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  1. This is what my stash and my local toy ( not hobby) shop contained. In the interest of not overly confusing myself I’ll build them as a trio. They’ll be pretty much oob except where there’s some obviously wrong that needs correcting and I still haven’t decided on colour schemes yet.
  2. The kit. Still no idea what colour scheme I’ll build it in. But at least it’s now in the mix.
  3. These two will be a fairly straightforward oob build. They’re somewhat close to my heart as the YF23 was pretty much the last model I built in my first modelling stint before a thirty year break. Also I was working for a subsidiary of Prat and Whitney at the time so all eyes were on who got the contracts. Rumour had it that economics not performance won the day but that’s another story Both Trumpeter and both pretty good little kits m, despite the somewhat ropey box art. Right then back to the WIP till Sunday week.
  4. Any chance of the above mentioned kits? I know AModel announced the Lincoln maybe 10 years ago, but nothing came of it. It would be nice to have the military Sunderland and civilian Sandringham as well as the Shackleton in 1/144 as well.
  5. Well - my little 1/144 UFO'ish thingie is done, finished - and it came out almost as I had envisioned it! Can't ask for more. Link to WIP: The pictures show the DRA-G1 on the day of the first flight. The mechanics are making the last adjustments, while the flightcrew are viewing the cockpit. A young belgian journalist and his dog are having a chat with the army intelligence officer at the entrance of the DRA-G1. They seem to have a little problem with the leading landinggear, which is a bit crooked, but I'm sure they'll have it fixed before take-off. I hope you liked this little trip into my little fantasyworld - I know I had a lot of fun! Cheers for now Hans J
  6. I received a surprise in the post this morning, it was a package from my fellow modelling buddy and all round good 'egg' @Hockeyboy76. Inside the box was this 1/144 Platz boxing of the Thunderchief, along with some very nice edible packaging. Cheers buddy, I hope that I can do them justice and I know that Mrs N and I will enjoy the Stroop Waffles and Welsh Cakes. In the box are two kits with a choice of three colour options. by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr Cheers. John
  7. This was the second Mark 1 boxing of the Starfighter discovered in my stash search and contains single and two seat variants. by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr
  8. B-1B Lancer 9th Bomb Squadron, USAF – Dyess, Texas, 2014 Panda 1/144 scale kit / Caracal decals With the release of the newish Academy B-1B in 1/144, the kit I used here is redundant, but I was already half way through it so decided to carry on. It was really the release of the Caracal decal sheet that encouraged me to retrieve it from the attic where it had been part started for many many years. There aren’t many kits that I would actually call bad. This is the exception – it’s a bad kit! To start with the whole fuselage around the cockpit area just looked wrong. I decided to forgo a clear windscreen and added Milliput all over the front fuselage to reshape it, then added the ‘transparent’ bits with paint, 1/144 airliner style. Then there are the exhausts. If you were doing and early B-1B with turkey feathers you could just about get away with filling and sanding the kit exhausts, but later aircraft had the naked nozzle workings on display so I had a go at scratch building that lot (there is a resin replacement available for lots of dosh but I didn’t think this kit was worth it). Wheels were the next thing – those provided in the kit were ridiculously small. I had actually built a Minicraft B-1A years ago, wheels up, so I could use the wheels on the B-1B. Nowadays there are resin wheels available which maybe I should have bought. What’s next – ah yes, the wing section! The outer wings have so much camber that they could have come from a Sopwith Camel. I actually left this untouched because it's not that visible from the top and the engraved detail was very nice. The decals – oh, the decals. They look so nice on the sheet and have lots of good detail, but they had that too good to be true glossiness about them. Sure enough, they took an age to release from the backing, then just fell apart when touched. I tried coating them with Klear but it made little difference. Anyway that was before Caracal came along with a brilliant sheet so thankyou Caracal. Despite all of the above, and I’m sure there are more tales of woe if I think about it, out the end came a passable B-1B as part of my US bombers project in 1/144. Next up are a couple of B-47s which should be less challenging. Or should I go for the B-36 – or maybe B-58? That’s the great thing about this hobby – there’s always the next one….
  9. This is the newly-boxed kit - same 60s tooling but with new box art and decals. I suspect the moulds have been cleaned up a bit though as the parts fit very well on the whole and the styrene was nice and shiny... I re-scribed it, replaced the windows with clear resin and added a few details here and there.
  10. Hello comrades So, let's get it started! After one not easy work with Amodel short-run kit I want to take something high-quality and easy to assemble and just to build model without big problems, half a kilo of putty and pare meters of sanding paper. After I've have built enough modern Boeing and Airbus aircrafts, I think it's time for something from USSR civil aviation. From the other side, I prefer to make models of machines, that still in service. So, when I've chosen the prototype, I've noticed that in Sheremetyevo you can meet one unique machine.It's IL-62 MGr still flying in small Belarus cargo air-company Rada airlines. The main interesting fact - there is monument near airport with IL-62M mounted there. And it looks amazing for me when I can see one old girl on the monument, and turning my head I can see the same one machine moving on taxiway. The monument of IL-62M near Sheremetyevo in hot evening of July 2022 (some smoke from forest fires in neighbour Ryazan region) And her "sistership" still in service onto parking slot of Sheremetyevo. August 2022. A little info about prototype. EW450TR was produced as usual passenger version of IL-62M in 1985 (wow, it's older than me!). First was delivered to Interflug company in GDR (eastern Germany). This machine was the first one performed flight between Western and Eastern Germany. B/n DDR-SET After Germany became united the machine was returned to USSR Uzbek civil aviation administration. СССР-86576 A year later USSR was disintegrated, machine was re-registrated in Uzbek republic as 86576 (later UK-86576) In 2007 the plane was returned to Russia (B/N RA-86576) and was converted to cargo version. Todays modification IL-62MGr or IL-62МГр means IL-62M "Gruzovoy" that translated as "Freighter" Since 2015 plane was delivered to small private Belarus company Rada airlines with new B/N EW450TR. I can't say certain, how many IL-62 still in service. Maybe some another machines are in a state of airworthiness in reserve of ministry of defence, and maybe some another also still exist in North Korea or Cuba. But doubtless this unique plane is one of last "dinosaurs" still flying. What about kit, there are two good kits of IL-62M are available in 1/144. First is Zvezda, well known for it's ultimate edition, and another one is Ukrainian ICM, also well known for good quality. I've chosen ICM for experimental reasons. I've assembled some Zvezda kits, but never had a deal with ICM aviation kits. So, after reading some positive reviews, I've decided to purchase ICM kit. And there is one intersting thing that ICM IL-62M is available in two versions of livery - Aeroflot USSR and Interflug GDR airlines. And the joke is that GDR version is about 1000 rub (EUR 15) cheaper. Sure I've bought DDR version, besides I'm not going to use out-of box livery. ICM plastic is well-looking enough, I like it. For me, it's something like Revell's plastic, also white and thin enough, with high detalisation. Assemble without glue is also neat and I hope I'll do not need much putty and assemble will be not an exhausting task. So, I've started from protecting windows that will stay transparent. I've used a few masking tape for this purpose. Then I've covered inner surfaces of fuselage and wings with Decorix dark primer from the balloon. This method prevents model of transparency when situated under bright sunshine. To be continued as usual Respects, tMikha.
  11. Hello dear colleagues! Today I want to show you my first non-civil aircraft in my standard scale. What can I say about C-130? Some people says that it's most beauty-looking plane. But in my opinion it looks ridiculous, short and fat fuselage looks strange enough. But anyway, it has own charm, especially in old schemes with naked duralumin body. And I think the most popular military cargo plane will be a good replenishment for my collection. Hercules was produced in many different modifications, the most famous of them is monstrous AC-130 Spectre, the flying artillery battery. Also, C-130 is the biggest plane ever landed and taken off from aircraft carrier. The kit from Amodel was purchased about half a year ago, but for long time I didn't dare to start with it. I've read a lot of negative reviews about this kit. OK, it's short-run technology. How we say in Russia, swearing removed And I have to say that this proverb describes progress of building the model good enough. There was no one connection that didn't need many time, sanding paper and putty to get it acceptable-looking. Usually I spend much more time for paint-works, but when you have a deal with Amodel, you have to be ready to spend some days before you will take airbrush in your hand. On the picture there are two engines from left side - one before and another after correction of them. Also kit has incorrect geometry, when I've placed the wing over fuselage, I've discovered that there is a big fail with engines. They were inclined down. After saying some kind words to Amodel manufacturers, I disconnected engines and took putty and sanding paper again... Taking stock of building progress, there was very long and complicated work to get something looking like Hercules from that sadly-looking plastic pieces, that you can find in the box. BTW Amodel writes in their instruction that "Kit destined only for skilled modellers". I think it's something like disclaimer of responsibility. Paint work was easy enough after finally getting assembled model. First I've used black Decorix primer from the balloon. Then I masked nose and areas behind engines and painted the plane with Tamiya X-11. Then I tried (not very successfully) to imitate panel effect on the fuselage and wing-edge. Red colour for tail was mixed from red and orange Master-Acrylic paints. First, I had an idea to paint the whole plane in metallic, like it is pointed in instruction. But discovering hundreds of C-130 photos, I've found one with red tail and metallic body. It was C-130A from one US museum. I liked this scheme very much and decided to paint my model in something like that prototype. And here I've to say that there is no any real prototype of my model. It only can be named collective fashion of Hercules from the Golden Era of 1960's, with fantastic design of cars, fascinatingly-looking planes and time of Elvis Presley Decal from Amodel matches all the (un)quality of the kit. Though it was covered with lacquer, anyway it has crumbled. So it was "US air force' stencils for fuselage. But after it had crumbled, I had to content only with "USAF" instead of correct stencil. Big "S" letter on the upper part of the wing had crumbled as well, but fortunately there was another one in reserve. I"ve used Pledge Future prior and after decals. Also I've applied gray and deep-gray wash from Pacific-88 to get effect of old and exhausted plane. Finally, I've covered model with Master-Acrylic matte lacquer. Summary, what can I say about the model. I haven't create a masterpiece, sure, and there are a lot of mistakes. Painting is not very pretty-looking as well, especially on the photos. But I wanted to get Hercules in 1/144 on the shelve, and I've got it. Will I build Amodel kits in the future? I don't think so. But never ever say "never" and maybe some time I'll want to get another one special plane and the model will be non-alternative.. May be. Wish all of you modelling inspiration! Respects, tMikha.
  12. God I do love the FE2. It's in my very top five of favourite British aircraft. It's more contrapted than constructed, and seems to have more in common with the age of sail than with aviation. It meets the challenge of practical aerodynamics like a drunken hooligan, charging a hedgerow. Head-on, arms outstretched. And it's ugly... It's so ugly. I love it. I've always wanted one. I absolutely ache to have an FE2b in my collection, but I'm cursed to follow the cult of 1/144. So what's a fella to do? I could order some lumpen bogey from Shapeways perhaps. Maybe buy a gigantic 1/32 kit from Wingnut Wings, only to fondle the sprues and never actually build the thing. Or I could try and scratchbuild one... Nah! That would be bonkers I told myself. It cant be done. It can't. I leaned back in my rickety chair and took another sip of my favourite Islay single malt. I imagined the empty space in my tiny display cabinet, filled with a trophy-sized replica of the Royal Aircraft Factory's finest... Not a chance! It's too damn small in 1/144. I grabbed my trusty Windsock Datafile and measured off the size of the nacelle and transferred it to a bit of styrene. "See" I said to myself. "It's not even 30mm long. It's impossible!" I looked at the little piece of styrene, sitting forlorn on my cutting mat. I grabbed my scalpel: Just round the front off a bit... ***************************************************************************************************************** That was back in January of this year. I'm committed now, or probably should be. Here's some shots of how things have gone so far. I'll try and get things up to speed as quick as possible. First up was the main body of the fuselage nacelle. This was the fateful bit of styrene that started me off. I marked out the plan view onto a piece of 1mm Evergreen strip and trimmed it to size. Sidewalls were added from .25mm styrene and laminated pieces of 3mm were prepared for the upper works and forward nacelle. Some trimming may have occurred... And some more. But eventually I got here... Once the main components were made I used dental burs to hollow out the insides. It took several sessions of this until I got them suitably thinned. After that I cut some strips of 1mm acrylic sheet and scraped the under-camber into them with the sharpened end of a steel ruler, then sanded the upper surfaces to get the finished aerofoil sections. Couldn't resist a bit of RFC product placement I also made the main wheels, as there was nothing remotely similar available in the spares box. Steaming some styrene rod around a drill bit proved to be the best method. Much better than metal, as I wouldn't have a problem with pain adhesion later on. The bally Hun provided the period coinage for the next shot: And I made a seat from sterling silver That will do for now. It's getting late here, so I'll add more of the build soon. Cheers!
  13. The Antonov An-225 Mriya (Ukrainian: Антонов Ан-225 Мрія, lit. 'dream' or 'inspiration'; NATO reporting name: Cossack) is a strategic airlift cargo aircraft that was designed by the Antonov Design Bureau in the Ukrainian SSR within the Soviet Union during the 1980s. It is powered by six turbofan engines and is the heaviest aircraft ever built, with a maximum takeoff weight of 640 tonnes (705 short tons; 1,410×103 lb) The Antonov An-225 was initially developed as an enlargement of the Antonov An-124 to transport Buran-class orbiters. The Antonov An-225 was designed to airlift the Energia rocket's boosters and the Buran-class orbiters for the Soviet space program. It was developed as a replacement for the Myasishchev VM-T. The An-225's original mission and objectives are almost identical to that of the United States' Shuttle Carrier Aircraft.[10][11] The lead designer of the An-225 (and the An-124) was Viktor Tolmachev.[12] The most difficult thing in the work was of course to cut out and make an imitation of slats and flaps in take-off mode.
  14. Today I received the brand new Eastern Express Kit of the Boeing 747SP Taking a look at the sprues,all looks very nice and neat with fine engraved panellines. Detail is also quite high,it even features a full cockpit,although not much will be seen through the small windows. The windos are designed as section with part of the roof,so if the fit is well,I might consider not glueing that part on to offer a better look inside the cockpit. We will see if thats going to work. As it is the case with the new Eastern Express kits of late,detail,accuracy is very good and fit of the parts is also quite nice,just make sure all parts are carefully cleaned and sanded before assembly,these are still short run productions. So dont expect Tamyia or Revell airliner quality,study and follow the instructions well and the build should be a smooth one. I built some of the new Eastern Express kits,such as the Boeing 717 (MD-95) for example and it was a nice and fun build wich resulted in a very nice model. The decalset,here Korean Airlines,is a laserprint,so every subject has to be cut out individually.The printing quality is good with everything in register and all parts look sharp. I am undecided if I will use this set or buy aftermarket decals for this build,I had the "SOFIA" version in mind actually but also the Korean Air is nice. I actually planned to buy at least 4 747SP kits but given the high price of one (roughly 90 USD),I probably have to cut it down to just another example )-: Before I start the build,here are some pictures of the box and content. Stay tuned... (Note...the cat is NOT included in the kit... ) Wheels and wheel bays,unfortunately EE still divides the wheels in 2 pieces... engine mountings engine parts and more wheels... tail cone example of the instructions... paint and decal guide and decal sets
  15. BOAC Super VC10 Mid 1960s This is the Roden 1/144 kit with Two Six decals built from the box except for a bit of sanding around the nose to reduce the sharpness of the change in profile from parallel to tapered in plan view, and addition of the two small fences on each wing leading edge. I also emphasised the flaps, slats and spoilers slightly by some light scribing before highlighting with mid grey paint to get them to stand out a little more than the panel line engraving, which is nice but just a little heavy for this scale.
  16. Ok……I am having too many work in progress build here and none completed. Here’s another one, my first 1/144 and a tiny one too. The big 1/144 B777-300ER will have to wait for next year. My inspiration came because of one top view picture of the plane blending with the ground. So I will build this tiny plane flying with a blur background, all mounted in an enclosed picture box. So, here’s the plane; a New Zealand A-4 Skyhawk. The kit came with 2 planes, so I may build 2 planes with different camouflage.
  17. Recently completed as part of a GB on another forum, but posting here as you don't see these finished all that often so thought it might interest some people. This is the US Coast Guard variant of the C-123 Provider. Quite a challenging kit (the GB this build was part of was entitled 'Nightmare Kits'!). This is the third Amodel C-123 I've built. I tried some new approaches this time that made the build significantly easier, but it's still a classic short run kit. Nothing some good old fashioned modelling skills cannot fix, but - at best - tedious at times. You can if you're interested read the build log here. I was intrigued by what the Coast Guard needed the C-123 for - the answer is quite fascinating (or I think so, anyway). The HC-123s were acquired in 1958 to help support the Loran-C network of navigation stations across the world. The USCG took over responsibility for maintaining this global network in 1958. I spent a bit of time trying to understand the Loran navigation system but to no avail. It's pretty complicated stuff. But basically it was a US-led development of the British GEE system used by RAF Bomber Command to navigate accurately deep into Germany. The system relied on ground stations that sent out a low-frequency radio pulse; a receiver on the aircraft (or ship) then measured the time difference between the pulses to get a fix. This GEE system was highly accurate - but only at shorter ranges. The more you 'stretched' the range by lowering the frequency, the greater the margin of inaccuracy (as it were). Successive Loran systems refined the accuracy of the fix obtainable at greater ranges through some Very Clever Engineering (that Angus won't pretend to understand). But there's a good explanation in this Coast Guard film if you want one - and can muscle your way past Siri's narration. The Coast Guard had become interested in the Loran system from 1942 (its dual utility for aerial and maritime navigation appealed) and were a major partner in its wartime development. Classic short newsreel feature on this here. The USAF and USN were actually fairly fickle in their interest post-war - flirting with their own alternative systems or (more complex) inertial navigation systems. With trials proving that Loran-C worked, the Coast Guard took on responsibility for the Loran-C chains from 1958 - it acquired its HC-123s to expand and maintain the Loran chains. Except for an enlarged radome to house the AN/APN-158 search radar, the HC-123B was a standard C-123B in all other respects. The first network of Loran stations was set up in the Mediterranean in 1959 (with stations in Italy, Greece, Turkey and Libya), the Norwegian Sea in 1960 and finally across the Pacific. Coast Guard Providers were scattered to Florida, Puerto Rico, Italy, Alaska, Guam and Hawaii in support of this until 1972. Loran was used extensively by both civil and military aircraft and ships during its lifespan, providing accurate navigation over 12 million square miles of planet earth. Less known, it was used extensively by the allied ballistic missile subs (hence all the repeater stations in the Norwegian sea) to synchronise or update the ship's inertial navigation system without trailing an antenna above the surface (Loran-C signals could be received over 60ft below the surface). With the coming of satellite-based navigation systems in the 1990s, Loran use dropped off (though widespread civilian uptake ensured it lived on longer than most other navigation systems). The Coast Guard ran and maintained the US Loran chain of around 31 stations for 52 years. It has now largely been shut down (the US decommissioned its Loran network in 2010). Anyway more pictures of the real thing... Nothing too difficult really. The undercarriage nosegear needed quite a bit of shortening to get the right sit. If I'm honest, I'm unhappy about the metallic panels in these photos - though the contrast is much subtler in real life lighting. But that one on the wing looks odd. Alas. Anyway... A surprisingly big old girl... And finally with her sister ship. There's a trio of ugly nose jobs the C-123 offered - I've done two of them! Thanks very much for looking! Angus
  18. Not sure if this really merits an RFI thread but it’s been on the shelf of doom so long I think I’ll do one anyway. Revell 1/144 Apache US Army completely oob, a nice little kit.
  19. Hello Comrades! So let me show you the result of my last finished work in regular scale for me. Basically, I wasn't going to make another one of 737-series. That was finished with 4 ready models on the shelve. But one of them had found a new owner, and I've got some free space in 737s row. And after I've built Aeroflot aircraft, I've decided that UIA livery will be a good choice to place that models together. This was really quick built - it took only 2 weeks that is really "blitz-built" for me. (Usually I need at least 3 weeks or more). Zvezda-737NG kit is very high quality as always. And the only few words I'm going to say about the kit is that gradually the manufacturer upgrades kits. If the older 737-800 was accompanied with old-style Utair decals from the box, so fresh edition consists new-style Utair livery. Really it wasn't really important in my case, but by the way Zvezda upgraded the decal for pilots windows edges. Now they became thin and neat, despite the previous version that was too massive and non-scale looking. Paint-works in this built was as minimal as possible to create normal model. Usually when I need white and smooth surface, I apply a thin layer of Decorix from the can, and then use Mr.Hobby H-1 with airbrush. But in this case I've just covered plastics with three or four layers of Decorix primer, giving it some time for drying up between layers. And finally I've sanded the surface with sanding-paper (2500) plus a few water. The ready surface maybe is not as ideal as after Mr.Hobby paint, but really after covered with some Future, it looks similar. Blue tail was airbrushed with Master-Acrylic #36 (blue). Wing and stabs edges are covered with Tamiya X-11 chrome silver. Hot parts of engines are airbrushed with a mix of MAKR-aluminium plus some yellow and green Master-Acrylics. Tyres are Mr. Hobby H-77 tyre-black. Chassies I've painted with thin usual brush with Jim-scale light-gray. Decals I've purchased from Ascensio. I've used this production earlier (Norwegian 737MAX for example). So it's reach, good-quality decals. The only one thing is too thick white background for blue-area elements. In fact, the decal-sheet was enough to get ready model. But I've used some out-of-box elements as well. The technical stencils look more natural in Zvezda's decals, and also I've applied decal windows edges for passenger windows and for cockpit as well. I wasn't going invent a bicycle one more time, so the lacquer is Pledge Fuutre (two layers) under decals. After decals were applied and dried up, there is one more layer of Future, and a thin layer of satin lacquer (Future + 5% X-21 Flat base) as final coverage and to reduce surplus shine on the photos. As the model was finished, I've noticed some disadvantages as always. But generally I like the result. Hope you will like it too The comments and criticism are welcome as usual. Respects, tMikha.
  20. Hi there, pulling out some shelf of doom oddities. This one is the Welsh models vacform kit that I begun.... 2014?? I really can't remember anymore having a soft spot for Luxair birds (first time I flew in an airplane was 1996 from Luxembourg to Frankfurt in a 737-500) and having also a soft spot for Vacform kits I startet numerous Welsh kits in the past. Non of them made it to the finish line So, having what I can only describe as a manic episode concerning my modeling motivation I dug this one out and see how far I can get with it before I lose all my modeling motivation and dive into my other interests (watches, guitar)... Wish me luck http://
  21. I am a prolific model kit purchaser and pretty good at starting projects, but not so good at seeing them through to completion. Hence my appearance here at Britmodeller in a bid to curb this trend. Thinking pragmatically, my subject choice is modest in terms of size and difficulty, and perhaps most importantly will not feature aftermarket goodies or a complex paint scheme. So, here we go with Academy's new tooling from last year. According to various reviews I have read, this is more accurate than the Great Wall Hobby offering from 2020, so when I saw it going for a decent price at RIAT a week or so ago, temptation prevailed. Having built so many good Academy kits over the years, I felt confident that this would be a good decision.
  22. Hello, It will be my first model build. I am used to painting gaming miniatures and larger busts, but I would like to try something new. Millenium falcon starship always fascinated me. Since I was a little boy I always wanted to build it. I have chosen 1/144 scale because finished product is not gigantic and can nicely fit in the shelf, on the other hand, model details are still superb. I was lucky to get this one really cheap. I know that recent released version has some minor bugs fixed, but for me this already is supper cool (by the way, you can read more about it here: https://sites.google.com/site/millenniumfalconnotes/bandai-s-millennium-falcon). I’m not inted to make my build supper accurate to original work – this scale in my opinion is too small to do it right. Of course, you can find many 3D printed parts to enrich you millenium falcon but they are quite expensive and not as smooth as the Bandai plastic is (here is the good example: https://www.shapeways.com So just to start a few photos of parts moved just out of the box:
  23. Hi Everyone, just thought I would show you my first build: https://photos.app.goo.gl/1wvTMHi36P8NeQTHA https://photos.app.goo.gl/iKMNh5YPZn9y7ZoH8 It's not brilliant I know, I'm very new to this, I built it, painted it, gave it a coat of gloss varnish, put decals on, then matt varnish. Is that how your supposed to it? I used vallejo paints and varnish throughout. Jerry.
  24. Hello, it's me again So, finally I've finished with my last model of Airbus A-320 series, and with "parade" of 320's models as well. The main stages of the work you can find in WIP. And I want to tell a few words about the kit first. It was purchased about 1,5 years ago, that time there was no 320NEO in Zvezda catalogue, and this kit was named usual "Airbus A-321" (now it's named A-321 CEO and there is nice TAP-Portugal decal-sheet included). But that time it was provided with standard Airbus home livery out-of-box. So that time I had an idea to built the kit in Metrojet EI-ETJ livery in memory of that poor souls who were killed over Sinai in terrorist attack in 2015. But later I've refused from that idea, and kit was stored for all that time in reserve. Also I've "stolen" some parts to replace that I've lost during another 320's building. And now it's time has come! I've chosen Aeroflot livery as some challenge for myself: I've never done such difficult borders of colours on my models. Also, I work with Aeroflot every working day, I was their passenger for many times, but still I have no Aeroflot model on the shelve? Shame on me! So I think there is no need to tell about Zvezda kit - it's really high qulity product, as any other Zvezda civil liners. I've used only a few putty, to remove the slot between wings and fuselage. I think there is no need to tell here about painting progress in details. All that I've described in WIP topic. Only I will tell that most colours were Master-Acrylic and Mr.Hobby. The main gray-metallic was mixed from white and black MR. Hobby plus some MAKR aluminium. IMHO the result is not so far from prototype. BTW the prototype of the plane served in Aeroflot till 2018. Then it was transferred to Canadian Air Transat airlines. There it got a new livery and sucessfully flies till today. During the period it was in Aeroflot, it had VQ-BEI reg. number and personal name S. Korolev. And here I've to tell a few words about decals. I've purchased PAS-decals sheet. There were 6 variants of bording numbers but no one stencil for personal aiprlane's name. Really strange and upset fact. So I've used another one name-stencil from reserve out-of box sheet for A-320. So mu model now named Sofya Kovalevskaya. Let it be this way, BTW there are only 3 or 4 of Aeroflot planes that named in tribute of famous women, and Kovalevskaya is one of them. In conclusion I want to tell that it was another one interesting built. Though I see a lot of small disadvantages in the finished model, but anyway I like it and satisfied with the result. I'm really interested in your opinion about Aeroflot gray colour, whether it looks realistic or no. So criticism and comments are warmly welcome, as usual. Respects, tMikha. PS and one photo of my 320's finished collection on the shelve in concluding.
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