailed resin parts, with the exception of one, in which there
  23. US Navy Crew Figures Eduard 1:200 Having produced several crew sets for 1:350 scale ships, Eduard have now released three sets of US Navy crew figures in 1:200 scale. Obviously these are to be used with the already released USS Arizona or USS Missouri or the forthcoming USS Iowa. Each set contains different crewmen:- USN Sailors WWII (53-109) US Deck Crew WWII (53-115) USN Officers WWII (53-116) In each set there is a single sheet of what looks like tinned etched brass on which several rows of figures are attached. Each set is pre-painted, containi
  24. USS Arizona detail sets, part 2 Eduard 1:200 As wonderful the 1:200 scale USS Arizona is there’s always room to add a little detail, in the case of the sets from Eduard, a lot of detail. Having previously released three sets for the big ship, they have now released three more. Part 4- (53-110) is designed to add detail purely to the ships main top, the observation and control platforms on the main mast. Much surgery is required to remove all the platforms support beams and the large bins on the lower platforms. These are all replaced with etched brass parts and for once the instru
  25. Well, I realise it's a bit late in the day to start a WIP on this one, but technically it's not finished yet, so here goes. I picked up this kit quite cheaply from Creative Models and I am quite pleased with it. 1/200 is not a scale I've built in before, but for aircraft of this size it still gives a fairly sizable model. On the whole, this is a good kit - fit is generally very good, with a couple of minor exceptions (wing halves). It looks pretty accurate to me, and unlike the Zvezda/Revell version includes separate parts for the Trent 1000 and GEnX engines (although to be honest the differen
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