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Found 87 results

  1. Hi All, as my current build of the Marmon-Herrington Armoured Car goes home to wait for painting, it's time to start another lunchtime. This time it's a 1/76 Vickers VI A/B/C Light Tank by JB Models, since released by Airfix. Because I want to build all the variants, I'll start this build as the 'A' version. Box art. Sprues. Instructions with understandable version differences The hull plastic parts are snipped off and cleaned up. The plastic is quite soft, so care needs to be taken with any clean-up procedure. Before I rush into the build, I want to see how feasible it is to open hatches and stuff, so some crews can be fitted, in this case a driver but I'm sure that the turret will get the same treatment. Stuart
  2. Hi All, Gearing up for the next build as current builds are waiting for the paint shop, tracks or bases. Next is this Bedford MK Tactical Aircraft Refueller in 1/76 by JB Models. Picked this kit up at a pre-lockdown model show, can you remember them, for £4. Boxart Sprue 1 Sprue 2 Sprue 3 Instructions Had a heart stop moment when a major part was missing when I emptied the box.. ...this was in a clear bag and it was trapped in the box and I couldn't see it...until I put my glasses on and looked inside the gloomy box. I would like to do a little dio of it refuelling a 'copter but suitable cheap options are 'hens teeth', so I'll have to think about that when the time comes. Stuart
  3. This little Airfix T-34 is my seventh group build. I wasn't going to enter but my nephew (7) is getting into modelling and I've been helping him build a 1/76 Panther so I grabbed this off eBay to build alongside. My last (and only other) tank was a childhood Tamiya Walker Bulldog. This weekend saw us get a move on and quickly complete most of the build minus tracks. Painting and finish this week all going well.
  4. Morning people. With the Challenger and Humber at home awaiting painting and accessories, I need another build for the lunchtimes while at work. I purchased this and loads of other afv's from a club member who wants to see this Matador built, so here goes. Nice sturdy box and a pic of what it should look like. What the heck am I supposed to do with this? It's got an inventory list if you know what things are. The pictures are very dark and not useful at all but I suppose I'll muddle through. The resin but whether it's all there... I'll only know when i check it against the inventory and/ or during build. I have started cleaning things up, a long, tedious and careful job indeed. Already thinking ahead with this as I want it presented slightly different. The idea is to have the tail gate open with the rear cargo tarp removed, so exposing the cargo within a loading/ unloading scene. Stuart
  5. Hi Clever ones. I'm slowly building a collection of braille scale models of British AFV's and looking at options for the Abbot SPG. I believe that Matador Models does an Abbot but I have never dealt with this manufacturer before and know nothing about the quality of the kits, communications and service, thoughts and advice please. Failing the Matador route, is it possible to cross kit, scratch, etc e.g. use a FV432 and scratch the gun & mount? TIA Stuart
  6. Recently completed is this Matchbox/ Revell Challenger I in 1/76 built OOB, build log here: This will be my second AFV for 2020 and although the subject has been built for a while, the dio work was new to me and came in fits and starts. Looking through here I found what I thought would be a good scene. Lots of fun. Stuart
  7. Hi guys, can't honestly remember when I last built armour this size, most probably about +/-45 years ago. Anyhow, I've decided on a quick detour away from 'wingy' things and although the intentions are to build airfield vehicles to display alongside my 1/72 aircraft, I thought I'd have a bit of fun with Revell's Challenger I or is that Matchbox 'cos that's what it says on the plastic. Decided on a WiP as 1/72 vehicles seem a little thin on the ground, so here I am. I do know somethings about tanks but don't I know a thing about a Challenger, so if you know of any glaring/ easy things to correct fire away. I have made a start and once I done something meaningful, I'll post it. Stuart
  8. My first AFV in this scale is this Humber Mk.II from Matchbox in 1/76. Built mainly OOB with a few added details: Pistol ports added to turret sides. Replaced the kits lifting and towing points with scratch options. PE sand channels by Hauler added. A couple of accessories from Milicast added. Scratch towing cable replaced the kit example. Painted with AK and Vallejo paints, weathered with oil wash and dusted with pastels. Mounted on a simple desert base with a couple of repainted cheap palm trees. WIP here: Thanks for looking. Stuart
  9. 1/72 AFV seem to be a little thin on the ground, so I thought I'd change it. With a stash reshuffle, I have moved my 1/72-1/76 afv's to my work workbench where I can have a little lunchtime activity, until they need painting that is. Having already having a Challenger I on the go at home, I thought I'd start a little armoured car. In this case it's Matchbox's offering of the Humber Mk II. Albeit that the box is battered, everything seems intack except that the base and decals are missing. Nothing major but I'll obviously will need to find decals fir this. I've made a start by making up the hull, wheels and part of the turret. The fit of parts is surprisingly good and little filler will be needed. Being quite an old kit, it lacks some details that I want to add like towing and lifting points, handles, etc. The hull has molded tools which will stay as I have such spares at this stage, a towing chain that as far as I can tell 'never was' and should be a cable, so I'll scratch that (or add a chain if one can be fitted). Stuart
  10. This is my third build of this kit, done for the "A kit I built as a kid" GB. The first one was done when the kit was a fairly new Matchbox release in the late 70s. The second was sometime around 1986/87 and still exists. This one was the current Revell re-release. Pz.II, 5th Light Division, North Africa 1941. On its base, because it wouldn't be a proper Matchbox tank without it Finally, the obligatory 'penny shot' with the 1986 build - I have no idea how it has survived 34 years and 8 house moved, but there it is. Andy
  11. I first built this one back when I could buy Matchbox kits from my local newsagent, and did so every time I'd saved up the 50p or so I remember them costing back then. I had another go some years later towards what must have been the end of Matchbox's original existence. So here we are for round 3. The current incarnation is courtesy of Revell, so one of their end opening boxes. There are two sprues, both the same colour (boo!!) and both with some unexpected flash (very boo!!!) Instructions are the period Revell cheap as chips paper booklet instead of the rather nicer Matchbox fold out originals but the rubber band tracks and decals are still familiar. I always loved that interlock to fasten the tracks together. No messing around with heated screwdrivers like with contemporary Airfix offerings. And finally for now - my last build of this kit. Think this must be my oldest surviving model. I have no idea how, but it has gone through 8 house moves and is still in one piece. A testament to the power of tube glue, if not my painting skills. This what I haveto beat. I'd love to do the grey scheme for a change, but that would mean not using the base and figures. Hmmmm... Andy
  12. Hi all, Nice, simple and above all, quick build to start me off. Airfix's Panzer IV which I would have built aged about 9 - It was completed with a coat of light brown Humbrol paint and I managed to paint the tyres black despite not having any small paintbrushes! I built that one as the short gunned option so this time am going to do the long barrelled one - Aren't options great? Appear to have been moulded in the same colour plastic as I remembered. Anyways - 2 1/2 hours later while listening to a streamed Jesse Malin show we are now at this stage.... I seem to recall that I was at a similar construction stage, time wise, when I built Tamiya's 1/35th scale PzIV. More when it happens. IanJ
  13. Saw these two in my local model shop and couldn't resist the sheer nostalgia (don't worry about the Yak) a d seeing as I'm away from home an oob build with a basic toolkit was just about feasible and give me something to amuse myself after hours. Chassis assembled. Wheels done Some assembly That's the tractor done, I'll weather it when I get home. Now on to the 88mm.
  14. Hi Folks, this is my first attempt at an armoured fighting vehicle, my normal subjects are Second World War aircraft or modern jets so please be kind. After a visit to RAF Cosford I had this idea to build a small diorama featuring a World War 1 tank and a British and German aircraft in a dog fight above. Well something I found out during this build is I am not very good at building biplanes and consequently the Sopwith Camel found itself flying straight into the bin of shame, and that's where the Fokker Eindecker will find itself if it doesn't start behaving! Anyway here She is, or should I say He is. Built straight out of the box, I did not paint it in the recommended colour scheme as I just wanted something representative of the type and it is painted entirely with Tamiya Acrylics. I have enjoyed the build and found the weathering process liberating, you have to be a little more restrained with aircraft. I have a feeling this will not be my last armoured fighting vehicle. Thanks for looking, all comments and criticisms are welcome.
  15. From the RAF Refuelling Set (03302) with a few Dan Taylor Modelworks pieces. With the Matador
  16. I don't think there's a thread for this kit in the GB, and that's a shame. I picked this one up a few days ago: Panzer1 by John Walker, on Flickr This was far and away my favourite Airfix tank kit from my young days. Easy to build, you didn't need to paint it because the colour of the plastic already matched the boxtop and most importantly it didn't have zillions of interleaved road wheels. This is an early Humbrol era example. The colour of the plastic is like nothing I've ever seen in an Airfix box: Panzer2 by John Walker, on Flickr It looks more like something Matchbox would have put out. I have seen a green one though, which I think may have come from one of the Battlefront boxes. Instructions and a diminutive decal sheet complete the contents: Panzer3 by John Walker, on Flickr I'll put it together alongside the Mobelwagen. It'll make a nice contrast. John
  17. I started on this set at the end of November 2018, basically building the diorama base and Farmhouse, and then working my way through the figure sets: Highland Infantry (S35) French Cavalry (S36) French Artillery (S37) British Hussars (S43) French Infantry (S44) British Infantry (S45) British Artillery (S46) French Grenadiers (01749-1) Prussian Infantry (01756-9) Waterloo Farmhouse (1709) Farm Accessories (A06044W) Thanks for looking.
  18. Not available as an individual set, but an element of the Waterloo Gift Set in its various guises.
  19. 1. Bataillon, 3. Schlesien Landwehr Regiment with white shoulder straps my colours 3. Bataillon, 3. Schlesien Landwehr Regiment with yellow shoulder straps painted following Airfix instructions
  20. A simple conversion to an RAF Flatbed bomb carrier. Cab glazing added. Scratched wing mirrors and bomb cradles. Bombs from spares. Cab roof from 03302. Thanks for looking. Feedback always appreciated.
  21. 4e Régiment de Cuirassiers
  22. A while back I did a little cross kitting to produce a more accurate looking 1/76 Bedford QL bowser - https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235010404-bedford-ql-aircraft-refueller/&tab=comments#comment-2510934 Since then, the remnants of the Airfix QLD/QLT and Refuelling sets have been looking at me asking to be built. I did consider doing more conversions but in the end decided on some nice, relaxing from-the-box builds. So here we have the QLT, 100% straight from the box and the AEC 0854 again pretty much from the box, with the addition of a set of Wee Friends wheels, acetate windows and a raised fire shield behind the cab. Both have been finished in 'Mickey Mouse' style camouflage, the Bedford using the box top scheme and the AEC using my own artistic license as the colours of these things are ambiguous to say the least! Hope you like them.
  23. Howdy Sherman fans - WARNING... ....this post contains a very small and very basic kit from around 1961... I've been building this in the Vintage Airfix GB - but wanted to share it here too - where I might get some more comments from the 'proper' AFV 'experts'... It started out as a Sherman Crab - with a flail attachment - but I'm going to use that on something else. It was a very naïve kit with a few challenges that I as a newbie hadn't tackled before - like rubber tracks. I messed about with it a lot, adding clean air filters at the back / reversing the hatch covers / adding gun cleaning rods / replacing lifting hooks / adding track armour and side armour plates / creating a radio back box with jerry can and finally a load of aerials - as befits a command tank - oh and not forgetting a tank commander himself. The WIP thread is here - if you want to take a look... I hope you like it - Steve
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