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Found 13 results

  1. Hello Gents !! IRL is pretty demanding these months, so finishing a kit is a bit more arduous !! Soooo, One more Cobra in the RFI section !! Let's start the trip to the eastern front with a P-39Q-5 First a pic of the original subject Flown by the Camarade Mikhail Rents in the 30 GvIAP.... The Eduard kit is a treat and as it was a special boxing with PE, it has helped to improve the other Cobras.... Paints are mostly X-tracrylics for the U.S colors The soviet ones are from AK.... Which seem purely logical.... Ok, I take my coat..... Decals Transfers came from an old Cutting Edge sheet, and the service markings are from the Eduard boxing... Weathering is Flory, oil paints and Life color filters... Well time now for some family pics and comparisons..... Comments are welcome, bantering is mandatory !! CC
  2. Hello all! Having posted in the WWI Aviation Chat section of BM regarding colours for the wings on this aircraft, and promptly discovering the answer all by myself an hour or so later by using different search terms, I thought I would show my progress. This will be an OOB build so very little in the way of additions/corrections by me. This is the boxing I am using: The kit is moulded very nicely indeed, with very little flash or seam lines. The transfers look excellent, and are black and white only so not much colour there. It has vinyl masks for various sections, and a photo-etch sheet as well to add finesse. I will not use all the etch. I had some serious issues with the colour callouts in the guide, and that probably accounts for me looking at this kit many times since 2010 when it first appeared in my stash. I was guided to the Wingnut Wings website to look at the Roland C.IIa (late) as some of those used the same colours for the top of the wings. I have chosen to do a varnished ply scheme. I have always liked the look of them, and am in awe of anyone who can model that successfully. I had a go last year on an Airfix 1/72 DVa: I think I got something close, but it was by accident! I painted the sandy-yellow undercoat, and then used Humbrol Clear Orange to give it that colour tone. I used ColourCoats Naphtha Thinner to thin the paint, but I don't think I should have done! The paint thickened, but produced the effect I was after, but it is not a way I would recommend. This time, I want to try oil paints. To that end, I got all (hopefully) of the bits that needed a wood finish off the runners, along with the spare top wing which will act as my paint mule, and gave them all a spray of Tamiy Light Sand from a can: I let that set overnight, and then started my experiments on the top wing: Using Winsor and Newton oils, I tried a few options to see what would be best. The bit on the far right was done by putting dots of two oils down then blending them in, the next two were single oil colours then bended with odourless white spirit using a barely dampened flat brush, and the far left was two colours bended by brush then adjusted. In all these cases, I put the oils onto cardboard, let the carrier oil wick away for an hour or so, then popped the paint onto the wing. I left that for another half hour or so before starting the blending. I used a dry, flat, wide brush to do the initial blend, then lightly touched the brush into the white spirit, brushed that onto some kitchen towel to nearly dry the brush, then blended the paint more, and kept cleaning the brush, re-dampening it, and blending, all the time gradually removing the excess oil paint until I was reasonably happy with the results. I am not trying for fancy grain patterns or whorls, swirls and knots, just something to give an impression. I then bit the bullet, and painted the proper wood bits: I made a choice to do the wood with different shades of brown, whether it is correct, I know not. This lot is now sat in the box with the lid on to dry for goodness knows how long. I have vague memories of doing this with another Eduard Albatros from years ago, and I think it took about a week or two to dry. This may be a long build. In the meantime, I have brush-painted the underside of the wings and tail plane using Humbrol 65 and the naphtha thinners, so I should still be able to get some stuff done during the oil drying time. It will probably need one or two more coats. In the online build which suggested the Wingnut Wings website, that modeller was using AmmoMig Oilbrusher paints. Do any of you have experience with those, and do they really dry very quickly as that person said? More soon with luck, thanks for looking, Ray
  3. Hello all. This is the Albatros D.II from Eduard in 1/48 scale. I had had this in the stash for about 12 years, and always baulked at building it. I wanted to do a 'varnished ply' scheme, but was unable to pluck up courage to do it. I had a go with an Airfix 1/72 Albie last year and got something okay-ish by mistake. This time, I decided to try using oils for the wood effect. I did that for the interior and successfully managed to occupy the week or so I had to wait for that lot to dry. By the time I got to the fuselage, I changed my mind and used acrylics and dry-brushing to get the effect. I think it has worked. All in all, the Eduard kit was pretty enjoyable to build. I did not use all of the photo etch as I was selective as to what was worthwhile and what wasn't. The non-wood parts were brush-painted with Humbrol enamels thinned with ColourCoats' naphtha thinner. a build log (detailing my errors!) is here: I had lots of help with the build, for which I am very grateful indeed. Anyway, this is what I ended up with: The model is finished in the markings of Vzfw. Rudolf Weckbrodt from Jasta 26, 1916. Thanks for looking, Ray
  4. Here’s my second South American Mustang and the other one
  5. My build to take a break between all the sanding and masking of airliners. I have 3 109s to do a Hasegawa 1/48 K-4, an Academy 1/48 G-14 and this. Not sure how many will get done this year it's a busy build year for me. This is an OOB build so kit decals and parts, no PE. The start.---John
  6. Hello Dears, Here I am, First RFI in 2021... Fingers crossed for a better year... For my colonial friends, Don't you worry, and just say "Well played 37th of December 2020, well played !!" In fact, this one was intended to be the 10th kit of the last year but that plywood Tamiya transfers... This kit is a tribute to the late Charles E. Yeager, but I started this tribute moons ago !! So let's get back on the western front, around November 1944 !! Mmmh, I start playing with Picture manager... Here's the pic The snowy background is perfectly right in that case !! It's the Eduard kit from the Royal box... So there's a lot of goodies that find a way to the other Mustangs.... Paints are Alclad and AK interactive, the nose decal came from a Kitsworld sheet !! Add to this my usual combo of Flory and oil paints !! I kept the weathering in idle since the pics show a well maintained bird, even in these harsh winter conditions... I must say that this Eduard kit is a damn good one, but the gluing surfaces are so tiny .... I confess a bit of swearing... especially for these papermade fuel tanks.... It is now time to show the Yeager tribute ... No ?
  7. Hi all, As it says I'm after some help, this should strictly be in the cold war forum, but I figured there will be more Spitfire knowledge here. So, I'm building a Spitfire XVI (High back) that my dad flew post war, the kit I'm using is the ProfiPack Spitfire IXe, my first problem is it's not a Canberra so I'm a bit lost with the finer points, on the sprue you get two sets of elevators, one has a longer horn balance(?) than the other, the instructions say use part F.12 which is the one with the longer balance, is this correct for the Mk.XVI? I'm also having trouble getting my head around the construction of the exhaust stacks, it may be just me having some post Covid brain fog, or I'm just being thick but I can't work it out, so any pointers would be appreciated! Ta, very much John
  8. Hello Dears End of March already... And here's my first RFI for 2020 ... Times have been and still are shaky... And weird. But I finally managed to finish a kit ! Still in my "operation Tungsten" Serie First of all, I will here thank my helm man for this build, I mean @Grey Beema Thank you Grey, for the pics and tips. So here's the "Gannet" flown by Stan Orr Eduard week end boxing, with the addition of the related PE fret Eduard Zoom. Paints are Xtracrylics as usual, decals came from the kit and generic decal sheet Plus some hand painting ! I restrained the weathering since these birds were almost new at the time of the Tirpitz attack. weathering is made with Flory as usual too... I added some bits and bobs on the interior... If the weather allow it, I will add some exterior pics tomorrow ! Feel free to comment and above all, bantering is welcome too !! Have a great modelling time ! CC
  9. This is my first Eduard Spitfire that I have started/finished. Another in the pile, and I'm sure others will be done in the future. They are just to good not to. I used the Eduard wing cannon/machine gun insert to add a bit of interest. The real aircraft can (just) be seen here - http://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205209462 I'm not sure if it should be dustier to fit with the environment the plane was operating from, but the real one does not look that dusty, so I will probably leave it as it is. Comments/improvements welcome as usual. Tim
  10. Well I almost completely forgot about/missed this one. Like the majority probably will, I’m going for an Eduard model as well, though mine will be the 1/48 ProfiPACK G4. And being a Bf100 it was only even going to be a nightfighter for me and not just any, supposedly the last aircraft ever flown by Major Heinz-Wolfgang Schnaufer, the greatest Night Fighter pilot of all time (there’s a lot of debate whether it was C3+BA). Along with all the lovely gear Eduard supplies I’m adding their details set and Master models beautiful FuG 218 antenna set. As the model doesn’t support ( ) the FuG218 I had to steal the mast for my Dragon Ho229B. For decals I’ll be using Peddinghaus’s beautiful decal set, plus I got a feeling I may have ordered some resin wheels as well!! I’m really looking forward to building this one but am already super stressed over time! I know it’s 3 months but I’m about to go back to 3w/1w roster so will be away from home most of the time. It works out I have 15 full days at home until the February finish and no I can’t spend all that time locked away building...would be trouble if I did. So there will be a mad rush over the first few days of the build to get all the basics done, no step by step build this time!! :frantic: :frantic: Roll on start time!!!!
  11. Here's my latest creation after a few months away from the bench. Its the Eduard 1/48 scale kit with AllyCat decals and painted with my own mix of Xtracylic paints. Hope you like her and thanks for looking.
  12. This was my second biplane and was built about two and a half years ago. It was a pleasure to build. Eduard "weekend edition" built oob, stretched sprue for rigging.
  13. Hi everyone, My entry for this GB will be the Eduard Bf 109E-1 in 1/48. This is my first Britmodeller group build so I'm pretty excited and eager to get going. The box shot, And the contents, still wrapped up and shiny before I get my thick mitts on it, Will build pretty much out the box but I may try and add a little detail to the pit. Cheers....
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