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Found 87 results

  1. See Duck à l’orange -- my Airfix 1/76th (OO) scale DUKW with scratch built hang gliders (page on my web site) Not strictly a military vehicle, but I figured anyone interested would be more likely to find it here than in the non-military vehicle section.
  2. My Revell boxing (03214) - the runners still carry the Matchbox code PK-76 Natural light using a flash Finished with Vallejo paints and Humbrol washes for Panzer Aufklärungsabteilung der Panzer – Lehr – Division, November 1944.
  3. Painted in Vallejo and Humbrol acrylics and given a Humbrol enamel wash I swapped the heads of these five figures with white metal ones from the Wee Friends WWII Axis Sahariana Crew with Alternative Heads
  4. Commanding officer’s tank of No.3 Squadron, No.1 Tank Division, Malaya, 1942. 5th Company, 17th Tank Regiment, 1943.
  5. Further to the two recent posts on the individual buildings, I've now put together this small diorama as a photo-base for AFVs
  6. Hope all you BMers are having a good winter. My modelling room is just making 5 degrees C, so it's a little tough on the old fingers. Building up energy to start a new build thread. For now here are some classic Matchbox / Revell 1/76. There are 3 kinds of kits I really appreciate - with figures, with dioramas, with interiors. A lot of fun with these kits!
  7. Here we have a 1/76 scale Airfix/scratch built Bedford QLC TEV Telex truck, marked up as HQ Signals, 2nd Corps ATB Sean
  8. Hello everyone I'm converting the Airfix K2 Ambulance from their RAF Emergency set into a N.A.A.F.I. tea van. I've not done much armour or vehicle modelling since I was a teenager, which was a LONG time ago, so I'm curious as to how this will work out! I'm doing this alongside my 1/72 Minicraft Liberator built, as a bit of a diversion. I've no scale drawings, no measurements - it's all done by eye and guesswork, so 'rivet-counters' might like to avert their eyes now... First job is to amend the cab: The Ambulance cab looks too wide, so off with the bits marked, and it looks like this: The kit's radiator grille is somewhat sparse: So, I took off with the vertical bars, and put some brass mesh in place: I've replaced the bars, and added the crank starter aperture: Like the radiator, the kit's wheels are pretty basic, so I've got some nice white metal ones from Wee Friends, which look great: On to the canteen area, and I've made the cab's rear bulkhead, marked out a tiled floor area, and started on the cupboards and drawers: This the rear bits tacked in place with Blu Tack for fit: The cupboard handles need sanding back once the glue has properly set, and next up will be the worktops and tea making equipment. Once that's done, it's back to the cab, which will need a new curved roof, doors, seats and controls. Then the body sides, roof and rear door... Cheers Simon
  9. A couple of conversion (to varying degrees) from Airfix sets...
  10. Hi All, Second entry in this GB. Popped in to Trains4U in P'boro (Work just up the road) for various tools and consumables for the A4 and this fell in the basket as well. Complete polar opposite of the A4 - Stephenson's Rocket was a ground breaking development in the very beginning of steam locomotive engineering. Introducing boiler tubes, the blastpipe and cylinders coupled directly to the driving wheels. It's the Dapol (Ex Airfix/Kitmaster) Rocket which I built at least 4 decades ago - Don't expect this one to move under its own steam though (Sorry) This is one that can be built at lunchtime at my desk - Something I wouldn't entertain doing with a whitemetal kit, elf and safety and all that....
  11. Amera's S131 Airfix D-Day Coastal Defence Fort base alongside their S226 Coastal Assault with S228 D-Day Bunker and the Airfix A05702 D-Day Coastal Defence Fort. There is a Heller Pak-40 in the bunker. I can't recall where I got the beach obstacles from, but I scratched the long hedgehogs. There are a few Revell and Matchbox German figures mixed in with Airfix German Infantry, Paratroops and Mountain Troops, and Airfix British Infantry and Commandos.
  12. Hello Everyone! Decided to build my second tank as well as experiment with terrain. This build was primarily an excercise in armor weathering and terrain generation. Thus historical accuracy was not high on the priority list. Built OOB, only additional detail added was dents and a loose panel in the side-skirts, and drilling out of the exhaust vents. And here's my first attempt at a tank back in 2014 I found the following links invaluable for weathering the King Tiger: http://www.panzermania.com/tipps/weathering_en1.html http://www.panzermania.com/tipps/weathering_en2.html Your comments and constructive critiques are welcome! Thanks for watching! Cheers, Alex.
  13. I fancy having a go a this, and I've pulled a kit out of my stash that has been there for years, and will take me well out of my comfort zone! As many of you will know, I'm basically an aircraft modeller kit assembler, so softskin military vehicles are well out the ordinary for me. I'll be building this: Here are the kit's mugshots- For some reason, I'm drawn more to the QLT troop carrier, so that will be built first. Build will be OOB, and it will be finished as a vehicle of the 51st Highland Division, in honour of my late father, who served (postwar) in that division. Construction will start as soon as the 1/32 Hawk currently on the bench has been painted, which should happen on the next couple of days.
  14. Tah-da! 1/76 Matilda is done! Base also done - Caunter colours, El-Alamein - slightly off historically - no Caunter camo left by El-alamein time, but, artistic licence :-) Enjoy - crit always welcome! Maybe too much weathering....not sure!
  15. So...... not sure what has happened to me today..... but a change has come over me, a shocking change..... I present to you the below I have checked the whole kit and could not find any wings any where! And then I looked at the UC, I thought that's awfully robust for such a small aircraft. .... So I checked google and found it to be something called.... A Tank? Form Google I found out that supposedly these were used in WWII as well as planes?! Odd.... It's a Churchill vi from what I have discovered and was British! This is literally all I have of the kit, ir was given to me by a friend who clears old houses for a living... it was in the VE celebration boxing was sat with 3 mozzies a broken lancaster, some other wheeled things and HMS Belfast, I am told it floats? So that's my entry a tank, maybe I will understand where stix disappears to when he isn't making his beautiful aircraft All (most) joking aside I am looking forward to this, i used to dabble with armour builds when I was a kid and even made bases with fake grass for them. However I know nothing about them or even have any transfers for it! Did they ever fight in the snow? A white tank! That could be cool?! Any way once the spitfire's are done and the p-47 is at least buttoned up I will crack on with this. Any suggestions are welcome! Rob
  16. Airfix Pzkw VI Ausf.B 'King Tiger' Tank 1/76 A03310 Not done too much armour but thought I would have a first attempt using hair spray and sea salt crystals, in my humble opinion the technique seemed to work OK. Generally quite happy with this one, but as always hope to do better with the next one.
  17. Here I present my second AFV build, the Airfix 1/76 scale Matilda finished as a vehicle from 2/4 Armoured Regiment, Australian Army, New Guinea, 1944 (see here for details from the Australian War Memorial, also some great photos here from the same site). Intended as a long weekend quick build in time for Australia Day - and I managed it! The basic kit needed some modifications to make it look more like one of the Australian Matilda's, including cutting down the height of the commanders cupola, the addition of some scratch built stowage boxes and some wire mesh to cover the rear hull - my first serious attempt I think at any kind of scratch building. The model was brush painted with Tamiya Acrylic, the main colour being Tamiya XF-13 (ironically enough IJA Green). Weathered with dry brushing and washes of Italeri and Tamiya acrylics. WIP thread can be found here, many thanks to Sgt Squarehead and Steve (Fatfingers) for advice on colour and the modifications. Really beginning to enjoy these little tanks, a few more may be and I will have the courage to try a larger scale model. Thanks for looking.
  18. So for my next project I thought I would have a go at some armour - my second AFV build. I have chosen the Airfix 1/76 scale Matilda, with plan to be to finish it as a quick build of an Australian vehicle over the Australia Day long weekend. Box top and sprue shots: The decal sheet (so much smaller than the aircraft ones I am used to!): And here is the scheme I intend to build: So far I know I will need to adjust the hight of the cupola (thanks SleeperService), but my main concern is the colour. Darkish (jungle?) green seems to be the general consensus on the various websites I have looked at. I have checked http://www.mafva.net/other%20pages/starmer%20camo.htm and the suggestion is for SCC116 Very dark drab for the Far East however I cannot find a recipe for the Tamiya acrylics I use and I don't know whether this would also be suitable for Australian vehicles - any advice that could be given would be very welcome! I also have to mess with vinyl tracks, which I gather can be awkward, so any advice on how to deal with them would be very helpful.
  19. With my holiday build of a Shackleton almost done, time to clear a few others from the self of doom. Not sure why I picked this up, I think I was inspired by the build in AMW. Anyone, it has sat partially complete for the last year or more. Inspiration to complete this came about by finding the custom mix of green paint I put together to complete her. I blue tacked some lead sinkers to the bottom to give her a bit of weight. And in no time at all almost a complete tank! I think I was partly put off by the rather large sprue gates, but my newish nippers made short work of them. In the background above my almost complete Shackleton: Just some touches of paint and then the markings and weathering. Once complete, it will be my first tank!
  20. Hi, returning to the hobby after number of years and in the process of refurbishing a number of 1/76 and 1/72 tanks. These all have the awful poly tracks (Airfix, Nitto, Fujimi and Matchbox) not surprisingly some have started to disintegrate with age (happens to us all, eventually!). I can find sources of 1/35 scale metal / plastic replacement tracks and am wondering if there are any similar for 1/72 or 1/76. Can anyone help, please?
  21. Here I present my first AFV (I normally build things with wings). Completed as part of the KUTA VIII group build (partial build thread here). Completed out of the box using the markings for the 11 Armoured Division. Brush painted with Tamiya acrylics using the recipe for SC115 found on the forums here. Found it a little fiddly in places, but enjoyable all the same. Just a bit uncertain over the antenna - they don't quite look right to me but they were all I had to hand (shoe brush bristles). I have a Tamiya 1/48 Crusader and 1/35 Matilda that I am seriously considering have a go at this year. Thanks for looking.
  22. Finally come up with a different and somewhat simpler build, I'll be replacing the underscale Bedford OX tractor from the RAF Recovery Set with a white metal Commer Q2 from MMS:
  23. Just a placemarker for now. First project once I'm underway will be to replace the ghastly clear plastic inner ladder section on the fire-engine with something a little more realistic.....I suspect some other bits and pieces will need replacing while I'm at it.
  24. Cromwell VI - 5th Royal Horse Artillery, 7th Armoured Division, British Army, Europe, 1944/45 This Cromwell was at this stage a while back but Ive only just got around to taking some photos of it that are suitable for showing here. I took some earlier in the year but they turned out a little dark. Its a lovely little kit and Ive made it OOB apart from the two stowage boxes which are scratch built from styrene. At some point Im going to add aerials and possibly a little more stowage but I figured, with the amount of builds Ive currently got going on, Im going to forget to show it here if I dont do it now. I decided to leave off the wading gear from the back. As usual the paints are all Humbrol and Revell applied with hairy sticks. The WIP progress can be found here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234972407-airfix-176-cromwell-iv-tank-update-310115/ And a couple showing how small this kit is: These two were taken before it was finished. Comments and suggestions welcome. Kind regards, Stix
  25. In 1958 a new era started for Harrington when the Thor Intermediate Range Ballistic Missiles were chosen as a nuclear deterrent. Bloodhound Mk.1 SAMs at separate sites provided protection. Construction at Harrington was completed in early 1960 and 218 Sqn took up residence. The allocation was short-lived as Harrington was de-activated 23 August 1963. The Thor Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile was an American design, operated by four R.A.F. Squadrons along the Eastern side of England. Each Thor complex was manned by approximately 1,000 R.A.F. personnel who had complete control of the weaponry except that American personnel had the final authorisation for the use of the nuclear warhead. Polebrook was the second Northamptonshire site to deploy Thor missiles.
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