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Found 636 results

  1. The obligatory scale shot (couldn't find a match so used a €1 coin) It's a nice size. Looks purposeful (possibly menacing ) from this angle. So there we have it. But as my sole 1/144th build (possible ever) it's looking awfully lonely on the shelf
  2. We're doing a Market garden 75th group build and after long deliberation I've decided to do a Horsa. I toyed with doing one on my new scale of 1/48, but it's a big beast compared to my usual fare so 1/144 trims it down to a manageable size for building it and for available shelf space. So off we go. first order of business (after acquiring reasonable plan) is to make some fuselage and wing blanks for molding. Laminated paper for the form and basswood for the main infill, it carves really well and I want a good finish on the mold, also as the plane ism't huge it won't make too big a dent on my stock of wood.
  3. God I do love the FE2. It's in my very top five of favourite British aircraft. It's more contrapted than constructed, and seems to have more in common with the age of sail than with aviation. It meets the challenge of practical aerodynamics like a drunken hooligan, charging a hedgerow. Head-on, arms outstretched. And it's ugly... It's so ugly. I love it. I've always wanted one. I absolutely ache to have an FE2b in my collection, but I'm cursed to follow the cult of 1/144. So what's a fella to do? I could order some lumpen bogey from Shapeways perhaps. Maybe buy a gigantic 1/32 kit from Wingnut Wings, only to fondle the sprues and never actually build the thing. Or I could try and scratchbuild one... Nah! That would be bonkers. It cant be done. It can't. I leaned back in my rickety chair and took another sip of my favourite Islay single malt. I imagined the empty space in my tiny display cabinet, filled with a trophy-sized replica of the Royal Aircraft Factory's finest... Not a chance! It's too damn small in 1/144. I grabbed my trusty Windsock Datafile and measured off the size of the nacelle and transferred it to a bit of styrene. "See" I said to myself. "It's not even 30mm long. It's impossible!" I looked at the little piece of styrene, sitting forlorn on my cutting mat. I grabbed my scalpel: Just round the front off a bit... I thought to myself. ***************************************************************************************************************** That was back in January of this year. I'm committed now, or probably should be. Here's some shots of how things have gone so far. I'll try and get things up to speed as quick as possible. First up was the main body of the fuselage nacelle. This was the fateful bit of styrene that started me off. I marked out the plan view onto a piece of 1mm Evergreen strip and trimmed it to size. Sidewalls were added from .25mm styrene and laminated pieces of 3mm were prepared for the upper works and forward nacelle. Some trimming may have occurred... And some more. But eventually I got here... Once the main components were made I used dental burs to hollow out the insides. It took several sessions of this until I got them suitably thinned. After that I cut some strips of 1mm acrylic sheet and scraped the under-camber into them with the sharpened end of a steel ruler, then sanded the upper surfaces to get the finished aerofoil sections. Couldn't resist a bit of RFC product placement I also made the main wheels, as there was nothing remotely similar available in the spares box. Steaming some styrene rod around a drill bit proved to be the best method. Much better than metal, as I wouldn't have a problem with pain adhesion later on. The bally Hun provided the period coinage for the next shot: And I made a seat from sterling silver That will do for now. It's getting late here, so I'll add more of the build soon. Cheers!
  4. I am currently working on this Zvezda Boeing 737-8 Max which will be displayed in the WestJet livery registration C-GRAX. This kit is excellent and the detailing is brilliant. The fuselage was Primed using Halfords White Primer, and then sprayed with Humbrol White Gloss Paint. The wings are painted using Revell 371 and Revell 90 for the leading edges. I have just assembled the ‘Leap’ Engines which have gone together really well and have great detailing, they have been primed ready to be painted/glossed. Will add further photos and updates as the build progresses. Thank you for looking and any comments are greatly appreciated. I have got on with a bit more work on my 787-8 Max over the last few days. I have attached the Landing Gear, painted the horizontal stabilisers and nearly completed the Engines (just a few more coats of varnish and the inlet rings to attach). Engines have been painted using Halfords White Primer and then coated with several coats of Humbrol Clear Varnish Coat, inlet rings Revell Silver 90. I am very much looking forward to applying the decals to this model. I have started applying the decals to the model now, and as always with Draw Decals they go on really well. A little bit of trimming was required for the tail decal, and for parts of the Winglets. Once again thank you for looking and any comments and suggestions are always welcomed. Alistair
  5. Some other Airfix classics... These two Jumbo Jets I started over 2 years ago,but I was not happy with the build so I decided to stop and they landed in the spares box. The fuselages and wings had already been painted but I was not satisfied.I was thinking also of disposing them off to the trash can but for some reason I kept them. Now that the 747 is celebrating its 50th birthday and I am currently working on some old Revell 747s,I remembered those two lost kits in the box. What should I do ? Bin them as planned or give it another go and finish them ? I still had decals left for them.... I decided for the first option and cleaned a repainted the fuselages and wings,but then I realized....only engines for one !! Ok,the Airfix engines are crap but what to do ? I had some Revell 747 engines in my spares box and with some changes they fit on the wings of the Airfix kits,project saved. The decals with the red stripe TWA livery come from the US release of the Airfix kit and the "Twin Globe" livery is from a US Revell kit but fit quite good on the Airfix 747. The windows and details are from F-DCAL and other sources. The stands are also from the Revell 747. They are more desktop models but I am pleased how they turned out and happy I did not trash them. And despite the many faults of the Airfix kit,they look like 747s Note:I omitted the antennas as the broke of frequently while handling and usually don't last long when cleaning the models... Cheers
  6. Another Swiss airline for my collection. This is a new kit by Eastern Express and as such its of the same good quality as all their newer airliner kits. Still short run and nothing for beginners though but nicely molded parts with fine engraved panellines. Nicely detailed but they overdid it again esp. for a kit in that small size.Some parts are so small,they are prone to get lost by simply looking at them... The landing gear has lots of very small parts,here I wish EE would mold the gear legs in one single part rather than 4 ! just for the leg.... Nonetheless a wonderful little F-27 from EE. The decals are very well printed and nice to work with. The build is a bit challenging considering those tiny parts but the fit,with some careful preparation,is quite good. Construction of this model took a few months,with breaks,to complete,but it was a fun build and I am looking forward to the EE Fokker 50 that I recently bought. Painted with Revell enamels and clear coated with Tamyia Semi-Gloss Balair was a subsidiary of Swissair and operated 4 F-27s in the 60s until early 70s,mainly on Swissair routes. Cheers, And with "something else" The MD-80 can be seen in the next RFI
  7. This model is in my collection for a very long time. I built it somewhere back in 1991/1993,not exactly sure what year in Lufthansa livery using the kits decals with punched through windows as per instructions. All was handpainted and of course looked less than perfect,but I had great fun back then in building this Airbus. Now a good 25+ years later this Airbus was still sitting in my vitrine,looking very worn out and dirty. I thought for sometime to keep it that way as a reminder of my childhood modelling skills,or throw it away in order to make some space for newer models but I couldn't get over it. So I decided to redo the model and give it some new life. Carefully remove all the parts,strip off the old paint with Revell's paint remover....a tedious task...but in the end the model was clean enough to start repair and enhancement work. All cracks and seams were refilled and sanded,the wing leading edges got their little fences,as Airfix does not provide them,they were made out of plasticcard. The landing gear was replaced by a new complete set that I had in my spares box. The decals are from Flight Path,pretty old but still in perfect condition. The windows come from the Revell A330 kit as well as some details and the coroguard panels are from DACO. Paints are from Revell (enamels) and Tamyia (acrylics) as I had to patch up some places around the nose and the Tamyia paints had been a perfect match. Aerocondor Colombia was the first Airbus operator in latin america and received their first A300 in 1977. It was planned to aquire a 2. A300 but due to some financial issues which lead to bankruptcy,only the "Ciudad de Barranquilla" flew in the colourful scheme of Aerocondor. Here she is now in resplended shape. Thats what she looked like before.Sorry for the picture quality but I took them on a short notice...
  8. The MD-80 kit is,together with the DC-8 kit,probably the best airliner kit from Minicraft. Accurate in shape,nicely detailed and easy to build,its great fun to work on it. When I saw that decal set from DRAW decal,I knew I had to build one of my Minicraft MD-80s in that scheme. I remember in 1992 when Balair introduced this new livery,I often went to Zurich airport and took pictures of them and the then newly bought Airbus A310-300s After the merger with Geneva based CTA ,Balair was renamed BalairCTA but the colour scheme stayed and the planes got the nickname parrots. Those jets were among the most colorful ,even at that time ,and a true eyecatcher wherever they showed up. Sadly the "Mad Dogs" are pretty much non-existent anymore on our Swiss airports,I miss the sight and sound of them. DRAW decal provides both titles,but I opted for the simpler Balair title as I have an A310 to be made in the latter livery. All paints are Revell enamels clear coated with Gunze Gloss clear. Happy Hollydays,
  9. Here is my A320 1/144 Scale I’m currently working on. It’s built using the Zvezda Kit, with the extended flaps option. It has been sprayed using a standard Humbrol Gloss Black rattle can. Wings painted using Revell’s standard recommendation of Revell Light Grey 371 and coroguard is Revell 374, with silver leading edges. Engines Revell white gloss. Decals from Ascensio are excellent, and includes a white under layer for the decal to show through over the black fuselage. I much prefer the Zvezda A320 to the Revell one, I like the option for the flaps, and also the Wing mounting goes together with the fuselage a lot neater and easier. Will post the finished product to RFI when I get it complete. (Apologies for the photograph backgrounds )
  10. I have only just started this Revell A320 1/144 Scale using the Revell Kit displayed in the Etihad livery. I mixed this colour up myself, and I think it’s ok but wanted to ask what you thought? I liked the nail polish idea, but I needed a paintbrush option and this is how it’s progressing so far.
  11. Hello everyone. I`m looking to model USAF and IAF F-16 in 1/144 and have had no luck in finding a decal sheet of USAF tail codes. The ones I am after in particular are WA and AZ. Does anyone know if there is a sheet of generic letters available that could be used. I have had a good look but am having no luck. I am also looking for a scorpion tail decal in 1/144. Does anyone know of a place where I might find it, I can find a sheet of other SQN`s but not this particular one. Many thanks. https://cdn.jetphotos.com/full/6/70666_1541230267.jpg
  12. This started life as the Revel Iron Maiden Book of Souls Boeing 747-400 with GE Engines. I replaced the power plant with Braz resin RB211 Rollers and used some Russian (cant remember the make) decals along with Authentic Airliners Revell cockpit glazing decal, I did not bother tarting around with the first class fuselage area nose correction on this kit but have done so on another 1/144 747-400 build which I am still working on which shall be wearing BA's Chatham livery (G-CIVI) A great fun kit, but the decals were a challenge as they all had a white solid lower stencil decal which was not printed in register to the colour decal that overlays it. Thanks for looking in, this was a nice change from my norm 1/200 civil stuff.
  13. Gday! Last weekend the Shelf Oddity team have spent in sunny Czech Republic attending the bi-annual Modell Brno event. Organized by Eduard gathered a vast quantity of small scale models and modellers from many countries. Beside the all-time favourites like Revell's F-14 or Eduard's Super 144 line kits there was a significant number of a bit more unusual built stuff like A-model, Dora Wings, Eastern Express, Mikromir, Minicraft... the real 144 galore! The panoramic shots can give a nice comparison of size and shape between the models. Please excuse the number of the pics but it was hard not to photograph too much... Also, we would like to thank and send warm greetings to all fellow modellers and small scale producers we have met and talked with during the event. It was a real pleasure! Now, enjoy the pics! (courtesy by lejgo_inc and myself). See you next time! Kind regards, Marek
  14. Started on the sweet A5M4 as flown by Saburo Sakai. Made a good start on the cockpit. The kit comes with no cockpit detail, apart from a basic seat. - I have used a Brengun PE Japanese seat instead. -Added internal structure, radios and side control boxes. Still need to add instrument panel and control stick. Even though i'm fully able to, ill refrain from doing pipework etc inside because let's be honest what I've already done will be barely visible.
  15. As discussed in my A5M4 thread I thought I might do another Japanese fighter. As I had a detail set for a Zero, that's what I'll do. I have several sweet Zero, including a floater but the individual packs annoyingly don't have hinomaru, so the only option was the boxed A6M3 in the grey/green scheme. As is sensible tradition I start with the office.. The Griffon photo etch set works wonders and speeds up/looks better than what I normally spend days scratching.
  16. Eastern Express has released the DC-10-30! Wonder of it could be modified using an EE MD-11, sanding and remolding the tail section, to make a DC-10-40?? Anyone willing to try??? 1/144Here are sprue pics.....
  17. This is Bandai's little 1/144 Striker, from the U-Wing/TIE box set. It's designed along the same lines as their Vehicle Model series, with only a few parts and no clear moulding for the canopy, but it's still highly detailed, being essentially a scaled-down version of the 72nd kit. I finished this one in a scheme heavily influenced by the red TIE Interceptors used by the Royal Guard in various EU comics. Paint was my usual steel-over-black recipe for the panels, while the red was Gunze red over Gunze russet. Thanks for looking Andy
  18. Trumpeter’s little rendition looks to be a quick build. The 1/144 model is covered in engraved detail – all of it a little heavy, but it should look ok under paint. Trumpeter’s F-86 goes together well except for the fit of the windscreen – which is terrible! However, with some miniscule shimming, trimming, and polishing it is still useable. I’ll have to trim it yet more to get the sliding portion to fit properly against it... Trumpeter’s F-86 kit interior is actually surprisingly nice with a stick, seat, and instrument panel. Unfortunately, the ADF antenna that sits behind the cockpit is attached to the fuselage; on the real aircraft this is part of the canopy assembly, so it pretty much forces the modeler to do the kit with the canopy closed unless you want to do some scratchbuilding. Trumpeter also omitted the cockpit side consoles. I decided to go conservative on this one and just leave it closed up! The Sabre is a simple paint job: bare metal silver overall, for which I used Tamiya Bare-Metal Silver (AS-12) rattle-can spray. The only variations were the panels around the gun openings, which I masked off and sprayed with darker Model Master Stainless Steel Buffing Metalizer spray. Maybe I should have been a little bolder – the bare metal looks good, but with the masks removed the contrast between the two shades is barely noticeable! One of the better aspects of Trumpeter’s F-86F is the extensive markings sheet provided. As always, Trumpeter’s decals performed flawlessly! The one reservation I had about them was the color of the yellow bands. Though reasonable, they seem more lemon-yellow than the orange-yellow seen in most contemporary photographs. Still, I found a few pics that appear to show a yellower shade, so who knows... perhaps there was some variation? Anyway, I thought Trumpeter’s bands matched these pretty well. Speed brakes. I appreciate how Trumpeter provided pre-cut national markings with perfect fit to the fuselage and brakes.
  19. de Havilland DH.98 Mosquito B.IV (Srs.II) DZ548, GB-D, 'Knave of Diamonds' 105 Squadron, Royal Air Force, Marham, June 1943 1/144 Mark 1 Models This was my entry for the Bank Holiday weekend Blitzbuild, which didn't make Mondays midnight deadline. I have continued working on it over the last few days and completed it earlier today. It has been brush painted with Revell and Humbrol acrylics, the tail mounted pitot was made from Albion Alloys tube and rod, and the aerial was added with Uschi's Superfine rigging thread. by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr Here is the link to my Blitzbuild progress
  20. Having made a complete hash of my first Blitzbuild, I thought that I would dig this little Mossie out of the stash and have another crack at one. I will be going for the two 12 hour sessions option and I hope to complete it this time around. by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr
  21. This is my special Ops Geara Doga. I made quite a few additions to this kit and really enjoyed the build. All comments welcome....
  22. BAC One Eleven 200 British United Airways mid 1960s Airfix 1/144 kit modified to production standard: Nose profile changed using Milliput, wing fences moved inboard, APU exhaust added, antennas replaced. I also rescribed the wing surface detail and reshaped and scribed the engine nacelles. Painting those nose wheel tyres was 'challenging' in this scale, but it came out OK in the end. Metal areas are AK Extreme Metal polished aluminium. White is Halfords Appliance White over Tamiya white primer. Grey is Xtracolour enamel Light Aircraft Grey.
  23. Hi all, I thought it was time I tried some of these Bandai Star Wars kits I hear all the kids are going mad for... I'm not sure I'll have much to add to Andy and Adam's efforts, but I'd like to move some of the Star Wars-ey plastic from my stash to the cabinet where I can see it I started by putting the little ISD together, which was a pleasant experience. There are some fiddly seams in the superstructure and I'm not delighted with the fit of the bridge tower, but with some clothes pins and thin glue it seems to have mostly closed up. I managed to get glue to squeeze out of most of the superstructure joins so I could pare it down and sand it, but I haven't tried as hard with the joins on the vertical surfaces. I'm trying to decide whether to rip off Andy's "aztec" panelled finish or not - the movie ships are quite flat looking, after all. If I do try the panels, I might keep them to the recesses rather than the raised stuff, really not sure yet. Perhaps more interestingly, I've built up the contents of the 1/144 U-Wing box. The U-wing itself is in a variety of bits as I need to paint the interior, but the TIE Striker and Occupier tanks can be pretty much fully assembled before paint: Fit on both is the usual mix of perfection and not-quite-perfection - you can see some seams where the end-caps of the TIE Striker cabin attach, for example. I thought about running some CA into them, but I'm wary of cracking the plastic or indeed making a mess of what's currently a very sharp line. The same line appears on the 1/72 so presumably it's a legit panel line? The tanks fit pretty well and the seams are such that you *could* fill them all but maybe don't have to? And the U-Wing seems great from what I can see. There's a join right through the radiator fins at the back, so I opted to assemble these around the rear plates first and clean up the join. That means I'll need to make around it to paint the rest. I'd hoped that I could cut away enough of the pins that I could join the pieces and slide them into place, but some of the interlocking stuff is visible so I gave up. I'll put some more pictures up when it's in primer, as well as finish that Zoid Cheers, Will
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