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  1. Hi All, Another Build, this like the Meteor to be reasonably quick-ish builds (yeah I know famous last word right ) When folks think of New Zealander's and Mosquito's, they would think Raids on Gestapo HQ/Amiens etc. Two Article XV Squadrons flew them in the ETO during WWII, the likes of 487 Squadron Mosquito, HX855 EG-O 487 Sqn attack on Gestapo Headquarters at Aarhus, Denmark (RNZAF Official - RNZAF Museum - Used with Permissions) 488 Squadron (this Squadron forming at1941 at Rongotai in New Zealand, and our
  2. Hi All, Had a Chat with the GB Mods and I'm going to resume my activity on this GB. I felt at the time it was prudent to be absent (No I wasn't throwing my Toys out of the cot) and we'll leave it at that. I will state unabashedly, and unapologetically that I am very passionate about mt Country's Air Force, It, having been in my life since I was born, and still is (note the Beautiful RNZAF 757 outside Air Movements RNZAF Base Whenuapai) NZ7571 at time of Photo, had carried our current Prime Minister on her travels, it can be fitted with a VIP
  3. First, my apologies for the dilatory approach to posting for this build .... as in, none .... so far. I suppose I am a rather existentially challenged group builder! But, I have indeed been keeping up, watching builds in progress and, most importantly, I have been building along. Super job on your builds everyone; thanks for taking the time to post them! Admittedly I started this build before the beginning date, but it was less than a quarter way there by the start date, I submit, and besides that, I am just getting my act together for a post two-thirds of the way through th
  4. Hi After the construction of the Boeing F4b-4 I was wondering what to choose as a new project. My choice fell on Wellington from the Brooklands Museum. I thought about it ever since I saw the picture on the cover of the aviation magazine and read the article about this particular aircraft few years ago. I want to do it exactly as it looks in a museum. That's why I flew from Poland to the museum to make my own photographic documentation. I also made contact with the museum, which promised to help in the project. I will use Airfix kit for construction, at least three. My monster in
  5. Good morning All, firstly a thank you to Jockney for allowing me to join the GB with this entry; the Airfix 1/72 Fairey Rotodyne. The history of the aircraft and its eventual cancellation are fairly typical of the British aviation industry of the late fifties and early sixties, but I won't dwell on that here. The Airfix mould originates from 1959 with all that entails including rivets everywhere, big sinkmarks, approximate fit of parts and moveable control surfaces and undercarriage. It has no cabin interior and a brief thought about trying to scratch a representation of the instrumented in
  6. Hello all. I have just finished this little beauty of a kit, the Airfix 1/72 Tiger Moth. It is the second of these new toolings that I have finished, and I have enjoyed both! The kit itself is delightfully moulded, but there were some mould blemishes on one of the interplane struts, along with some flash but neither were a problem to sort out. I needed some filler between the cockpit openings but that was pretty much that. The only parts I really had problems with were the main undercarriage parts, and that is only because of my ham-fistedness. I decided to add the wheels right at
  7. Hello everyone... This is my second of three builds from the Battle of Britain group build. It is the 1/72 Airfix Boulton-Paul Defiant Mk.I. It is out of box and wearing the markings of 264 Squadron July 1940. Ive always had a soft spot for the Defiant and it was a pleasure to build the kit. Hopefully Airfix will send it up to the 1/24 scale line of models. It would be one of the few large scale planes I would ever build. Please feel free to ask questions, post comments, and or
  8. Hello all! Although I love to build the new, super-duper kits that are extremely well detailed and fall together well(Ish), I do have a hankering for the 'older nostalgia' type models. I have built quite a few over the last couple of years, and that has taken me back to my childhood (too many years ago now!). Well, one model I remember from 1969 was this one, the Airfix Ford Tri-motor. I cannot claim this will be a nostalgia build, in view of the fact that I never had one, but one of my friends in Singapore showed me one when I was building a Boeing Clipper in 1969, and I thought I
  9. Hello everyone... My first build for this is going to be Boulton Paul’s Defiant. I will be using the 1/72 Airfix kit in the kits markings of PS*U from 264 Squadron. Ive always had a weird attraction to the Defiant. I have often wondered if it had some forward firing guns along with the turret if it might not have done a bit better. Please feel free to ask questions, post comments, and or add thoughts. Dennis
  10. I thought it best not to incur the wrath of Julien or Mike, so I will post this as a new forum discussion topic instead of taking the original topic on 1930's biplane finishes further off course. Pulled several kits out of storage after reading the comments on the 1/72 Airfix Bulldog prop. For what it's worth, here goes! The Airfix prop is indeed bass ackwards, with the flat side to the front and the airfoil side to the rear- very, very difficult to correct, especially as the prop blades are molded to the spinner and Hucks starter dog. The prop and spinner from the Mat
  11. As a bit of a follow on from my recently finished Boeing 720 'Led Zeppelin' model, I decided to keep things non-military again and build something that I have really wanted to do for a very, VERY long time. This goes back to when I was a very young lad, and was memorable for me bacause it was the very first time that I ever flew in an aeroplane, which was quite an event for me at the time of course, and I can still remember how much I enjoyed it. I was very much into aircraft and model building even then, and since then have always toyed with the idea of building the first aircraft I flew in.
  12. I hadn't signed up for this one,i thought i had, I was thinking of building my special hobby brewster 239 in 1/32, but I've decided on something else, that continues my diversion into 1/72 ,the superb little airfix gloster gladiator,in finnish livery ,i have some extas, they are, aml decals sheet 7201 ,sbs photo etch exterior, eduard photo etch interior, sbs resin bristol mercury engine,aires resin doors, and resin control surfaces, I'll also attempt to rig it, I'm undecided on the scheme at present Cheers all
  13. Moved from the recent Flying Boats and Float Planes GB John
  14. Another of last year's builds. Cracking little kit although i found the undercarriage assembly a little tricky, but that might be my fault. I've the Royal Navy one in the stash so I'll see if i can do any better next time. Used a bit of artistic licence and swapped the small fuselage roundel in the kit for a larger one from the spares box as i seem to have seen both variations used at the same time in photos and i much prefer this look. Brush painted by Vallejo Model Air and Model Color, plus their matt varnish. Panel wash by Mig and some Tamiya weathering powder to finish. Cheers for looking.
  15. Hello everyone... well I'm in with this kit. I find it fitting that I'm building a kit of a Tomahawk, and I grew up in a town named Tomahawk Wisconsin so it works for me. The kits decals are for 73 Squadron and i have a set of lend-lease VVS decals i may use. My confusion lies in that i cant find very much on 73 squadron using Tomahawks ? Ive seen Hurricanes in the same time frame this is supposed to be a P-40 Tomahawk unit. Ultimately if I'm not happy with the options id like to find a set of 112 squadron or AVG markings. Im still looking and
  16. Hello Everyone... Fresh out of the P-40 STGB. I present an 1/72 Airfix Tomahawk. I have built it to represent a 3 Squadron RAAF Tomahawk in Palestine summer of 1941. Not a bad kit i can see more of these in my future. Without to much discussion i present my build to you. Please feel free to ask questions, comment, and or give your thoughts. Here is a link to the build if anyone would like to take a look. Dennis
  17. Hello everybody... This was built in parallel with my 3 Squadron Tomahawk. It is the 1/72 Airfix Hurricane Mk.I. I removed all of the fabric detail on the wings. Then I re-scribed them so that i could represent a later Mk.I with metal wings. I built this one to represent a Mk.I with 401 Squadron RCAF during the Battle of Britain. They were stationed at RAF Northolt circa August or early September 1940. This was a build i decided
  18. I am working on a 1/72 Airfix Tomahawk with markings for 73 Squadron in the P-40 STGB. I have only found this one photo of them. https://www.asisbiz.com/il2/Hawk-81A/RAF-73Sqn/pages/Curtiss-Tomahawk-IIB-RAF-73Sqn-AK490-Wykeham-Barnes-Egypt-1941-01.html I have seen plenty of Hurricanes both in the Battle of France, Battle of Britain, and in Palestine in 73 markings. Does anyone know how long they operated the Tomahawks ? Does anyone have more than the single photo ? How accurate are the markings ? Otherwise i may just go with one of my backup options 3 RAAF or 403 RCA
  19. Hello everybody... Some of you know I've gone a bit Daffy lately, and started a long term project. Im building all of the major variants of one my favorite pilots Josef "Pip's" Priller. I have started with his first mount with JG-26 the Bf109-E7, white "8". It represents a time frame sometime in the late spring of 1941. For this build i used the newer Airfix 109E4 kit in 1/72. I modified it by giving it a full spinner, and used a spare drop tank mount & Eduard tank from a BF-110D kit. The antenna snapped when removing it from the sprue do that is just a piece of plastic strip cut to
  20. Hello everyone this is my build of the airfix 1/72 P-51D Mustang. This was part of the Dedicated group build where everyone started with the same airfix kit. I built “Run, Rabbit, Run !” Which is from the 20th F.G. 8Th Air force. This is also part of a larger project i am doing about the 8th fighter command. Without further talk i present my Mustang. These two photo’s show the 3 builds completed out of 15 needed for the project. They’re the 4th Fg. Center, 20th Fg. Upper left, and 356th Fg. Upper right. The P-47 was b
  21. I know I shouldn't participate in another GB, but how can I say NO to building the iconic Me 262 The aircraft I build is one of the two mounts from Major Rudolf Sinner, Gruppenkommandeur (CO), III./JG 7 in its attractive striped camouflage. All drawings of this aircraft show the stripes in a diagonal pattern across the whole aircraft. I couldn't find from where this originated, but based on the picture below, I paint the stripes in a V pattern With the exception of the nose, all other stripes do line up reasonably well. Of cou
  22. Well it's been 5+ years but it's finally done....hope you like the pics! I'm still finishing the dio base and will update this post when it is done.
  23. Evening everyone, I decided my next model had to be a Spitfire. I love this aircraft - it was the first plastic kit that I built with my dad when I was eight or nine and seeing them fly over from Duxford every weekend reminded me how much I enjoyed making model kits when I was growing up. I'm sticking to 1/72 for now (though might treat myself to an Eduard 1/48 Spit for Christmas) and couldn't decide between the Airfix mk1a or mk22, so decided to do both, which I thought would nicely bookend the development of this amazing plane. I'm going to build them pretty much ootb but will t
  24. Hi Folks There have been a few top class builds of the recent Airfix Jet Provost posted in RFI of late so I decided to post my humble contribution. I give you the recent Airfix 1/72 Jet Provost T3 finished in Light Aircraft Gray(from the Mr.Hobby range) and decals from the Xtradecal set for the Airfix Kit. The hi-vis markings were for the most part ok to use but getting them to follow the curve of the leading edge of the wing was less than successful with the solid areas of dayglo decals being quite rigid and brittle which resulted in cracking and splitting of the decal. I patched up the da
  25. G'day people, Well, this is another stalled build that I am attempting to progress. I started this build over at ARC for their "Far out, far East GB" http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/292978-nakajima-b5n2-kate/ I have decided to try and kick this one into touch now that I have the opportunity for some bench time. This is basically where I got up to: I have cracked on a little and the rest of the camouflage has been applied I have decided on a less tightly defined d
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