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Found 710 results

  1. Following the confirmation late last night that British Airways intends to retire its entire fleet of Boeing 747-436's, I felt it was a fitting time to bring this kit to the workbench. I have flown the 747 since 2016, after a twelve year stint on the 757/767 fleet. My last flight on the aircraft was in March, just as lockdown was starting - maybe I will get the chance to operate one more flight as the aircraft are dispersed...? The kit is the Revell offering - here's the box: Rather than the "Landor" scheme provided, I shall be finishing the model in one of the controversial "world tail" liveries, namely the "Colum" design worn by G-CIVP and supplied by Draw Decal: These will need some decal film applied, as there is some creasing in the top right corner which may have cracked the carrier film... The main aircraft stencils are provided in the Revell kit and look very comprehensive: A quick perusal of my logbook shows I have flown this particular aircraft 10 times, including flights to or from Phoenix, Mexico City, Vancouver, Toronto, Miami and Mumbai. I will take my time and try to do justice to this iconic aircraft which has graced the skies for over 50 years.
  2. I like this tiny 1/144 kits as I take them as a stress-reduction therapy between bigger projects. I wanted to give it a try to a couple Luftwaffe jets, the first one being this, the F-104G from Revell. The kit offers two options for markings, I will build the 26+53 from WTB61 (Technical Test Facility 61) at Manching, 1991. The kit provides a decent cockpit, main wheel well, workable front wheel well, nice landing gear, and jet engine exhaust, scribing is really nice. Only thing I would have expected is an option for open canopy, only closed option is available. Fuselage is split in left/front and front/rear halves. The ejection seat has enough resemblance to the real one, just adding couple seatbelts and it will be good under the closed canopy. The fitting between front-rear fuselage gave me issues, not that it was a big gap, but where it was located. Tamiya gray putty and patient sanding solved the issue. I don´t like fitting the main landing gear at this stage, but there is no other option. Detail inside the front wheel well is completely lacking, I had to issue a "floor" for the front half of the wheel well (the rear will not be visible under the landing gear structure). The kit provides a decal for the instrument panel, looks nice for the scale. Not much will be noticeable at the end anyway. The cockpit had a crack where it joined the sprue, cleaned and sanded as much as I could, will try to hide some more when I paint the cockpit frame. Can´t imagine what is the purpose for that neat gap below the tails of the fuel tanks. All the 4 of them have the same issue. Filled them with putty. And here I am, about to start painting this tiny Starfighter. Marco
  3. Two new 144th scale sets are available now – photo etched updates for two Cold War classics recently kitted by Mark I: Mirage IIIC/E and Early Harrier Versions: GR.1/GR/3/AV-8A/AV-8S. One new 1/350 naval set is also available now: a photo etched update for French battleship Danton (Hobby Boss). No less than six 1/700 scale sets also have reached our shelves: IJN Ship's Superstructure Wall Equipment Set, 1.1"/75 caliber "Chicago Piano" Gun and four USN Rangefinders and Guns Directors for Fast Battleships: North Carolina class, South Dakota class, Iowa class (early version) and Iowa class (late wartime). Finally a rather odd (even for us but the name obliges ) release: a Soviet PRV-10 radar antenna grid in the 1/72nd scale. Stay safe and best regards! Marek
  4. I bought this recently and thought that it would have made a nice subject for the Anything but Injection group build, but because that didn't make the cut for this years group builds I am going to build it here. The box and its contents are shown below, I have quite a busy schedule at the moment but I hope to start soon. by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr
  5. A placeholder for a Mark1 Model 1/144 Harrier GR3, to be built as a 4Sqn bird with that amazing tail fin that I have always wanted to build.
  6. Hello, It will be my first model build. I am used to painting gaming miniatures and larger busts, but I would like to try something new. Millenium falcon starship always fascinated me. Since I was a little boy I always wanted to build it. I have chosen 1/144 scale because finished product is not gigantic and can nicely fit in the shelf, on the other hand, model details are still superb. I was lucky to get this one really cheap. I know that recent released version has some minor bugs fixed, but for me this already is supper cool (by the way, you can read more about it here: https://sites.google.com/site/millenniumfalconnotes/bandai-s-millennium-falcon). I’m not inted to make my build supper accurate to original work – this scale in my opinion is too small to do it right. Of course, you can find many 3D printed parts to enrich you millenium falcon but they are quite expensive and not as smooth as the Bandai plastic is (here is the good example: https://www.shapeways.com So just to start a few photos of parts moved just out of the box:
  7. A return to 1/144 scale for this group build with this Mark 1 kit of the Westland Wessex. The decal choices are for three RN HAS.3's, including 'Humphrey' from HMS Antrim during the Falklands War, and a RAN HAS.31B. I am not too sure which one I will select yet. by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr
  8. Hello, This is my latest build. Superb kit with wonderfull livery. I love it!
  9. We must fight on, whatever happens. I should count it a privilege to be dead if Hitler rules England. I had not thought I should have to live through such awful days... From the diary of Sir Alexander Cadogan, Permanent Under Secretary of the Foreign Office How grim things must have seemed then. It is sobering to imagine the uncertainty of the times, even with our own present troubles. Civilization was on the brink, and it is frightful to think where we would be now as a people, as a species, if things had gone the other way. I'm always interested to read the accounts from people which were written at that time, unfiltered by years or a lifetime of hindsight. One aircraft that for me embodies that period of dark uncertainty and impending peril was the benign little Miles Magister, hastily modified to carry a clutch of anti-personnel bombs beneath its wings. When the invasion came, these fragile, under-powered trainers would be sent out as part of a last desperate all-or-nothing defense of Britain. I had the ex-Frog Novo Magister as a kid, and I loved that little bird. I must have painted it in a dozen different liveries in its time. The last being an overall coat of Humbrol 11 "Silver Fox". Traces of which remained on the armrest of my mother's favourite armchair for more than a decade after... I've long hoped to do another Magister, but these days I'm deeply embedded in the cult of 1/144. Apart from an unobtainable resin from Japan, there aren't any of the little buggers to be had. If I really wanted a Magister (and I did) the only hope was to do one from scratch. So here goes... The first bit was the keel. I found a bit of evergreen styrene and cut a strip representing the bottom of the fuselage and bent it to a curve that matched the drawings. Not very exciting, but its the most important bit. I made sure the taper at the back was okay then added two sidewalls of .35mm styrene. A "roof" of 2mm sheet was also cut and some undersized openings for the cockpits were drilled out. I tried to get this piece as seamless a fit as I could, but there's nothing to locate it to yet so I'll need to flush it in properly later. The upper fuselage decking got rounded off with a file and I laminated some scrap styrene for the cowling. The long bit sticking out the front is a temporary handle that will get cut off later. Making the part from laminations rather than a solid piece is easier, as you can use the seams as a guide to ensure you don't start filing the piece out of alignment. Then it was time to bur out the inside of the decking. Brrr! Once the piece is thinned down you can shape the edges of the cockpit much more easily. The next evening I added a dummy tail and taped the bits together for a captain cook. The cowling was beginning to take shape by this time too. With that part in hand it was on to the wings. I started off with a parallel strip of 3mm styrene and cut it to the width of the centre section. This got double sided taped to a block that was held in a vice. Then I went at it two-handed with a big coarse file that was about 30cm long. I rounded the leading edge first. Then worked over the back. Flipping the piece over and sticking the wing down again with a fresh bit of tape makes it easy to shape the wing evenly. It took about 40 minutes to get the basic shape. The wing(s) are marked with some scalpel lines and two deep score marks underneath where I'll bend them to create the dihedral. Then the excess is sliced off. Then it was back on the block with some tape to shape the outer wing panels. Once this is done the styrene is easily tidied up by wet sanding. A piece of the centre section was cut away to accommodate the fuselage, but I left a bridge running between the two wings to preserve their alignment. A corresponding notch was cut out of the lower fuselage. Somebody once said I was a frustrated carpenter. They may have been right! The fit isn't going to set the world on fire, but its okay. Adding more soon!
  10. Maybe I am blind but I don't seem to be able to find any information on making winglets for airliners. I know that I have to start by cutting a triangle of plasticard and filing it into shape but the part evading me is getting the bend in the base of the winglet where it joins the end of the wing. Any ideas, tips, or secrets gratefully received.
  11. This started out as a 777-300 conversion using 2 Minicraft 1/144 kits. But over time it was painted, decaled, sanded and repainted until I did not like the finish so it was stripped and had its GE90 engines removed. I then had a brainwave to add some spare GE CF-6 engines from a 747 kit to it. It was repainted again and I used 2 Australian Airline A300 decal sheets to finish it as a What - If. So I present to you my Australian Airlines Boeing 777-476ER...
  12. Well my take on this ship after a 4 month build period trying some new techniques grinding the hull to get the oil-canned effect some people said they thought I was mad going at it with a Dremel but I think it came out OK. Used the new Vallejo coloured water gel jury is still out on that one and used the Big Etch set from Eduard added some needed details I will be adding some figures later when I can get round to finding the ones I used on my LSM build from Shapeways but the prices looks like they have gone up a fair bit. Stay Safe beefy
  13. I'd been modelling for about 5 years When i built the revell shuttle with boosters ,a christmas present in 1980 or 1981 ,i loved sci-fi and space back then and it was a temporary distraction from aircraft ,it wasn't my best or one of my most favourite builds but i remember it lasted amongst the longest on my shelf ,and i was always moving it around to accommodate the next best model,usually a ww2 fighter or a light bomber in 72nd scale, i always wanted to have a go at refurbishing it,but its long gone now ,broken down for a kit bash i remember(badly). So I'll have another go at building it now around 40 years later,
  14. This was an absolute joy to build. No filler, no fit issues, minimal mould lines. I am really quite proud of this model. i did accidentally destroy the right side roundel, so i had to replace it with a spare one from the other scheme, its not the best but does the job. I gave this a dark umber mixed with black oil wash, enough weathering to show it is used, but little enough not to over power the model. Not much went wrong, and i do really think anyone, from any level will enjoy making this one with no hassle. So here it is:
  15. Here are a pair of Eduard 1:144 Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21MF "Fishbed J" I built back in 2012. Both were built OOB. The rocket pods on one came from spares though. Both were fully painted with brush except for the final matt varnish which was airbrushed. Firstly: Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21MF "Fishbed J" 7713, of 4th Flight, Slovak Air Force, Sliac, Slovakia, 1999. Secondly: Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21SM "Yellow 127", of 812th UAP, Kharkov Higher Military Academy, based at Kupyansk Airfield, Soviet Union, in August 1991. Thanks for looking. Miguel
  16. When the UK lockdown came into force I was told I had to shield for at least 12 weeks, and fellow Britmodeller and good modelling buddy @Hockeyboy76 sent me a Mark 1 boxing of a pair 1/144 FW 190's. With my shielding period almost at an end (1st August), the models have made a nice fill in project between other builds, and I completed them earlier today. I decided to build one more or less out of the box and the other I made a couple of changes to, hopefully for the better. Both were brush painted with Polly Scale Acrylic and Xtracrylix RLM colours, and the wing armament was replaced with brass tubing. This is how things turned out. Focke-Wulf FW 190 A-8 IV./JG54, Luftwaffe Berlin area, Germany. May 1945 by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr Focke-Wulf FW 190 A-8 Hans Dortenmann, 2./JG54, Luftwaffe Vélizy-Villacoublay AB, France by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr I would just like to say thank you to @Hockeyboy76 for sending the kits, and for the phone calls and keeping in touch during my enforced isolation. Cheers matey, it helped a lot.
  17. I had tried a number of planes in 1/144, some were styrene and some were vacform and I fancied building one of these wee Sopwith Pups for quite a while. There are two kits in the box. The artwork on the box: The kit. There's not a lot of it but looks rather nice, even has some PE: IP and seat glued in and fuselage zipped up. Wings, engine and cowling currently held on with Blue Tack for effect: More to follow soon.
  18. With the RUFE done and humming with its motor driven propeller its time for the next time. I had a chance to drive to the storage and pick a couple of kits. The A-90 was not on my list but did catch my eyes when looking for something that can be built quick but also can be complicated/AMS'd to a diorama. I don't have any water/gel materials - this will have to wait till they lift the lock-down and the financial situation will be a bit more clear (no shopping as of now) - so it will be a kit only venture at this stage.
  19. Thanks to 6thCCU for pointing this out to me under the Roden B-36B topic. Anigrand is to release a new 1/144 XC-99, though the release date has not been released. Hannants shows the forthcoming kit on their site but a search of the internet unearthed no additional information. Nor did I see anything on the Anigrand website confirming this release. Given that Hannants has it listed, this doesn't appear to be a rumored release but the lack of further information makes the status of this project hard to determine. I'm not familiar with Anigrand's practices regarding information on new releases so I'm definitely open to education from more experienced Britmodelers.
  20. Starting a new build, thought it might get interesting. Hopefully I'll get some relief after building some Eastern Express 'no fit no sense' kits. This is called the ultimate kit with the flaps, gear and even opened door options, so I'll try to go with the flaps down/doors closed/struts compressed config, decal windows, nothing too fancy. It's a total mess in the box, an unidentifiable pile of leading and trailing edges, total of six engines (in case what?) 3 IAE and 3 CFM, probably due to technological reasons for conversion from A320 to A321. Any advice is welcome while I'm sorting it out. Decals are from aerodeka.ru website, they're completely new to me and I'm excited to check them out. But the guy was nice enough to me to make A320->A321 Niki livery conversion at no cost, we'll see. Cheers, Steve
  21. Here is my Italeri Mil Mi-24P “Hind F”, Red 23 of the VVS (Soviet Air Force). I built this one back in 2002. This was a reboxed Dragon kit. It was built mostly OOB. I added some details like aerials, the tailboom anti-collision light, tail bumper and undercarriage struts. It was all painted with brush except for the matt varnish which was airbrushed. The scheme was based on various photos of real machines as the back-of-the-box paint guide was useless (no pattern)! Thanks for looking Miguel
  22. After a long hiatus I’m back. In fairness I started this model well over 12 months ago but due to a recurring loss of mojo, it kept returning to the shelf of doom for what seemed like an eternity! When I did eventually go back to it in earnest I intended to finish it in the PIA delivery scheme, however this scheme proved to be particularly challenging! Unhappy with my efforts I ended up completely stripping the paint off it, not very successfully I may add. I briefly toyed with an doing an Air Florida machine, but quickly moved onto something a little simpler as by this point I just wanted it finished. Anyhow here is the eventual end result, Iberia’s second DC-10 - christened ‘Costa Dorada’ after the north eastern Catalonian costal region. The decals are by 26 decals, with the Authentic Airliner Decals providing the flight deck and cabin windows. The obligatory Halfords Appliance white, and Racking grey were used straight out of the rattle can for the airframe. As a interesting footnote the real aircraft featured paintings by the Spanish surrealist artist Salvador Dali in the passenger cabin!
  23. Su-22 Fitter K | 1/144 | Minicraft Hungary I finished this one on 6/7/2020. The Su-22 is the export version of the Su-17 Fitter, which itself is a variable geometry adaptation of the Su-7 Fitter. If you love masking this is the kit for you! Not only did it have a 4-color camouflage scheme, but the pylons had to be masked for 3 different colors and the flash-guard by the guns had to be masked. It was still quite a bit of fun. I purchased this a couple years ago for practically nothing (maybe $5?). At the time I was really getting into Sukhoi aircraft and it seemed like the 1/72 kits of this plane were either hard to find or expensive, so this fit the bill at the time! The kit was better than most Minicraft 1/144 models I've done, however it confirms my first law of modeling: If something is designed to be shown in one position, it will look terrible in another position. In this case, the canopy was designed to be shown open, so of course, gluing it closed revealed a large gap at the bottom of the canopy. If I'd known it early in the build, I would've filled it, but as is I left it because it's hard to see when its on the shelf. Paints: Mr. Surfacer 1500 black > Mr. Color 303 / 302 / 312 / 310 top > Hataka RLM 65 / Ak interactive polished aluminum (bottom) Decals: Kit decals This picture's a little blurry but shows the different metal shades used: Alclad Stainless Steel (with a dusting of dark aluminum) for the gun flash-guards, Alclad RAF high speed silver for the drop-tanks and lower half of the pylons, and Testor's gunmetal for the guns. Thanks for looking! Questions, comments and constructive criticism welcomed!
  24. Blackburn Beverley Mikro-Mir 1/144 Despite it's ungainly looks, the Beverley was considered to be a useful workhorse in its day. It's service life was relatively short, from 1957 to 1967. I always remember the one that stood outside the RAF museum at Hendon before it was unfortunately scrapped. Having recently completed the S&M models 1/144 scale Hercules in the same desert scheme, I was tempted to pull this kit out of the stash and build it to pair up with the Herk. It is a very nice kit, fit was very good apart from the underwing nacelle parts that required a little filler, but that was standard modelling fare and not difficult. The props and spinners didn't want to go together until I sliced off the 'wedges' on the spinner backplates that were meant to fill in the gap behind the blades. I also drilled the backs of the spinners and fitted brass wire shafts to fit them to the engines. Looking at other builds on the internet I thought that many finished models had a very 'stilty' sit, as if the main gear legs had been moulded in the extended 'in flight' position, so I shortened mine to make the whole aircraft 'sit' better. I also drilled out all windows and filled them with kristal kleer. I used the 'Shelf Oddity' decal set to replace some kit decals. It corrects errors such as the large 'S' being in light grey rather than white, has 'non-handed' scorpion decals for the nose, and corrects the spelling of 'Midle East' to 'Middle East' on the tailboom lettering. And finally, it makes an interesting comparison with it's replacement, the Hercules C.130k For anyone contemplating building this kit, this is what I did to the main legs. Shortened (left) original kit part (right). I cut a 2mm slice out of the lower oleo section where the scissor link is. Thanks for looking John
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