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  1. I want to join this GB with another Airfix 1/48th Meteor F.8, the kit looks very good but to improve it I have some AM in the form of the Eduard Zoom cockpit p/e set and Eduard resin wheels and mudguards. I am planning to paint this kit in the high speed silver finish and 615 Sqn markings as worn by WH445 as flown by the CO of the Sqn. Here is the kit, ready for a soapy wash. I don't know too much about the Meteor, so I have bought a book to learn more, pictured here with the AM that I have. Ready to begin this kit, I will get the cockpit started first.
  2. My entry into the Phantom STGB is the new Tamiya kit of the F-4B. It is an excellent kit but one or two areas can still be improved so I will be adding a bit of AM here and there because I can. The box art is rather nice and back in the early 80s when Hasegawa released their F-4B it too had a Screaming Eagle for the box art and I was always going to build one but I never did. So now is the time, almost 40 years later to get this particular Phantom onto my model shelf. I mentioned that I would be adding some AM, I have these items that I bought for the Academy F-4B but it will do if it fits and looks better than the kit supplied parts. I am waiting on the 3D cockpit sets that Quinta and Eduard are due to release soon, it will be my first use of these 3D decals so looking forward to how good the office will look with these items and the resin seats with steel seatbelts. Although the kit decals look good I have this Furball decal sheet in the stash, it covers four VF-51 aircraft, all Mig-19 killers, again it was for the Academy kit but the Tamiya model looks so much better in the box. It has been a struggle not to start this kit as soon as it arrived, so far I have just cut some parts off the sprue to see how well they fit, let's just say I do not see any need for any filler. If any other kit manufacturer had made the fuselage like this I would have deep reservations about buying it but after their F-14 and Spitfire, no worries. The slots and pins for attaching the wings to the fuselage ensure that there will be no gaps between those parts, just run some Tamiya thin glue into the joint and smile . Just waiting for 00.01 Saturday morning.
  3. This is my entry. Tamiya's 1/48th scale P-47D build as a D-20 from the 19th Fighter Squadron. The decals are from the very nice Thundercals sheet, Razorback of the PTO part 4. I'm going to use Ultracast wheels and seat and the excellent Vector P-47 upgrade set.
  4. Since the lockdown started, it seems to be the fashion to go with multiple builds, so I thought, why not. The M51 will continue as it's not far off finished, and I'll do some more on the Centurion, as and when. But as this dropped through my post box a couple of days ago, I decided that I wanted to make a start on the conversion. And this is what you get in the box. X2. It's certainly a very nice looking kit. Gone is the old Tamiya cast metal hull, and this one looks as though it assembles easily. Tamiya include two lengths of metal to give it some weight and a sensible method of fixing it in place. One thing that I did find strange is the fact that the indentations on the forward and rear parts of the track guards have been moulded raised instead of recessed. It's up to individual taste as to whether you correct this. My original intention was to turn this into a Tiran 5, but getting hold of an M68 105mm main gun in this scale is a no no as it doesn't exist, and I didn't want to start scratch building one. So the alternative was to go with and early Tiran 4 as the D10T 100mm gun is included in the kit. I have the Sabingamartin book on the Tiran 4 which has a few profiles of possible candidates. I spoke with Das Abteilung with regards to whether this is possible and there are some pitfalls apparently. BUT, I decided to go ahead with the conversion and try and produce one of the profiles from the book. 100% accuracy might not be there, but hopefully it will look like a Tiran 4. I’ve got both the Miniart kit and the Takom kit of the Tiran 4, so I will be using those as a guide. So I'll be getting this up and running very soon. John.
  5. For this GB I will be building a Navy Adversary the F-16N - probably the best Adversary Jet the Navy have had KIt : Tamiya 1/48th Scale F-16C/N AM Parts: Tamiya US F-16 Detail Parts, Aries Exhaust, Aries Under Carriage Bays & Quinta Studios 3D Cockpit 'Decals' Photo's of Box , Sprues to follow .... when the AM Goodies arrive ( since this is a @trickyrich led GB .... AM goodies are required )
  6. As I've been promising, here is the start of another scratch build, this time the enemy, an S-boot also at 1:48th scale. The s-boot is actually almost the same length as the Fairmile B so the two will make an interesting companion pair when finished. There seem to be basically 5 broad types of s-boots The early war low forecastle boats (Airfix do a kit of this type), a few sub-types The early (really interim) high forecastle type S 30 (or type 26, I'm confused) with an upsweep to the forecastle at the sides of the bridge The mid war type 38 The later war type 38 with the armoured cupola (Kalotte) which evolved from an unarmoured cupola that was often retro-fitted to the type 38's The type 100 at the end of the war which is really the same as the type 38 armoured but with different armament and rear deck layout, build with the armoured cupola from the start Most models you see on line seem to be of the last type, but I rather like the type 38 before they stuck a hat on it so that's what I'm making. This was the main enemy boat in the middle years In my research, I've bought a few books (some I had already). To be honest most simply repeat the same stuff I've also bought every plan I can find Unsurprisingly, none are to 1:48th scale, however, these plans are... Thanks to CAD rescaling and an A1 print and post service. This is the early type 38 unarmoured and the one I will build, but forget the fancy paint job, seems that was mostly using in the Baltic, the channel boats were plain grey from what I've read. The Med boats had cool red and white stripes on the forecastle as did other Italian warships for aircraft recognition, but I think I'll stick with the channel flotillas as that is what the B and SGB would have encountered The various plans have 7, 9, 10 and lastly 20 sections for the lines. I've naturally gone with the 20 section lines per the scan below and re-drawn them This took a surprising amount of time (last 2-3 weeks between interruptions as the lines are really very subtle and lining these up with the other drawings had me redrawing them 3 times. The lines and the large drawing are 1:25 scale and came from Paul Stamm Modellbau in Saarbrucken in Germany. His package of information cost €62 but came with a disk full of drawings and pictures (finding a computer that had a disk drive was interesting...) and the line drawing above is from his drawing scanned and re-scaled. None of the drawings show sections which is a shame, this drawing is a Russian drawing of an early low forecastle type which is not particularly helpful However, in Paul's pack was this blue print which is actually really useful, if a little small So, that's where we begin, lets see how this turns out Steve
  7. So here is my attempt at Eduards early Spitfire MKI. I wanted to cram as many early features onto the kit as I could. So - 2 blade prop; flash suppressors on guns; external gun camera; "ring pull" entry door opener; no cover over fuel tank behind the engine; un-armoured wind screen; ring/bead gun sight; flat canopy; pole aerial; parachute guard on fin. Probably others. Kit went together beautifully, only my ham-fistedness getting in the way. I modified the decals to PM-H rather than M. I had a profile from an old(!) copy of SAM (yes, I know, probably should not have trusted a profile) but it showed it had the aluminium control surfaces, so it had to be done. The external gun camera was hacked from a spare piece of resin based on what images I could find and a couple of references on this site. Not sure I am a fan of these new decals from Eduard. I did have a go at removing the top layer of varnish. This lead to one of the roundels on the wing being damaged, so had to use a spare to cover it. As these are so thin you can not tell. Pain was my usual mix of Alclad primer for the black and white undersides, humbrol 29 for the brown and colourcoats for the green. Anyway, onto the photos. Camera and PC playing up, so these are not as good as I'd like. Tim
  8. This is my second build of this year and also of an A & A Models kit! As with the Me109T, this is a short run kit, in this case of the Messerschmitt Me209V-4 (1/48). This aircraft was an adaptation of the Me209V-1 airspeed record breaker, an idea of Messerschmitts' to find an eventual successor to the Me109. This aircraft of course failed in that respect but is well worth a place in any Luftwaffe collection. The kit is very cleanly moulded and comes with a small fret of photo etch, canopy masks both inside and out plus wheel masks. A small decal sheet for two markings options and a glossy, well presented instruction manual. I built this kit O.O.B adding a few wires inside the cockpit, which is very well detailed. The instrument panel was an injection moulded with detail in relief, with a decal overlay which with a coat of Micro Set which gave a well detailed panel. I must add here I was a little unsure of the decals being matt finished with no apparent clear overlay but my fear subsided when I used them, full marks to A&A. A little filler was needed but it was a nice easy build ( I look forward to A&A's forthcoming Me209V-1). The machine modelled was, of course black 14, with the wonderful snake decoration (couldn't resist}. A&A call out for the machine to be RLM02 which is probably correct but just to be different I decided to finish it in RLM63 the difference between these colours is actually minimal, at least in AK's Real Colours paint range. The only photo I have found of this aircraft shows what maybe a mottle effect on the surface finish. Whether this is just the poor quality of the photograph or the true finish, appears not to be known. My answer was to apply some mottling using the base colour to give a similar impression to the photo, I leave you to judge as to its effectiveness. This aircraft was test flown at Messerschmitt's factory airfield at Augsburg in 1939:- It appears my mottling is too subtle to show up very well on my photos but it is there - honest Cheers Andy
  9. Hello, First build complete in 2021. In fact, the very last of 2020. It's the Hasegawa kit, a good ol' boy, with no real difficulty. The plane is from the GC II/18 Saintonge, of the french air force, seen late 1945 in France. AK real colors acryl for the top Dark Green and Ocena grey, Tamiya for the underside Medium Sea Grey. And Carpena decals, from a Tamiya limited run of the Mk.V, for french market only. these were awful, as stiff as cardboard, almost not reacting to DACO strong ! Here are the piccies. As usual, crits and comments welcome. Best Stef (#6)
  10. This is a “what if” I just finished with an AT-ST from Bandai in 1/48th scale. To me it’s quite clear the influences used to create the Empire aesthetic in the Star Wars universe, so instead of doing it with the usual light grey scheme as seen in the Forest Moon of Endor, I thought to be more interesting to run my imagination free and place it in the eastern front during the second world war. I used some Tamiya 1/48th German Infantry figures and I made this simple vignette with some snow melting and mud. The Bandai kit is really detailed and fit perfectly without the need of glue so I totally recommend it!. To give it a WWII look I give a cast steel texture to the armour plates and I added some big bolts. Colour use was panzer grey from Tamiya and a combination of oil paints from MIG and Abteilung 502 to create the weathering. Cheers and I hope you guys like it! Jorge “Somewhere in the Eastern Front” as usual, any comments are welcome and thanks for looking!
  11. S309, Grey Fox was one of the 7 steam gunboats built to the Denny & Sons design. They were intended to counter the S-boot threat in the channel and were the smallest RN vessels equipped with steam turbines. They were 135 ft on the waterline, 23 ft 4 inches in breadth and had a draft of 3 ft 9 inches forward. Displacing 135 tons (initially) they could make 36 knots. Grey Fox was built by Yarrow and launched in September 1941, she survived the war and was sold in 1947 They bristled with guns, of various calibres', really being armed from whatever guns were available at the time. The main armament was a HA 3inch gun of WW1 vintage, originally intended as a land-based anti-aircraft gun. The gun shield sshows was only fitted to this gun when mounted in SGB's. Grey Fox saw action in the channle and was there at D day. The following action report is taken from a thread about Grey Fox on the BMPT forum July 10th 1942. In a furious night encounter, off Etaples, Grey Fox and Grey Wolf engaged 6 German minesweepers. They sank 2 but a 3rd collided with Grey Fox with such force that everyone on her bridge was thrown on their faces and a huge hole was driven in her hull. Grey Fox struggled home, with her bows almost awash. And is backed up by this first hand account of the incident So far as I remember the almost simultaneous result was a sharp heel to starboard as the ship turned, and a burst of gunfire from our own gunners. This was followed by what my mind registered as an explosion on the port side forward. I was thrown violently out of my seat and against the ship's side. As I picked myself up the ship slowly righted itself and I have an indelible picture on my mind of seeing sea water pouring through the open watertight door in the bulkhead between the galley flat and the wardroom passage through which spare ammunition had been passed. At that precise moment there was no one forward of that bulkhead and by good fortune, or perhaps design, the watertight door closed from forward and as I pulled it together the inrush and water pressure behind it helped to shut it making it easy to knock the clips on. We were well down by the bows and I think fear of sinking was uppermost, but our forward gunner was still firing. Some minutes later the First Lieutenant came down and between us we completed shoring up the bulkhead with timbers kept at the far end of the galley flat for that purpose. I then learned from Lieutenant Erskine-Hill that what I had thought was an explosion was the sound of the German R-Boat as it rammed itself through the ship's side into the wardroom and forward messdeck. It shortly afterwards fell away and sank, leaving a large gash in our bows ... The next couple of hours or so were considerably nerve-wracking, sitting on watch with the ship very much down by the bow and wondering, apprehensively, whether the bulkhead against which I sat would hold. The level of water on the other side could clearly be seen by the condensation line which was somewhere near shoulder high, with the deck of the wireless office awash ... We were apparently wavering sluggishly all over the place but heading slowly in the correct general direction and managed to get within sight of Newhaven under our own steam. However, we could not be trusted to keep a straight course to enter harbour unaided and "Grey Wolf" took us in tied alongside. I do not remember ever being so relieved to get off watch! Daylight revealed what a remarkable escape we had had. Lieutenant Erskine-Hill solved the problem of inspecting the damage by the simple expedient of rowing the dinghy through the hole in the ship's side! Following the conclusion of the build tread Grey Fox build, here is the finished vessel in its display case and some detail shots And for a size comparison, here it is next to the Fairmile B I built last year to the same scale Fairmile B build, waterline the same Thanks again to those who followed and provided help and kind comments, Schnellboot thread starting tomorrow Steve
  12. While I was waiting for the decals for the Tiran 4 to arrive, and for the T-34 GB to start, I thought that I'd make a start on this one. The decals for this were ordered at the same time as the ones for the Tiran, so hopefully, they will arrive together. Ever since Tamiya released their first AFV in 1/48th, I’ve had a liking for this scale, and this will be the third tank in this scale that I’ve built this year. As is the norm for me, I don’t want to build it OOTB, and the tank that I’ve chosen to depict will mean that nothing is straight forward. A couple of years ago, I built an Israeli M1 Super Sherman in 1/35th scale, and that is what I intend with this one. The IDF M1 Super Sherman used M4A1 cast upper hulls, mounted on HVSS lower hulls. To do this I am using a couple of kits for the conversion, namely the M4A1 76mm, which is a VVSS hull......... ........... and the M4A3E8, both from Hobbyboss. The turret will come from the Easy Eight kit as the one in the M4A1 kit is the wrong one. It’s a T23, but has the large circular loaders hatch, and it would appear that most (if not all) IDF tanks had the smaller oval hatch. The 76mm barrel is one of the excellent examples from RB Models. I need to order some more .50cal barrels from them as this build will require one. The decals are on order right now, and I’m waiting to hear from Ernst Peddinghaus as to when they will be ready (he’s doing the Tiran 4 decals at the same time). The illustration on the box for the Easy Eight depicts a tank fitted with T66 tracks, but fortunately, for this build, the box contains T80 tracks instead. Incidentally, I will be trying to get hold of another of the M4A1 (76mm) kits whenever I can, as I discovered that the decal sheet includes markings for an IDF M1 Sherman. Result! Right, time to get stuck into the build. Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow with an update. John.
  13. Let me start by saying I love biplanes but I hate rigging so I tend to avoid them. The RNZAF and NZPAF did have a lot though and I feel I have to try, so buoyed by the mediocrity that was my Walrus I attempted the new Airfix Tiger Moth. It is an excellent kit, I used no filler whatsoever and every part literally clicked into place. 20200916_115858[1] I used the SBS etched rigging which is great but doesn't give you the control lines for elevators or rudder. It does give you a number of inspection panels which are post war fitting and as my machine was built in 1939 at Hatfield then shipped in a knocked down state to the new D.H. factory at Rongotai and reassembled in January 1940, these pieces weren't used. NZ740 was one of the first dozen machines assembled at Rongotai and was issued to the Flying Instructors School at either Hobsonville or Magere depending on which source you read. 20200916_115850[1] I have a photo of her believed to be taken in 1942, which surprisingly shows she was not carrying a fin flash and another photo on the RNZAF museum site, probably from the same sortie, shows she carried B type roundels on the top wings. 20200916_115903[1] 20200916_115908[1] The previous Tiger Moth I built was from the excellent Aeroclub kit, I dug it out of the carrying box for comparison, she is finished as NZ723 which was impressed into the RNZAF at the outbreak of WWII in 1939, She is still in civilian colours but the registration letters have been removed and RNZAF markings added. 20200916_115921[1] I still have another Aeroclub Tiger Moth, a Dh 60 and a Hawker Demon to convert to a Hind to do, I may not leave it another 14 years to have a go. Thanks for looking and sticking with me through this ramble.
  14. A fun build for a change, no issues with the fit very little filler needed and no self induced screw ups. I don't normally build planes with the wings folded but it takes the eye away from the too flat canopy. I used a Print Scale sheet for a MiG killer flown by Ensign Frederick Weber of VF-31 in 1`950. These conformed really well without much in the way of solvent. Thanks for looking.
  15. This is Tamiya’s excellent 1/48th T-55 kit, which I’ve backdated and converted into a Tiran 4. The complete build can be found here; I can see some more Tirans for the future. I just need to source a 105mm main gun though. Thanks for looking and all of the encouragement during the build. It's much appreciated. John.
  16. Three firsts for me on this one: First Eduard Spitfire that everyone tells me is the one to get First MK VIII I have ever built in any scale First with extended wings that so change the classic shape. VIII 4 by [url=https://www.flickr.com/photos/15218468 Well, I found it enjoyable to build though a bit fiddly in places and little things like having to put the exhaust stubs on before painting to be disappointing but yes it is the one to buy and I have plans for a couple more. url=https://flic.kr/p/2jCFMRe][/url]VIII 3 by [url=https://www.flickr.com/photos/152184681 I also have a bag of spares for future Spitfire builds, the kit is straight OOTB all the etch and maskings are part of the package. The decals were a joy to use, thin and tough. VIII 2 by [url=https://www.flickr.com/photos/152184681 VIII 1 by [url=https://www.flickr.com/photos/152184681 The rain today stopped me from taking photos outside so the Medium Sea Grey has taken a blueish hue thanks to interior light and my phone camera Thanks for looking
  17. Here we go with another kreiger kitbash using whatever I've got hanging around. A recent build in the Aircraft section was an Edgely Optica by @Hamiltonian. An unusual looking but useful thing, it inspired me to have a bash. A search through the scrapyard yielded a Revell 'MASH' Bell 47 Helicopter and a Testors (I think) Cessna O2 Forward Air Controller's (FAC) Aircraft. I dismantled the Bell, sanded off the decals and sawed the nose off of the Cessna. Well you would wouldn't you? A little blurred but it shows the general idea. I taped over the bubble to save it from being scratched. On the back of the bubble is a Harrier fan shroud, cut in half. Bits of plastic card were used to straighten things out. The floats are ex SMER Swordfish. the struts are cut down Huey blades. They were bent and fit into fuselage & float slots. Here's a better shot of the fuselage joint. I like those layers on the blade. The rudders are probably too small, but I don't have to fly it! And then Milliput happened. Power for this thing is supplied by a small jet engine in the fuselage. So we now have an intake and exhaust nozzle. Another view. The intake has been faired in and I've added more PPP to the exhaust/fuselage joint. The CG could be a bit dodgy, but it might just work. And then I found some Macchi tiptanks. So they obviously had to go on. So, to sum up. Here we have a junkyard flier that operates from water using a jet engine, it has no doors and is none too aerodynamic. It would be slow and have a relatively short range. It surely must fit the kreiger requirements*. I'm enjoying myself once more, I hope it ticks some of your boxes. Comments are, as always, very welcome. *Generally seem to be - It doesn't have to make sense, but it needs to look good and as though it 'might' do what it's supposed to do.
  18. After a couple of intricate or frankly awful kits I sought sanctuary in a Tamiya kit. This one is finished as NZ5566, of the Fighter Leaders School RNZAF, using Ventura decals. NZ5566 was shipped directly to New Zealand and assembled at Hobsonville in late 1944, she never went to the SW Pacific front and spent all her time in NZ, mainly at Ardmore. Because of this I kept weathing to a reasonab;e level as the climate is nowhere near as harsh as the Solomons and she was not operating from rushed coral airstrips. The flash seems to have washed out most of the weathering. I had never seen the JZ codes on any RNZAF machine but there is a great photo on the Ventura instruction sheet, ( I think provided by a member on this forum) showing them clearly. from the same photo it shows the repainted roundel to be paler than the ones applied in the war zone but still not the pale blue beloved of most decal manufacturers and Italeri. these markings ere smaller than the USN one so I painted a arker ring around them but f course the flash has made it difficult to see. Any road up, just another 415 RNZAF Corsairs still to do.
  19. I don't normally build bisplanes as I hate rigging them. I sometimes make an exception and a set of etched rigging from SBS and a fabulous model posted hear earlier by Jenko enabled me to finish this stalled build. I finished it as an aircraft of the New Zealand Division of the Royal Navy in 1936-38 attached to HMNZS Achilles, using a set of Print Scale decals. Four Walruses( Walrii?) were part of that establishment coded Z! to Z4, though the machine I represented, K5774, was landed back in the UK in mid 1938. Walrus K5774 4 The kit is a joy to build, everything fits nicely and I used very little filler. I did use a set of Eduard Brassin wheels with spoked hubs, Walrus K5774 2 The decals were nice and thin , conformed with very little help and were nicely opaque. Walrus K5774 1 by I'm not sure I will build another, as I have already nailed together a SMER kit of another RNZAF machine, but I would recommend it to anyone. I omitted the radio aeriaL wires as a practicality as this model will hopefully go to a number of shows Covid permitting. Walrus K5447 3 Thank you for looking
  20. This is the old but brilliant Accurate Miniatures Avenger, as reboxed by Italeri. The Italeri instructions are just the pictures from the Accurate sheet without the helpful written instructions and the RNZAF Roundels are an appalling light blue and thus unusable. NZ2510 was one of the second batch of machines delivered to and assembled at Hobsonville in late 1943 as part of a total of 63 machines allocated to the RNZAF, though only 48 were actually delivered diverted from USN stocks. . Unusually they were delivered in the then standard USN Tri colour( actually four colour) scheme, but were marked in standard RAF roundels. These were standard USN machines so had none of the FAA modifications. The first machines were flown to Darton Field, Gisborne, and gratefully received by 8(GR) Squadron RNZAF, which was renumbered 30 Squadron. Given they were flying Vickers Vincents at the time these aircraft must have been a pleasant surprise and quantum leap forward. Individual letters were supposed to be applied alphabetically, though I have only ever seen pictures of NZ2505 as E and NZ2510 as J. The Red of the roundel was over-painted at some stage and white bars added to conform more to the standard markings of the South West Pacific. Eventually the last three of the serial was stenciled ahead of the fuselage bars and the individual letters over-painted. NZ25210 was the first RNZAF Avenger to sustain damage due to enemy action. As these airframes were almost brand new at the time of issue and when the photographs were taken, I did little weathering , just some exhaust staining and dust/ dirt on the wheels, underside and walkways. The Roundels came from Xtradecal sheets as did the serials as the varnish on the Italeri sheet had cracked. I think I would have relaced them anyway as the kit has been in the stash over 15 years and I had trouble with even the small stencils I could save.. As always thanks for looking.
  21. Well, it's *almost* done. It lacks the aerials as yet (I kept knocking them off), and the weathering is a bit rough in places, but it's OK. I need to slap the photographer as well, but he was the only one available. I'll do better photos when I think I can hide the worst offences in the weathering/finish. Gestation period of this model is approximately nine years. It had been shelved because I was really unhappy with the finish and the then-fashionable shading techniques were applied. This was from the Grumman F6F-5N Hellcat, 1/48th scale, Eduard Profipack kit, Tamiya, Vallejo and Humbrol paints. AMMO by Mig varnish, together with weathering washes. I discovered oil paints and pastels were by far my favourite media for weathering, unfortunately long after I'd started with the enamel weathering washes. Hey ho - I live and (hopefully) learn. Not my best by a long shot, but I hope you all like it.
  22. I finished this shelf sitter today. It was started at the Saturday modelling club in a local library which is sadly but understandably cancelled for the foreseeable future. It comes with masses if interior detail, most of which I decided to ignore as the fit of the upper and lower hull halves was poor. 20200512_143224[1] 20200512_143248[1] I have built the Tamiya T-34 which is some much simpler to put together, but I do like the later but pre-T34/85 turret 20200513_193525[1] 20200513_193509[1] Thank you for looking
  23. This will be my next build for this GB, when I get the Hudson done! Can I take it that it is less than 25% started? Just two seats assembled and a bulkhead on the floor. Subject of this build.
  24. This is the 'late' boxing of the Great Wall Hobbys kit. One of my branch members and I had had a lockdown build of the T-33 he used the Academy kit with loads of resin and I used the GWH kit with just some metal seat belts. We did it via WhatsApp and took a fair number of photos. Both are now finished but I haven't his permission to show you his lovely Navy trainer. 20200507_194313[1] The cockpit is a little too wide at the front and unless shaved down it can distort the nose leading to fit issues with the nose cap. I also had problems with the fit of the wing to fuselage which i haven't had before ( have already built two of them) 20200507_194346[1] I used the kit decals which were great to work with and allowed me to make an aircraft of the 49th FIS, USAF to go with my Monogram F-106 of the same unit. One day I'll be able to display them at a show I hope. 20200507_194334[1] 20200507_194323[1] Thanks for looking
  25. Here's one of my builds for the 'In the Navy' GB, Special Hobby's RN boxing of their Airspeed oxford in 1/48th. Built OOB largely not a bad build, see the thread here: Main 'problems' but typical of this type of kit were lack of positive locations for things like the cowlings and associated fixtures and fittings, also the undercarriage was a bit fiddly. I used Vallejo ModelAir Silver RLM 01 over Vallejo Grey Primer. Decals went on perfectly without glossing first and no setting solutions. Just did a random spray of Vallejo Satin Varnish to get a slight variance in the finish. Some dark wash was used to bring out some detail. Not perfect, my usual lack of patience won't let me spend more time to get a better fit and finish but I'm pleased with the outcome. Davey.
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