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  1. Having gotten the Titanic for Christmas and not being too keen on modelling a subject that so many lost their lives on ( generally I don’t like to model subjects where I know someone died). I’m going to convert the kit to the Olympic, the only one of the White star trio to have a long career before being scrapped in the thirties. With the added distinction of having sunk a German submarine. I’m going for the Dazzle camouflage the Olympic wore while serving as a troop transport. Sprues. Even with the small scale it’s a fairly large kit. Step one will be to figure out the best way to modify the A Deck ( the most obvious difference between the two ships) then get a proper handle on the rest of the modifications needed.
  2. Converted to the D-Class HMS Daring with a bandstand cut from scrap plastic card. It was necessary to fabricate the two 2pdr guns on the signal deck and searchlights atop. Pavanes are moulded into the stern deck. I removed them with a sharp scalpel. I used some left-over etch in my spares box. I scratched the 3in. AA with circular platform. I applied 8” serial letters from Ventura Decals sheet V7252 and added some railings left over from the Niko kit.
  3. On 10 February 1940 HMS Daring joined the Third Destroyer Flotilla in Scapa Flow, which was assigned to escort duties. On 18 February 1940 she was escorting Convoy HN12 from Bergen, Norway to Methil in Scotland, commanded by Commander Sydney Alan Cooper, RN. At 0354 hours (Berlin time) Daring was approximately 40 nautical miles east of the Pentland Firth. German Submarine U-23, commanded by Otto Kretschmer, torpedoed HMS Daring at 58o39’N 01o40’W. HMS Daring capsized and sank very quickly after her stern was blown off. 157 of the ship’s company were lost, including Albert John Clarke, service number C/JX 137478. He was either a Leading or Able Seaman and was 19 years of age. He was my mother's uncle. HMS Thistle, a British submarine, witnessed the attack and rescued five men from the sea, they were the only survivors.
  4. Dear Fellow Modellers I completed the Flyhawk HMS Legion earlier in May but was not satisfied with the results, so did some more photos today. As some of you may know, HMS Legion took off many of the crew of HMS Ark Royal when she was torpedoed in the Eastern Mediterranean on 13th November 1941 Hope you like it? Andrew
  5. Dear Fellow Modellers I finally completed the Graf Spee. The Panzerschiff Admiral Graf Spee needs no introduction in the community of Naval historians, nevertheless the inter-war Panzerschiff concept remains one of the most radical of the pre-war period. . The design was extraordinarily radical with two battleship turrets carried aboard a light cruiser hull and powered by 8 MAN diesel engines. The design was so tough on weight that the ships were slightly underweight and needed ballast. MAN wished they could have been allowed more weight to have produced heavier, more robust diesels. The result was a ship with extraordinary range potential, and with the help of auxiliary supply ships, to operate distant ‘cruiser warfare’. In the new era of radio direction finding, signals intelligence, aircraft reconnaissance and radar, cruiser warfare turned out to be not viable. The Trumpeter 1/700 kit is now rather old and shows its age. This model has 3-D printed turrets from Micromaster, barrels from Master, ships boats, searchlights, light AA, paravanes, reels all from Flyhawk. The characteristic shuttered scuttles on the upper deck have been laboriously added from a Lion Roar set. The masts are all scratch built brass Hope you like it? Andrew
  6. Hiya, I normally make 1/48 aircraft and am making a trio of Malta era aircraft (Spit V, Re.2001 and 109G2). Below these three in flight, I am going to try (emphasis on try) to make a water base and have a period merchant ship in smaller scale for forced perspective. Never made a ship but got some great advice on water bases from Telford IPMS when there. Does anyone know of a nice kit that would fit the bill of a Malta merchant ship of that era, the 1942 convoys? Or at least point me in the right direction of what to look for / best places to look / manufacturers likely to have something suitable. I had begun by using this site https://www.naval-history.net/xAH-MaltaSupply01b.htm which has a lot of the individual convoys ship by ship and searching for kits of them but haven't had much luck that way. Thanks
  7. Hi Guys I am looking for 3D parts to replace Aoshima's 1/700 HMS Norfolk and Flyhawk's 1/700 HMS Aurora's fire control (gun director). Norfolk Direct Control Tower For Norfolk, my best guess is it is a 8' director control tower with 2 x Type 284 Gunnery Radar antennas + covered HACS MKIII with type 285 antenna? Not sure about the stern bridge. Aurora Director Control Tower For Aurora, is there 2x HACS MKIV with type 285 antennas + 1x Leander Class 6" Director? My first choice is MicroMaster in NZ. However, I am not sure which one I can use, can anyone shed some light on this topic? https://micromaster.co.nz/collections/royal-fire-control/1-700-scale https://www.shapeways.com/product/WB9W2BX2W/1-700-rn-ww2-hacs-mkiv-open-4?optionId=61579815&li=shops And any suggestion on 3D parts?
  8. Dear Fellow Modellers Flyhawk do a charming but miniature set of their Type VIIB against a dry dock backdrop. Here is a tired Type VIIB back for repair Hope you like it? Andrew
  9. Hi All, This is my recently completed rendition of Flyhawk’s wonderful 1/700 scale HMS Campbeltown. This was a first kit for me from this company – and wow! Things have really come a long way from the “Water Line Series” 1/700 ship models of the 1970s. Aside from replacing the slightly oversized 20mm guns and the main mast (which I broke), I made very few changes to the kit.
  10. Hi folks, I've been rather busy with work lately (and spent my one week off spring cleaning) but managed to finish off this review build. It's a definitely-not-Space Battleship Yamato submarine from Suyata. And to be fair it's actually pretty different in detail and overall shape from the Yamato Dimensional Submarine. I guess it's starting with the same idea (U-boats in space) and going in a different direction. (click for bigger) I particularly like that it's a nod to the IJN Seiran carriers, and even includes a scarily tiny "float" plane. I thought I'd uploaded a close-up of this, but apparently it's AWOL - will edit in later. The meteor armour and camouflaged torpedoes are specific to this version - they also do a minelayer which replaces the armour plates with dangly robot arms for placing mines. More here: https://www.themodellingnews.com/2021/11/soujou-combined-fleet-space-submarine-i.html And here it is in the majestic depths of Outer Space Edit: Found the pics of the plane - it's quite petite! Cheers! Will
  11. Hi all, New month, new project. This has been rattling around in my head for a while and I think is sort of picking up on the stalled Gundam-wreck-in-desert thing I started a couple of years ago. I'm starting it now because I think it'll be quick, and it gives me some cutting and sticking to do as well as a break from painting and weathering. I got some board game pieces from Kickstarter last year (for Cthulhu Wars) and one of the freebies was an extra copy of most of the miniatures. One of them (the Bhole) looks rather like a sandworm, and I liked the idea of using it as one. It's moulded in some kind of horrible vinyl/resin/restic stuff which is a bit bendy, but the detail is fine. I started by hacking it off the moulded base (with a full-size hacksaw, no less!) and giving it a wash since I'm pretty sure it'll have been covered in mould release gunk at some point: (click for bigger) Modelling: It takes you to strange places. Open wide! I thought of just basing it up on its own, but I reckon a small diorama will be more interesting to photograph and should make it clearer what kind of worm it's supposed to be. So I started fiddling around with some Bandai add-on Gundam parts and some other spares to get the start of a spice harvester: The wheels are thrusters from the MS Marine set, each one needed the propeller cutting off and the four blocks paring off the "tread". I then sanded the blocks smooth and cut new grooves to join up the ends and match the existing grooves. I haven't added hubcaps yet but I suspect something from a tank will do. The left hand wheels are unmodified, the right ones are almost ready to use. I found some sprue which fitted them so I could get an idea of how it'd look: This is also made from some Gundam aqua backpack parts from the MS Marine set. It's not supposed to be a model of the David Lynch harvester, but should have some echoes of that design. The right hand side is the back and should have some storage tanks sticking out. The left is the front, I haven't decided how to do the harvest-ey bit yet, but I like the idea of the control cabin being up above like the Lynch model. The round holes are going to be hatches, with a little platform under/around them. It would be better if there was only one on each side so they might end up changing, not sure yet. Since I took these I've made up most of the chassis, with poseable leading/trailing suspension arms. But the camera battery ran out Will put it together for a mockup tomorrow. Cheers, Will
  12. Dear Colleagues The ‘A Class’ heavy cruiser Chokai was built at the Mitsubishi shipyards in Nagasaki in 1932. Following the Washington Naval Treaty of 1922 which capped battleship building, many nations went on a mad dash to build the most potent 8” (20 cm) gun heavy cruisers. Before WWII up to a 1/3rd of Japanese taxes went on the Navy. Of all the Japanese heavy cruiser designs, the Takao Class was probably the most extravagant. Envisaged as flagships, the bridge structure could easily accommodate a flag staff. As Admiral Mikawa’s flagship, the Chokai led the Japanese Navy to its most astonishing victory in the Pacific War over the cruisers defending the transports off Guadalcanal in a night action of 7th August 1942. Eventually Chokai was sunk at the Battle of Samar in October 1944. Her wreck has been recently found and is perhaps the most complete warship on a sea bed anywhere in the world RV Petrel find IJN Chokai - YouTube I have been building the Fujimi Chokai on and off for a number of years. For reasons that still cannot be explained I managed to lose sprue C entirely so had to scratch build quite a lot of parts. I was helped by the 3D printed gunnery control units from Shelf Oddity and a PE fore mast structure from an old Fine Molds set. The 12.7 cm AA guns are Fine Molds NanoDread whilst the 25 mm units are PE from Veteran Models. The boats are also Fine Molds but the Daihatsu barge is from Five Star. I was pleased to add the truly minuscule ships lanterns from Five Star. These are beautifully turned miniatures in brass that can easily be lost inside your finger nails! Here is the ship at an earlier stage in the outfitting yard Hope you like it? Andrew
  13. My WIP of 1/700 IJN Aboba. The work on the bridge was started in 2019 and halted for almost a year. I recently resumed the work on her and managed to complete the foremast and fore funnel. The hull was cut to the low tide level of her sunken state at the end of WWII. Nanond
  14. This is one of the later modified versions of the Type 1936A (known to the Allies as the Narvik class) destroyer. There were seven ships in the class, five of them surviving the war. One of those five has also been kitted by Heller, depicting her when she had been taken by the French Navy as a war prize and renamed as the Marceau. Oddly, that is the only other ship in my stash This is the Revell re-pop of the Matchbox kit, but I thought it would be OK to build it now as I have half a dozen other kits lined up for the Matchbox GB. Box: Sprues - there's not too many parts, so I'm not scared yet. Instructions and painting guide. Some of the schemes look wonderful but would take more than 24 hours just to paint. The one in step 23 only has 2 main colours though, so think I can manage that. I'm committed now, let's do the thing Andy
  15. Glued the hull and waterline together ready for priming while I’m staying in Hospital for PTSD in Sydney as we Zero Clinics in Darwin and also you would notice I have another L Class Destroyer in the background just to keep me busy. But wait I have a big surprise coming up on another ship build, but more on that later.
  16. Hi all, long time lurker, first time poster. Just getting back into the ship modelling. Just finished a half started Tamiya IJN Junyo and then moved straight onto this one. IJN Oyodo. Wouldn't have been my first choice, really wanted to do a Takao class cruiser but prices and supply make choices limited currently it seems. It did tick a few boxes for me however, I was keen to work on another IJN subject, it came with a fairly comprehensive photo etch sheet and I managed to snag it for £15 delivered. It's a late 70s kit, and boy does it show. The hull in particular is absent of any detail save a poorly molded anchor and some port holes. The photo etch I've added so far only replaces two plastic parts, the rest is all new detail so thank goodness I got the DX version with the PE. Saying that I'm enjoying the build and the photoetch is probably just at the right level in terms of complexity and amount for me getting back into the game. I've also never made a sea base so that's on the list of things to have a crack at. I'm trying to decide if it's worth picking up some brass barrels for the main 6.1inch guns but they're so small already I'm not sure if it's worth the money and time to install.
  17. With the mail dragging its feet I felt like something quick to build while waiting, and luckily I had this in the stash. I doubt I would have ever even thought about buying two if it was only one to the pack, but since it wasn't I didn't exactly get much choice. But now that I have them I may as well build both, one in everyday puttering about mode and the other one stripped down and buttoned up for stealth. As for the specific ships K31 HMS Visby has a bit more potentially going on, so that'll be the "bells and whistles one", and for the sneaky one I'll go with K32 HMS Härnösand, large because that completes the pair that I happened to stumble on while out for a walk downtown back in '18.
  18. Hello all, Firstly, my apologies for disappearing off the ship scene for so long. I’m really an aircraft modeller that caught the ship bug some time ago but, although I was pleased with what I produced, I was always disappointed with my rigging at the end. I could never really get it to the same standard as the rest of the build. I’m also a perfectionist - that doesn’t mean I build perfectly - just I’m always disappointed at the end of a project! Anyway, it left me falling out of love with naval subjects and my FlyHawk Bismarck and Scharnhorst kits were left gathering dust in the stash. However, I recently saw a link for the upcoming FlyHawk HMS Hood and that re piqued my interest as the whole ‘Hunt the Bismarck’ story has always fascinated me - then I saw the recent build on here of the FlyHawk Bismarck by Haneto. I was super impressed by the rigging! Anyway, I’ve suddenly got my Naval mojo back and I’ve dragged the Bismarck out of the stash! And here she is - FlyHawk 1/700 FH1132S Deluxe edition: I wanted to finish her in the Hood encounter scheme, but when I got the kit originally I had some masks made up for the deck swastikas and I really want to use these (love a bit of bling), so I think I will have to build her as the ‘Operation Rheinübung’ version with the Hull stripes. Another reason to build is the imminent arrival of a display cabinet. I’ve never had that before and all my previous builds end up in a box, then the bin, but I’m now determined to actually keep my finished models, dust free(ish) and on display. As ships are so susceptible to handling damage it will be nice to know all the effort expended in building will actually have some meaning for once (well that’s the plan anyway ). With previous builds I made them waterline, but I think this will be fully hulled for the cabinet. I’ve got a Blue Wox deck… And the usual heavy tomes of slightly daunting instructions.. massively complicated by the PE! These FlyHawk kits are real modelling gems aren’t they? I have brass stands but, on reflection, I think these are too big for this scale, so I may just sit the finished model on a simple black Perspex base, luckily it’s flat bottomed. Here’s the intended colour scheme… And I’ve found a nice set of computer generated images online that show lovely detail and colour…. Any pitfalls I should be looking for? When is the Hood deluxe model available and from where? I did email Mike at Starling Models but had no reply? Any tips, criticism welcome, I always want to improve my modelling - I’m not proud! Can’t wait to get stuck in! I hope you’ll have me back Thanks for looking in, Guy
  19. Dear Colleagues After a few trials and tribulations here is my 1/700 Flyhawk HMS Legion. The precision of the moldings are magnificent. My only additions apart from the Eduard PE RN crew and Fine Molds nanodread pom pom & quad 0.5" were the scratch mahogany name plates on the after deck house and crest on the bridge front, yes these are very small. Unfortunately, I discovered the hull had a slight sag so had to place her in quite a lively sea with a swell (otherwise her stern would appear to be rising 1 mm). During my first photo shoot after a few snaps I snagged my base scenery which wiped out the fore mast radar, radio aerials and after 4" barrels, such is life with these fragile 1/700 ships. Re-rigged aerials and re-purchased brass 4" barrels were necessary for the second photo shoot which was mercifully not error prone. With war approaching the RN stepped down from the big Tribal Class to the somewhat lessor armed J, K, and L class destroyers. The pre-war view of the major threat coming from other destroyers and submarines was starting to look unbalanced as the power of the German and Italian air forces was appreciated. The twin 4" MkXVI mount became the AA unit of choice and Legion was armed with these rather than the anti-ship 4.7" guns. The Legion famously came to the aid of the torpedoed Ark Royal and took off many of her crew before she sank. After fighting with distinction in the Mediterranean, she was severely damaged by Air attack and put into Malta where she was sunk by bombing on 26th March 1942. Hope you like it? Andrew
  20. I’m a glutton for punishment, I’ve decided to start this lovely kit from Flyhawk DKM Königsberg a Light Cruiser. This is another outstanding product from Flyhawk and being a deluxe kit it comes a extensive PE set with a instructions all most bordering on War & Peace. Some of the PE I will give a wide berth as plastic stuff is to the high standard that you get with Flyhawk, with some PE I dive in and have a crack at. Hopefully this will keep me occupied until the black paint turns up. Just got to find a half decent plan of this class, so I can have a look at rigging set up. The hull and decking were slightly warp thence the rubber bands which were kindly supplied by Flyhawk. It did provide a slightly messy assembly with wee bit of glue damage to the hull, which doesn’t worried me, as I do like a bit of wear & tear on my ships. Consider these light cruisers even with their nice lines weren’t actually a good sea boat on the open seas including the North Sea even through there were designed as a Raider/ Scouting Cruiser. Thence the later designed M Class Cruisers were design to replace them, but they never got built and were later broken up on the slipways like the only keel of the H Class Battleship. Apart from the invasion of Denmark & Norway which two were sink by RN (Submarine and Skua Dive Bombers), there was one or two later Ops out of Norway or Denmark to support the lager fleet units of the DKM which may’ve got caned from memory? Spent most of the War in the Baltic Sea supporting Army Group Nth, convoys to Finland and as a training ship/ target ships for training up the U Boat crews. Another feature of these Light Cruisers was their ability to lay mine’s as well which did see one operation towards the end of the War between Denmark & Norway, but only one sortie was completed due to the on going fuel shortage facing the Germans in 45.
  21. Hi, I have decided to restart my ship modelling after a break to try painting (not very well) 28mm Napoleonic Cavalry. I like the small IBG destroyers and have not done HMS Harvester yet. As you can see from the parts i have already put a coat of dark deck grey from Sovereign Hobbies on the needed parts. I have a bit of a dilemma with the colour scheme, as the ship is depicted as in 1943 but the colour call outs are for pre 43 colours (W.A. white blue and green) whereas I have bought Jamie's 1943 Western approaches set which is white, B30 and B55. I will also be replacing the 4.7", 20mm, TT and boats with Micro Master 3d printed ones, the pom pom and Carley floats will be Flyhawk, and the Hedgehog is also a resin replacement (can't remember whose). All paints will Jamie's Colourcoats. Wish me luck. Mick
  22. Dear Colleagues The Royal Navy only called upon nature to inspire the naming of warships with their Flower class corvettes, but for the Japanese all their destroyers were named after poetic natural images. In this case Hatsuharu apparently means 'early spring'. Unusually, the 1931 design genuinely tried to fit the treaty restriction of a sub-2000 t weight (which they later abandoned) and the ship was launched in 1933. However, a drastic redesign was needed in 1935 due to top heavy problems with a super-firing B turret arrangement (later moved to the stern). Hatsuharu lasted until 1944 when sunk by bombing in the Philippines in November 1944. The Aoshima kit has a lovely hull and is one of their better ship kits. As is my way I have added a lot of photo etch apart from the stuff that came with the ship and used brass rods for the masts. Hope you like it Andrew
  23. Dear Friends The 11,000 t HMS Hermes has the distinction of being the first purpose-built aircraft carrier in the world. She was laid down in 1918 but had a protracted development that did not see her commissioned until 1924 (The Admiralty wanted to learn from trials with Argus and Eagle). One of the concepts of the time was to operate float planes which were to be recovered by more or less motoring into the hanger from the stern! Another throw back from an earlier era was her spotting top to control her 5.5” guns in ship to ship battles. Nevertheless, with the island to the right and her flared and enclosed bow she looks remarkably modern. A drawback of the small carrier was a relatively small aircraft fuel storage and struggling to accommodate larger modern aircraft. Nevertheless, in August 1939 she took onboard 814 NAS and her Swordfish and this is how I imagine that her Swordfish might have looked before camouflage took over in the FAA. Admittedly the ship might have been in home fleet grey by then too, but most of her previous career had been spent in light grey scheme of the Far East. Her main wartime claim to fame was ironically in an attack by her Swordfish on the Vichy French Battleship Richelieu in July 1940. Sadly, Hermes was annihilated by practically the entire Japanese dive bomber fleet that had attacked Pearl Harbour when she was spotted fleeing modern day Sri Lanka on 9th April 1942 by a Japanese carrier task force. This is the excellent 1/700 Flyhawk kit boxed as for 1937 which includes the Swordfish. Apart from using brass rod for her masts and yards, together with Eduard 1/700 RN and carrier crew members it is practically out of the box. Rather than decals I used masking for the deck markings. I used Mig’s oil brusher paint to weather her deck from aircraft landings. I hope you can see, if you look carefully, A Swordfish with folded wings on the stern hanger deck waiting to go up to the flight deck? I hope you can spot some seamen populating the 'goofers gallery' Andrew
  24. In addition to the kit (Tamiya 1/700, waterline), which is not detailed, having as a guide internet photos, I also use Eduards photo etched parts for rails, scales, shutters, lifebuoys and spools, with additions of plastic tubes and sheets to create this ship. It is my first try to make artifisial sea.
  25. Dear Colleagues Before I finish the Flyhawk Hermes (1937) by placing her on her own base, I decided to put her 'in harbour' to do a few photographs. I have assembled odds and ends for the harbour over several years to make an interesting backdrop. I think many of you will agree that Flyhawk make the nicest 1/700 ships if you want a pleasant build with sharp details. What is admirable is Hermes was the first ship in the world designed as an aircraft carrier from the keel up. You can't help thinking that the designers got the overall design right and the lines look in many ways remarkably modern. Hope you like it? Andrew
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