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  1. BallsBuster

    AGB White M3A1 Scout Car - 1/72

    Gentlemen, thank you very much for your kind words. Glad you liked the finished model.
  2. Here it is. Strictly out of the box. only added a couple of handles on the rear plate and supports for the front armored shield. Was in a rush to complete, so it took only a week all in all.
  3. On their website they announced that the kit will be available in November 2018 http://sandmmodels.co.uk/misc-news/fv-432-progress/
  4. BallsBuster

    Zvezda Focke Wulf 190A4 snap fit 1:72

    Keep in mind that Zvezda's clear parts do not react well with Tamiya tape. At least in my case, and I tend to build models for very very long time, the tape's glue melted the canopy...
  5. BallsBuster

    1/72 -AGB-M3A1 Scout armored car-BoxArt-CAD images

    Sprue Shots Info on decal versions are available at Henk's site http://henk.fox3000.com/agb.htm
  6. BallsBuster

    Zvezda Focke Wulf 190A4 snap fit 1:72

    Zvezda's 1/72 tanks are absolutely superb. I cannot recommend them high enough. Their figure sets blow everything else out of the water... With regards of Fw-190, for me, personally, this kit was a bit of disappointment, after their previous Yak-3 and Bf-109F kits. Although, I agree it is very good.
  7. BallsBuster

    Zvezda Focke Wulf 190A4 snap fit 1:72

    I would also address the very thick propeller blades. They are made with wargamers and children in mind. Not a big deal - they can be sanded down or replaced from spares box. Also, keep in mind that Zvezda offers a late series production A-4, which had later type air intakes in the side panels - this is important when choosing the correct painting scheme. (Eduards recent 1/48 kit might be a good reference for that matter as it has the same sides).
  8. BallsBuster

    Best Soviet T-62 in Braille scale

    - I personally think that Trumpy is a better bet OOB. If you have a replacement turret, or a talent for sculpture carving, Revell is also OK.
  9. BallsBuster

    Best Soviet T-62 in Braille scale

    Here's what I picked from a few different forums regarding the new Trumpeter's T-62: - the turret is a shrunk copy of their 1/35 attempt and hence grossly incorrect. Major correction required - good news: the body is dimensionally correct, but the engine deck is oversized and is incorrect. - bad news - the body inherited incorrect shape of the rear part of the 1/35 kit. - the under turret cheeks are just vertical walls, and should be "bowl" shape. Correcting it would be very hard. - the position of the axels is incorrect (they are too low and their spacing is also wrong) - not that it is unexpected - the tracks lack the inner surfaces details. I am afraid this one is a dud for me. If it was a 4-5 GBP I could consider playing with it or using it for spare parts, but at the current retail....
  10. From what I have seen in the instruction sheet: This set https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/AGB72006 has mudguards for Canberras and should also fit this kit well (given it is very similar to S@M one)....
  11. BallsBuster

    Best Soviet T-62 in Braille scale

    ACE basically produced a generic image of a T-62 without paying attention to difference between the versions. So depending, on what version you would like to build, different modifications are to be made. Attention needed in the engine deck area, mud guards/fenders and stores on them. The turrets on early/late versions were slightly different as well. The shape of the turret also is a bit off (frankly, the shape of the real thing is very complex so hard to blame there). There might be something else in terms of bugs, but still even with those imperfections, the ACE kit is the best bet on getting a relatively convincing t-62. BTW - the Trumpy's 1/35 T-62 is bit of a disaster accuracy wise, so if the 72 kit is a shrunk copy of the same 3d, it will have the same issues. If true, and coupled with the awful tracks, the hole package is a bit of "miss" for me personally...
  12. After market coming up - Canopy masks and wheel well covers - https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/AGB72002 https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/AGB72003 And a few more are in "future releases" -flaps, interior and exterior.
  13. BallsBuster

    Best Soviet T-62 in Braille scale

    The old ESCI kit, regrettably, is not a contender. It was (or is) irreparably incorrect in pretty much everything. So better leave it as a not so sweet memory. ACE kit at least looks like a T-62, although has a number of inaccuracies as well. And it is not easy to build and very hard to find. The new Trumpy kit is a bit of an enigma. So far I have seen only some images of the kit and would abstain from making evaluations just from what is on the screen, but I am surely not a fan of their new approach to the tracks. Here's some more images, in case yo have not seen them somewhere else http://smallafv.blogspot.co.uk/2018/02/blog-post_3.html If Model Collect presses on with their T-62, I would more likely go with that kit.
  14. BallsBuster

    Su -57 in Syria

    It seems that Su-57 were deployed at Khmeinim air bae in Syria. Along with Su-35s and A-50s
  15. BallsBuster

    Ki-102 question

    I do not see why not? It is common practice. For example here he discussion of these on A-20 http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235013324-a-20b-lights-question/&tab=comments#comment-2568928 Same with me... Sadly very little info on Ki-102.