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  1. Got this finished last month. I used the Vector wheel bays, P-47 upgrade set and M/N prop. Wheels are Ultracast ones and the 75 gallon drop tank is from Edaurd's Brassin range. K-14 gunsight from Aires. Painted with Alclad II for the NMF and Humbrol enamels for the rest. Decals are from Zotz, with the Insignias and stencils from the kit and a few Eduard stencils. I changed the seat near the end of the build to an Ultracast square type as I had incorrectly used the earlier type from the kit. (Click on the photos for a larger image).
  2. In Autumn 1944 I./KG(J) received a Me 262B1 trainer jet, it was painted with a white lightning bolt from the windshield to the nose cone on both sides of he nose. There were two photos published in the Luftwaffe Im Focus magazine. I have the 1/48th Hobby Boss kit of the Me 262B-1a that has these markings. The kit is nicely detailed but the real thing had most of the panel lines and rivets were puttied and smoothed to maximise the speed that could be obtained from the Jumo jet engines. The wheels in the kit look a bit strange, the wheel rims are moulded smooth with the tyres and the sidewalls of the main tyres have a strange pattern marked on them so I will replace them with some resin ones from Eduard. There is a set of Montex masks for the canopy and also the national and other markings and some Quinta 3D decals to enhance the cockpit. I started off by adding some dissolved putty on the fuselage panel and rivet lines just like the real thing, while that dried I set to on the cockpit parts. There aren't too many parts, the side consoles and i/p had all the raised detail removed ready for the 3D decals, all other cockpit parts were added to the tub ready to get painted. I assembled the gun bay, since I will be having the gun bay panels closed so it seems pointless to add the 4 canon and belt chutes. The upper and lower wings parts were removed from the sprues and cleaned up, I'm looking at photos to see which panel/rivet lines I need to fill. In the lower photo you can see a second cockpit tub from a single seater, this is because I realised that HB have only made the cockpit of the nightfighter. I thought it was strange that there were no rudder pedals or control column in the back when the trainer version had full dual controls for the experienced pilot in the rear seat. The aerials are included in the kit so it is exactly the same moulding, just different decals and box art, but it means it's up to the builder to correctly modify the kit if they want to make the trainer version. So much for a quick, straight forward kit build. The aircraft that were built as nightfighters had no flight controls in the back, only the radar controls, but the main difference was the 600 litre fuel tank added behind the radar operator, this meant his seat was moved forward reducing the area of the rear cockpit. I've worked out how to correct this error, I need to cut off the short rear cockpit behind the pilots seat and add a spare single seat cockpit section with all the flight controls onto the front tub, with a bit of fettling this will make it right, then I just need to scribe a new step panel and fuel access panel to the left side of the fuselage under the rear canopy... simples! Any questions or comments always welcome.
  3. I seem to have bought too many Arma Hurricanes, I had only planned on getting 3, To build a night intruder, a day fighter scheme and a Far East fighter-bomber. This one arrived last week and since I'm enjoying my desert builds I thought that it can be made as the middle kit option of Lt Stewart "Bomb" Finney, 1 Sqn SAAF, Egypt, September 1942. An interesting looking aircraft, I like the Oops! on the rudder Finished in the standard desert scheme of azure blue/mid-stone and dark earth with the desert air force red spinner. I'll post pictures of the sprues later. Seems a popular GB Craig, sorry to create more work.
  4. The Kangaroo is temporarily sidelined for now, so I’ve been looking in the stash to find something that I can build whilst working on my new room. And guess what? I decided on a Sherman, only this time it’s 1/48th scale. I have the Hobbyboss kit of the M4A1 (76mm) and by chance it contains decals for an IDF version. It’s the same tank which Star Decals depict on one of their 1/35th sheets. Trouble is, I can’t find any photographic info on this tank, so a lot of it is going to be guess work. One thing that troubled me though with the kit is the fact that the turret is the one with the large round loader’s hatch. Now every photo and drawing that I have seen of IDF M1’s show them with oval hatches. Fortunately, I also have the Hobbyboss M4A3 with HVVS, and this does have the turret with oval loaders hatch, so happy days. Sadly, what neither of them have is the exhaust deflector, so I’ll just have to fudge one. This is the decal sheet instructions showing the IDF markings (Actually, there are markings for two IDF tanks, but the instructions don’t mention that). If anyone has any info on the tanks with these markings, I would be very grateful. Hopefully, I’ll get started on this over the weekend, so I’ll be back when I have something to show. John.
  5. Just the follow-up thread from my recent build thread BPB Gunboat Build. My photography is equal to my rigging skills, i.e. not great. Still this time I've made a little effort to show the boat clearly without distractions. This project started with the Haynes Manual I'd bought while researching the Vosper MTB. This excellent book contains reproductions from two shipyard drawings. These were enough to challenge me to build it, unusually, there are no commercial model plans available... So, this is what I started with (the plan was scanned and scaled to 1:48th), it's pretty clear and good enough to work from. The second sheet has the lines... IWM also has some detail drawings scanned , a real help on the deck-house shape I won't repeat the build details here, they are fully covered in the build thread, still, for those who don't want to work through that, the boat is mainly made in wood and metal, as with my other projects. The hull is diagonal planked in cherry and maple. In the right light, the faint diagonal lines on the hull are just discernible. Custom brass etchings were used for the gun mounts and other details, the props were cast bronze to my drawings and some components were 3D resin printed at home. The rope coil is rope made on my little ropewalk from 6-strands of fine off-white cotton. It's an emergency tow-rope anchored to the water-line tow point The model is hand painted using Vallejo paints and washes. The blue (B15) and pale grey (507C) are my own mix, The white is Vallejo Off-white. After a lot of studying photographs, I decided the hull was grey while the deck-house is white. The cowl vents are blue. As ever, who really knows, but these colours do align with the photographs. The modelled was weathered using (mostly) Vallejo washes and metallic chipping, I like my models to look lived in (painting is a journey, I have a long way to travel but I think I'm getting better albeit slowly). The ensign was hand-painted on linen using fabric paint The only commercial items I bought were the grab-rail stanchions, fine-scale O gauge railway items. The model is mounted on a French-polished stop-chamfered oak base and turned brass pillars. The forward pillar has a steel pin that runs in a brass tube set into the keel to keep it balanced and allow it to seem to float. The details plate was supplied by Engraving Studios who do an excellent service for ~£14 all in. The case is made but I've not had the opportunity to collect it yet. The boat poles were added since the build thread, they are brass and lime wood. A couple of buckets have also been added, for cooling gun barrels. The figure climbing into the "dustbin" is added for scale, he is from Shapeways Finally, this thread wouldn't be complete without the companion model I build last year, the Vosper MTB, for comparison. I think they make a great pair side by side, both are ~ 70ft, they often operated together Thanks again to all those who commented and helped during the build and of course for the many likes. I'll be back soon with more progress on the Räumboote drawings and build Cheers Steve
  6. I've been after one of these for ages and my wish finally came true when I saw Ali62 offering one for sale... a few days later the kit arrived beautifully packaged and ready for operations! I do have a couple of Sanger's vacs in this stash, but this one looks a little more straightforward so I'm going to get stuck in right away. I've heard, seen and read some real horror stories about this model but having tackled numerous 'challenging' kits (some not really worthy of the title 'kit'!) I'm quietly confident that this will be beaten into submission with no more than a whimper - famous last words which are ready to come back and haunt me I'm sure... I don't plan to go too mad with detailing but from an initial glance at the kit the bomb bay will need some work if I plan to display it open, and I may well open up and detail the bomb cells in the inner wing sections, too. The undercarriage bays bear little resemblance to the real thing, but with little being visible when the massive landing gear is installed I'm probably going to leave them 'as is'. Box top: It's got a little flash and a comprehensive clean up will be needed before construction can begin, but I'm impressed with the overall quality of the mouldings with finely engraved panel detail and nice smooth plastic: The interior detailing looks quite comprehensive for what will be seen in this scale, with a mixture of both white metal and resin providing the basics - I'm sure a little Evergreen strip will be needed here and there, though. The vacform canopies are a little disappointing though, being not too clear and needing a serious soak in some Future - I've got a few sets of Sanger's transparencies which may be used instead but time will tell: The decal sheet is really lovely though, providing the famous 'Friday the 13th' (which will need wing tip modifications) as well as another RAF aircraft plus a Free French Airforce example. Instructions are basic but perfectly adequate: With my first-born due in about 6 weeks time this build may take a little longer than usual (the wife has even commandeered the spare room where I usually model for a nursery - the cheek of it!) so progress might be slow, but it's sure to be fun! I plan to make a start this week, so hopefully an update in the not-too-distant future... Tom
  7. Ok, so I said I would be out for a few months due to the move and the need to rebuild my workshop, still that doesn't stop me building in my mind and on the computer. As I cleared the workshop, HMS Jason had to be moved, for the third time now. I made a decision, this would be the last time I move her. I'd always said that I would complete her when I retire. Well, I'm retired now so there are no excuses. So, here is the plan. I've found many pictures I took of the build all those years ago and scanned them so the story so far can be told, it's just 18 years late. Then while I'm sorting out the new workshop and house actually, I'm going to work on fittings on the computer so that when I get back to being hands on, the process will be faster than before. Also, this one will probably be for sale at the end. The house really can't take too many 5 foot models, still that's a decision for next year, on with the story... As the Victorian navy moved away from steam and sail to pure steam the old hybrid gunboats looked very old very fast, lovely though they were. The threat of the new fast coastal torpedo boats needed countering, and so these Torpedo Gunboats were developed. Really they are like mini-light cruisers, not only capable of defending harbours and also colonial duty around the empire. In general, the idea (like many Victorian naval developments) was not a huge success, mainly due to the locomotive boilers that were used. However, Speedy, the only one of the class to be built by Thornycroft's, had more modern naval boilers and was faster and far more reliable The Alarm class was the fourth and last class to be built before the true destroyer type developed, along with turbine propulsion. These were a step change in vessels for this service and made the TGB's redundant. However, they soldiered on through the 1st world war, 2 as submarine depo ships and others converted to minesweeping duties. 4.7inch gun mounted minesweepers!! HMS Jason was laid down in September 1891, launched in May 1892 and lost to a mine in 1917. She was 230 ft long, displaced 810t and carried 2x 4.7 inch QF Elswick guns on a Mark 1 pivot mounting. She also carried 4 3prds and 3 torpedo tubes, one in the bow. As a redundant throwback, she sports a ramming bow, helpful for surfaced submarines... From a distance, the profile could be mistaken for a light cruiser Here she is in black, white and buff livery of the Victorian navy. These are the colours I shall model And again, dressed for a special occasion To give you some idea of what I hope this will turn out like, here is a contemporary builders model of a very similar vessel built in Britain for Brazil in the 1890's I love builder's models.... Why did I abandon the project all those years ago? There were a number of reasons. I started her too soon after completing HMS Medea (RFI thread coming soon). That project had taken 4 years and I dived into HMS Jason immediately afterwards, one year on, I was just a tiny bit exhausted with the whole thing and so stopped modelling and built a car instead... Also, a number of areas were not working out well enough, the bilge keels were rubbish, the deck houses were not crisp enough, my plans for internal lights were too ambitious etc etc. It all built up in my mind and so I shelved it. Now I ready to get back, sort out the problems, and get this beast finished. This is a big serous model, I actually can't wait to get back to it. Looking forward to sharing the journey Steve
  8. I have always wanted to build an early Phantom F-4B in the markings of VF-84 Jolly Rogers, there are two slightly different versions, the first had a pirate flag shape on the vertical fin with a yellow fin cap and a yellow sash with black chevrons on the fuselage. Later in their Vietnam cruise they changed to an all black tail, yellow fin cap and a black sash with yellow chevrons on the fuselage. I'm doing the earlier scheme as in this picture and using the Furball decals. I will be building the new Tamiya F-4B as most of the parts to build a 1964 era Phantom are included, the un-slotted tailplanes and the separate bumps on top of the wing can be left off (or donated to a late Academy F-4B build) The lower wing surface ECM bumps can also be left off. There are a choice of nose sensors in the kit, only thing that is required is an early fin cap without any ECM bumps, CMK are about to bring one out or there are spare ones from a ZM F-4 that just need a bit of sanding thinner. This is my third build, but as they say...You can never have too many Phantoms. Thanks for looking, any comments or questions are always welcome.
  9. My second entry into this STGB is a Phantom F-4B from Academy, released in 2012 it was a better kit than the old Hasegawa F-4B, it had recessed panel lines and rivets and the rear cockpit was better having the navalised side where the refueling probe is positioned. I will build it for comparison with my other build in this GB, the Tamiya F-4B. Here is the box of untouched sprues still in their plastic bags. The kit is described as being MCP-multi coloured plastic, luckily not such a garish selection of colours like Matchbox used to use. Academy have moulded the lower kit parts in white plastic, upper fuselage and upper wings in a light grey/green colour and the wheels, exhausts and ejection seats in black. I'm not using the kit decals, VF-111 Sundowners is the only choice in the kit. I will use a Furball Decal offering on a sheet of early F-4B's, VF-11, the Red Rippers flying off the USS Forrestal in 1973, their last cruise with the F-4B before they received the F-4J. Any comments or questions are welcome.
  10. The first 1/48th scale kit that I ever built was the Otaki Bf 109G-6, I completed it as per the box art with the stylised eye of 9./JG 3, yellow 6 flown by Ofw. Alfred Surau. That was back in in the long hot summer of 1976. Going through my stash I found this Arii kit which is a re-box with same artwork released in 1980. The price sticker from Kings Lynn Model Centre at £4.99 means I bought it in the early 80s when I was stationed at RAF Marham and the Kings Lynn Model Centre was my LMS. Along with my friend Rick @Spad and a few others we would travel to Mildenhall twice a month to the model club meet there. Happy days. I intend to build this kit in the same markings but now I have more reference material and lots of unused spare parts to slightly improve it. I have entered it in the Bf 109 STGB but I am also entering it in this GB as it cost well under a tenner. This is the kit: And the untouched parts: The decals still look clean and undamaged, back then they also included the swastikas. A nice profile in the Kagero book that also provides a set of decals for some of the featured aircraft. The main problems with this range of kits was the inaccurate cockpit and for some reason the wheels were usually dodgy, here the chunky tread tyres would not look out of place on a tractor. Thanks for looking. Any comments and questions are welcome.
  11. I have had this kit in the stash for a couple of years and picked up some additional bits for it during that time, a Yahu instrument panel made for this kit, some Eduard resin exhausts with p/e shields. Eduard steel seatbelts and a Quickboost resin propeller spinner and blades. I will have a look through my AM decal sheets to see which markings I will use. I have several Reich Defence decal sheets to choose a set of markings from including the scheme on the Tamiya box art. Thanks for looking, any comments or questions are always welcome,
  12. I've had this kit in the stash for almost 30 years, it was released by Hasegawa in 1991 when I rushed out to buy it. While it's been waiting patiently in the stash I have obtained an Airies resin and p/e cockpit set and some resin hollow exhausts by QuickBoost for it. Here is the box art and the AM. Here is the obligatory photo of the untouched kit parts. This is my third build in this GB and my first ever Luftwaffe desert build, I have bought some Mr Color RLM 78 and 79 paint so once my other builds are almost finished I can get this started. Thanks for looking, any questions or comments are always welcome.
  13. I know that I said that I would put this one on a base, but I have run out of display space in my cabinets, so this one has got to go into a box until I have more space. So, this is one that I built a few months ago. It’s based on Hobbyboss’ M4A1 (76mm), and M4A3E8 (Korean version). This build log can be found here; Thanks to all those who took the time to comment in the WIP, and thanks for looking. John.
  14. Surprisingly, it didn’t take very long to get this ready for RFI. I didn’t finish everything (never did get around to adding the small piece of houseboat frame), but I’m reasonably happy with it. I made a small base from polyurethane foam and balsa wood and covered it with a surface to resemble something like a hot, dry Italian scene. I added some stones and some tufts of grass before gluing the tank in place. The figure is one of Tim Perry’s 1/48th items, painted with Vallejo acrylics. The WIP for the build can be found here; Thanks to all those who followed the WIP and thanks again for all of the encouraging comments. John.
  15. The Airfix 1/48th scale Folland Gnat T.1 will be my entry for The Year I Was Born Group Build. 1955 was the year Airfix released their first scale model which was the, Supermarine Spitfire. Other events in this year were as follows. The aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal (R09) was commissioned. The USS Nautilus (SSN-571) made her maiden voyage. Bill Gates was born and, Albert Einstein died in 1955. Ruth Ellis was the last woman to be hanged in the UK. This was also the year Winston Churchill resigned as the British Prime Minister. The Dam Busters and, The Ladykillers were both released in this year. The first edition of The Guinness Book of Records was published as was, Ian Fleming Moonraker during 1955. Finally, on the 18th July 1955, the Folland Gnat made its first flight. Folland Gnat T Mk1 XM693. The Gate Guardian of the former Folland site at Hamble which is now part of GE Aviation. This aircraft was manufactured at the Hamble site in 1960.
  16. Pheon Decals produces many WWI decals in 1/48th and 1/32nd scale. However, many of their great 1/32nd scale subjects are not available in 1/48th scale. If you would like to see these made in 1/48th scale please send an email to Rowan at [email protected] It would be an excellent idea to order some decals to show your support. They have an excellent website.
  17. Hi everyone, This is my first completion of 2019, it's the Italeri's boxing of the Academy kit. Stunning moulding, full of interior detail and some excellent panel line and rivet detail on the external surfaces. On the down side the instructions were terrible, very vague requiring a certain amount of guesswork. Also the decals were unusable, they were very thick and did not conform so I replaced these with a Tecmod set. For this build I gave MRP acrylic paints a go and was pleasantly surprised, they sprayed excellently with a lovely smooth satin finish... I think these will be my paints of choice from now on. Any C&C welcome. Thanks for looking, gazza
  18. I'm going to join the party with Monogram's classic 1/48th B-17G: DSC_0002 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr I've built many of these over the years, and despite it's age it builds into a lovely rendition of the Fortress. In fact, when you look at a real B-17, the raised detail is more accurate than modern recessed toolings so I'm going to do my best to preserve all of the raised panel lines, etc. I also think that the new Airfix 1/72nd scale kit aside, this is the most accurate of the available B-17 models. This will be built more or less out of the box, with the exception of some aftermarket wheels and decals. I have a sheet for 'Swamp Fire' - a veteran of well over 100 missions with the 397th BG out of Kimbolton, or alternatively I have an old MicroScale sheet covering the Bassingborne-based 91st BG's aircraft 'Out House Mouse', 'Little Miss Mischief', and 'Nine-O-Nine', as well as 'Joker' from the 463rd BG, 15th Air Force. I'm undecided as to which aircraft to go for yet, but I'll make my mind up as I progress. DSC_0004 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr So, it's time to dive in and get cracking! Tom
  19. I was asked by the local air museum to built a radar equipped fighter as part of their Radar exhibition. An all black Beaufighter festooned with radar aerials seemed like a good fit. Pretty much out of the box with Ultracast seats and exhausts. I'm not convinced that the codes should b red but I was on a tight deadline so went with the it supplied ones. It'll get battered Once its there so I'm not worrying too much The overall finish is Tamiya black with patches of NATO Black and Panzer Grey but the flash has evened out the tones. The kit was a pleasure to built, it is a bit simplified but That worked in my favour. Thanks for looking
  20. Hello gentlemen, This is my entry for the Flying Boats and Float Planes GB. Tamiya 1/48th scale. Aichi M6A1 Seiran. Kit Number 61054. This kit was first released in June 1997 (20 years old at the time of writing). There are 65 parts to the aircraft. This includes 2 crew members, 2 different windscreens and 2 different gunsights depending on which one you select. There is also another 18 parts for the trolley. The decals are by Invisa-clear. Tamiya went through a stage of putting these high quality decals with their kits around this time. I've used them before, and found them to be very good. The only draw back was, when I used a set which were about ten years old, they stuck like glue to the backing paper, and could not be used. I'm hoping this was just a one off as this set I intend to use could be 20 years old. I intend to use Tamiya Acrylics for the majority of the painting. With a Flory wash for the weathering, and a brown gauche on the trolley to represent the grain on the wooden components. As you can see on the box lid, I bought my example from EDDY'S in Helston in Cornwall for £15.99. Unfortunately, EDDY'S are no longer in business. This is the art work for the original release. The kit was released again in 2007 with a different box art. The kit is typically Tamiya, very well engineered with recessed panel lines. I've chosen this subject because I wanted a simple build, and hopefully I should finish it within the time span as I don't want fail to finish in yet another group build! Below is a link to Wikipedia should you wish to know more about the Aichi Seiran. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aichi_M6A The aircraft was designed to operate from submarines of the Imperial Japanese Navy. The link below will explain more about the submarine aircraft carrier. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/I-400-class_submarine Thank you, Joe.
  21. This appeared on the TamiyaBlog. https://tamiyablog.com
  22. Hello Gentlemen, this is my next build on Britmodeller. FineMolds 1/48th scale Mitsubishi A5M4 "CLAUDE" Imperial Japanese Navy. The Mitsubishi A5M Japanese Navy Type 96 Carrier-based Fighter was the worlds first monoplane shipboard fighter to enter service and the direct ancestor of the Zero fighter. It was designed by Jiro Horikoshi who is the subject of the The Wind Rises which is an animated historical drama film. The model comes on three main sprues. Spure A contains the wing sections, B contains the engine & cockpit details with sprue D the fuselage halves. F is the transparency and P contains 2 poly caps , only one of which is required. The decal sheet has 3 colour schemes. No 1, 14th Naval Air Group, China, 1940, No 2, Aircraft carrier Kaga Naval Air Group, Japan, 1939, & No 3 Naval Third Carrier Division, 1942. There are 68 parts in total (2 of which are not used) 1 transparency & 2 poly caps. The box art. Construction stages 1 to 9 Construction stages 10 to 15 & paint chart. The three colour scheme options. Sprue A. The wing & undercarriage parts. If you look at the surface of the upper wing, you will notice the different shades of plastic. You can see it more with the naked eye. It shows the different panels very well. It will be interesting to see how they look on the finished model after the paint has been applied. Sprue B, The fuselage, engine & cockpit detail with the decal sheet. The transparency is in the decal bag along with the poly caps. I hope to start the kit in the next week or so. I will first remove all the major parts from the sprues and tape them together to get some idea of the fit. Thanks for looking, Joe.
  23. Hy guys, Recently i took the decison to quit the 48th scale and buy and build only in 72nd scale. But... i have this in my stash (and others things in 48th scale), so i decided to build my last 48th plane (or one of the lasts). And this GB is the right occasion to do it! So, this is my subject: a classic MiG-21MF in bulgarian old style markings. To build it, i will use the Eduard kit: I will build it straight out of box, except for the Linden Hill decals sheet "Brothers in arms". And this my airplane: Before i begin, i have to finish another model in "final circuit". ciao Ale
  24. On looking at the Zvezda kit it has the earlier exhausts and the type used on the 359 series, but the radio operators upper hatch is the type used prior to the 359 so it appears that a 359 cannot build be straight from the kit. All the painting guides show the earlier type exhausts, but does anyone know what versions the kit decals are meant to be for? I don't want to mark the aircraft up as a 359 when it is actually an earlier version. Apparently the series 271 introduced faired wing bomb racks, but I'm guessing the are the ones in the kit the earlier type? If so does anyone have a picture of the later type? I was a little disappointed that Zvezda went to the effort of including an engine and the fuselage bomb bay but didn't include the nacelle bomb bays, so I would like to scratchbuild one, but how were the doors opened on the ground? Was it just by the cockpit release and did this open both nacelle bays together or was there away of releasing the doors separately? I'm asking this because it would be nice to only have one open (OK I'm lazy and only really want to build one ), but if it's not physically possible I will scratch build both.
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