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Found 20 results

  1. Hi folks, I've been messing around not doing much recently - we had our club compo and the requisite rush to get something finished, then the model railway show, and then the PS4 came out. Plus Micky talked me into doing the couch to 5K running thing (4.9K as of today ) which has been taking up some of my spare time. Anyway... I popped into my local model shop the other day for no particular reason and came out with a couple of vinyl figure kits (half price!). I bought a Halcyon Judge Anderson off eBay earlier this year and was hoping to try something a little less precious as my first vin
  2. thanks for the helpful response. I got photo uploaded using imgur
  3. Hi guys, been hard at it this last week burning the midnight oil to get this glam rocker done. I left the front mudguard in the packaging until I needed it and was amazing to find that it was a real metal item that had been chromed, I think it was done to keep the front forks straight. I noticed that the front brake caliper was missing the metal pipe that ran from the caliper to the brake hose, I made this from a piece of silver solder which was easily bent into shape to go round the back of the fork leg and I added the brake bleed nipple as I felt at this scale these items needed to be added.
  4. I bought this kit from a model shop in Beijing about 6 years ago, but never had the courage to build it. However after cutting my teeth on the last two Tamiya bike builds I thought I would crack on with it, I plan to paint it in the candy gold colour. I found the engine side covers were in a chrome finish, but they should be a polished alloy, so I have buffed them with a Flory polishing stick and I will give them an oil wash to dull them down a touch. I should crack on with the build with this 70's glam rocker over the weekend.
  5. I've been looking for this kit for 2 years. Finally got an unstarted kit off eBay a few months back. My plan was to paint it in the alternative colour that was daytona orange, all freehand airbrushed and the red pin stripes to be masked and airbrushed on. Am I up to the challenge? Well, let's find out. First problem was Tamiya had cocked up the tank badge location, the tank badges should sit in a recessed circle just like the tail unit, well that was soon modified and I got the paintwork underway. More to come.
  6. Info on Mister Bones: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Mister_Bones So after purchasing the ATM kit the Madmonk put on to the Mister Bones character from the Star Wars Aftermath books, so the plan is to make this guy from the ATM kit, should be fun. This is about the best representation of him that i can find and what i will be working from.
  7. I've always liked the large scale kits and this is a beauty! Very satisfying to build, but hey, it's Tamiya!
  8. Hi There! I would like to post up this build, done by my Wife Lisa,this is Her third Tamiya 'Big Bike', and the first one on which She has done all the work Herself (incuding Airbrushing), with just a little sideline 'chirping in' from Me, Paint used were Tamiya acrylics and de-canted Halfords cans for the coulour and lacquer:- ...and Her two other buils, a Honda Monkey Bike and a Harley Lowboy:- ......She's now got Her eye on My Pocher Alfa Spider......... Thanks for looking in! Ch
  9. Hi all After a few drinks on Sunday I ordered an old AMT 1/6 battle droid and STAP kit, it was under £20 so its not to bad. After thinking about it for a bit I quit like the idea of the battle droid on my desk at work, the STAP will go in the kit bash box.To display the droid he needs a blaster though and I dont think he comes with one, so my question is, Is there a 1/6 blaster that would work or a 1/6 scale real world gun that I could mod? I really dont want to scratch build one ( im not anywhere near that good) Thanks for any help. Brian
  10. Hi all, well I have given these bad boys a winter service and they are in hibernation until the spring. "Let the good times roll" LOL! Having completed all three of these builds, I thought it would be cool to see them all together, enjoy the photos.
  11. Hi all, this is the final reveal of the 1/6 Tamiya Honda CB1100R. I found that it was easier to bolt the bike onto the checker plate base that I had made for the Honda CX500 Turbo as it was a fiddle to work on without a center stand. I hope you all enjoy the pictures of this classic 80's muscle bike.
  12. This is the final reveal of the 1982 Honda CX500 Turbo complete with its own bike show stand. I used some actual aluminium checker plate from an RC car model shop and I mounted it onto a wooden pallet which I picked up from my local Hobbycraft for a few pounds. I then wired up the lighting rig and the sign boards and powered it with a 9 volt power supply. This was a great kit to build, I had a real blast! I hope you enjoy the ride. Also if you want to see my work in progress of this build click the link below.
  13. With the conclusion of the Honda CX500 Turbo build, I thought I would see if I could cram in another Tamiya bike. It will probably be a few weeks before I do much with the kit, but I will post some work in progress whenever I get the time to work on it. I have a second lighting kit which I may fit to the bike but nothing is set in stone as of yet. I've been meaning to build this kit for some time, so I think now would be a good enough excuse. So lets get cracking!
  14. I picked this vinyl kit up very cheap off eBay, it had slight damage to the right hand foot plate on the wing, but it was an easy fix. I decided to try fixing a clear acrylic rod to the model. I used my heat gun to bend it and covered it in melted hot glue to add strength and give the impression of a smoke trail, then I added flickering LED's to bring it to life. I need to get a Spiderman figure to do battle with LOL.
  15. The Honda CX500 Turbo was the world's first mass production turbocharged motorcycle and the world's first electronic fuel injected bike to be put into mass production. It was superseded in the first year of production by the CX650 Turbo, this only stayed in production for a further 12 months. It was the era of corporate flexing of technological muscles in an effort to outsell their competitors. All of the Japanese bike manufacturers dabbled in turbo technology but it was ultimately a dead end but it made good marketing. Continuing with the build on this bike, I decided that this ki
  16. This was my first vinyl kit, I picked it up last year off eBay for a very cheap price as there was a few parts missing. It was based on the Predator 2 figure however I decided I wanted to build it as a classic Predator from the first movie so I scratched built the shoulder plasma cannon from old aircraft bits and beefed up his spear. I also added some old number 11 scalpel blades that I made into his arm blades and then I added some LED and SMD lighting into his laser sight helmet unit and his left forearm electronic panel. I then made a small swamp like diorama out of some foliage that I pick
  17. Hi folks, I've been a bit low on mojo lately - nothing done this last month owing to an upcoming move - so this GB is well-timed to hopefully help me do something about it! I saw Moon in the cinema when it came out - a great low-budget British sci-fi film with perhaps the best Kubrickian set design since, well, 2001. One of the key characters is a "robotic "assist" called Gerty - sort of a mobile, non-psychotic HAL - voiced by Kevin Spacey. Gerty (and most of the rest of the film) was designed by Gavin Rothery and the full-size prop was built by Steve Howarth. Steve also made a 1/6 versi
  18. Hi all, I've always liked the old .303 - we had one down the gun club, and at 25 yards you could make one ragged hole in the target with five rounds. I even bought some vintage ammo, dug out of a container sealed in 1951, which was green all over with verdigris. Still went bang most satisfactorily though... After my long winded Attacker, I fancied something quick to follow up. I went to the stash and dug out the Dragon 1/6 Lee Enfield No4 rifle, as I'd recently bought a Lifecolor Guns and Weapons paint set and was keen to try it out. In the end, all I used was the dark wood colour for the st
  19. Never thought this would happen, as Tamiya seem to have been happy to re-release their back catalogue of big bikes, but HLJ have pictures of what they claim is a new-tool 1/6 Fat Boy: http://www.hlj.com/product/tam16041 OK, so it's another Harley and there are a lot of those from several manufacturers already (including Tamiya) but still, FWIW I built one of the older 1/6 scale kits and it was great - didn't exactly fall together though, so the thought of building one with modern Tamiya engineering is prettty compelling. I think I know what I want for Christmas I hope this means they're
  20. Hi folks, A bit late to the party because I wanted to be sure my Swedish GB entry got done (amazingly, it did!) but I really want to build this in company: I'm totally clueless about bikes, both model and real, but I figure I can ask questions if I get stuck. It helps that nice Mr. Tamiya explains what all the parts are, so I can say "I need to strip the paint off the cylinder head" or whatever rather than refer to it as "that bit with the fins". So far I've mostly cleaned up one of the frame halves - it took about an hour of scraping because the mould wasn't perfectly aligned, I s
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