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Found 13 results

  1. Hey All, First Post to the Forum. In my introduction post I wrote I will be completing the many unfinished projects I have shelved. This Hasegawa Ju-87G was first started in 2012 after bringing it home on a trip to Japan. Only addition to the kit was montex masks and Quickboost resin exhausts. In the first photo the inner control surface is not glued in yet. Thanks for looking, Brett.
  2. Hi, I have projet to do a Tempest II in 1/32 with Special Hobby Hi-Tech kit but the idea is to do an Burma aircraft same as this one (Eduard 1/48 kit). I will use part of mask from Montex for Spitfire VIII. 1/ Has the Burma aircraft have full stencils ? 2/ What paint is better to do this camo, Aeromaster, MR Paint, Alcad II, SMS Paint ? Medium Sea Gray Ocean Grey Dark Green Light Blue 3/ Are equipped with rockets or tanks ? Thanks for your answer SPang
  3. These are finished at last. Real life kept getting in the way. As usual! See the WIP for the full build. I got a pair of part started 1/48th Hobbycraft Vampires from the Bay for a decent price. Bits were missing. What to do? Why not turn them into 1/32nd scale orbital fighters in the Star Wars universe? I just made it up as I went along. Both were two seaters. The oneon the right had a broken canopy. I took a page from early Meteors and built it as a Mk 1, with a metal rear to the 'greenhouse'. The paints are Citadel (Warhammer) as I wanted 'Alien' shades rather than bog standard Tamiya. Here the laser pod is underneath. Engines are printed and were very kindly donated by @TheBaron I've added a bit of detail and paint. The Vixen name comes from the source of the engines, they were for his wonderful 1/72nd printed Sea Vixen. Not meant for atmospheric flight you just need an engine & thrusters. Not tail booms. The yellow stripes? Alien flames, for that death or glory look! RH wingtip pod. Half an old missile with added bits. Yes, And a Harrier outrigger. In the Star Wars universe ships can hover indefinitely. But I've fitted a fixed central skid & the outriggers in case of 'wobbles'. Launched from an orbiting space station the skid could be jettisoned and the ship could 'skip' on top of the atmosphere. The Mk 2. Full length canopy. Slightly different markings. I just used odds & sods from decal boxes. The 'flames are intentionally rough, BTW. The green is Citadel Goblin green. The Vampire had a Goblin engine! Just sayin'. The Pilot is ex Phantom. Now from an unnamed race of humanoids, threatened by the evil Empire. The gear is just a push fit, so here's a close up. The skid was two halves from a wingfold, I think. My Citadel paint stock. Bought used from a car boot 4 or 5 years ago, they are still good to go, and odd shades. Another fun scratchbuild and I'm happy with the end results. They're certainly unique! Thanks for looking. Your comments are always welcome. Next? one word. Vanship! ×
  4. Back in the saddle after completing the Sternail, so what to build? Well, I got this box of Hobbycraft Vampire bits from the bay. Almost two Aircraft, and I have boxes of greeblies. I thought of doing a star Wars build instead of Kreiger. What could possibly go wrong? Yes, 1/48th, but two seaters, and a 1/32nd figure fits nicely. One kit was sort of assembled and painted silver. But it soon fell apart. The other was still in bits. The silver one had a big hole drilled through top and bottom. I backed them with card and applied filler. I did the same with the nose wheel bays. These will be space fighters with an odd landing gear. And in close up. The rest of the bits. I've supplied the figures (ex Phantom I think) and, in the top left corner is a printed part. I have two of these. Sea Vixen engines courtesy of @The Baron who very kindly sent me some of his excess prints. The plan is to fit the Vixen engines in here (somehow). Exposed engines seem to be a Star wars thing. I also covered over the mainwheel bays as can be seen here. Hopefully I'll find time to do more very soon. Thanks for looking, Pete
  5. Well this is my first monster build of the year and hopefully a real Mojo stimulus build…..as the old modelling mojo has taken a bit of a hit recently…….though it hasn’t stopped me from growing the stash! I have wanted to build a F-16I Sufa for quite sometime, though I’m not sure what possessed me to for this monster! This isn’t the first time I’ve built a 1/32nd beast, around 40 years ago I built the Hasegawa version….which I still have packed away somewhere…… a little bit worse for wear! The box is huge and packed solid with lots of lovely plastic as well as some PE and brass bits. There is a choice of 4 schemes, well squadrons to choose from, which one I haven’t quite decided on yet. You even get a lovely large poster as well, which on the back of is the painting/decal guide, not the easiest to handle. ….. and yes there are extra AM bits to go with her of course! The main one is Zactomodels resin F-16 NSI “Small Mouth Intake”. This is a beautifully cast seem-less replacement intake for this model and will certainly save all the hassle of sorting out intake seems! With the cockpit I resisted the urge to replace it with resin but will add Quinta Studio’s gorgeous 3D decals , the first time I’ve used these in 1/32nd. The detailing on them is stunning, even the knobs on the side panels even have a tiny white position marker on them! 😍 The kit exhaust is quite nicely done but a replacement resin one will look much nicer. Though they did suffer a wee bit of damage in transit, I will ResKit would use larger boxes! Same goes for the wheels, these resin replacements will look much better. And finally (for now) some Zactomodels AIM-120 ARMAAM’s, they are an improvement to the kit ones. I am looking forward to this build, it should be nice and straightforward (would like one for a change), I’ve done some test fits with the new resin intake and all looks good there. For sanity’s sake I may leave out the resin wheel wells….no one will be picking up this model!
  6. Dear all, Here is my first effort at a scratch build. This is modelled on Bristol Scout 1264 which lives at Old Warden in the Shuttleworth Collection. When I first set eyes on this pretty little biplane I decided I had to make one in 1/32 but no kit was available so with the encouragement of a friend I dived headlong into the scratch building pond. Although it took just over a year, most of the time was spent scratching my head, rubbing my chin and staring blankly into space. It is by no means perfect and I could spend forever retouching and refining things but if I take my glasses off it looks terrific to me from a distance and most importantly I had so much fun with this project. To anybody contemplating scratch building I would highly recommend just having a go. The materials are cheap or free, for instance the cowling is the lid of a sauce bottle. Anything you cock up can always be remade and you will learn a lot, especially about the virtues of planning and patience but above all you will have great fun. What have you got to lose? Anyway enough my random ramblings, here are the photographs, I hope you like the Bristol Scout and are encouraged to learn about this wonderful aircraft and have a go at scratch building something. 1/32 Scratch built Bristol Scout by Richard Williams, on Flickr 1/32 Scratch built Bristol Scout by Richard Williams, on Flickr 1/32 Scratch built Bristol Scout by Richard Williams, on Flickr 1/32 Scratch built Bristol Scout by Richard Williams, on Flickr 1/32 Scratch built Bristol Scout by Richard Williams, on Flickr 1/32 Scratch built Bristol Scout by Richard Williams, on Flickr 1/32 Scratch built Bristol Scout by Richard Williams, on Flickr 1/32 Scratch built Bristol Scout by Richard Williams, on Flickr 1/32 Scratch built Bristol Scout by Richard Williams, on Flickr Many thanks for looking in. Here is a link to the build thread in case you are interested Richie
  7. On joining this Forum nearly two years ago, after getting back into modelling after a long while, I did a few Group Builds, some successful, others not so. After giving up on my M3/M4 build a week or two ago I scanned my stash for a bit of inspiration and decided to start one of the WnW kits I have collected this last 8 months or so. Now, I'm not generally into WW1 subjects, not that I don't find them interesting, it's just all that rigging, but still, somehow, have ended up with 1/2 a dozen of these fine kits. Not having read a bad review of any of them, and the quality of the engineering begs them to be built, I decided on the Fokker D.VII as this has no rigging apart from aileron wires. I decided to put this in a WiP as it will make me finish it but not under the pressure of a deadline! So, here we go. First off, it almost seems sacrilege to start snipping off parts and laying out the instructions before you. Everything about these kits is excellent, the instructions are like a reference book and leave no ambiguity as to where parts go in relation to one another. You have to decide early on which of the (5 in this case) subjects you are going to model as there are alternate parts/painting options to consider. I'm going to build option 'A', an early aircraft, just because I want to try covering almost a complete kit in decal (a first for me as well!) I started at the beginning with the cockpit/interior parts, care needs to be taken when removing the fine framework from the sprue's and cleaning them up, not that there is much in the way of mould lines, but they are there. So, a little progress and nothing untoward to report, everything fitting as it should. Some parts have a basic coat of paint, (Vallejo ModelAir), Aluminium for the ammunition boxes, bulkhead and seat. I've used IJN Light Grey Green for the framework. Vallejo Wood plus Umber wash and Transparent Orange for the floor, but I haven't quite got the effect I was after, but it's all a learning curve! More frame work ready to get primed and painted. By the way, I'm not an expert on WW1 aircraft (or anything else for that matter!), just relying on WnW's good research and colour call-outs.
  8. Really got to finish a couple of other builds I'm doing, but thought I would throw this in. Once I get started should be a fairly trouble free build, I'm doing a D.VII at the moment, my first WnW, and it is going together quickly and easily. Going to do B7270, the 'famous?' Arthur Browns' mount, initially with 9(N) squadron RNAS, but was renamed 209 SQN RAF in April when the RFC and RNAS were combined to form the new air arm of the British forces. Going to be out the box as really it needs nothing else. Hope I a) do it justice and, b get it finished!
  9. "Detroit Miss" 375th Fighter Squadron, 361st Fighter Group Tamiya 1/32nd scale Haven't posted anything in quite some time, partly due to a fall in output due to work commitments. However, I thought I would share my most recent completed build. I won't go on about the kit as plenty has been written already and there are some fantastic examples already in RFI. The kit was almost OOB with the exception of the following: Barracuda cockpit upgrades HGW seat harness Eduard Brassin replacement wheels Wing rivets and panel lines were puttied over as per the original and it was painted with metallic shades from the MR Paint range, augmented with Gunze and Tamiya paints. Markings were a mixture of Montex masks and Zoukei Mura decals for their own P-51. Hope you enjoy the pictures and look forward to your comments. Regards Howard windows 7 screen shot
  10. They hope to have them available for Telford, where they will have a stall. Box art for HC.2 and HU.5
  11. This one is actually nearly finished, so the WIP is going up in one, big long post, apologies for all the scrolling that is to follow. First up is the Aires cockpit, that is definitely better than the otherwise respectable Hasegawa offering; there are two aspects that need to be dealt with, 1) the Hasegawa sill has a step in it and the Aires doesn't, and 2) the Aires rear includes a scalloped flange to which the belts attach and that actually sits on the rear decking. No way this fits first time. The first is not so bad to deal with, a little thinning of the step was all that was required. The second was a bit trickier, I decided to scoop out some resin and judiciously trim the rear deck so that the flange would appear at least to have slid on to the decking. The photo below shows the problem area, albeit blurred. Scooped out, all the bits added and painted - you can see here that there is now clearly a gap under that flange The Aires IP paints up well, Future/Klear adds the glass Slivers of 5 thou plastic card were added to the rear of the central wing section to try to avoid the step that was otherwise apparent in dry-fitting Overall fit is not actually that bad, I opted to use some 3M Acryl Red glaxing putty to clean up mess that I mostly made during gluing; note that G-10s do have a panel line that follows the top seam, so that will be restored later. The 3M putty is great, dires quickly but sands incredibly smooth, no shrinkage, and rescribes like the original plastic. Smells though. This crop shows how that troublesome flange now sits over the rear deck, not easy to achieve but worth the effort The main fuselage joint is cleaned up and a light spray of paint to check for flaws Gap in the photo record here, so we jump...wings are on, cockpit canopy is masked and a coat of the Badger Stynylrez primer has been applied The surface detail is great, and not too much of it has been ruined by me, just a little around the main joints Pre-shading: I will get the hang of airbrushing neat straight lines one day RLM 76 goes down; this is Hataka paint, but one of the old original batches before they reformulated; the finish is eventually lovely, but a nightmare to achieve, with constant clogging from tip drying. I am assured the new formula is a lot better. Next, RLM 75, by now I had swapped to a Vallejo set, safer ground Worms and tape on ready for some 82 Wings done, and remasked the upper fuselage for the mottling Not great, but not awful either; each build at the moment is chosen to include some new techniques that will stretch me, give me some practice and confidence before tackling the big Tamiyas (Spit MkIX & P-51D) and that monster Tiffie from Airfix. This was chosen for the mottle, to force me to learn to use the airbrush for more than just large areas This is where I discovered that the centres of the main fuselage and wing crosses are also RLM 82 and not black, and therefore not provided in the kit decals, which only provide the white outlines. So here was another technique to learn: out with the ruler for some carefully measuring, and then out with the Frisk film for some careful cutting, and voilá, home-made masks After a coat of gloss the decals were relatively trouble-free, though I did end up thoroughly breaking the dotted red no-walk lines so just left them off...I can hear the sound of tutting already. The white could be more opaque, there are places where you can see the paint transitions underneath. Panel lines were washed with Flory Grey and Dark Dirt, the effect is less contrasty and severe than the black. Weathering is one of my favourite stages, though my efforts at oil streaking are still not up to the standard I want Superglue and various tweezers & clamps help to get the aerial wires - invisible thread is my choice, very thin, but strong and a good dark colour A few bits and bobs finish it off, I did manage to lose the pitot to the carpet, so stretched sprue has had to substitute. Overall an enjoyable, if slow build, final photos will follow later. The kit is basically sound, but there are some tricky joins that need a little work to avoid unnecessary steps appearing, particularly the joint between the rear and forward fuselage sections. Despite the spars, the wing to fuselage join could have been more positive, there seemed to be a fair amount of play that had to be watched, though that could have been those plastic card spacers I used, or indeed the Aires cockpit fouling the centre section. I want to speed up my builds now, get more kits under the belt, so next I am going to do a "double twin" build, a Hasegawa Hs129 and the Trumpy Whirlwind.
  12. Welcome to the lesson on how not to build the Revell Tornado. I've taken the plunge and started my first build thread, don't expect regular updates, because I don't have nearly enough time to devote to modelling as I'd like to But, I will endeavour to see this through to the end, this may result in a finished model or a pile of plastic lying at the bottom of the wall it's just been launched at. Any hoo, as the title suggest's here's what I'll be using, Closer look at the Flightpath set, Where I'm at to date It'll be converted to a GR4, and if I can find current pictures of a GR4 cockpit, will be bang up to date. Scratch building anything not included in the Flightpath set, at least until my talent runs out. As for the finished markings, I've not decided, But as I live not too far away from Lossiemouth, It will be one of the local Squadrons. 15sqn would be nice but I'd have to make the markings myself, or the easier route 617sqn, using the kit decals but incorperating any changes needed to make a Grey jet. Any encourgement and pointers gratefully recieved Thanks for looking Mike
  13. My entry into this GB, like the FAA GB I can't promise this will even get started let alone finished, but I would like to take part anyway, I might just surprise myself! Just the box shot for now, will get more up over the next few days.. This will be built OOB unless I decide to throw some resin at it half way through (money depending too!), the scheme chosen will be the USN Air Reserve, Ohio 1951.
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