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  1. Hi all, Our local model shop had their birthday sale recently and many of us were there hoovering up bargains. Amongst other things I picked up Trumpeter's 1/144 scale Tu-160 for the equivalent of ten quid. I like Russian stuff but have never attempted to build any of it, although I do have a Forger and a Flanker in the stash. I had a poke around in the box when I got home, verified that the fuselage halves fit together nicely, and couldn't resist clipping out the wings to see what it looked like. And one thing led to another and it's now halfway done. I've just finished gluing and cloth
  2. My tenth and FINAL build for this group... It was going to be a lovely Matchbox Hawker Fury but I've decided to convert it to a Yugoslavian built version so I'll wait and take my time. So in it's place I'm doing a little PRU Spitfire in pink with fictional markings, I really can't justify spending more than the kit cost to print out a few grey letters and a serial number My kit came with two sets of decals, I'm sure they'll come in handy for something else as some point. All parts removed from the sprue. Wings and fuselage glued and setting... It's going well seeing how I only op
  3. Hello All, Back again with the sublime Eduard Spitfire in Micro scale: Happy to take comments, and thanks for looking.
  4. Hello All, First post so hope I don't make a muck of it. Sweet model Co. Me 109F's for your consumption 1/144 scale. Here we go.... posting pics.... fingers and other bits crossed.... Thanks for looking
  5. This one leapt off the hobby shop shelf this afternoon and followed me home. Here's a review. My conclusion? Throw out your Minicraft kits (but keep the decals).
  6. I purchased this on fleabay when slightly drunk as I haven't done 1/144 before, but I'm resonably happy with the results, Hardest bits were masking off the canopy and fitting the missiles; I left off the outer ones as thay looked more like Polynesian warclubs !! Camo was done using blu-tack. Hope you enjoy - comment please
  7. Boeing 707-321, Pan American, mid 1960s This is the Minicraft 1/144 kit with various mods to make it look more like a 707-300 series. Firstly the wing trailing edges were cut back to reduce the chord, thin thinned down and spoilers / flaps / ailerons rescribed. The fin trailing edge sweep was reduced by removing material near the tip, tapering down to the original chord at the root. Engines were replaced with Contrails resin engines. These were a bit of a struggle. They come with pylons but I couldn’t get them to look right and in the end used the kit pylons. If you look at 707 photos yo
  8. My Hornet GB entry has stalled as I'm waiting for resin parts, however I have some modelling time available this week so a quick rummage in the stash has turned up this: The carrier deck will wait for another day. I've some aftermarket decals on order but more on them later. So quick build, no messing about I'm just aiming for a nice clean build.
  9. Hello, I need some help pointing me to a place where I can buy 1/144 decals for FAR Tornado Sq25, 23 or 5 that were doing Tu-95 intercepts in 2007. I have an idea to make a cold war pair - Tu-95 and RAF Fantom - in 1/100 scale because Tupolev in this scale is not so big as 1/72. In childhood I had Plasticart's model and hope to find one again. Although it's basic and with mistakes, it's the only avaliable in 1/100. Already bought Revell's 1/100 "easy kit" of Fantom that will give me enough time of cutting and glue sniffing. But recently bought 1/144 Tornado at a flea market for very cheap. I
  10. I don't suppose anyone has any better pictures of the Houchin 690 GPU than can be found on Google images? The 690 is the standard slidy cover towable GPU seen at many airports worldwide. I'm after a good clean shot from side on and from the rear/ front so I can get the angle right. An even better find would be some plans... https://www.google.co.uk/search?hl=en&biw=1024&bih=672&site=imghp&tbm=isch&sa=1&ei=Mw5HUpHfBsiM7AaEp4CACg&q=houchin+gpu&oq=houchin+gpu&gs_l=img.3..0.2525.3523.0.4399.
  11. Hello fellaz, I have been away from the forum for quite some time cause of busy work schedule etc but I kept building models on and off so in the last few months I completed 4 and about to complete the 5th... Here is one of them: Regards
  12. Hello fellaz, I have been away from the forum for quite some time cause of busy work schedule etc but I kept building models on and off so in the last few months I completed 4 and about to complete the 5th... Here is one of them, can't say I enjoyed building this much: Regards
  13. Hi all, So going to give another 1/144 a shot. Did the F-14D Super Tomcat last time round, so now giving the F/A-18E Super Hornet a go. Started it a while back so there will be a bit of an update now. This is the kit: Came with what looks to be a pretty good set of decals for one of the VFA 31 "Tomcatters": Also decided to give a resin aftermarket seat and cockpit from RetroWings a go. Very small with much detail! Cleaned it all up and here are the sprues and cockpit: A couple of comparisons between the original seat and cockpit and the RetroWings equivalents. So much more de
  14. Hi all, So having started a new project I started another as soon as I got to the sanding stage. Funny that This was actually what I intended to do next but the sky-ship thing was too awesome not to get going with. I want to make a smallish diorama using the bits from the UCHG "Zaku Ground War" set. The inspiration is a mix of ship breaking, Shelley's Ozymandias, and seeing Marc Reusser's Ma.K vignette in the AK magazine. The original plan was to have a derelict Zaku on the roadside with the two tanks passing in convoy, but I've changed this a bit since I started messing around. The rus
  15. Started life as a prebuilt half plastic, half metal display model. I removed the nose guns and turrets, filled in those areas and sanded down the rear dorsal glazing. I also detailed and painted the cockpit but not a lot can be seen through the canopy, at least I know it's there. Finished in the fictional colours and markings of "East Coast Fire Dogs". (My first home printed decals) I checked the FAA website and N-426FD is not currently registered, 426 (A26) FD (Fire Dogs). Never let it be said that I don't go a bit daft with these ideas
  16. Originally released in the 1960s and available (yet again) this year it has been superseded by the beautiful offering from Sweet. I'll be building this OOB but using decals from the Sweet kit for 43-6819 flown by Capt. Duane W “Bee” Beeson. The Revell kit comes with decals (rather nice quality as well!) for Yeager's "Glamorous Glen" and I'm saving those for one of the Sweet kits.
  17. Originally released in the 1960s and available (yet again) this year it has been superseded by the offering from OzMods . I'll be building this OOB.
  18. Originally released in the 1960s and available (yet again) this year it has been superseded by the fantastic offering from Platz. I'll be building this OOB + filler + sanding + tears + filler + sanding...
  19. Does anyone know if decals are available for this A340 in 1/144 scale ??? http://www.airliners.net/photo/Germany---Air/Airbus-A340-313X/2222947/L/&sid=5ea85ef4143ec08de0a8ec354d358a9f
  20. Hi all This rolled off the production line today. Its a rebuild. I built it in DHL Colors about 3 years back, i posted it on her and a lot of people probably cried! I stripped the paint off and the glue, it then sat untouched for a couple months. I rebuilt it early last year, it isnt my best, but its been sitting on the shelf of desper ever since. I decided it waas time to get it finished, so i looked for a scheme i liked, saw the two six one and ordered away, today the decals arrived. On the aircraft straight away, couldnt resist. Not my best, but im happy with it. Thanks En
  21. Hi folks, here's the Arii 1/144 SR-71A Blackbird, doing a nice pirouette for you out in the sun... Here she comes: turning right: showing off her long slender form: turning again to give us a view of those massive engines: impressive, aren't they? rear view: round she goes: not bad for her age, eh? coming round for that head on shot which everyone tries to capture on camera: Click! I never actually got to see one of these fly, so I had to do this: Couldn't resist it... It's not a bad little kit, some little niggles and I had to build the wheel well from scrat
  22. Hello one and all, There will be 3 builds in this thread. My logic being that all of the aircraft are near-enough the same (same moulds anyhow), so I am hoping to get them all done in a production line style... it'll probably fail epically tho. lol Right the EA-18G will be from VAQ-141 "Shadowhawks", the F-18 E will be VFA-31 (not the Revell version), and last but not least the F-18 F will be VFA-32 Swordsmen. On to the pictures. The Shadowhawks plane you can see in the background, I will be using the other airframe for the Swordsmen example. Here is the Tomcatters exam
  23. Hi All This rolled off the production line this morning. Its the 1/144 Revell Airbus A321 built using two six's decals. Enjoyed the build, like this kit and the plane. Flew on an A321 of Air Berlin about 3 weeks ago to Dusseldorf from Alicante.. The decals were horrific, they broke up again, never had a problem with two six decals before, the tail is a bit crinkled unfortunatley, had to paint on the flower! The winglets were made for me by John (Viking), Thanks :-) The only mod are the winglets. What does everyone think :-) Next to its baby brother the A319 Next to its ba
  24. Dc-1 converted from the CMR DC-1 in 1/144, beside a stock DC-2 kit straight out of the box. The DC-1's registrations were custom made by Vintage Flyer Decals and combined with the kit markings. I'll post more pictures when I have a better backdrop
  25. Bought this cheap on eBay and was surprised how small it was compared to other aircraft I have in this scale. After disassembly, I stripped the paint and once it was back to plastic started the build. Painting the cockpit was quick and easy and having finished that I started assembly. No real problems apart from a small step front & rear engine nacelle/wing join, a little plastic card sorted that out. Had to remove the two lugs from inside the canopy so a fair bit of polishing went on to bring it back to clear, not that you can see much inside on this scale. Brush painted with Reve
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