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  1. Hello, I was wondering if fantasy printshop colored A5 decal sheets are compatible with laser printing. They don't mention it on their site. Does anyone have tried it before? Thank You Giovanni
  2. First thank you all for kind messages. The decals proved to work very well with standard setting solutions and decal softer. The wing decal is a single piece for both upper and lower wing and is quite tricky. I suggest here not to use setting solution but just water until you get the right alignment. Pay attention also to lower wing serials. Here also use water and later the setting solution otherwise there's a serious risk of bending the decal. In general the decal sheet is of great quality and impressive for the numbers of little stencils it contains. H
  3. Hello, I'd like to share this model recently re-released by Airfix in new striking colors. It was built OOB for my 8 years old nephew in 4 full days. He has patiently followed the whole process taking active part in it. The only addictions were the little antennae above each tail boom. I'm a fan of Airfix whose new kits are nice and sweet and really cheap! A joy to build! Hope You enjoy it! Giovanni (uncle) and Francesco (nephew)
  4. Hello, This kit is nice and cheap. A good basis for getting a convincing vampire. The only weak point is nose which is too pointy in plant view. Do You think the same? Anyway I purchase also the Amodel mk-6 and can say it doesn't worth the extra expenditure. Bye Giovanni
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