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Found 580 results

  1. Got back into modelling after a 20 plus year gap. i used to build 1/72 and then 1/48 kits of modern jets, the usual mix of aircraft that interests a young aviation fan. Came back thinking of going back to 72 scale but a friend said if I wanted a quick build to have a look at the revell 1/144 range, the detail was amazing, after so long away from the modelling game here was a range and scale that was better then the 72 scale aircraft I built in the past. Anyway I've ended up really liking this scale and have a nice little stash building, the size of these kits is great both on a price level and also on a shelf space level as with two young children its at a premium So here is one of my recent builds the rafale, all comments greatly appreciated, bear in mind all my kits are brush painted (still hoping the kids get me an airbrush for Christmas)
  2. Good evening, I like to show you the result of a quick build. It's the very good Revell-Kit. I built it OOB, with kit decals (which are very good, by the way!). Work was absolutely hassle-free, almost no filler needed. Paint used was Modelmaster Light gull grey and revell aqua antrazit. Then, after a coat of clear, a fine washing and the decals. Walkways are decals, too. Anti-ice-gloves are brush painted with antrazit. Hope you like it! Alex
  3. Zvezda's 1.144 kit, straight out of the box. The decals were less than co-operative. I used the window decals from the Jetrack resin kit. Please, Aftermarket, may we have decals that are worthy of this kit?
  4. Well for those guys who have followed my first ever WIP thread, http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=234932336&page=3 and for those that havent, here is my first model Ready For Inspection, and also marks my 100th post on the forum! It has been a learning curve, as this marks a return to modelling, and a first serious (ish) step into the hobby, since the days when I made and painted in a day at the age of 8 or 9. There have been pitfalls such as decal silvering - something that I could just not resolve, so the decal was removed as best as I could, and the area repainted (this will be evident in one of the photos below, possibly more of them to those with good eyes!), and also with mixing the greys, as I was using the gift set, and its come out bluer rather than grey! Its also pretty much a tail sitter - something I had been worried about once I had already assembled the fuselage lol. Some white tac, filled into the nose u/c bay, has helped, though i would only require the Fin F light to illuminate for it to sit on its bottom! So, comments are of course welcome, and without further ado, here are my finished pictures:
  5. Hi everyone, and welcome to my first ever WIP thread. Its a return to modelling, after making and painting in a day or two - about 25 years ago! I am not going to make any apologies, but this is probably going to have a lot of photos in the thread, not only to document my progress as a first proper project, but also to allow myself to keep a record to identify areas I can improve upon, and develop further for future builds. So, onto the first details, the obligatory (from perusing the forum) box and sprue picture: Excuse the picture quality, I am going to blame photobucket for that. I am going to do an out of the box build on this, as its mainly, hopefully, a bit of a test run for doing my next project. Therefore this will be painted up in the colours as per the instructions, and decals will be the provided 27 Squadron 75th Anniversary markings
  6. First of the New Year and first of this series. The series is advertised as 'Pocket-Money' priced, which indeed the kits are @ £1.99, but may not be the best possible introduction to the hobby if they are intended to be that. Built this one OOB but it needed quite a bit of work to fit the lower wing part to the fuselage and the port upper wing part was damaged and needed filling at the wing root. A little more decal solution needed on the codes on the fuselage sides. Enjoyable and a worthwhile build at the price. Spit B by jonbru0903, on Flickr Spit A by jonbru0903, on Flickr Spit F by jonbru0903, on Flickr Spit D by jonbru0903, on Flickr Happy New Year to you all.
  7. Last completed build of 2012. Kit picked up at Telford and decals from TwoSix Decals. Cambrian DC-3s bring back fond memories of the early 60s at Lulsgate Airport (now Bristol International). The decals are aimed at the Minicraft kit and needed some adaptation and use of paint, particularly around the nose. First build of a resin and white metal kit. DC-3 C by jonbru0903, on Flickr DC-3 D by jonbru0903, on Flickr DC-3 B by jonbru0903, on Flickr DC-3 F by jonbru0903, on Flickr DC-3 G by jonbru0903, on Flickr Thoroughly enjoyed the build. Forgot to sand down the cargo door hinges, never mind.
  8. I picked this little cracker up at this years Yeovilton show in February and have been building it on and off since then. It's a great kit and allows you to build a B or E model although there are some mistakes in the instruction sheet regarding tail armament for each version. The kit itself goes together very well and has lovely crisp panel lines. There are two schemes on the decal sheet, I opted for the all over silver aircraft simply because I'm lazy, the other aircraft has silver top sides and white undersides. The decals took a while to settle and the red band had to be painted on as the decal didn't fit very well. I opted to leave off the drop tanks as I'd forgotten to make the holes to attach the pylons before I stuck the wings together If you can find one of these and you like this scale I recommend it as a great model. IMG_2428 by tony_inkster, on Flickr IMG_2424 by tony_inkster, on Flickr IMG_2423 by tony_inkster, on Flickr IMG_2422 by tony_inkster, on Flickr IMG_2425 by tony_inkster, on Flickr
  9. I found out that if I woul lay the cuts in the fuselage right, I could build a DC-9-20 and a DC-9-50 from two Airfix DC-9-30 kits But what good is planning if you don't follow it. When I brought out the almost finished fuselages I realised that I forgot to remove one window in front of the wing on the shorter plane. But as it is I am not to sad as the fuselage joint between the right an left fuselage halves is to weak so they split. Now I had a chance to reinforce them. But this is typically me. Don't think to much just bring the saw out and get to work. Redo it right later. But I get more building time for the money this way. Well now I have cut the fuselage apart, removed the extra window, reinforced the weak joints, and glued it all back together. When I've puttied the joints once again I'm back at square one.
  10. Hello everyone, This is my first Work in Progress on here, I will update this as and when but don't expect this to be built as fast as some other modellers. I personally blame that world famous annoyance known as "work"... blah! Anyhow, I got this model about a year or two ago at Modelzone when it was on a sale for the grand price of £1.99. Wished I had gotten two now but nevermind, it's been sitting in my stash since then while I have worked on the "cooler" models like the F/A-18, AV-8B, Typhoon. I've started it now as I fancied a change and it's been bugging me. Well onto the pictures. The box all battered and bruised. There is two schemes, this one from the Gulf War (I refuse to call it the Gulf War 1, sounds silly to me tbh) and also one in the classic green and dark blue/grey (to me it is anyhow) from Boscom Down. The actual Squadrons escape me right now as I am typing this at my g/fs house while she makes a cake. The "office" end of the cockpit, this was still a WiP when I took the picture, I know the painting is a bit haphazard but please remember that this is still 1/144 scale, so this is about the size of your finger nail I don't think you will see any of the detail anyhow when it's all closed up but I know it's there. Front end, the little wire things where not part of the kit. They are actually stripped wire from a USB cable, not the thick bit all of the little wires inside of it, I think theres 6 wires on a USB iirc??... I tried to make it look like the wires for the control panel but they where still too thick and I have nothing thinner, which is a bugger. Only took this picture to show the fire extinguisher, I know it will not be seen inside the model, but it looks cool. Made from the power wire inside a USB cable, all these broken usb cables are really handy!! The body closed up, was a bugger to fit as the part the rotors/gearbox/engine sit on did not sit too well. Also the instructions also tell you to fit it back-to-front. I tried it their way the the tail-boom refused to close. So I had to rip it out and swap it around. The fit is very snug. Think I had better dryfit my AH-64D quite a lot when I get around to it. You can also see my lame attempt at seatbelts. I think they'll work once inside the triple-glazed "canopy" of it. Is it even called a canopy for a helicopter? I have no idea what this little base thing is, I found it in my bedroom. All I know is that it was made in China (what isn't these days tbh ), I was thinking of trying a diorama of some kind. I'll have to see if I can get any 1/144 figures for it. The rotor "base" isn't glued in, I just got it there to see if it fitted, it does thank god but the rotors wont spin. Right before anyone else mentions it, that thing on the front of the fusleage is actually one of my hair strands, god knows how it got there! Anyhow, the front canopy was a bugger to fit as the console was too far forward and thus I couldn't get the canopy to sit right under the engine intakes. I had to "persuade" (aka brute force) it to fit. It's all glued and is now sitting correctly as it should. On the flipside the cockpit door fit is really tight. So there is no real need for glue, but I glued it anyhow to make sure my carpet didn't eat the door somehow. I know the masking needs sorting out, it was fine until I had to "persuade" the canopy into place. Can anyone confirm for me if the bottom right (as your looking at it) door window is actually infact a window? Or just a sheet of metal? And this is the view from the other side, you can see a little into the cabin and the cockpit. I am planing on having this side open so you can see into the cockpit, I believe this is the pilots side?? Also one thing I thought was weird was the fact that Revell give you the model without any engine exhausts! So you'd be able to look at the exhausts as it is now. I have made some and painted them, just need to fit them after painting. Well this is a far as I have gotten up to, I am hoping to get more of it done this week as I am on holiday if I can ever shift this stinking cold... *man flu*... I am welcome to any and all suggestions. Thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings Kind Regards, Dazz
  11. Hello, the postie dropped this off this morning: the 2012 PAS Models Boeing 757-200 resin kit. Hopefully I'm not treading on anyone's toes by posting some pictures of the kit. I have no first-hand experience of the Minicraft or Authentic Airliners kits, so I can't really compare directly, however, this looks like a finely detailed kit and I think it will build into a nice model. The moulding seems generally good, with only a few small bubbles. The trailing edges are paper thin, unfortunately one of the horizontal stabilisers has lost a corner because of this. Thanks for looking. Sorry the lighting isn't fantastic. Larger versions are available on my Flickr page. PAS Models 752_Box by Caution Wake Turbulence, on Flickr PAS Models 752_Contents by Caution Wake Turbulence, on Flickr PAS Models 752_Decals by Caution Wake Turbulence, on Flickr PAS Models 752_Instructions by Caution Wake Turbulence, on Flickr PAS Models 752_Parts Overview by Caution Wake Turbulence, on Flickr PAS Models 752_Fuselage 1 by Caution Wake Turbulence, on Flickr PAS Models 752_Fuselage 2 by Caution Wake Turbulence, on Flickr PAS Models 752_Fuselage 3 by Caution Wake Turbulence, on Flickr PAS Models 752_Fuselage 4 by Caution Wake Turbulence, on Flickr PAS Models 752_Wings 1 by Caution Wake Turbulence, on Flickr PAS Models 752_Wings 2 by Caution Wake Turbulence, on Flickr PAS Models 752_Engines 1 by Caution Wake Turbulence, on Flickr PAS Models 752_Engines 2 by Caution Wake Turbulence, on Flickr PAS Models 752_Engines 3 by Caution Wake Turbulence, on Flickr PAS Models 752_Engines 4 by Caution Wake Turbulence, on Flickr PAS Models 752_Engines 5 by Caution Wake Turbulence, on Flickr PAS Models 752_Winglets 1 by Caution Wake Turbulence, on Flickr PAS Models 752_Winglets 2 by Caution Wake Turbulence, on Flickr PAS Models 752_Landing Gear 1 by Caution Wake Turbulence, on Flickr PAS Models 752_Landing Gear 2 by Caution Wake Turbulence, on Flickr PAS Models 752_Landing Gear 3 by Caution Wake Turbulence, on Flickr PAS Models 752_Landing Gear 4 by Caution Wake Turbulence, on Flickr PAS Models 752_Landing Gear 5 by Caution Wake Turbulence, on Flickr PAS Models 752_Landing Gear 6 by Caution Wake Turbulence, on Flickr Cheers, Andrew
  12. Made this model a few(about 20!) years ago, found it in a box of old built models Still like it, so thought i'd share it with you all Scratchbuilt cockpit, flaps, gun bay Lost a fuel tank over the years, must have been jettisoned over Iraq for some reason! Only thing I would change is to shorten the nosewheel leg to corrct the stance
  13. This going to be one of my entries, its an Airfix Boeing 727-100, in a -200 box... It will be in the last Dan Air livery, decals from RichW. Im making no mods, my entires are going to be straight out the box..... so this is the kit, i will post a photo of the decals when i get them.... Thanks Bradley
  14. This is the Welsh Models 1/144 resin kit. It was a bit of a struggle to fill the gaps, as may be seen in my build thread in the Airliners II Group Build. I'm not terribly happy with the propellers; they're very roughly cast and full of pits. I built it straight out of the box except for the VOR antenna above the cockpit, which was made from plastic scraps, and I replaced the landing gear doors because the metal ones were too thick.
  15. Hi Everyone This is my Revell 1/144 Concorde. It was a pig to build in the fact i broke the wings off once and nose off twice when it tried to fly..... The landing gear where a nightmare as well. Overall i thought it was a rather poor kit, but it does look nice...... The kit is hand painted, theres a few more details to fo, then im done. I have windows on the way from Richw. Thanks Bradley
  16. So this is my next project: I really enjoyed building the revell 1:144 tomcat as part of the group build even though it was the (very) old mould, so I thought I try one of their newer kits. First impressions are excellent, there's no flash that I can find and the moulding is amazingly crisp. I think this will be pretty much OOB, although I'm not sure whether to have this in flight possibly releasing one of the LGB's or on the ground, refuelling probe out, with the canopy open.
  17. Here's the first of my twin pack of Eduard 1/144th scale Mig 21s...I chickened out on a camo scheme, and went for the all metal finish of the North Vietnamese Air Force! Sprayed with Halfords Aluminium from a rattle can, mixed the green using Citadel acrylics, given a coat of future and washed with oils - I was pleased with the effect on the panel lines. (Click for link to my Flickr site) The stand is a spare Games Workshop one I had handy. Excuse the photo, snapped with my phone, which seemed to handle it's small size better than my camera weirdly! Not sure what scheme to do my second...I like the look of some of the post-USSR ones... Even better would be a 1/144 F-4 Phantom in US Navy colours to compliment it - anyone know of a kit out there?
  18. Guys, Another one for the pocket air-force...for all those with little room or small budgets . This was a straight forward build, no real fit issues or kit snags (bar the canards)..Hand painted with enamels..have another in the stash and thinking of the old Russian (MIG -21) colours for that one with silver replacing the black and black (or NATO Black) replacing the white nose and white body panels. All pointers, tips and advice greatly appreciated .
  19. Hello Everyone I would like to do a British Airways 787-8, but im unsure what colour to do the engines, it seems to be mixed. Some people seem to thin k they will be white, others think blue. Does anyone know what colout they will be? Thanks Bradley
  20. Hello Everyone I was trawling the web and came across this 1/144 resin MD-11. http://www.aircraftresourcecenter.com/Rev3/2301-2400/rev2383-Airliner-Vieira/00.shtm Has anyone else built this before? What does everyone think of it? Thanks Bradley
  21. Hello Everyone Right another question session!!!! I must be driving people mad... lol.... So moving quickly on from the 707 i have deided i want to do a series of MD-80s. Id like to do the following. Alitalia MD-82 http://img.planespotters.net/photo/299000/original/I-DATI-Alitalia-McDonnell-Douglas-MD-82_PlanespottersNet_299842.jpg Airtours MD-83 http://www.flickr.com/photos/jordi757/3480792833/ Air Liberte MD-83 http://www.al-airliners.be/k-o/liberte/ijmd-83-2.jpg SAS MD-87 http://www.freefoto.com/images/2050/38/2050_38_19---SAS-McDonnell-Douglas-MD-87-SE-DIF_web.jpg As with many other Aircraft Sub types i have no idea at all how to tell them apart or what kits there are of them. So i want to do all of these in 1/144. I know that Mincraft has released an MD-80, thats all it says on the box. So how do i tell what version of MD-80 is in the box. Also waht modifications on the MD-80 kit will i need to do? So i am pretty much asking what vrsion and how do i do it? Thanks Bradley.
  22. madaboutmodels

    Saab 2000

    Hello Everyone Im used to seeing the Eastern Airways Saab 2000 fly into Norwich Airport, i have always wanted to build a model of this but have been unable to find a kit. I had forgotten about finding a kit for a while until i noticed a photo of a saab 2000 in British Airways livery, they have leased one of Eastern, i am a huge sucker for anything BA. As a result i have found the urge o find one again, so does any one know of a saab 2000 kit on the market, resin, vac or injection? Thanks Bradley
  23. Hello Everyone I have the Minicraft Boeing 707-320 in the TWA boxing, im just looking at it and it appears to have rolls royce engines. i want to do a BOAC 707-320 Cargo plane, but im not sure if ot has the right tngines, i need JT4's, but they look more like rollers. Thank Bradley
  24. A couple more too add. Both fun to build, with their individual frustrations, not least the canopy shape of the F-16 and the undercarriage length of the A-10. Never mind, there are more important things to be concerned about. Firstly the A-10 Revell A-10 Thuderbolt II 4 by jonbru0903, on Flickr Revell A-10 Thuderbolt II 2 by jonbru0903, on Flickr Revell A-10 Thuderbolt II 1 by jonbru0903, on Flickr Then the F-16 Academy F-16 Fighting Falcon 4 by jonbru0903, on Flickr Academy F-16 Fighting Falcon 3 by jonbru0903, on Flickr Academy F-16 Fighting Falcon 2 by jonbru0903, on Flickr Academy F-16 Fighting Falcon 1 by jonbru0903, on Flickr Best wishes all. Quite like the new look of the Forum.
  25. Hello Everyone Id like to do a BEA Airtours comet 4. i know of the airfix version, but which version od the comet is it? Also how difficult is it to locate? Thanks Bradley
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