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Found 17 results

  1. Back in 1972 Airfix released their second moulding of the Mossie with parts to build 3 versions, NF. II, FB. VI and FB. XVIII - I built all 3. Later in around 1995 they added a new sprue so that it could also be built as the NF. XIX and the Swedish J.30 and I bought that boxing a few years later. This GB gives me an excuse to build it. There are reportedly a few inaccuracies, particularly with the distinctive "Universal" or "Bull nosed" radome and the aftermarket replacement issued at the time is no longer available so I may have to do a bit of work on it - we will see! Pete
  2. After two years of hard slog during which I have also completed a Stranraer, a Chipmunk (as a sanity break!) and a PhD, here is my take on the Matchbox Heyford, finished as Heyford II K4877/H of 7 Squadron RAF at Worthy Down, circa 1935. The WIP is here. At some point I'm going to do a Heyford reference thread for the Interwar section to share all my refs and discoveries, I'll update this with the link when I've got round to it. Don't hold your breath! Having decided to start on adding some detailing to this and the Straraer, I went fairly mad. The following is a reasonably complete list of my alterations: Scribed some panel lines including those around the nose gunner’s position, plus a complete rescribe of the nacelles. Filled one porthole and cut two new ones to replicate the two starboard, three port arrangement of the real aircraft. Also added a small downward ID light under the forward fuselage. Replicated the fabric detail on the rear fuselage by scribing lines in the locations of stringers, gluing in 0.8mm plasticard rod, and building up with filler. Added the metal external stringers underneath the forward fuselage, using plasticard rod sanded to match the stringers moulded on the fuselage sides. Scratchbuilt majority of interior, including partial wireless operator’s position, complete cockpit and nose gunner’s compartments, and rear fuselage around mid-upper gunner. Retained half of a bulkhead and pilot’s control wheels, but remainder was made from plasticard stock, wire, spares box items and CD boxes (for the ribbed aluminium floor). Cut out small windows in top of dustbin turret and replaced with sections of glazing from spares box. Scratchbuilt Hawker High Speed mountings and ventral turret mounting, again adding Lewis Guns from Mini World. Added several fuselage external details, including pitot head and nose ID light, small ventral piping forward of turret, tracking rubbers for the tailwheel, and nose gunner’s grab handle. Replaced grab bar on top of fuselage and pilot’s arm guards with plasticard stock. Rescribed ventral entry door in correct position and in (probable) correct shape (MB have it one fuselage frame bay too far back and square, it should probably be closer to “D” shaped) Removed symmetrical fuselage exit fairings for tail control cables, and replaced with a scratchbuilt fairing on the port side only – drilled this out and added the control lines. Added balance weights to the tops of the rudders. Scratchbuilt the four central bomb bay cells including ribs, wing spars, bomb mounting tubes and bomb bay doors. Armed with 4x 500lb GP (resin replacements from CMK). Scratchbuilt struts between fuselage and nacelles/lower wing centre section, adding steps below the entry door and a tube probably containing a trailing wireless aerial. Replaced blobby air scoops on nacelles with scratchbuilt items. Cut out rear of kit radiator ducting and added radiator face and upper portion of interplane struts inside. Reshaped erroneous kit exhausts and scribed the angled slots. Cut out the open panel aft of the exhausts and added prominent sections of engine bearers plus black blanking panel to simulate engine. Added scratchbuilt landing flares, plus bomb racks and PE Light Series Bomb Carriers from Marabu to underside of lower wings. Added flares from Airfix Swordfish kit. Added aileron actuators to upper wing, plus jacks for leading edge slats and aileron balance weights. Full rigging job (including centre section which seems to be rarely attempted by modellers and took me about 5 hours!) using Sovereign Hobbies fine rigging thread. Painted in my own NIVO mix, decals are from the kit. I’ve speculatively gone for partly doped propellers in a grey colour based on some very ambiguous photo evidence. Things I chickened out of but which you could also do: Detail remainder of bomb bay (time and energy, plus the erroneous mislabelling of 500 pounders as 250 pounders by CMK all forced my hand) Detail remainder of fuselage interior (basically invisible) Replace kit windscreen with acetate (didn’t think I could do a neat enough job) Show the leading edge slats deployed (they do seem to have been retracted on the ground sometimes, and it just felt like too much work (!) As with the Stranraer, it's not a bad kit at all, and likely to remain the only game in town barring a very left-field choice from somebody! Even more so that the Stranraer, it benefits from a detailed cockpit (very visible through that massive opening) and bomb bay (ditto). There are also some minor errors, like the portholes and featureless underside to the nose, which are worth attending to if you're nuts like me. Ah yes, photos. Here y'are. This shows the end result of my attempts to replicate the fabric detail on the rear fuselage: Wretched dust! I brushed it off before the photoshoot and everything.
  3. This may turn out to be a fairly straightforward build after all, but as I mentioned in the chat section I have had bad experiences with the two previous kits I have tried from this manufacturer. I recently managed to build their BMP-2 in a GB but it was not easy - poor engineering meant quite a bit of surgery was needed, there was a fair bit of flash, poorly placed sprue attachment points and pretty poor instructions. A year or so I ago tried their T-59 tank and ended up abandoning it as not only did it have the same problems but the white plastic they used just would not take any sort of glue including CA. This does look a bit better moulding wise, but a combination of link and length track and explosive reactive armour tiles makes for a lot of small parts and combined with rather pathetic instructions still makes me feel downright uncomfortable, so as I am already building 2 tanks for other GB I thought I would throw it into the mix. Pete
  4. Hi everybody UAVs are back!! After abandoning this type of models for three or four years, they're making a strong comeback with this unusual machine. Europe has been searching for its place in the world of drones for quite a few years now. In the early 2010s, numerous prototypes emerged in Europe, including the BAe Mantis, a machine that would later give rise to the Telemos in partnership with Dassault. It made its first appearance at the Farnborough Airshow in 2008 with a mockup. The version shown here is the one that flew flight tests in 2010 in the Australian desert. The model used is one that I searched for a long time. It is a pure resin model from the English brand Combat Kits. The molding is pretty good, but the engravings need some work, and all the assemblies need to be reworked to obtain a decent result. Nonetheless, the model is still very good and accurately represents the real thing. A lot of work is needed to engrave and refine the details of the nose. The painting was quite complicated. Most photos show it backlit and almost black. The few indoor photos show it more brownish. I decided to use this shade for my representation, with a hint of copper and a lot of weathering. The kit decals are of good quality. In the end, it's a machine that I really like, and it enhances my collection of drones. Photos : I hope you will like it. The complete WIP can be found there See you soon with a complete new project. Very different, still resin, and still a flying machine ! Alain.
  5. Good day to all, Still going with my friend`s suggestion to try something outside of my comfort ( and true love 😍 ) zone of airplanes, I decided to give the Hasegawa AH-64 Apache a try. Like the V2 I just posted, this was a simple yet well detailed kit. I kept the weathering to a relative minimum due to many references showing the type not showing too many streaks, chipping of paint or heavily faded ( which I`m certain there are plenty of US Army helos pretty well beat up. I used a light khaki wash to help accentuate the panel lines which do not really show that well in the pictures. I found it to be a fun kit and I would recommend it for all skill levels. Thank you in advance!!!!! Mike
  6. From an aircraft with its problems both in real life and in kit form, the Supermarine Swift, to its much more successful contemporary both as an aircraft and a kit, the Hawker Hunter. 1/72 Revell Hawker Hunter FGA.9 #4168 According to Scalemates a 2008 rebox of a 2006 Mould OOB save for a Master pitot. Homemade harness from Tamiya tape and ejection seat pull cords from wire. Colours from Xtracrylix (Dark Green, Dark Sea Grey and Light Aircraft Grey) Comments. 1. Well known and well reviewed. I can see why. Nicely detailed mouldings with no flash, no filler needed and good decals. Seat could be more detailed is the only criticism I could make. 2. I went with the less flamboyant option to the box top example as I wasn't convinced my red paint would be the exact same shade as the red in the roundels and, if it wasn't, I knew it would bother me every time I looked at it. 3. If I was doing another one I would go with the Swiss option, a Mk.58, different lumps and bumps, more underwing attachment points and some 'interesting' ordnance. 4. I found the decal for the yellow flashes around the canopy frame practically invisible and had to do them by hand, not very well. 5. The kit ordnance was also less than inspiring with just rocket pods provided for the outer stations as an option for fuel tanks. Surprisingly when you look at contemporary photos that kit loadout was not unusual. It seems like an awful lot of aeroplane to deliver not very much. First, the box top then the rest follow either in the post or in a reply thereto
  7. And here is my proposed 3rd entry. Built at around the same time as the F-106 and in parallel with the Mig-21 which I may also enter. This kit was originally released in 1993 by UNDA and went through another 5 reboxings in the next 10 or so years - this is the 3rd from Cooperativa in Russia, and distributed by MPM. Serge tells me it is even less accurate than the later A-Model one but when I bought it there was nothing else available so I will build it anyway. Pete
  8. Last build and smallest. Originally released in 1979 as 282, mine is a later Humbrol rebox 80282. It's a Spitfire - can't go wrong (famous last words)! It certainly will not be silver. Pete
  9. As well as my Seafire 47, I will also try and get this one built. This was released about 8 years ago and was moulded by MPM - it looks like it may be related to the batch of SH kits I mentioned in my Seafire intro. It comes with decs for 2 of Jeffrey Quill's silver racers as shown on the box, and 2 service machines from around 1947 in standard camo. My past experience with Xtrakits has been quite varied, but the MPM moulded ones have not been too bad, though they have needed quite a bit of dry fitting and care to get them to line up. More as and when I find time - this is the 4th GB I am currently involved in with at least 2 more on the horizon so it could be a while. Cheers Pete
  10. Hello, I just wanted to share with you some photos of our collection. My father decided to make some order in a couple of shelves. This is just the 21% of our collection so far. Cheers Santiago
  11. Finish No5 for this year is Italeri's B58 Hustler in the rumoured SEA camo used on the Project Bullseye test program which used a B58 to use its sophisticated radar bombing system to guide a flight of F4 on night time raids of North Vietnam as the accuracy of the F4 was not great but it never got beyond trials due to political concerns that America latest most technical bomber could be shot down. The kit is not bad but has some issues with wing and engine mounting but otherwise is fairly straight forward. I used Caracal's decal set supplied by Billin after his excellent build last year, using the Project Bullseye test aircraft rather than doing a NMF scheme. There is 3 crew from Revells pilot set seated but only the pilot is still visible and the 4 Mk84's came from a Hasegawa weapon set. Paints are all Tamiya and no weathering was applied as the aircraft (if painted in this scheme) where on test for a short time. As usual all comment are welcome.
  12. Hello, everyone! 30 years ago was a catastrophic nuclear accident that occurred at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in the city of Pripyat. By this date I built a diorama "The Forgotten Sloggers of Chernobyl ". This diorama showing some of machinery, which took part in liquidating the results of the accident . All the machinery was leveled in cemeteries (a fragment of one of these represent in this job). Have a nice view!
  13. Hi everybody; can anyone please advise on available 1/72 pilot figures for a NAVY F-14A, period around early '80s? Seated pilots, as I'd like to show the model in flight. Thanks in advance to anybody that can help Ciao
  14. Hello tank fans, here is my part of the Achtung Panzer Group build. It will be Dragons M4A1 tank in 1/72 scale. Its one of the best AFV kit in my stash. The amount of delicate parts is really amazing, its also a very nice touch, that a lot of the pe parts, are supplied in plastic as well. Maybe this helps to defeat the carpet monster on this tiny Sherman :-) At first a view on the sprue parts/details (worth a look) and the instructions
  15. Hi guys, This is my first 1/72 model - the Airfix DHC Chipmunk. It's far away from being perfect (canopy section mainly) but it was fun. The markings are fictional - I wanted to do an RCAF trainer version but didn't have the right decals. So I painted it yellow but used the kit decals. So, enough bla bla - here the pics. I hope you like it. It's definitely not gone be my last 1/72. Thank's a lot to William de Coster from Belgium for having sent my a replacement canopy since I messed up the first one even more... Cheers, Michael
  16. more or less finished finally! some fast pics, more, in hopefully sunny Austrian Skys to follow soon build thread: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234943730-saab-105oe-sk60-trainer-172-decals/?hl=saab hope you like this small little bugger!
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