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Found 49 results

  1. Decided to join this GB with (hopefully) a simple build to start with, Sword's 1/72nd Seafire Mk.XV. Just one sprue of grey plastic parts with one small clear and PUR exhausts and cannons. Going to do the NAS 806 Aussie Tour version, everything out the box as they say.
  2. Hey everyone, I just got the Winter 2018 ad flyer from Squadron Mail Order, www.squadron.com, a couple of days ago. When I first glanced through it; I noticed the new HobbyBoss P-61 was being offered. I just took it for the P-61A; as it had been reviewed by Hyperscale a few weeks before(and I had mentioned it in a thread about the P-61B started by 72modeler). When I started to look through the flyer more thoroughly; I discovered that SMO has both of the HobbyBoss P-61s: P-61A and P-61B. The kit numbers(Squadron's/HB's) are HY87261 and HY87262 respectively. The P-61B is also under the "Easy Assembly" series. The illustration shows two(2) schemes(as for the P-61A) for the 'B', both in Jet Black. One is for the 547th Night Fighter Squadron, "Swing Shift Skipper"; the other is for the 6th Night Fighter Squadron, "Sleepy Time Gal II". I have not seen either kit "in the flesh". As HobbyBoss most likely is using many of the same parts for both kits(why not? Northup did.); the P-61B will have some of the same inaccuracies as the P-61A(which the Hyperscale reviewer stated were minor). I haven't seen reviewed yet on any other forum. Squadron's price is normally $37.99USD; it is sale priced at: $30.99USD. For my fellow BM members living outside the USA, your mileage will vary. Sorry, I meant to indicate that the price of $30.99USD is for both kits. Joe
  3. Hi, guys, I just got an email from Airfix for their new Folland Gnat T.1, kit No. A02105. They offer 2 sets of markings, one for No. 4 Flying Training School in Wales, 1970. The other is for OSCAR EW-5894 of the USS Essess. In case you don't remember the latter; it's the "Aircraft Carrier" from the movie "Hot Shots", released in 1991. Someone at Airfix does have a sense of humor. No doubt markings for other users will be released in the coming weeks. Joe
  4. Just seen this on the Big H website, it's the RS Models F-5A reconnaissance version of the P-38. Has anyone made one of the other versions of this kit (P-38D through H)? What's the fit and general construction like? Are they accurate? If you have experience of these kits I'd be interested to glean the gen from you?
  5. Hello Everyone I wonder if I might join this happy band of builders? Having been a long time watcher and admirer of the fantastic work displayed on the forum, I have been persuaded / cajoled into contributing something by Jockney and the kind words of Stevej60 and so may I offer the OLIMP Pro Resin Model of the 1948 Supermarine Seagull ASR-1. So with heart in mouth and some trepidation given this is my first WIP my first Group Build and my first attempts at posting photos - anything could happen. Recognising the protocols, some box shots, the resin pieces I shall be hoping come together smoothly and the instructions / decals to guide. Having build Anigrand, Planet, Karaya and Unicraft resin stuff before, this set of pieces seems right up with the best of them, good details both internal and external and smooth finishes to the primary surfaces. Hope this is all OK - picture size too big, too small? Onwards from the 2nd then - although my starting might be a little delayed!! Regards Andrew
  6. I'm going to assemble this: (It's the old AZ MkVB with extra bits.) I'll post some sprue shots later.
  7. I see I'm not the first to get one of these up, which isn't a bad thing!! Nice to see two being built... although I'm waiting for mine to arrive from Hobbyterra, it's going straight onto the bench so I may as well join in. I did have the Combat Vacform part built & fuselage together but as soon as I saw Amodel announce this, I had to get one. Photos soon..... it's just a waiting game, come on Mr. Postman!!
  8. Here's my entry into the Radial Engines Rock GB, Special Hobby's Tempest II in 1/72nd, No.33 Sqn based in Butterworth in 1951. Not a bad fitting kit, the main wing was the worse aspect, good job they include 2 vacform canopies as well. Vallejo ModelAir paint, decals by Xtradecal, rockets by Pavla.
  9. Hello all i built this as an attempt to get used to 1/72nd scale i am placing it here as it is about 90% complete. I replaced the barrels with hollow micro brass tubing. Which is itself a test of patience. The Star & Bars are kit decals the serial is kit decal. But the codes are from Woodland Scenics Railroad lettering. I think they work very well. However i've been laughed at by some here at Britmodeller for suggesting these. I'll let you decide whether they look good ? Correct ? Or Bad ? It still needs resin exhausts and some weathering. It is also the first model in a pet project that will eventually incorporate 10 more P-51's, 4 P-47's, and 1 P-38 an airfield diorama with a tower and the associated ground equipment. The full size diorama will be built last. Any how heres the Mustang as it sits today. It represents a D model of the 4th Fighter Group. And i hope you like it. Oh and for those of you curious the invasion stripes were handpainted the Aluminum was Tamiya Rattlecan and the Red & Blue are Vallejo. The Red is standard Vallejo & the Blue MA Mediterranean blue and is Airbrushed. The color was pretty close to the colors i could find online. I hope every one likes this. The eagle eyed among you may spot my glaring goof up on this plane.
  10. I am about to begin a 1/72nd scale Yak-18 on skis from AModel. So far the kit looks typical of older AModel kits with heavy, soft sprue, and a fair amount of flash. A pre-fitting lest shows the distinctive 5-cyclinder cowling will not fit flush without some filling and plastic. Other than that it looks to be straightforward build of an interesting bird used primary for training purposes. I'll be building it OOB except for the repair work I'll need to do. Anyone build one of these? Any tips if you have?
  11. My first completion of 2017. Sounds great, eh? Not when I haven't previously completed a build since 2015 it doesn't . Anyway, this was done to get a model built and to kick my lack of motivation in the bum. Seems to have worked, and I'm quite pleased with the result. This is the Fine Molds kit, and was a joy, with the exception of the transfers. I found them very sensitive to everything I normally do, so had to be very careful. Tamiya paint and Ammo by Mig panel line washes. The base (cheap, and from Walmart) will be finished at some point. Less waffle, more piccies:
  12. Hi guys, Having a few builds on the go, all mostly long termers that don't have a finish time yet, I decided to build something OOB that was 'easy'. So, back in June when I went down to Fairford for some B-52's, we popped into Swindon for a bit of shopping & I picked up this B.II for £15 from the Hornby shop in the shopping centre. It was all looking good until I cut the fuselage off the sprues to see that both parts were heavily warped, as were the spars & floor. So with a bit of work, I've managed to get it fairly straight.. Some pics of where it's at.. I've not had it out for a while as I lost interest at first, but when speaking to @woody37 at Newark, it's sparked the interest back and I'm now full steam ahead. Will add the black and start painting the interior shortly.. hoping to get it closed up by the weekend with wings attached. One of my favourite WW2 bombers, just something about a radial on a Lanc..
  13. This is the Tamiya 1/72nd scale Corsair with the wings clipped to represent a Fleet Air Arm machine. I used a Eduard etched zoom set for the cockpit. The paints are all Xtracylix, and the decals are by Techmod. Vought Corsair II. Set 72014. The Aircraft is from 1834 NAS HMS Victorious 1944. Thanks for looking, Joe
  14. So I finally got round to finishing off the second of the Gnats I was working on. This time I built her in a slightly different scheme LAG/Dayglo. I decals are a mix of kit and some generic RAF numbers to alter the serials. This build was based on a single photo I found of the aircraft, there a few things I got wrong or wish I had done different/better, but on the whole I think she turned out ok. I meant to build FOD covers but to be honest I just wanted it off the bench towards the end so I didn't bother. Anyway here are the pics of her and finishing with the pair together: - Not sure if the pics are the right size so if they're too small let me know and I will get them changed to larger images! Edit - I used the Wolfpack bangseats and a Pavla canopy too!
  15. Hi fellas, With a few models sitting waiting for the gloss coat to go off, I've cracked out the neat little Hasegawa F-4EJ Kai boxing of the Phantom in 1/72nd scale. The kit is the perfect starting point for an RAAF machine as all the parts except weapons are included in the box. The RAAF machines had unslated wings so no need for any mods or hacking of the kit. The final item will be an inflight display of A69-7205 carrying two sticks of three 500b bombs on TER's on the inboard stations. Missile stations will be empty but it will have a full compliment of gas bags as per this pic from add-serials (the aircraft in the foreground on the right is A69-7205). I've skipped the cockpit build for the moment and gone straight to the fuselage to get the bulk of the exterior done as there's nothing too adventurous going on externally. The blisters just aft of the intakes need to be removed. Before After The sharpie outline for the mounting post is marked here. It turns out I needed to move it forward a panel as it would foul the exhausts when they were inserted. The two blisters further behind the main gear towards the trailing edge have since been removed as Aussie Phantoms didn't have these. Perhaps the F-4 gurus can shed some light on what they were/are? A start on the cockpit. There's not much to it but once the crew are installed the decal instrument panels should be okay. The rear section of the nose gear door installed. No filler required here. I've started to busy up the sidewalls as they will be partly visible. I've no idea what the rear left hand sidewall of an F-4E looks like, but some gizmology will get me by. For whatever reason the right side is provided as an insert but no mention of it is made in the instructions. Some of the panel lines on the spine needed reinstating after being removed when cleaning up the seam. Some Pactra tape and an Olfa scriber put them back in their right place. Before. After. The circular access panels also needed some work. The first effort was made using a fluted punch but I wasn't happy with the result. Perhaps okay for a flat surface but not on a curved one. I reverted back to the old scribing template and needle for the rest. Progress so far after two evenings. The outer wings and fin cap have also been adde. You can see the hole where I had to move the mounting post position to. I've been doing some work on the ejection seats and drop tanks but once they're done I'll load up some pics of them. Anyway, that's it for the moment. I'll be back with another update tomorrow. Cheers, Mick
  16. Hiya Folks, After a bit of a gap I`m beginning to finish some models and here is the first of two Sword Spitfire Mk.Vc`s, build in the marlings of BR387, GL-W of 185 Sqn at Hal Far in 1942 which was often flown by Australian Plt. Off.John `Slim' Yarra RAAF; [/url] It was brush painted using Aeromaster Finnish Light Blue to represent the Sky Blue undersides and US Sea Blue for the Blue upper surfaces. The same dark blue was used on submarines of the 10th Submarine Flotilla operating from Manoel Island in Malta as it gave better camouflage while under the Med where the clear water made submarines easier to see while submerged; Subs aren`t really my thing but I built this a while ago! I think that it is the Polish Sokol which was a British built ex RN sub which operated with the 10th Flotilla. Cheers Tony PS- If anybody is interested in this scheme,....here is a Special Hobby 1/48th scale Spitfire Vc that I built some time ago. It is from the same unit and was usually, flown by Flt. Lt. Johnny Plagis who named it `Kay' after his sister. It comes from from this old thread; http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/32043-special-hobbyeduard-148th-spitfire-mkvcs/?hl=%2Bmalta+%2Bspitfire+%2B185+%2Bsqn WOW,.....as you have all been so kind and shown such interest in Blue Spitfire`s from Malta here are a few of the older Malta Spits from my collection; Tamiya 1/48th- Spitfire Mk.Vb, EP829, T-N(t) of 249 Sqn flown by the American CO Sqn. Ldr. John Lynch who was credited with scoring Malta`s 1,000th kill in this aircraft. I`ve been asked to provide an underside view of the above, so here is one taken before the yellow codes were overpainted using Azure Blue. Note the red wingtips and the lack of a tropical filter which was removed. Underside colour on this later aircraft is Azure Blue. Tamiya-1/48th- Spitfire Mk.Vb, BR586, T-M, 249 Sqn. (The codes should be light blue and I`ll be repainting these). Hasegawa 1/48th Spitfire Mk.Vb converted to Mk.Vc, BR190, A-2, USS Wasp.
  17. Hi guys, I'm doing a base at the moment and would like a parked truck along side my (1/72nd) He-111 , what truck is best that would of been used on an airfield? I've no idea what to use... Many thanks..
  18. Looking to build a couple of the Heller kits of the Canadair 415 but can find little about the accuracy of the kit. I remember reading somewhere, sometime, that the position of the engines is correct for the 215 but that the 415's engines should be mounted slightly further outboard - does anyone know if this is correct? Many thanks
  19. At some point I'm going to build a biplane and I fancy doing a 1/72nd scale Yugoslav Hawker Fury. I've read several writeups of the A-Model product and I have to say I don't fancy it much, so I'm planning on converting the Revell/Matchbox kit. I'm aware of the (general) differences between the RAF etc Fury I and the Yugoslav Fury II (landing gear, radiator, oil cooler), but I really could do with a decent plan showing these. Can anyone suggest a source? Several lunchtimes Googling have come up with lots of photos (OK, lots of versions of the same photos ) and lots of art from kits/decal manufacturers, but no plans I can crib actual measurements/angles from. Several sources describe the Fury II's cantilever U/C as being "...like the Gloster Gladiator..." Based on (initial) inspection of the sources I have it's VERY like. Can anyone confirm/deny that you could use a set of Gladiator U/C for this build? Many thanks in advance, M
  20. Hi folks, I just asked this over in the "interwar" area but realised I might get help here too. I'm hoping to replicate Tiger Moth, G-ANSM in 1/72nd scale and need a source for suitable code letters please. Can anyone point me in the direction of decals or paint masks? Your help is appreciated, Cheers, Guy
  21. Hiya Folks, I`m not much of a WHIFF`er but I`ve always fancied doing a TSR.2 in operational colours from the 1980`s and this one represents an aircraft of 16 Sqn based in RAF Germany during 1986. As it was based so close to East Germany there was no need for air to air refuelling (just like the Buccaneers in Germany) as low level over East German airspace wasn`t the most hospitable place for tanking so it is doesn`t have a probe fitted but it does have a pair of long range tanks. It carried the nuke, air launched cruise missile or bomb load internally and four Sidewinders were carried to fight their way to the target if needed. Anyway here is the model; I like it in the wrap around camo but if I build another it might just be white, although an Op Granby one is very tempting! Cheers Tony PS- I meant to say that in my world the original twin wheeled main undercarriage was deleted due to wheel shimmy so the original requirement for rough field operations was revised in the GR.2 version and the additional wheel was deleted, the legs strengthened and the additional space left over in the wheel well was used by extra fuel or ECM gear! I was going to add outboard pylons fitted with chaff and ECM pods too but upon reflection I thought that the TSR.2 would have enough internal room for the kit to be carried inside so in the interest of speed I eventually decided against these.
  22. Hi folks, I was taking March off from modelling, pending a couple of upcoming GBs, when I decided to throw together a Revell Sea Hurricane, trying to correct a couple of outline errors in the process. The result is shown below as a rocket equipped SHurri IIC from HMS Vindex (I'm following a profile on Wings Palette, so don't know how accurate it is) but as a quick build, it met the need. Prop / spinner is from Quickboost, vacform sliding canopy is from Squadron (I think) and the rockets / rails I believe came from a Hi-Tech Smer kit of the IIC although I may be wrong. Anyway, the rest is hacked about Revell plastic. Decals are from the spares box apart from the s/n (which is from the kit and is therefore wrong for this aircraft). regards, Martin
  23. Following on for my conversion of the 72nd scale Airfix Spitfire Vb to a Seafire III I bought another Vb & a Vc to do the Seafire Ib & IIc. The first Vc kit died in a major glue spill so I sourced another to replace it and will restart that one soon as it arrives. In the meantime here's the chosen subjects and progress so far. They will form numbers 3 and 4 from a pile that is about to be joined by a Special Hobby 72nd scale XV. Who, me, obsessed? Nah. After thinning the fuselage halves the internal structure gets represented by some plastic strip. Next task is to form the bulkhead frames. One issue with the Vc boxing is the new wing parts are not such a nice shape as the older Vb parts and very thick. Once the new kit arrives I'll look at them again and decide if using the old wings modfified to take the new cannon bulge parts or thinning the new wings is the better route.
  24. An all resin kit and a wonderful gift, however, I need more info. Did this aircraft exist on the drawing board only? Anyone else have this kit started and completed? Would appreciate any info. Many thanks
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