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Found 18 results

  1. My kit for this GB is the Dragon kit of the 8 wheel armoured car armed with a 7.5cm short L/24 gun. This weapon had been fitted to the older Sd.Kfz. 233 armoured car and also to some Sd.Kfz. 251 half-track vehicles. Around 90 of these 8 wheeled armoured cars were built between June to December 1944 and issued to reconnaissance Panzer Units and Panzergrenadier Divisions. There is one preserved vehicle left in world, WH-1751008. This is at the Bovington tank museum, but not much use as a reference item, it's not complete and has been re-painted in a spurious grey colour. Dragon brought out all 4 variations of this vehicle during 2007 and Cyber-Hobby released a late war conversion of this /3 vehicle in 2008. More expensive but much better detailed than the old Italeri kits. Here is the kit, it's been untouched in my stash for 15 years, time to get it built! Not long to the start of the GB.
  2. Here is my WiP. The first couple of pages were from the M3 Group Build last summer that I wasn't able to complete. Many thanks to @PlaStix for the migration over here. This is a very fine kit, with loads of detail and well engineered so it is actually quite easy to build. I had a lot of other things going on so I took my time, which is good too. No sense rushing this one. A Blitzbuild this is not! Paints were a mix of Tamiya, Vallejo Air, Vallejo...extra after market bits from Black Dog and MiniArt. Weathering aspects from AK and Abteilung. I am new to the 'dust' weathering powders, so I will work on them. Advice please... I can see how they really do add a level of realism to the model. Anyway, the WiP has all of this. Here are some images from the back terrace... Tomatoes and onions... This is Eek. Not sure of gender. Their sibling, aka 'Meek', is also a tuxedo, as is Big Mama. They are feral and live in the small jungle behind my house. I feed them. They are very curious. And the new set of shelves for ongoing 1/35th scale vehicles. Two so far... --John
  3. A really big tow vehicle. I love the box art, so I'll make this one. I have read that the cable for the tow is not flexible enough. I'll use the supplied copper wire piece for something else and use something better for the cable, probably string painted grey metal. I will also be adding chains. I have some tools and whatnot in other boxes of stuff, so I'll be using some of that. Lots of extra bits to be added along the way. But that's mostly exterior. First I have to build this beast. Luckily I have a few months to do so. It's my first large scale armour in quite a few years. Sprue... Decals, etc... I like this profile. ' Let me get some other stuff built and I'll jump in here next week. --John
  4. I'm dog sitting at my son's house for a couple of weeks so although I do not have access to my paints or books I am planning on a quick build of this Dragon M4A1 as used in the battle of El Alamein. Between dog walks I can clean up and glue the running gear together and get as far as possible before I need to add some paint. Here is the kit that has been in the stash for at least a decade it's a pity Dragon never included any figures but there is a lot of PE for the dust shields and mounting brackets for the decoy covers they used in the desert: The kit includes DS tracks of the smooth rubber pad type T51 so I will replace those with my last pack of AFV Club individual track links. So here goes for a quick mostly oob build. Just hope the dogs don't eat any bits.
  5. This is the second Israeli Improvised Armoured Car that I've built, the previous one being a Type 4. This one required a bit more scratch building, but was just as enjoyable as the first one. I'm going to give them a rest for a while until the Armoured Car GB next October, and then it'll probably be based on a different vehicle. Meanwhile, if anyone is interested in the build, it can be found here; And this is the Type 1 and Type 4 for comparison; Type 1. Type 4. That's it for armoured cars until the GB in the Autumn. Thanks for looking and for any comments. John.
  6. The 1/48th version of this hasn’t been forgotten, just put aside so that it’s big brother can take centre stage (yes, I know; it’s becoming a habit!!) I picked this kit up off of Ebay for a reasonable price, so that I could tackle the IDF M1 in 1/35th scale. I did one of these a few years ago, but that one mounted the M1A2 main gun with the muzzle brake. The one that I intend building this time has the earlier M1A1 main gun without the muzzle brake. For this build, I'm using the Dragon kit No.6083, M4A1 (76mm)W, Operation Cobra. As I said, I bought it off of the internet, and I'm a little bit suspicious that the seller has cobbled it together from different kits. Some of the reviews that I've read state that the kit contains an aluminium barrel. Mine didn't. This kit has been around for a few years now, and I think that maybe Dragon have changed a lot of what is included, as some of the reviews state that the kit includes British T62 tracks, whereas mine contains two sets of DS T48 tracks, one with duckbills and one without. These will end up in the spares box, as what I need for this build is a set of T54E1's. I found a set in a Tamiya kit and they don't look bad, so providing they fit the sprockets, they will suffice. There are one or two features which I don't like about the kit, most noticeable being the OTT casting texture on the hull and FDH. Dragon state on the box lid that the hull has “realistic cast texture”, and even some of the well known online reviewers say that it's realistic. I beg to disagree. Cast hull Shermans had very little casting texture. This is way over the top. It will need sanding down quite a bit to get it to a more realistic appearance. It's very reminiscent of the cast hull in the old Dragon M51. What I do like though is the slide moulded M1A1 barrel, so IMO, there is no need for an AM barrel. Also included is a new exhaust deflector. So, hopefully, I'll post some progress in the near future. John.
  7. I finished this a few weeks ago, but never got around to posting it on here. For those unfamiliar with Israeli tanks, this version of the M51 was a conversion, based on the M4A3 (76mm) Sherman. If you’re interested, the build can be found here; And finally, because a little while ago someone said that I should post some photos of all of my M51s, here they are. They are from left to right; Dagem Beth (Second Batch, or Type B). Dagem Gimmel (Third Batch, or Type C). Dagem Daleth (Fourth Batch, or Type D)). By my reckoning, I’ve got two more to build. Dagem Alef (First batch, or Type A), and a Dagem Gimmel based on a cast hull. Thanks for looking and any comments. John.
  8. I may be pushing my luck with a 4th build but seeing as this turned up today, slightly battered but the plastic was undamaged on it's journey from China. I bought this kit because it includes all the parts to make either a mid or late StuG Ausf.G built by the MIAG or Alkett assembly plants from mid September 1944 after zimmerit had stopped being applied. To be able to build either version requires different rear engine covers and different track guards and their attachment brackets, these are in the kit but not identified, so you need some reference material to correctly assemble your chosen version. The kit also has some other spare parts, 3 different patterns of return rollers, 2 different sprockets, 2 different mantlets and the kit contains metal schurzen with different attachment rails and open guide horn magic tracks. I will be building this kit as a MIAG assembled StuG made at the end of 1944, camouflage to be decided. Any questions or comments are welcome.
  9. Since both my other two builds are at the paint stage I was missing the smell of glue. Since I bought this kit specially for this GB I think it's time to get it started. It is mostly the same plastic as my earlier Dragon kit, that I built as the howitzer armed StuH 10.5cm, this kit will be built as a 7.5cm armed StuG. I have a metal barrel with brass muzzle, it will be in a winter camouflage scheme using the winterketten tracks that I started for the StuH build. This is the kit box art: As I mentioned the plastic is of Dragon origin, their logo can be seen on the sprues along with their nice waffle pattern zimmerit. The only difference between the Dragon and Das Werk kits are decals, p/e and tracks. Das Werk kits use the link and length tracks instead of magic tracks. But I used these on my other build so as mentioned I will use some old Dragon winter tracks that I have here with the p/e and metal gun barrel. The Das Werk kit p/e has the rear idler inner rim in three segments but as with the link and length tracks, these are a feature of all new Dragon Panzer III and IV kits as well. I will make a start on assembling the hull torsion bar suspension and clean up of the wheels today, any comments or questions are most welcome.
  10. Having almost completed the M51, and having a load of work to do on the new modelling room, I was looking for something to build that would fire my enthusiasm. After going through my stash, it came down to two contenders; An AFV Club M5A1 (Early) Stuart (Stuart Mk.V), or a Canadian Kangaroo ISV. From the title, you can see which one I have chosen, although, I might make a start on the Stuart to run in parallel. We’ll see. So, first, a bit of waffle. The “fatherly beginnings” is an indication of these vehicle’s history. They were converted from Priest 105mm SPGs. 72 of them had their 105mm gun removed, along with the storage for the ammunition, as well as having the infrastructure reinforced and improving the interior armour, the work being carried out in the Advanced Workshop Depot of the 3rd Canadian Infantry Division under the codename “Kangaroo”. Later, Churchills and Shermans were used, as well as obsolete Ram tanks, 500 of the latter being converted. Prior to the Priests being used, M3/M5 Stuarts became Kangaroos, but these weren’t so successful, due to their light armour. And so to the build. I’ve had the Italeri Kangaroo for some years now, having picked it up for a song at Telford. I believe that the kit goes back to 1999 in it’s present form, but like the original, it was based on the Priest kit, which goes back even further, 1979 according to Scalemates. As is to be expected, detail isn’t great. There are no bolt heads around the base plates for the VVSS units, and no bolt heads where the final drive attaches to the lower hull. The rest of the kit isn’t too bad and serves as a good basis for the build. I decided that I wouldn’t use the kit’s lower hull nor the running gear, but instead, I would use parts from the Dragon Sherman 1c Hybrid. Surprisingly, the internals for the Italeri Kangaroo drop into the Dragon hull with only the minimum of alteration. So, that's got the ball rolling, and I'll post some progress as soon as I get something done, hopefully over the weekend. John.
  11. This Dragon kit has been in my stash for a good few years in fact for so long I had forgotten about it, so for this STGB I bought the Das Werk kit which is almost the same kit. I say almost, the Dragon kit has magic tracks, the Das Werk has link and length tracks. I have metal barrels with brass muzzle brakes for both. My intention is to build this kit first and then build the DW kit afterwards as a StuG Ausf.G 75mm. Here is a photo of the box lid and the bagged contents.
  12. With the M1 Super Sherman nearing completion, I needed a new project to keep me occupied when it’s not possible to work outside. I’ve already got two M51s in my collection, a Batch 2 (Beth) and a Batch 4 (Dalet). The Batch 3 (Gimmel) has always appealed to me as unlike all of the other M51s, it’s not an M4A1 conversion, but an M4A3. There is no kit of this tank, so it’s going to be a conversion. The base kit for this is Tamiya’s Easy 8, Korean version. This one has the correct tracks (T80) whereas the European version has the T60 tracks. When I did a 1/35th scale M1 Super Sherman a couple of years ago, I used Tamiya’s M51 as a basis. The turret, main gun, gun mantlet and engine deck weren’t needed from that kit, so they were kept, to be used in a conversion such as this. The engine deck will only require the minimum of alteration. The kit includes the jerry can racks, but they are a little on the thick side and have the jerry cans moulded with them, so I decided to use etched brass. Eduard do a set for the Academy kit of the M51 and most of the parts will fit (except the grouser vent mesh). I’ll need to get another etched set as I’ve used the jerry can racks from this one on the last build. With all the problems that I had sourcing decals for the M1 build, this one is the opposite, as I have a choice. Both Sabingamartin and Star Decals do a sheet which covers this tank, but I am going to try and obtain the Sabingamartin one as the Star one appears to have left off some of the markings from the glacis plate. This is the tank that I will be building. The only problem that I can see is sourcing the .50 cal machine gun. I’m hoping that by just leaving off the perforated shield at the base of the barrel and shortening it will do the job. Anyway, I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. So there you have it. I’m just laying down a marker for this one so don’t expect much to happen on this thread for a while as I’ve only just ordered the kit and it won’t be here for about 10 days. It was a bit of bargain from Model Hobbies. Just under £40, including p&p. Hannants wanted £42 plus p&p. John.
  13. I have decided to throw another Dragon Panther G into this GB. As can be seen, all the sprues are still sealed in plastic bags because I thought all the Dragon Panther G kits were the same plastic just different decals and p/e. However, as I was removing the turret from it's sprue I noticed that it is slightly different, it has the horse shoe fairing in front of the cupola for I/R attachment and marks on the turret sides for the camouflage attachment loop locations. The only other difference that I found so far is the kit has the larger late idler but the earlier one has been removed from the sprues. Always good to start a new kit, removing the big bits and making a start on the turret and hull. As always, Thanks for looking.
  14. I think a suitable subtitle to this one would be, "Go on, Sir, You tell 'im!" This is a scratchbuild which has taxed the spares boxes, but it has been rather enjoyable. The idea is that after the battle is over, there needs to be a period of tidying up. So, a vehicle of some sort, a trailer for the recovered scrap/salvage, and, in this case, a means of finding said salvage. Hence, a drone to overfly the scene and spot the goodies. I was pressured by persons anonymous to put this lot into a small diorama. So without further adoodoo's here we go. First off, a birds eye view of the scene. A lot of the kreiger action takes place in Australia. So here we are in the desert, next to a water purification plant. Not quite a moisture farm on Tatooine, but not far off and somewhat derelict to boot. And here's why I said it's, "Go on, Sir, You tell 'im!" I bought the Fighting suit ready finished from the bay. I have some others, but they are in snow camouflage. Not really suitable in this case. This vehicle is totally scratchbuilt. Bits of various tanks, Humvee etc, and the crane was HO scale. The round tanks in the background were Hugo Boss Orange aftershave. The RH one was originally in my old Misfit build from Saudi. I'm not sure how this would tow both trailers, but it could probably happen. The drone was a small scale Transall. Both trailers are scratchbuilt too. The mudguards are Airfix Tiger tank turret parts . The settling tank? seen here was a ship display stand. The springs are brushes for electric motors. The cones in the middle were from torches and the centre thing is an upsidedown 1/24th Pillar drill. I also took pictures outside in case it made them sharper. The drone landing gear should be removed for transport. Someone will be on a fizzer! Will it hit the trailer? A better view of the motor brushes here. Perhaps if the tank was full of water, they'd help with heat dissipation? And an eye level view. From the other end. I wonder what the outcome will be? Thanks for looking and your comments are always welcome. As are offers of money or chocolate. Have a look in the Work in Progress section for build details. Cheers, Pete
  15. The next new 1/35th release from Tamiya. http://tamiyablog.com/2016/09/56th-all-japan-model-hobby-show-official-tamiya-scale-model-list-and-photos/ https://www.scalemates.com/kits/1009852-tamiya-35351-u-s-self-propelled-155mm-gun-m40
  16. This is the new AMX-13 French Light Tank from Tamiya released earlier this year. The model is in 1/35th scale moulded in tan coloured plastic with full-length flexible vinyl tracks. Detail includes, one etched part, tools, jerry can and a commander torso figure with markings for 2 French Army Units. The box art. A sheet naming parts of the tank. Sprue A (X2), hull & turret. Sprue B, the hull top & torso figure. Sprue C, details including, hatches and canvas turret cover. Decals, full-length flexible vinyl tracks & the etched part. Apart from using wire to simulate the sag in the top run of the tracks, I intend to build the kit straight out of the box. I've not tried the wire technique before, but I think the tracks will benefit with a sag along the top run whilst still using the tracks provided in the kit. Thanks for looking, Joe.
  17. New Panther Aust D from Tamiya in link from HLJ http://www.hlj.com/shizuoka-hobby-show-2015
  18. How do chaps, All done and fit to be seen. Comments welcome, Regards, Steve
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