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  1. So . . . this will be my first plastic model build in, perhaps, 50 years. As an adult, I have been what is termed in the Washington Ship Model Society, of which I was a member, as a "sticks and strings" modeller. But I came across Steve's The Model Shed most excellent build of this model on YouTube, became intrigued, and decided to give it a go. I am retired USN and have a great affinity for smaller naval vessels, stemming from my time as XO in both of the below venerable and long de-commissioned ships (pics are Official U.S. Navy and part of my collection). I'm actually in the first picture of USS Shakori (ATF-162), standing on the bridge wing. The second ship is the USS Welsh (PG-93)--"Lovers, Fighters, Gunboat Riders!" I will be using the Korean Pontos aftermarket set of etched/turned brass and wooden decks, as well as some astounding 3D prints from Micro Master of New Zealand. I will not bore with posts of the boxes that this model and aftermarket kit came in though. I look forward to documenting the build and posting progress on it. Best, Jeff
  2. I have completed the tiny X1 from the box set a while ago And here is the other half from the box set, the Tie Fighter Borrowed the cannon tower from the Bandai 1/72 A-Wing kit, and prepare a little bundle for Tie Fighter I know, they are in different scale, but hey, it is SF, so who really care Most importantly is having fun. The kit is easy to build, but require a bit effort on masking if you wanna to spray some colors. It works the effort tho.
  3. A little bit ago I purchased a large collection of small boxes. This STGB will be a great opportunity to put together a 1/144 P-51 (or two!). I built a Sweet one back in December as part of the blitz build. She's one of my better looking attempts at 1/144, if I do say so myself. I think I'll start with the other half of that box (each box comes with two kits) and build the box art version with captured Japanese markings. Its profile is the top left one:
  4. Here's a bit more nostalgia from me. I was a primary (elementary) schoolboy in Sydney in 1985 who raced home on a cloudy afternoon, desperate to see the incoming Concorde. February 14 1985 was the first time, as far as I know, that Concorde had arrived in Sydney since the prototype toured in the early 1970s. Luckily I got home in time - Concorde was late! My house was under the flightpath to Kingsford Smith, and before too long I saw the beautiful aircraft come roaring along, nose angled down for landing. As it passed I raced up the hill from my house, with my mother in tow, to keep the aircraft in sight and make the moment last. That's always been a vivid childhood memory for me so I figured I should commit it to plastic! I've wrestled with this old Revell kit for a year. I don't know if this is victory or abandonment but I'm calling it done. I found it hard to photograph - if anyone has pro-tips for photographing big white models let me know. There is a subtle wash through the panels which doesn't really show up here. I've used Bra.Z resin (intakes and windscreen) with the F-DCAL Negus and Negus livery sheet. I painted the vertical stabiliser using masks made with a stencil cutter - a first for me. Hopefully the spirit of the build comes across. I'm not trying this one again.
  5. Hi, It's about time I start athread here. There are hundreds of subjects that fit into this GB that I'd like to build, but I've been busy with my P-38J and my F-84E from other GB's. I picked a subject that should be a relatively quick build and of interest to V-bomber enthusiasts. I'm not sure if this kit is in the UK already, mine came from a Czech webshop. I'll build this one as XD824 late in its service life, with camouflage for low-level operations. Earlier on, on the 28th of April 1958, XD824 had dropped the most powerful bomb that Britain ever tested. The 3-Megaton Grapple Y test. I'll build XD824 as she was just before scrapping, not in the white anti-flash scheme she had in 1958. Cheers, Stefan.
  6. Consider this my PSA (public service announcement) for today: So what I thought was going to be a relatively straightforward and relaxing build of the Fujimi 1/144 B-29 has turned nightmarish. With the airframe all together and the landing gear installed, because it's easier to do that before you assemble the wings, I wanted to test fit the resin wheels I got. They don't fit. They bump into the nacelle and won't go on the axle. Weird! I thought maybe they were bigger than the kit wheels, but no, the kit wheels don't fit either. I rechecked the instructions and yes, I did assemble everything correctly. So this is one of the early boxings of the kit and I have several others, including a much more recent reissue. So I went and got the newer kit and it turns out at some point Fujimi has modified the kit to make the main gear legs stick out at least 3 mm (1/8") further so the wheels will fit on. B#*#%^?s!!! I pulled off the landing gear from my model and have spent an afternoon with brass and styrene tube making the main gear the length it should have been all along! B*##!@y B#*#%^?s!!!! So, word to the wise, the modified versions of this kit have the main gear mounting points extended about 3mm (1/8”) with a half circular section (if it was fully circular you wouldn’t be able to get the main gear strut on at all after the wings are assembled). If your kit doesn’t have those then either build the kit gear up or add spacers to make the gear extend further beyond the nacelle. In addition to the main gear strut, there are 3 points of contact for the drag link and the retraction arms and they all need to be extended. Other than that it’s a nice kit. No, really, it is. It’s much better than the Minicraft/ex-Crown kit in terms of shape and surface detail. The Fujimi kit’s engine nacelles just have a shallow circular depression where the engine should be but there are very nice replacements from Brengun, or buy a Minicraft kit, because they are cheap, and rob the engines from that.
  7. Another build from me, and a switch back to Civil Aviation for this one. This is the Airfix boxing of the Boeing 727 kit and a quick check of the measurements indicate that it scales out to around those for -100 short body version and I will be using a set of 26 Decals for this classic Lufthansa Scheme. Here is an image from Airliners.net of D-ABIB at Stockholm -Arlanda in August 1964. Boeing 727-30 D-ABIB 18360 Box and contents photos. by John L, on Flickr The fuselage parts have some slight warping but should pull together OK. by John L, on Flickr The wing parts will need a bit of tidying to remove a bit of flash. by John L, on Flickr Here are the remaining parts including a stand, obviously issued when these came as a standard item in Airfix kits. by John L, on Flickr And finally my choice of decals for this build. by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr Hope to get started on this soon. John
  8. Bought off eBay several years ago and perfect for this GB. The sprues and moldings and I’ve just realised the glazing is missing. Not too much of an issue for the cabin windows as I was planning on using Kristal Klear after painting, but I will have to replace lace the cockpit glazing which will necessitate done woodwork and molding.
  9. One of my (many) New Year’s resolutions is one build per GB ( the only exception will be the Tiger GB) so this will be my sole ( crossing my fingers while I type) contribution to this GB still have to decide on the scheme but I am very tempted to build a Spanish civil war B model we shall see….. Or cheat and build it as a Casa 2
  10. looks like a beautiful kit, the level of detail is insane compared to the Eastern Express IL-96 kit I have just done. I think you can get more detailed resin engines for this kit but at the moment I don't know if it is worth it - the engines look satisfactory to me fuselage is a similar size to the IL96-400/ IL96T + IL96M. note the curved fuselage at the rear for the civil IL86 (above) a snippet of the colour scheme i intend to do. decals are not available but they are available for the 767 the fuselage is obviously larger on the IL-86 but I still think the 767 decals will be suitable for the logo on the tail and the red stripes separating the blue and green (painted areas) from the white fuselage.
  11. Aiming to match my GB PB on this GB with 2 entries. As ever, I didn't plan it this way and was only going to enter the S&M Models Viscount that my LHS recommended as 'a joy' Then discovered my Air Anglia Fokker Friendship is also eligible and before I knew it I've got a little Rolls Royce Dart thing going on! The RR Dart is bang on for Baby Boomers because it was first run in 1946, it powered the Viscount on it's first fare paying flight in 1948 and the Northolt/ Paris (Le Bourget) route was the first scheduled turbo-prop route. Now back to the kit, His Emminence the All-Building @Enzo the Magnificent has already been there He described it as., 'This one has been fun! The kit is simpler than the simplest thing in Simpleland.' and I'm encouraged by the parts count It's even got locating lugs and everything, so I actually feel a little built guilty about how straightforward it could be which is where DARTing About 2 comes in! Not much to the decals and instructions either... It's got to be harder than this right? One thing I've established is that the Eagle Airways red on thefuselage was prone to fading, sometimes described as a shade of salmon. The few colour photos of them on the t'internet' look that way, but how much was real fading and how much dow to poor film and print preservation? Who cares, this looks like a mojo restorer for me!
  12. My apologies for a very last minute entry for the GB, but for a number of reasons this is the first model that I have picked up for several weeks and with a few projects abandoned mid-build, it could be regarded as a mojo restorer. I am hoping that this quick build will get me back into the swing of things and push me to completing those too. Anyway here are the photos of the bag and its contents. by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr Off to wash the parts before making a start now. John
  13. Another V-Bomber in 1/144th, the Vickers Valiant Mk.1 by MikroMir (http://www.mikro-mir.com/en/)- ref.144-003. Source: http://www.mikro-mir.com/en/97-valiant.html V.P.
  14. Because I felt guilty about how easy this looked And the Mods said that a later livery on a Baby Boomer original was allowed, I'm back for more with this... That's more like it, vac-form, add your own dihedral etc. Anyhow the Air Anglia although from 1970 looks retro even then (but that's East Anglia all over). And the RR Dart connection is now obvious, but in early development Fokker had been planing on using Wright Cyclones, so it could've all been very different. However, they looked at how successful the Dart powered Viscounts were and the rest is the proverbial history. Obviously the pressured cabin and high wing configuration for better passenger views all helped. And back to the kit... The part/s Gone with the Welsh Models upgrade of white metal props Years ago, I built a Doyusha one and was very disappointed at the crudity of the undercarriage legs, so straight off I much happier with Denzil's white metal interpretation. There's a stash-load of eligible Dart powered planes out there but I'm stopping at the 2 so if anyone wants to carry on with Darting About 3 etc. be my guest
  15. I'm planning to build at least one BAC 1-11 200 from the 26 Models reboxing of the kit: This is a bit of a nod to my teenage years, living near Christchurch, when the One Eleven was a common sight in the sky - apart from the prototype G-ASHG (which sadly crashed on 22 Oct 1963) I probably saw almost all of those produced up to mid 1969 when we moved away from the area. Although the GB rules would allow any Series 200 version to be built (first flight 20 Aug 1963) I'm going to model one of the British United Airways aircraft which had its maiden flight before the end of 1964, but in British Caledonian livery - BCal was formed in 1970 when the charter line Caledonian Airways took over BUA. I've also got decals for another four airlines if time permits. Mike
  16. Douglas DC-8-51 Lufthansa. 1/144 Minicraft & Draw Decal I've had a couple of the Minicraft bagged kits of the DC-8 in the stash since they were released a few years ago. I also bought a set of the BRAZ Pratt & Whitney JT3D resin engines to convert one of them into the short body 51 series of the aircraft. Learning that X-Scale plan to release their own kit of a series 51 DC-8 later this year, I thought I'd better get a move on and build mine, or I'd never get around to it once the new kit is out. I also had a set of Lufthansa decals for the DC-8-51 which had intrigued me, as I had never heard of them operating this version of the aircraft. It turned out that in 1965 they leased one from Trans International Airlines in the US, painted in full Lufthansa colours. They only leased if for 6 months and the aircraft was N8008D, the first DC-8 built. The Minicraft series DC-8-61 kit is very nice, but I has to shorten the fuselage by 1.54 inches fore and aft of the wing to convert it from a 61 to a 51 version, and also replace the kit engines with the resin JT3D's (which fitted very well). The Draw Decals were a pleasure to use, but printed on constant film so that you have to cut around each subject individually. They work superbly, and I'm pleased with the result. This was also the first Minicraft DC-8 I've had that didn't suffer from the outer wing 'droop' that some kits seem to suffer from, where the outer section is warped downwards. One thing led to another, and I had a Classicairlines.com decals sheet for the early scheme worn by the 727-130, which I just had to make as an accompaniment to the DC-8! Out came one of my dwindling supplies of Airfix 727-100's a Daco clear cockpit section, and before I knew it, I had a pair of Lufthansa airliners c1964. There is a bit of a disparity in the blue colours though, the DC-8 being noticeably darker that the 727. Oh well, can't do anything about that! Thanks for looking, John
  17. This is the RealSpace 1/144 Atlas V - 500 series rocket kit. It comes in 17 resin parts, three of which make up the main rocket body. The main tube and fairing are both cast resin; the rest of the pieces are 3D printed. There were some serious mold issues with the main rocket body which would have prevented proper alignment of the final construction; when I reached out to Glenn he quickly sent me a new 3D-printed version of the part. (He said that later versions of this kit would be fully 3D-printed, but for now I'd be building a hybrid of sorts.) Considerable surface prep, a few fit issues, but everything came together in the end. Tamiya and Alclad paints, and a light enamel wash in places for contrast. I added some plasticard strip "embellishments" on the SRBs and fairing. The final model is a good size: 16" tall and top-heavy with the solid resin "grenade" perched on top. But, the model balances (metastably) on its boosters, avoiding strict need of a mount. Thanks for looking! And together with a Delta II and Atlas-Centaur:
  18. Wuhan type 033G submarine, OOB with all flood holes opened out, glazing added to sail and scratch built handrail to main deck. Hairystick painted in Humbrol enamels. All the best Chris
  19. As a 12 year old,my grand parents took me with them to Kenya for hollidays. That was back in september 1990...how the time flies... We should have had a flight from Zurich to Mombasa on the Balair DC-10-30,but for some reasons this was changed,and instead Caledonian Airways took us to our destination on a Boeing 757-200. Due to the limited range of the 757,we had to make a tank stop in Athens. I always had a latent interest in airplanes but this flight actually started it all,my passion for airliners and modelling. In fact,my very first kit that I bought was a Hasegawa 747 in 1/200 soon after our return. But I always wanted to build the aircraft that started it all. Unfortunately back then,no 757 kit was available or none that I was aware of nor could I find decals for the Caledonian version,no internet back then,so tracing such items was rather difficult and one had to rely on the local hobbyshops to stock the latest kits. Anyone remember ? Some good 25 years ago I came across the AHS decal set but was still missing a 757 kit... Some years later Minicraft released a 757 kit that was average at least. I bought some of them but for some reason I never actually built one with the Caledonian decals that I had.Maybe the reason was that the AHS sheet had white parts that needed to be applied first before the yellow decals and also a lack of detail on it. Many years later,in 2021 Zvezda released a bew 757 kit which beats the Minicraft version in every aspect. 26decals released also many decals for the new kit,offering countless airlines,amongst them British Airways/Caledonian. So finally this year I came around building the very 757 that I had flown on back in 1990. The Zvezda kit is superb with almost perfect fit and only a minimum of filler needed. I built it straight out of the box The windows are open,no decals used,so also a bit of the cockpit can be seen. To get the correct windows/doors layout,I had to close 4 windows as Caledonian,as well as many other airlines,have/had an additional door aft of the wings. The last row of windows consists of 13 windows,so just need to count from the back forward and then close 4 windows in a row. The additional door is provided with the decals. The emergency exits on the wings need to be filled and sanded and one window between the former exits added. Yep,I still have the onboard magazine from that flight... Paints used,Tamyia Royal blue with a few drops black for the belly and engines,Gunze light grey 315 for the upper fuselage,Testors Voodoo grey on the wings,the corogard is a mix of dark grey mixed with aluminium. Othe metallic parts are painted with Gunze metallics. As mentioned,the decals are from 26 and are absolutely wonderful. The fit is perfect and the carrier film is almost invisible. The window frames are from the kit decal sheet Caledonian Airways was founded in 1988,emerging from British Airtours In 1999 it merged with Flying Colours Airlines to become JMC,which went to become Thomas Cook Airlines in 2003. Unfortunately,this company went into bankruptcy in 2019. The Boeing 757 G-BPEA was delivered factory new in march 1989 to British Airways and came to Caledonian in april 1989. It was frequently leased out during its service with Caledonian and after being sold in 2001 it remained in service with different airlines until its retirement in may 2018,aged 29. Sadly it was scrapped in 2019. I have still vivid and fond memories of that flight and those wonderful hollidays in Kenya and because of that,this model has a special meaning in my collection. Hence the slighly longer than usual thread... Here some pics from my grand parents photo album,of the 757 upon our arrival in Mombasa I hope you enjoyed my walk down memory lane cheers Alex
  20. I hit a stage with my 1/72 Colombian P-47 that I'm less enthusiastic about and today felt more enthused at the idea of trying something else... I recently acquired a stack (or two) of 1/144 kits, including some Platz P-47s. Earlier this year I built some 1/144 Hawker Hurricanes and found I enjoyed the scale much more than I expected! So, I opened this one today. I'll build the cover art version. You can build two aircraft from each kit, and there are four marking options in this one. For now I'm just going to build the one though. The decals look nice, and including the red highlights so I don't have to paint those (yay!). Here are all of the sprues. I stuck half of these back into the box, along with all the load out parts--pylons, drop tank, bombs, rocket launchers (all of which look great at first glance, by the way)--and extra props, etc. that I won't need on this version. There are two parts for the cockpit, but it all fell together so fast I didn't think to photograph until I had the wings and fuselage assembled! Fit is remarkably good, which was also my experience with the Sweet 1/144 Hawker Hurricanes.
  21. I finished up my first entry in this GB a month or so ago, a Syrian air force Spitfire, and I assumed that would be it, but I saw the deadline got extended and I recently obtained a stash of 1/144 kits I've been excited to get into. So, let me see if I can complete this Bf 109F in the next few days! I've built some Sweet Hawker Hurricanes before and they were a joy to build, and this one looks like it will be a similarly wonderful experience. The box contains two sets of sprue, but I'll just build one for now. After ten wonderful minutes, here we are. The kit almost falls together on its own.
  22. I decided to have a crack at one of these a few weeks ago. Not sure why but I think the re-release of this kit from Mark1 in December triggered an impulse somewhere. This comes from the Malta boxing. N5525 flew with 802 NAS when it was based at HMS Grebe (or what is now Alexandria Airport) when HMS Glorious was stationed in the Eastern Mediterranean in 1939. The black tail indicates it was a Squadron commander's aircraft. The record is slightly hazy but I think it was then boxed up and dropped off at Malta with a bunch of others when HMS Glorious was recalled to the North Sea to take part in the Norwegian Campaign in early-1940 (where Glorious was sunk). It was never actually re-assembled but was used as a source of spare parts to keep the handful of other Gladiators flying in defence of Malta. I built one of these Malta Gladiators at the start of Covid lockdown in 2020. This is the first Gladiator I've built since then. I decided not to do the full photoetch treatment I did with the previous build, but added a few external bits a pieces from the spares box, like the step (quite proud of this - made out of 1:700 ship railings). There were a few bits about the last Gladiator I built that bugged me afterwards, which I have rectified, or tried to, here. First was shaving down the canopy rail fairing behind the cockpit - this is very pronounced as it comes in the box, giving the tapering rear fuselage a curiously boxy shape. So I sanded this right back to what reference photos suggested was about right. Second was replacing the kit-supplied cabane struts with plasticard. Less telegraphpoleish. Otherwise I made all the the other changes I made then, including shortening the undercarriage and main wing struts, and closing the cowling opening a bit. Rigging was Uschi Van Der Rosten thread. Gladiator rigging is quite complex but it was satisfying to finish it. Painting was fairly simple. I painted the areas not to be silver and then sprayed AK Dull Aluminium over the rest. There are some superb photos of this aircraft in flight, taken mine armament and before it was delivered to 802 NAS (see above) but which show all the stencils. I used Shelf Oddity's excellent set of Hurricane stencils. The rest of the kit decals worked nicely. And with another Alex resident from three years later. And there she is with another pre-war RAF biplane, the (by comparison) extremely dainty Hawker Fury. Thanks very much for looking. I really enjoyed this build - a satisfying end to 2023. Happy new year to you all! Angus
  23. Alright, alright, another excuse to dig into my new 1/144 stash, why not!? I'll build a Sweet P-51B Mustang in Swedish markings. I cut and washed the sprues tonight, but photos and more to come!
  24. Now that the holiday and furniture sales adverts have started on TV, joining you with this kit with this option, and parts. Official start time 20:05
  25. I know…..I have too many work in progress on hand but still, I am starting one more. Bought this old Airfix kit for a low price so that I can build the Singapore Airlines Concorde. SIA was the only other Airline besides BA and Air France to fly the Concorde (with the SIA bird painted on the plane). The 4th airline that flew Concorde was Braniff Airways but it didn’t get to paint the plane to the airline’s colour. Both flew the plane briefly and didn’t last too long. The kit plane came with a broken nose and it sure looks like those model kits that I used to see long ago. The panel lines are raised. I have started to sand them and scribe the recess lines.
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