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  1. What's a girl do on the weekend? Get a Air Do, of course. And one with her younger sister
  2. Hi folks, In with a bit of a late entry here, but inspired by the fact that I've finally finished something this year I think I have a chance of getting it done before the deadline. Regrettably this is my usual MO with group builds (join late, fail to finish on time) but it does mean I get things built eventually. The kit in question was a bargain purchase from my local model shop in their annual sale last year. I think it was stock cleared out by the supplier as I picked up Trumpeter's 1/144 Tu-160 for the same price at the same time. (That got built last year.) The price in question (20 NZD) is about a tenner at the moment, I think it dipped under last year and it's certainly the nearest round number. I also may want to use some scrap-box etched railings I bought a few years ago as roadside fencing for my Hollentalbahn layout. They might not be entirely suitable, I'm not sure. In which case perhaps wire posts and nylon thread would work? I checked with the powers that be and this is all legal, and the shelf-worn and motorised origins of the kit do seem to fit in with some of the other weird things people have been building The contents of the box are promising, though there's some weird gunk and discolouration on the hull it looks like it'll all sand off. The real ship has been preserved in Qingdao and there's quite a good selection of photographs to look at. It seems to vary between "smartly painted" and "rusty as hell" so that provides some fun ideas for weathering Cheers, Will
  3. This is the hasegawa kit. Liveries Unlimited Decals. Model represents Emirates' second 777-200, A6-EME, delivered in 1996 and still in the fleet. 1 by Billy Wilt بيلي الذبول, on Flickr 2 by Billy Wilt بيلي الذبول, on Flickr 3 by Billy Wilt بيلي الذبول, on Flickr 4 by Billy Wilt بيلي الذبول, on Flickr 5 by Billy Wilt بيلي الذبول, on Flickr 6 by Billy Wilt بيلي الذبول, on Flickr 7 by Billy Wilt بيلي الذبول, on Flickr 8 by Billy Wilt بيلي الذبول, on Flickr 9 by Billy Wilt بيلي الذبول, on Flickr 10 by Billy Wilt بيلي الذبول, on Flickr 11 by Billy Wilt بيلي الذبول, on Flickr
  4. Well, I realise it's a bit late in the day to start a WIP on this one, but technically it's not finished yet, so here goes. I picked up this kit quite cheaply from Creative Models and I am quite pleased with it. 1/200 is not a scale I've built in before, but for aircraft of this size it still gives a fairly sizable model. On the whole, this is a good kit - fit is generally very good, with a couple of minor exceptions (wing halves). It looks pretty accurate to me, and unlike the Zvezda/Revell version includes separate parts for the Trent 1000 and GEnX engines (although to be honest the differences are quite subtle). The only error I have noted is the APU intake being moulded on the wrong side of the fin. Panel lines are a little on the heavy side, particularly on the fuselage. I had originally planned this as a LOT Polish Airlines aircraft, but having got two sets of decals (both laser printed) wasn't really all that happy with the resolution (being particularly picky really), so I've gone with the kit decals. Coincidentally, I also saw this aircraft when it visited the Farnborough Airshow back in 2010 when it did a flypast with two Spitfires (http://www.airliners.net/photo/Boeing/Boeing-787-8-Dreamliner/1745320/L/&sid=a9351297298616bba1b5f732614e8323). This is meant to be a quick (for me) build, so I've dispensed with the landing gear and done it in flight. It's painted in Tamiya acrylic spray and Alclad laquers for the leading edges/APU exhaust. Engines and stabilisers are still to be done, and it's still awaiting a clear gloss coat of some description: Untitled by Caution Wake Turbulence, on Flickr Untitled by Caution Wake Turbulence, on Flickr Untitled by Caution Wake Turbulence, on Flickr Untitled by Caution Wake Turbulence, on Flickr I still need to tidy up the tail decals a little. The kit decals are alright, if a little thick and on the matt side. Hope you like it! Cheers, Andrew
  5. For my birthday in 2005, my wife dispatched me to the National Museum of the US Air Force (on my own!) I spent three amazing days there and only wish that my photographic skills with my first DSLR (a Nikon D70) were better! I have always been entranced by the XB-70 Valkyrie, so was delighted to spend some time in its presence: It was too big and the hanger was too full to get the whole airframe in shot! As I'm not a tennis fan, I thought I would throw this one together while my wife watched the Ladies Finals: Excuse the "noisy" images taken on my phone in the conservatory during a heavy downpour! Thanks for looking.
  6. Another review build commences. Hasegawa's venerable 767-300 is still an impressive model. The first thing to do with the 767 is to fill in those ugly windows. Once again I used my Milliput snake trick. The left fuselage half is filled while the right side waits Push the putty through the windows so it sticks out and completely fills each aperture Trim each window flush with the fuselage and then run a dampened fingertip down the window line to smooth everything off. This will help to reduce the amount of sanding which will be necessary, an important task for a kit which has raised panel lines. Once the windows have been filled, fuselage assembly goes quickly As do the wings. Test fitting reveals that the fit is a trifle too sloppy to allow for the wings and fuselage to be painted separately. My model will sit overnight to allow the putty and glue to cure.
  7. A short while ago, Aeroscale received Hasegawa's new 777-300ER for review. Once I finished the review, it was time to build. Since the kit offers window decals (and since ANA's window pattern does not match the window holes), I needed to fill the windows. Cue rolling up ropes of Milliput Press it into the windows from behind Et voila! Filled windows At 1/200 scale the build goes fairly rapidly and shortly I had the fuselage halves together A little sanding, building and painting later... Then the basic gloss white and "Boeing Grey" went on Testors Steel from the little square bottle was used for the Corrogard inspar areas. I couldn't resist a test fit of the engines and stabilisers A ton of masking was needed before I could paint the Alclad on the leading edges Then finally I could begin decalling Finished; just needing a few touch-ups As the decals dried, they pulled away from the base of the fin, so I will need to mix up some custom blues to cover the white
  8. Build 3 If the "What If" group build had gotten enough votes this was going to be one of my builds for it. I had put it back in my stash, but I realised I paid less than £10 and we can build any genre, so here it is Korea, June 1950. North Korea invades the South with devastating swiftness, within days U.S. troops and aircraft are engaging North Korean forces, trying to stem the tide. August 1950, President Truman requests military aid from Great Britain and while initially resistant, Prime Minister Attlee eventually capitulates. As part of their role the Royal Air Force is tasked with long range strategic bombing, unfortunately they are poorly equipped to undertake this task and are desperate to re-equip their bomber squadrons with new aircraft. Initially they are offered the B-29 by Boeing, whilst this would be an improvement on aircraft already in their inventory, a jet powered bomber would be preferable. By chance, the USAF had just cancelled the Northrop YB-49 "Flying Wing" project. With several airframes completed and more airframes in production, Northrop took the bold step to approach the British government directly. If the B-49 was operationally successful, it was possible the USAF could reverse it's decision and equip the Strategic Bomber Command with them. With the U.S. desperate for increased bomber strength in Korea they approved the sale of aircraft and deliveries commenced October 1950. The B-49 was designated Tacoma B.1 by the RAF. The Tacoma served with distinction in Korea and by the end of hostilities in 1955 was seen to be the most capable strategic bomber in the world. Despite it's success the USAF never adopted the B-49, instead opting for the B-47 and eventually the B-52. The Tacoma remained in front line service until 1958 when it was replaced by the Handley Page Victor. From 1958 it served in the photo reconnaissance role until it's service retirement in 1966. So, an unusual aircraft in fictional markings (spares box) in a ridiculously small scale Price: £7.87 from eBay. Very nicely engraved panel lines. A choice of canopy types. Fantastic detail for tis scale. The cockpit, six crew positions (one seat to be fitted in the middle) and I'm going to paint belts on all of them!
  9. This is my first ship model, It's Trumpeter's 1/200th Scale USS Arizona depicted around the time of her demise December 1941. The model has the excellent MKI PE and Wooden Deck set, She is painted with WEM Enamels (which takes me back!) Hope you like her, the build thread is here :- http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234932941-1200-arizona-actually-done/ Here are the pictures. Thanks for looking and all your support during the build. Nick
  10. Hi this is my first post in a few months the model was completed earlier in the year but this is its first real showing off since the build. the lovely smaller Vulcan B1a XH498 Performing a display in the 60s..... hmm Here she is the day before cosford show and before the satin varnish was applied. This is were she started. For anyone wanting to see the build which is still on going and about to resume work for the two silver b1s and a further white b1 but with pale roundes go here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234936632-1st-one-finished-dragon-vulcan-b1a-2-b1-big-surgery-for-3-small-kits/ I hope you enjoyed this post comments welcome good and bad. Cheers Rob My Fave shot of her
  11. Hi everyone! My name is Ben from V1 Decals, and I think this will be my first post on this site. Very excited to see some of the great work on this site and look forward to posting some of my own models and projects! Some of you may have heard of my decals and I, but let me quickly introduce myself. I have been designing and producing airliner decals for probably close to 4 years now, and have since accumulated a catalogue of close to 200 liveries from around the world (with a heavy Canadian bias). When I'm not preoccupied with flying, working, or making decals I also like to try and build 1/200 models in my precious spare time. Summer is here and I've been very busy for the past couple months working on a number of new projects including a complete overhaul of my business. Nevertheless, it is my pleasure to announce July's new releases a day in advance and wish you all a great month of modelling. Stay tuned for many new changes in the coming months. All of our decals are laser printed, available in any scale, and can be found on the V1 Decals website. Be sure to check out the website and the new catalogue on the homepage for more details. Cheers! Advance Air Charter DC-8-62C Mexicanada Cargo DC-8-71F Westjet #100 737 NG 737-800 Odyssey International 757-200 ABX Air 767-200F Amerijet International 767-200F Ansett Australia 767-300 Surinam Airways A340-300 (Available soon in 1/144 from Xotic Planes) Air Club International 747-200 Air Canada Rouge 767-300 (Re-release)
  12. Hello, does anyone do tile decals for the Hasegawa space shuttle kit? Cheers, Andrew
  13. Found this online for £1.96 posted! (How do they make money on it?) So I thought I'd just snap it together, paint it & stick it on a shelf. As usual I got carried away... Corrected the engine nacelle shape and shortened the cowling, corrected the oil coolers, added the exhausts, ditched the glazing and made the cockpit frames from some square rod, cut out the rear window for the gunner's position (See below for the gun!) and worked on the undercarriage by drilling and filing to make them more realistic. While researching this plane I found a few photos online showing a gun mounted on the rear port side so I decided to add this. Made out of some scrap plastic card, rod and even one of my hairs as the cocking handle, it was a nightmare to glue together but I got there in the end. I decided to do a winter scheme so painted a generic light & dark green upper with blue lower then whitewashed the upper. For this I used Revell acrylic thinned with water to a 20/80 mix. It took 8 coats using a tiny brush to get the effect I was looking for but it was worth it in the end. A quick coat of Humbrol Clear and then I added the decals, did a bit of weathering and worked on the engraved lines with some thinned down ink. Everything was hand brushed except the final matt varnish. The windows were all made using Kristal Klear. So what started as an afternoon project turn into 5 days of holding my breath too long and going cross-eyed numerous times but I'm really happy with it.
  14. This is my 1/200th Dragon Vulcan B2 photos taken edited and uploaded with my iphone. Painted with humbrol rattle cans and weathered with citadel nuln oil, a pencil, and some dark grey chalk. Now the weather is getting better i will be giving each of these little 'ns its own place on here rather than the old group shot which didnt really have that good photos. hope you like her. Cheers Rob
  15. Well this is a first, having strayed into tanky-clanky things already, here comes boats! There I was minding my own business at Telford, when someone, quite possibly satan, quite literally put a 1/200 trumpy Arizona under my nose priced at fifty quid, this is a £200 kit so what are you going to do? Well if you're me, buy it obviously. Bargain or what? Well maybe, then came the After Market stuff. Oh dear, the fifty quid is well and truly out of the window then. So after patiently waiting for all the AM bits I needed from Japan to arrive - I've started. This thing is a monster, about a metre long, I've now got the MK1 design wooden deck and PE and it's simply superb, the kit's very good to start with in fairness but this is some of the nicest PE I've seen and the deck is something else. I've been cracking on today and have got a surprising amount done. Too tired for photos, but stay tuned if you're interested. God knows what I'm going to do with, it's already been made extremely clear that the mantelpiece is out of the question, plus it probably won't fit. Might end up mooring it somewhere and renting it out. Nick
  16. Trumpeter's new 1/200 Bismarck is now open for pre-orders. The kit is due for release in late October or early November and is set to be very popular. http://www.wonderlandmodels.com/products/trumpeter-1200-german-battleship-bismarck/
  17. Greetings all. Going to attempt something out of the ordinary for me - Ive been doing so much military stuff I just fancied a change. I decided I want to do a Virgin Atlantic 747-400, in the 2010 livery - I rode "Mustang Sally" I believe when my wife and I went on honeymoon to Orlando, so thought that would be a great model to do! I dont know ANYTHING about civil stuff so this is going to be a fun build for me, Im not going for accuracy just something that will look nice on the shelf So here goes, popped off to TAHS the other weekend and pick up one of these: 1/144 Seemed a bit big for my gaff so I went for the 1/200. Kit seems nice, bummer about the raised panels, so they are coming off. Im going to build a lighting circuit for this also - would be cool to have it in flight and blinking away - any of you guys have some good references as to the light sequences and positions on a 747? more soon!
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