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  1. Hello to all.here is one of my latest finished models. The 144 Zvezda Il-76.it is not the best kit out there. Too complicated and overengineered while having the shallowest of panels that wont hold more than one layer of paint.Other than that it is an ok kit I guess.With a bit of work it can be made into a nice representation of the il-76.Pinted in gunze acrylics. Regards,Dragan
  2. Here is my latest kit: the MiG-31 Firefox of the 1982 Clint Eastwood film. It's the Anigrand 1:144 resin kit. Keeping in mind the discrepancies between the full-scale film prop and the "flying models", the kit has some inaccuracies, namely around the undercarriage. The nosewheel should have twin wheels and the bays and doors are wrong but I left well alone and only cut the nose bay door in a way that made it closer to what we see in the film. My only other modifications were replacing the WW2-type seat with one from a Revell/Mark I F-104 kit (chopped down
  3. Here is the other Miles Magister Mk.I of Heroes Models in 1:144 scale that I finished this week. It represents R1918 of 312 (Czechoslovak) Sqn, RAF, UK, 1941. This is a delightful resin kit with the windscreens made from thin plastic sheet and the exhaust pipe from plastic rod. Obviously some work is involved and for more information see my WIP in the Kampfgruppe144 forum: http://www.kampfgruppe144.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=66&t=7326. As with the other kit, it was built OOB with my only addition being the underwing pitot. I'm aware the main legs are in the extended
  4. Here is one of a pair of kits I finished this week. It's a Miles Magister Mk.I of Heroes Models in 1:144 scale. It represents 1208 of the Força Aérea Portuguesa, at Base Aérea Nº 2, Ota, Portugal, in 1952. Portugal received 10 Magisters in 1946 serving under the Aeronáutica Militar. When this merged with the Aviação Naval to form the Força Aérea Portuguesa in July 1952, 10 new serial numbers were allocated even though several had been withdrawn form service. The Magister was officially withdrawn from service that same year although there are reports of one still being used from
  5. Hello Again; For those of you already follow construction stages on my Instagram account may notice, I just finished 1/144 Revell Airbus A319 CSA Livery as of today. My initial plan was to finish her in 2020 however decal problem which I encountered (DRAW decal totally destroyed while application) did not allowed to finish her on time. As for the paints, Tamiya LP4 used for the fuselage, lower section of the fuselage painted with Mr. Color C325 , wings and horizontal stabilizer painted with the mixture of Mr. Color C325 and 316. Engines painted with Mr. Color GX-3. All
  6. I hope this is the right place to post this - I cannot see a What If section, and weird though this is it is not Sci-Fi! Please do move it if not. I don't post many of my builds on here but this is a bit of a rare kit and aircraft so I thought I'd share it (apart from anything else, despite searching the ends of the internet I can find no images of completed models of this aircraft in any scale so this might help the one other human on this planet who might want to build this kit!). This was a genuine but unbuilt anti-submarine patrol seaplane
  7. I was impressed by Kevin Aris' large-scale SD-14 card model and thought perhaps I could have a go at something like that. The SD-14 kit is too expensive for me though, so I am going to attempt doing something of my own. The plan is that this will hopefully build into an aircraft carrier. Initial drawings have been done and the first frames have been cut out. These frames are for the bow section and in this area the gap between each frame is 3 feet. At this scale that works out at 6.35mm betwen each frame. This means I need to put spacers in between each fr
  8. Here is the second of a trio of two-seater Starfighters I have been working on the past month-and-a-half. It's F-104F Starfighter BB+362 (s/n 59-4996, c/n 5049) of WaSLw 10 (Waffenschule der Luftwaffe), Luftwaffe, at Jever AB, German Federal Republic, in the late 1960s from Mark I's reboxing of the Revell kit. Only 30 of this variant were built, all exclusively for Germany. The F-104F was basically an F-104D with the F-104G's uprated engine. Like the F-104D, it had no radar and no weapons capability and was exclusively for pilot training. Apart
  9. Here is the first of three two-seater Starfighters I have been working on the past month-and-a-half. It's a CF-104D from Mark I's reboxing of the Revell kit. It represents RT-657 (104657, ex-CAF 5327) of Esk 726, Royal Danish AF, at Alborg AB, Denmark, in 1983-85. Apart from sanding down the main undercarriage door bulges as indicated in the instructions, I made some more modifications. I found photos of this machine and it was one of the later Canadian-built Starfighters equipped with RWR blisters under the nose and on both sides of the tail. I also added some aerials, one behin
  10. Here is another Luft 46 project I built back in 2014. It's a Blohm und Voss P.209.02 forward swept wing fighter project by Anigrand Craftswork in 1:144 and in resin. I added some belts in the cockpit, thinned the undercarriage bay doors as much as possible and split them according to references as opposed to what Anigrand seemed to propose. The kit was fully painted and varnished by brush. Thanks for looking Miguel
  11. I have a few Welsh Models vacforms on the go at the moment, one of them being this HP Hastings. I have opened up the main passenger/cargo doors and added a deck internally; however, that is about as much as I know on this aircraft. I would be grateful if someone could provide advice on types that can be built and what the internal cabin/cargo area would look like. I do know that they were used for passenger, cargo and meteorology taskings but I have some queries: where the passenger variants all passenger, or passenger and cargo mix? Apart from the seating facing rea
  12. Here is my 1:144 scale Anigrand Craftswork resin Blohm & Voss P.215 which I built back in 2014. This was an unbuilt German WWII nightfighter project. I added details to the cockpit as this was meant to be a three-seater and the kit only came with two. Apart from scratchbuilding a third seat, I added belts, headrests, a stick for the pilot and some boxes in the rear section. I also thinned the undercarriage doors and added gun barrels from metal rod. The kit was fully painted with brush and only the Vallejo Satin varnish was airbrushed. This scheme came about as a
  13. Here is my Platz 1:144 North American P-51D-20-NA Mustang which I built back in 2007. It represents 44-72218/WZ-I "Big Beautiful Doll", flown by Lt. Col. John D. Landers (78th FG CO), 48th FS, 78th FG, 8th Air Force, USAAF, from November 1944 to May 1945. The kit was built OOB and fully painted and varnished with brush. As I have mentioned before, these Platz kits are a real delight with great finesse for this scale. Eduard has released these same moulds under their label. Highly recommended. Thanks for looking and, as always, all comments are welcome Miguel
  14. Here is my Jach 1:144 Messerschmitt P.1101N which I built back in 2010. Jach offers a two-kit box covering two possible variants (A and N) of this unbuilt German WWII project. The "N" is a proposed nightfighter variant. I scratchbuilt a cockpit since there was none. The aerials came as etched metal parts. The kit was fully painted with brush except for the final matt varnish which was airbrushed. Thank you for looking Miguel
  15. Here are a pair of desert scheme Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-17PF "Fresco Ds" I built back in 2014. Both are from the Attack 1:144 kit moulds, the Syrian one from the original boxing whereas the Egyptian one was from the Mark I re-boxing. The Mark I kit came with a resin cockpit so I used it as a guide to scratchbuild one for the Attack kit using a Matador Models white metal MiG-21PF seat. Both kits had the radio mast and wing probes added from stretched sprue. The missing sway braces for the drop tanks were also added from thin plastic sheet. They were fully painted and varnished by brush.
  16. Good evening everyone! I hope you're all keeping well? After almost 5 weeks of work (and more money than I should probably admit to) I've finally completed my rendition of an American Airlines Boeing 777-300ER in 1:144 scale: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I could write a lot about this build (and I have on the Work in Progress thread), but I shall try and keep it relatively short and sweet. Just over a year ago I took my first flight, in an attempt to get over my fear of both flyin
  17. Here is a Minicraft 1:144 Heinkel He 111H-6 I built back in 2015. It represents 1H+MM, of KG26, Luftwaffe, based in Italy. It was built mostly OOB but using the Matador Models white metal cockpit part. The guns were are replaced by new ones from scrap plastic and stretched sprue. The missing underfuselage aerial, wing pitot and engine carburettor intakes were also made from stretched sprue. I also tried to improve the shapes of the propeller blades. General fit of parts was poor, especially around the underside gondola and wing roots. The kit was fully painted and varni
  18. Here is my other Eduard 1:144 Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21Bis "Fishbed N" which I built back in 2012. It represents "Blue 223", of the People's Air Force of Mozambique, at Beira AB, Mozambique, in 1988. The kit was built OOB and painted with brush except for the final light coat of matt varnish which was airbrushed. The decals came from a Berna Decals sheet. The rocket pods came from an Attack 1:144 MiG-21 kit. I had arranged the pylons so that they would be carried on the inner ones but the undercarriage fouled the fit of the pods so I put them on the outer ones. It seem
  19. Here is the second of two Armory 1:144 Messerschmitt Bf 109E-4s that I have completed this past week. It represents E-4/N Black Chevron and Bars, W.Nr 5819, flown by Oberstleutnant Adolf Galland, Geschwaderkommodore of JG 26 'Schlageter', Luftwaffe, at Audembert, France, in December 1940. For notes on the build check the other one (Wick's E-4). I added the telescopic sight from stretched sprue. The kit was built mostly OOB and fully painted and varnished by brush. Decals came from an MYK decal sheet. Thank you for looking and, as always, all comments are welco
  20. Here is one of two Armory 1:144 Messerschmitt Bf 109E-4s that I have completed this past week. It represents Black Double Chevron, W.Nr 5344, flown by Hauptmann Helmut Wick, Gruppenkommandeur of I./JG 2 'Richtofen', Luftwaffe, at Brest, France, in October 1940. The Armory kit has enough optional parts to make any of the Emil subvariants with etched parts that give good scale thickness (or thinness) to some parts and a decal sheet covering 14 options (my kits came from Set #2 "Battle of Britain Aces"). Unfortunately, major parts suffer from excessive flash and overall fit of parts
  21. Here is my Anigrand Craftswork 1:144 resin Kawasaki Ki-108 "Randy" I built back in 2011. It represents one of the prototypes at the Rikugun Koku Shinsa Bu (Army Air Testing Centre), Gifu Factory area, 1944. It's one of the bonus kits of the Kawasaki Ki-91 bomber set. Only four prototypes of this aircraft were built and flown, the second pair being of the improved Kai variant with greater span and length. According to what little references I could find, this kit seems to be a little in between both variants but closer to the first pair. This was a particularly trou
  22. Here is my Revell 1:144 Lockheed TF-104G Starfighter which I built back in 2004. It represents 28+31 of JaboG34, Luftwaffe, based at Memmingen, German Federal Republic, in the 1970s. It was built OOB, painted with brush and only the flat varnish was airbrushed. This was a delightful kit which has been fortunately re-issued by Mark I with new decals and schemes (so I have several in my stash ). Thanks for looking Miguel
  23. Here is my third "what-if" fun build with an Fw 190D kit, in this case an F-toys 1:144 kit, back in 2013. It represents a hypothetical Fw 190D-9/R11 nightfighter Red 3 of NJG11, Luftwaffe, in Germany, late 1945, where a pod with a more modern dish array radar was added to one wing similar to those carried by Hellcats and Corsairs. Since the previous radar-equipped Fw 190 had the R11 Rüstsatz, I named it thus. I later found that there was an R11 all-weather modification for the Fw 190D-9 but not like this! This was a pre-painted, semi-assembled kit so I removed the paint and made so
  24. This is the F-8E Crusader from the F-Toys US Navy Collection Volume 2. These are pre-painted Gashopon trading kits from Japan - apparently you can buy these in vending machines. Oh how I long to live in a country where I could pick up a kit in a vending machine! I stripped and repainted it completely. Well worth picking up if you want a few evenings worth of fun. More familiar in this scale is the Platz F-8, though that is an earlier mark. For a gashopon, this is among the nicest I have built in terms of fit and details. I'd quite forgotten how good
  25. Here is my Attack 1:144 Shenyang J-5 radar test-bed which I built back in 2014. It represents 2424, of the PLAAF, China, in late 1950s/early 1960s. This aircraft is now an exhibit iat the Changping Air Museum, Beijing. I couldn't find much about this prototype. It seems to have been a test-bed for the radar-equipped J-5A. A source claimed only one was modified this way but I found photos of a second one in another museum. Interestingly, the Russians had made the same configuration tests before settling in the result seen on the MiG-17PF variant. These Chinese tests were complete
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