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Found 19 results

  1. A bit late to the party, as I don't do a lot of modelling during the summer period 🙂 But let's see where I can get in 2 months time with this "Italian Classic": Italeri's Vespa. The original tooling is from Protar, Scalemates dates this back to end '70s. The kit has also seen an earlier repop by Italeri and one by Revell. Looking online, I came across some great builds of this kit. As I mostly build aircraft/helicopters, something of this size - and on 2 wheels - will definitely be different! Here is the kit's contents, I hope to start the build shortly: Thanks for looking, Patrick
  2. Quite some years ago - 33 to be precise here - and almost on this very days (it was 16th of February, a Friday), it was when I had my first motorcycle driving lesson. As it was mid february, I was a bit concerned about the weather, as I didn't want to have my first time on two motorised wheels on icy ground - but it was a moderately warm, rather beautiful February day, and from this on the 16th of February, or the 3rd Friday in February, is my very own private first day of spring. Apart from the first driving lesson, the year 1990 was a year of many firsts for me; not only did the hope for my own driving licence promise for a totally new level of independence and autonomy - my parents didn't have a car - it also was a childhood dream come true! Me, young (I was 20 then) CC, will be able to ride a bike. I was always infected by the motorcycle virus, and it wasn't the fast, sporty machines I was longing for, no Honda CBX or Kawa Z1000s, but the big Tourers, like BMWs or, of course the big American V-Twins, like Harleys or Indians. Also this year marked quite a change of lifestyle, while up to that I didn't really know what to do with my life, leading quite an "alternative" (isn't that a beautiful term for dying your hair colourful and living from day to day?) lifestyle. But as the ability to drive enabled me an possibility to earn my own money, it also enabled me to go to evening school and earn my engineers degree, while in daytime I worked as a whatever would pay the bills. While later on I worked as courier or cabdriver, worked in garages, selling Harley parts (how approbriate), later made my first steps in consultancy work - but in the summer of 1990 my "special skill" was working in areas which couldn't be reached by public transport, or working at times when no there was no tram or subway - which was in Vienna from midnight to dawn, more or less. So, young me spend a whole summer working at night, enjoying sunshine in daytime, and driving around on my used Kawasaki 440LTD, I bought from my first money - a juvenile decision to buy a bike instead of a car, but man, did I have a great summer. So, it was a summer of easy work and good money - working at night meant I did earn quite some more, which I didn't mind at all - and when I drove home from, say work at the postal delivery center at dawn, I met some friends at a place at the river danube, sharing a sunset whisky before going home and seleeping til noon. What a living! I have to stop here, not to post the entire playlist of this summer - from Alannah Myles Black Velvet, the Stones' Goats Head Soup, Peter Murphy's "Cuts You Up", and so much more. Once in this magical summer months I drove by a modelling store and saw a model of the venerable 1:9 ESCI Harley WL, the civilian version with the deep fenders (so it was labelled incorrectly, as the "A" designation stands for an "Army" model. The WLA had the side parts of the Fenders removed, among some other changes.) https://www.scalemates.com/de/kits/esci-6002-wla-45-harley-davidson--608810 It was great times, building this in this summer, not careing too much about the build - but I kept this crudely build model for quite some time, as it did remind me of this juvenile and carefree summer I had back then. But as it happens it got lost in some move to a new flat, which I kind of still regret. I did look for some time to find one for a nostalgia build of some sort, but failed. I did find the Army model, which is still in production from Italeri, who acqured the ESCI molds, but this is something different. But then, some years ago, I stumbled across this weird and wonderful Japanese company called Model Factory Hiro. By the times I came across them they had the Vincent Black Shadow (another favourite of mine) as an offering, among the Brough Superior. But soon after they introduced the Knucklehead in a 40 and 47 version - and this is to me maybe the most beautiful bike ever build, in line maybe with the Indian Big Chief, the forementioned Black Shadow or the BMW R75 "Elephant" sidecar. It took me some time to have the heart to spent the money, as well as overcome the fear of the unknown white metal work, as well as some other new to me. But fall last year I finally pulled the trigger on this and here it is; MFH's wonderful Harley Davison Knucklehead in it's 1940 incarnation. That's what inside the box - a lot of ziplocs with white metal parts in it, some chrome, rubber and wires: And, some looks at the instructions, which will lead me through the build: It looks good at first sight, but will it be enough to guide me sucessfully through this terra incognita? I expect dragons... But anyway, if you want to join me on this nostalgia-lead build, wipe your hands clean of grease, don't mind the chips and splinters and have seat on the barrel over there, or right here on the workbench. This will definitely not be a quick build, but the fridge is full with beer, there's whisky enough and if you don't mind occasional swearing, I'm happy if you join me on this journey.
  3. "When the Hurlyburly's gone, When the Business Lost and Won..." (Lucky me more of the latter, less of the first...) ...I want to start a truly daring adventure! Yes, I got me my first Model Factory Hiro Kit and I want to start this for sure long and even more sure cumbersome endeavour in the days after the big madness we all call christmas (and in my case year ends closing). It's the wonderful Early Knucklehead, and working on the first parts a bit, like sanding and polishing some larger parts like the fenders already revealed the so different, but in a strange sense truly satisfying nature compared to the plastic kits we all know so well. What I already found out, but no surprise; sanding and polishing sticks, pads, you name it of all different sizes and shapes is key. And a lot of them! Oh, and of course some reference information on this topic. I plan to build this as close to factory specs as possible, so the internet alone might not be enough. But what else is needed or recommended for the build? The first recommendation I already received I hesitate to follow, is a magnetic tumbler. I get along quite fine with manual polishing, so I guess I can skip this. Or would you recommend it as necessary? What I consider is a drill stand, either generic or including the machine itself, as the Dremel I have is quite ancient. I'm pondering for quite some time now to move to a different ecosystem, if possible to one that uses rather a jaw chuck than a collet (is that correct? I miss a bit the vocabulary here 🥴) . What else would you recommend to consider? Obvious things I missed, or something I didn't think of? Oh, and of course not only tools but also colours or chemicals suitable for use on white metal, which I most likely I'm not aware? I would use the regular primers, but some other treatments for the metal to be considered? You see, many questions before the start here, so any suggestion is more than welcome! A big thanks in advance from Vienna, Guenther
  4. Click for full article The Protar (Italy) 1/9th scale Montesa Cota 247 trials bike is no ordinary plastic kit. Despite its age, it ranks as an engineering masterpiece. For example, the steering head and wheel axles, although made of plastic (some later motorcycle kits have such items in metal) they screw into place. The plastic is strong enough to take the torque that I sometimes found necessary to apply with pliers to finish the screwing in. The flexible plastic chain works (after a fashion). That is, when the rear wheel turns, the chain rotates and turns a sprocket hidden under the engine cover. Even the suspension works! Full article on my web site: Viva Protar
  5. G'day All, This is my latest completion, Italeri's 1/9 Manx Norton. Not a bad kit TLAR to me when finished and is as close as I'll ever get to owning a real Manx Norton. Brush painted with Humbrol and Tamiya enamels. No apologies for the pic's, they are spot on to my usual crappy standard! Cheers, Devo
  6. Leftenant Aluminium here with my new 1/9th scale 'tank girl' made of the hard plastic unaccountably known as 'resin.' More pictures and description on this page of my web site: https://everardcunion.wordpress.com/plastic-models-land-vehicles/#TankGirl
  7. Larger image Not really an armoured fighting vehicle, but I guess it goes in this section. This is the Italeri 1/9th scale Triumph 3HW of World War 2. Building this kit taught me something that I sort of knew already and I find it a bit disturbing. It is that there was something radically primitive about the engineering design of motorcycles of this era. (Even my first trials bike, a 250cc Greaves of the 1960s, incorporated design elements that no rational mind would include on a trials bike.) It is not just that this or that component shows signs of being added as an afterthought. It is as if everything, from the bottom up, has been added as an afterthought. For more, see Mentioned in dispatches on my web site. (Not safe for work because Dawn is showing a boob in some photos.)
  8. Just a few in progress shots of my MFH Brough Superior
  9. Hi chaps. I've decided it's high time I started a sci-fi build. I'm not going to reveal straight away what it is yet, but I'm going to give you lot a chance to guess what it is. It's rather iconic, I think, and harks from the 80's. I'll give you a clue..... Hope I haven't made it too easy. Feel free to have as many guesses as you like. Matt
  10. Hi guys, this is the final reveal for the T-800 Terminator. It was a much easier build than I had expected, really enjoyed building this kit, I had a blast tinkering with the lighting and taking the photos. I welcome any comments and/or criticism, thanks for viewing.
  11. This is a Halloween fun build, I based the diorama on Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow movie. The kit tree was looking far too small so I added a bit more height to it and added some flickering amber LED's to the pumpkins, definitely a bit of fun to build.
  12. This is a limited edition resin kit that I preordered last July as a Christmas present for my sister. 1,000 unpainted kits were released in December and a further 1,000 factory painted kits will be released in April this year and that's the last of the production. My resin kit was number 1 of the 1,000 released and it arrived the week before Christmas so I cracked on with the build. It all went together really easy but I have never painted any type of resin figurines before. I painted Dorothy's ruby slippers with silver base followed by some automotive 0.50mm silver metal flake and then a couple of coats of ruby candy red. This gave the effect as in the movie that the slippers sparkle in the light. Also I added some dry grass effect from a previous diorama to the scarecrow. I then added a RGB LED which gives the effect of morphing colours from red to green to blue, I placed this LED behind the figures and I was pleased with the effect. My sister loved it and I hope the Wizard of Oz fans enjoy the pictures!
  13. I bought this kit off eBay last year however I only decided to build it a few weeks ago. It's a nice little kit, lots of seams to tidy up especially around the neck area but plenty of crisp detail for a relatively old kit from the 80's. I had a plan of doing my own style of paint for the skin tones using an automotive custom paint as can be seen from the pictures. I used an Alclad black gloss base coat followed by the pearlescent white paint and then I put a candy fools gold followed by a candy red and then a candy blue, as can be seen from the pictures it gives a quite unusual skin tone effect that mimics an amphibious type of skin tone. I wasn't happy with the look of the tail so I adjusted it to look as if the creature was swinging it back ready to sweep its prey of its feet, this gave it a better look than the original which was just straight out the back. I am very happy with the look of my custom paint job on the beasties skin but I also wanted to retain the original dark on screen look without overdoing the new paint scheme. I think I struck a pretty good balance, don't look at the pictures in the dark LOL!
  14. Just browsing Hannants and came across this: https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/IT4602 Andrew
  15. Hey again folks, This is a bust I completed just before Christmas for my local IPMS club Christmas competition, he got 2nd place which I was mightily chuffed with considering the quality of the other work on show from the aircraft and armour modellers, not forgetting the pesky ship diorama that got 1st place (well deserved I may add, it was a cracking diorama and even made last month's Airfix mag). Anyhoo, the bust is from Model Cellar and is entitled Over The Top. He is sold as a Captain of The Gloucester Regt but I've reworked him slightly to depict a Captain of The Norfolk Regt, to give him a more local feel. The base and cap badge were purchased seperately and the barbed wire, poppy and parchment were scratch built. He is painted mostly in water mixable oils over acrylic base coat with the exception of the helmet which was airbrushed in acrylics so that I could try some chipping effects for the first time. Comments and critique are most welcome, as always, for both the model and the photography (I'm still learning, as I'm sure we all are) Thanks for tuning in. Cheers, Billy
  16. Hi I am hoping for some advice. I recently bought a 1/9th scale Testors Harley Davidson FXSTC softail from Ebay. Unfortunately the tyres are missing. I've contacted Testors and Italeri but neither has any replacement tyres. Does anyone know where I might be able to get some 1/9th scale tyres for this model or how I might be able to replace them? Many thanks if anyone can offer any advice Danyel
  17. Seen on Hannants: https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/IT4630 Andrew
  18. I have an obsession about Iron Man. I'm not sure what it is, possibly Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark, I'm not sure. All I know is that I have what some may consider a strange obsession with him. I have built the Moebius Iron Man kit (MKVI) which I fitted with LEDs so that his hands, eyes and arc reactor lit up. I then built the MKVII by Dragon which didn't go so great, the paint was a little gloopy and I enjoy brush painting and tried to brush paint Iron Man but it didn't work out very well. He looks great from a distance but, close up, he looks a bit ropey. So, when the latest Dragon Iron Man appeared in my (semi)local modelshop, I couldn't resist. The MK XLII is an absolutely stunning kit. The pieces looked great even on the sprue when I opened the box in the shop. I don't have these pictures because I didn't think that far ahead at the time. The kit fits together nicely, the front body armour and back body armour took a little persuading when trying to click them together over the 'skeleton' but once I managed it, it looks great. One good thing about doing a few different Iron Man kits is that I was able to learn by trial and error of what worked and what didn't. I knew that brushes didn't give a clean enough effect. I have already said about my obsession with Iron Man so I wanted him to look good. I chose Tamiya sprays for MK XLII but did not spray the pieces before I assembly. I've realised since then that might have been a better idea. Any way, It's not far from finished but still requires masking on both legs and one arm and the spraying finished. Until then, here he is...Dragon 1/9 MKXLII Iron Man from Marvel Studio's, Iron Man 3. I hope you like him. I am buying more masking tape this weekend so I can finally get him finished.
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