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Found 87 results

  1. Howdy folks - I haven't been around here for a few weeks as I have recently been having a massive amount of fun in the Airfix: The Golden Years GB… https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/forum/626-airfix-the-golden-years-gb/ …however I know a lot of folk don’t tend to look at the group builds – unless it is of special interest to their ‘field of expertise’. The GB is covering all aspects of ‘old Airfix’ which includes a lot of very basic vehicles and the like. So I thought I would pop my vehicle results here - where they might be better seen and in case they are of interest to anyone in the future. I did a couple of K2 ambulances - from the RAF emergency vehicles set. There is lots of controversy over whether the RAF ever actually ever used K2s - so I have pressed them into service with the 11th armoured division - who definitely did. They were built OOB with just lenses for the headlights and a bit of acetate for windscreens. The drivers came from PSC - as the Airfix drivers were more flash than flesh. As always in this area - constructive comment would be very welcome - so here we go... There is a WIP thread - which you can find here... They were a basic build and went together quite well for their age - I hope you like them. It's good to be back - Steve
  2. Painted with Humbrol and Vallejo acrylics
  3. The other vehicles in the RAF emergency sets were described as K6 Crash Tenders. There is even more dispute over their use / colour / date of service etc - so I thought lets go mad and do a bit of 'what if'. K6s came in many different variants so I turned them into flat back lorries. The covered one is made from 2 CMP 15cwt truck beds - stuck together - as is the canvas canopy. The open one was scratch built from bits of evergreen and filled with stowage robbed from various PSC kits. I enjoyed these so much that I have imminent plans for 4 of the PSC CMP kits - as the bits I used went together really nicely. I hope you like them - here we go again... If you want to check out how I cobbled them together they are in the WIP thread here... As always - constructive comments are most welcome and thanks for looking - Steve
  4. Just for a change, I thought I wouldn't do a helicopter for a group build (although there's a Puma waiting in the stash that I might start next!) - so my pick will be the Scorpion which I've had for quite a while without quite finding the inspiration to build. As far as I can see it dates back to 1975 (hence the 1973 decal options) so should be quite eligible. So, obligatory box and sprue shots: I probably won't do too much extra to it for this build, and I'll probably represent a fairly early Scorpion, and I have the Osprey book for reference, and photos of a few real ones, including the one at Cosford. One thing that is clear to me that I'll need to scratch-build some additional storage bins, at least! But first, I'll follow the instructions and start with the running gear. More to follow...
  5. I was drawn to this kit the first time I saw it but never actually got round to buying one. Time to put that right I think. I nearly got an original blister pack, but the seller lost it, so I have a later re-issue. Same plastic though, and very nice by all accounts. Kingkit say mine was despatched this morning so it will be a couple of days before there are photos, much less any action to report. In the meantime here is a little light reading for your edification and delight: From ATF: 01319-4/01319/61319-6/A01319 Type 97 Chi-Ha 1/76 scale. Available as 01319-4 from 1974 to 1979. Included in Guadalcanal Japanese Defence (09658-0) in 1974. Sold in Type 5 box as 61319-6 probably from 1976 to 1979, but not listed in catalogues or on price lists. Not listed in 11th Edition (1974) catalogue. Reissued as 01319 from 1998 (due April) to 2003. Listed as A01319 in 2011 catalogue but not issued. Reissued as A01319 from 2012 to 2014. Britmodeller's review: Britmodeller Review And a little background: Wiki Andy Big kid in a small sweetshop
  6. Airfix Churchill, figure scratch made with a Dan Taylor head, a few extras added including the turret flared bottom edges. IMG_20180716_124908 IMG_20180716_124935 IMG_20180716_124958
  7. My main modelling interest is 1940. As I've discussed elsewhere, what started as just an interest in operational aircraft on all sides during the Battle of Britain has spread to cover the whole of 1940 and all the aircraft that flew operationally in western and northern Europe during that time. Photographing individual model planes is all well and good, but I always have an eye on potential dioramas and photo "set dressing". Like the aircraft modelling, it's getting a bit out of hand, and the nerd in me is always trying to pin down accurate and correct vehicles for the period I model. Hence the growing RAF MT fleet. Incidentally, MT stands for Mechanical Transport, not just Motor Transport. The RAF MT section included all kinds of self-propelled vehicles, including railway locos and stock, not just things with internal combustion engines. Pedant mode off! Refuelling and Maintenance by Heather Kavanagh, on Flickr No airfield would be complete without refuelling vehicles. Fordson tractors were commonplace on RAF and FAA airfields throughout the 1930s and into the 1960s. I've got two Fordson N tractors, built from Flightpath kits, one of which I've added a cabin to. At the back, one tractor is hauling a Flightpath towed fuel bowser, followed up by a Matador Models Albion AM463 refueller. I wish Airfix would give us a 1/72nd kit, as they've already done it at 1/48th! A couple of Airfix Brockway towed bowsers, one for oil and one for fuel, with the top manifold hoses and connectors added. The Bedford MWC is pretty much OOB Airfix. It was left over in the box and looked lonely. General Service by Heather Kavanagh, on Flickr The RAF, like most branches of the military, used all kinds of general service vehicles. Moving a squadron from one location to another could involve anything up to fifty vehicles of various sorts, some of which would have been "borrowed" from a central pool, but most of which would have been already available. A pair of CMC resin and cast metal Austin K3 3-tonners show typical workshop and GS bodies. An Airfix Bedford MWD is accompanied by an Airfix Standard Tilly. I made a tilt frame from brass wire, just for a change, and decided to paint it in the pre-War RAF blue-grey. Airfield vehicles only really got overall dark green, then dark earth disruptive patterns, during 1940 as hostilities increased. Trucks and refuellers that were likely to be caught out in the open were usually the first to be camouflaged, but it wouldn't have been unusual to find an odd vehicle still in pre-war livery. The Austin Forlite is an Ace kit, which is sold as a British Army staff car. I painted it as a civvy car, probably owned by one of the squadron pilots. Crash Crew by Heather Kavanagh, on Flickr Finding accurate kits to represent the typical RAF crash and emergency vehicles has been a labour of love. From the left, a Crossley IGL FE1 6x4 3-ton crash tender, Crossley FWD 4x4 crash tender, Standard Light Ambulance and Austin K3 3-tonner 4x2 fire tender. The Crossley FWD is an MMS cast metal kit, and technically a little late for my period. Happily, it contained some spare castings that have found their way into the FE1. This is a proper "bitsa" kit-bash, using a resin bonnet, front wings and wheels from some obscure resin Crossley IGL kit, married to an Airfix Austin K6 Emergency Set chassis and running gear, and various bits and pieces cobbled together. It's a little tall, mainly due to the size of the tank on the rear, but it looks enough like a proper airfield Crossley to suit me until I find a kit to replace it. The ambulance is a scratch-built body, using the old Gerald Scarborough plans, on the Airfix Standard chassis and scuttle. At the end, the Austin, another CMC resin and metal kit, represents the typical wartime fire tender that would have been found on larger established airfields to deal with incidents on the technical site, accommodation areas and even outside the airfield boundaries if they were the closest fire service available for civilian incidents. I have several more odd kits to put together to give me some more typical early war vehicles, which I will add here if I get round to them soon. I really ought to start researching properly into the vehicles found on Luftwaffe airfields in occupied France. Thanks for looking!
  8. I just remembered - I never got round to doing an RFI for 'Oliver's Army' - my 3 Airfix Cromwells. I finished these a couple of months back - but in my rush to get on with something new I completely forgot to take some proper final pictures - so here they are... 15/19 Kings Royal Hussars - sometime after 8th August 1944... ...again - there is a WIP if you're interested... https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235032983-oliver’s-army…-a-trio-of-cromwell-ivs-completed/ If you have any comments - please chip in - if not thanks for looking in and I hope you like them - they were really nice to build. Cheers - Steve
  9. Ah, I think I have reached the end of my little buildathon. A Panzer Jaeger IVL/70 from Matchbox - man I enjoyed this kit. However feeling rather disappointed with what I end up with I decided to focus on some figures for the months ahead. I am really really looking forward to posting those - but they haven't even arrived yet ! Here is the little man as he progresses through the various stages. Not done yet, but coming along.
  10. What can I say, well something really had an effect on me a few weeks ago and I've noticed that I really want to leave my scruffy models behind and move on. Got a decent compressor, a brush that I feel I can use and some different glue. So I hope that we will see a change from here. Up next will be a tidier Humber: simpler diorama, only one vehicule and one half figure. I am sure spring will come sometime and deliver us from this long lasting cold spell. I wanted to capture the early evening light in the desert. The decals are from the kit so NZ, not correct for PPA but I almost got them on straight, even the one that came in 3 parts, (which I put on in the wrong place, doh) thanks Matchbox! Quite a lot of work building up the Chevy and I stupidly stuck everything in the back before painting. My effort to make a canvas roll from a bit of chiseled sprue is not too good, but will do for now. Hopefully see you again when I get my Humber build up.
  11. Hey, I might blow a gasket, I'm on a bit of a buildathon at the moment after a too long break. Feeling too enthusiastic and hurried. Maybe I will do a slow detail by detail build thread - I don't know if people want to see that. I usually wack up a few pictures, sort of beginning, middle and end. Anyhow - practice makes perfect, well I thought it should make it better at least. With my second hand but proper little compressor my airbrush has taken on a new life. A little preview of what is coming up. It's green, it has a white star and tracks - then it's a lot of fun to build! - Madame, pouvez-vous m'indiquer le chemin vers Paris - Mais Monsieur il y a un panneau!
  12. Well now, here we are again. Not so sure how frequently I will update but this will get us started. I have a very very soft spot for the Matchbox / Revell kits in 1/76. I find so many good things about them. One is the build time and the variety. Some kits don't have a figure, but usually a figure one or more vehicules and a mini diorama. I still find the vehicules and the figures the biggest challenge. Here's a little sequence of the Humber dio. Just 4 parts. Needed some filler on the edges of the wall. I did a black white contrast base using vallejo (thinned with water) and Tamiya (IPA). After the colour coat some Tamiya panel liner and then dry brushes lighter and lighter shades. Finally some white highlights and I began to add a bit of tone with some oils. The wall isn't done yet.
  13. Don't start me talking - I could talk all night My mind goes sleepwalking - While I'm putting the world to right Called careers information - Have you got yourself an occupation? Oliver's army is here to stay Oliver's army are on their way And I would rather be anywhere else But here today There was a checkpoint Charlie - He didn't crack a smile But it's no laughing party - When you've been on the murder mile Only takes one itchy trigger… Go on – admit it – your singing along already… So where do we start and who do we blame for this latest escapade into the world of tiny tanks? Was it @badger for getting me interested in AFV’s in the first place? Was it ALDI for putting an offer on these bad boys for £4.99 each? Was it @Lawzer for building one and then teasing me with the pictures of his triumph? Was it the PLASTIC SOLDIER COMPANY for luring me into the belief that these things are ‘easy and fast’ to put together? Anyway – let’s not apportion blame - until things start to go wrong of course… So let’s get going shall we and what better way to start than with the ‘box’ shot… ...well 3 boxes to be accurate... ...as usual I'm sure to have lots of questions along the way and as this is my first 'real AFV' kit(s) I'm sure to need some expert help - so I hope a few folk will tag along and keep my spirits up when it all goes pear shaped. More updates after tea - Steve
  14. This one This kit was originally tooled in 1971. The kit is reputedly of dubious scale, but the olive-green injection mouldings are adequately detailed. The tracks are wholly inadequate being badly distorted. The small decal sheet is old and yellowed, but appears to be in register. The instruction sheet illustrates assembly in seven stages, with options to build Mk II or Mk III versions with decal options provided for a Crusader III of 1st Army 17/21st Lancers, 6th Armoured Division in temperate scheme or a Crusader II of 8th Army 10th Hussars, 1st Armoured Division in desert scheme. My original plan to do this as a 1st Northants tank is foundering on a lack of images and Reg Spittals’ pictures look like Crusader IIs to me, so I shall try to replicate the muddy conditions at Linney Head in a small vignette. Stage 1 sees the construction of the Mk.II turret. All went fine until I tried to cut the spade from the runner; it snapped into two pieces, one of which was consumed by the Carpet Monster. I thought I might have a spare from a previous build but inspection of my bits and bobs failed to reveal one. However, I found something that looks like a starting handle, so fixed that in its place (having filled the locating holes with putty). I also found a British tank crew member I had built previously. I cut off his arms and repositioned them. He will stand behind the turret in a similar manner to those in Reg’s photos. I also found a spare set of tracks. I have no idea where they are from and they’re probably totally inaccurate, but they may be better than the kit supplied ones. Then the carpet monster gave up the missing part of the spade. I fixed both halves and added the spade to my spares. I also assembled the Mk.III turret because it is possible that the 2nd Northants fired these at Anney Head in December 1942. Next up was stage 3 and the assembly of the hull. I quite like the way the hull is broken down making assembly simple yet sturdy. I must remember that the tyres were solid black rubber
  15. Ooof, I don't think I have posted anything, actually for that matter I don't think, if I'm not mistaken, I have put anything together for about 9 months now. Tidied up my model area and just got a half decent compressor (Edward the Compressor I call him). I think I am slowly beginning to understand the different materials and how to use them. I still have a very heavy hand and am too messy. Spend a lot of time fixing silly mistakes. Also got some decent glue. So I feel this will be a pivot point and hopefully the last of my messy builds. Not finished yet, got the jeep to do, I will use the box decals even though they are for NZ (so not historically acurate for the PPA), still I was dying to get something up, builds a bit of morale. Will start another small build thread soon - next up will be the Humble Humber and if I make an effort it will be somewhat tidier. Thanks again for all YOUR inspiring work which is so encouraging!
  16. Hello, I am not sure this is exactly the right section for my question, so please inform me if it should be elsewhere. I get a ridiculous amount of pleasure from making Matchbox and Revell's 1/76 armoured vehicules with figures and dioramas. I moved from 1/35 after a dabble in 1/48 and 1/16, but decided I really do enjoy the 1/76 the most. I see many varied products in 1/76 and 1/72 and would like to know what the very talented people on this amazing forum feel are some of the best, most interesting, most rewarding kits to make in these scales (only armoured vehicules, figures or dioramas). I have seen Hasegawa, Italeri, Aoshima, Pegasus, Eski, Airfix, Caesar and many more. Thanks for taking the time to read and I look forward to adding to my Matchbox / Revell collection.
  17. This is going to be my next project for when I'm not at home and have odd bits of time when I can do some kit building. It is a follow up to my Airfix 1/76 Tiger 1 build which can be found here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234971585-airfix-176-tiger-i-yeah-that-old-one-upgraded-a-bit-update-071214/ I didn't have all my usual stuff available for the Tiger build and it's the same with this one, so I have to keep it simple. As soon as I'd finished the Tiger I knew I couldn't not build another tank and decided that, following making three German tanks, I ought to do something British and opted to do another 1/76 kit from Airfix; the new(ish) Cromwell IV: I had already read Paul AH's review of this kit http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/78263-cromwell-iv-tank/?hl=cromwell and so I had a little foreknowledge of what to expect, but I was still rather pleased with what I found when I opened the box. You have to understand that I am relatively new to tank kit building and know next to nothing about the kits that are available. Anyway this is what I found inside the attractive box - 2 sprues of light grey plastic: The detail seems to me to be rather nice: The tracks - which aren't rubber bands!: I'm especially pleased with these after the rather woeful tracks that came with the Airfix Tiger. I think there has been a mixed reaction to these tracks but I will give them the benefit of the doubt for now. I think they may be okay once painted and weathered. And it's good they arrive pre-sagged! Nicely detailed wheels: Decals for the two versions: Sample of the instruction sheet: And finally a separate painting guide: All-in-all a rather nice kit for £6.99 from a local toy shop. I'm going to make a version without the hedge cutter and probably without the deep wading gear. I will see about the latter later. I have made a start but I will do separate post for the bit I have done. Comments and suggestions welcome. Kind regards, Stix
  18. Hi folk's I had so much fun with the other two armour kit's I thought why not have a go at this re-boxing of a kit I have not build before hence this one box art not as good as the original though.
  19. Waterloo Highland Infantry (01735) Waterloo French Cavalry (01736) Waterloo British Artillery (01746) Waterloo British Cavalry [Hussars] (01743)
  20. An old (part) set of Airfix 01745 Waterloo British Infantry, supplemented with 5 Esci (215) British Infantry figures
  21. Couldn't resist the lure of this GB any longer! I used to build lots of Matchbox armour (and aircraft) kits in my youth and I used to like how easily they went together and the fact that they were good subjects and seemed accurate too, at least they did at the time! This is the only Matchbox kit I have in the stash so it didn't take long to choose what to build! Anyway, time for the usual box and sprue shots. I always liked the dramatic pictures on the Matchbox boxes and used to draw my own (terrible) versions of them as a kid. The wonderfully coloured plastic. I can assure you that the blue is every bit as hard on the eye in real life as it is in the picture! Tracks look like they will be fun too. And the instructions and massive decal sheet. I will build it mostly OOTB but will leave off the anti-aircraft machine gun on the turret as I don't think they were carried on this model of T-34, I believe it's meant to be a 1942 model. i will look for an interesting scheme for it, either a winter scheme or a green and brown one, I am open to suggestions. Won't be starting for a couple of days as I have a Dornier Do-17 to complete first for the Radial Engines Rock GB. Thanks for looking in. Craig.
  22. I bought this vac-form probably in the eighties and painted it very roughly back then. I have now added some scatters and barbed wire to this ancient Bellona (at least I think it's Bellona) vac-form trench diorama. The reverse (underneath) was filled with expanding polystyrene foam to give the 30+ year old plastic some rigidity.
  23. Having been looking for the Italeri 1/72 Valentine for several months I just have met the Fujimi 1/76 one for a stupid price. As I never heard about it I'd like to know, whether is it visually much smaller and of lower quality than 1/72 Italeri one. Of course I know that the difference in hull length should be less than 4mm, but how much is it really in this case? Cheers Michael
  24. Hi all, First of my models for this GB - A 1/76 Saracen from the JB Models moulding, I believe Airfix took the moulds over later. Have built this previously but this time I'll be doing the tropicalised Mk3 version. Not a long build last time and I don't anticipate a long build here either. The box and contents The hull is two main parts, top and bottom and there are two turret options, the smaller Mk1 or the Ferret turret used on the Mk2 and 3. Twenty minutes after opening the box we are here - Basic hull is now complete. More hopefully tomorrow. KR's IanJ
  25. Airfix's Waterloo Farmhouse. A restoration project
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