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  1. Happy New Year! Finally finished this one: Good riddance 2020!
  2. After the short break fruitfully used on waiting and watching the paint dry and other necessary procrastination, the next series of steps towards the completion of this model. The result so far is this: A couple of washes done. Very moderate chipping and oil dot filters here and there. As one can see some more detail added to the engine deck. The mesh over the main air intakes. After some consideration I also detailed the secondary intakes with the ribs and new mesh. The next step will be some very mod
  3. The first coat of paint, glossed over and decals. The Guards emblem is from the kit sheet. It was misprinted, so a touch up was required. The weird thing is that the emblem is "mirrored" , and at first I thought it would be strange, but examining period photos, it turned out that in 1991 the emblems were indeed the mirror image, but the "Guards" inscription. Luckily this is dutifully reflected, so card required to make sure you put the emblems on the correct side of the turret. The numbers are taken from a generic decals sheet.
  4. Moving on... The turret is primed, and the hull finished and ready for priming. Added fuel drums and corresponding fuel lines and fixed the light guards on the glacis.
  5. Here's the next batch... Hull this time. The tracks are from Tankograd, the rest is scratchbuilt. I plan to use SG's frames for the mesh covers, so, the openings are cut out.
  6. Started this project a while ago... now, with the second lock down, it is perhaps the time to finally complete it. The kit is one of the first ModelCollect kits and comes with the metal body tub, which is a huge pain in the .... but on the other hand, does add some weight to the model when one holds it. The kit's turret is actually rather good, but I had a Tankograd one which I decided to use for this project, the plastic MK one will be married with Revell's kit body for some other project, most likely something with ERA The barrel is from MK. The Tankograd equips its turrets
  7. Upgraded side skirts in PE metal from AGB for this kit. Done in cooperation with SG-Modelling https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/AGB72146?result-token=z99jK
  8. Hi, very interesting build. Will follow it. Just a suggestion- hope not too late, the height of the turret in this kit is slightly off. It is about 1mm too tall, roughly for the thickness of the "roof" part. Might be sensible to sand off a bit from the top of the walls. Also the armored patches on the sides are way too prominent. I would suggest to sand them off to about a half of its current thickness...
  9. Super! When it is supposed to hit the shores of England and how much it is going to cost?
  10. Very well done! I wish I had the courage to approach on of these...
  11. A quick question - do you mean the Green Zink Chromate which looks like WW2 US fighters cockpit color (not the Yellow Green Chromate primer)
  12. Thank you, gentlemen. Most of the questions are answered more or less. I am planning an early D and use the Print Scale decals for it. Besides I find it interesting and sort of unusual to build a silver Vietnam Era aircraft. I know that Thuds were covered in "aluminum" lacquer, but still there is some space to play with panel shades variations. Except, fully agree here, they should not have a pronounced metal sheen. It seems I need to do some extra research on internal framing of the canopy...
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