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  1. Well, I have not forgotten about this project. Slowly, slowly we crawl ahead. Very close to the end now... a few minor touches and we are there. Regarding the antennae - I have removed three extra inputs, but then again looked at the photos: on most of them online, one can clearly see all four of the inputs... although the antennae not installed. Should I put the inputs back? What do you think?
  2. So far painting is largely completed and initial stage of weathering done. Next stage - minor details like lights, MG and vision paraphernalia will be added. And then a stand and a bit more weathering... Thank you for the note. It seems from the walk around (link above) that at least some of them had these. I shall snip off the antennas from all the positions but one at the later stage though.
  3. The initial stage of painting done. Found a mistake with the decals - the port warning panel has red stripes in angling in the wrong direction. The only way I can think if fixing them is painting them on, hence the masking tape. And some other small details added.
  4. Thank you. Great wall around. Had to ad a few more things based on these photos...
  5. Hi, thanks. Yes, this is S&M kit and it's plastic. The fit is actually extremely good. the PE comes with the kit the white parts are sheet styrene.
  6. This kit is the climax of an "impulse buy". I was never interested in this vehicle, do not know much about it, but saw in at Telford and thought: "This could be a M113 trying look sexy". So I got it and now it seems, as the payback for being weak, I should build it. Below are the results of the first 15 minutes spent on the kit. What can I say - superb fit for a short run product. So if anyone has links to good walkarounds on this vehicle or good photos -your help will be much appreciated.
  7. I have ordered a few 1/72 sheets from them and was also impressed with the quality.
  8. Here's my take on the midget sub. The kit by Special Navy and it is great. I plan to put the sub on the trailer, so no effort made on the stand. Sorry for the quality of the photos...
  9. It seems to be on the right track (the pun is intended) . And now there are some test shots photos on Mel's website http://sandmmodels.co.uk/misc-news/fv432-kit-frames/ Looks good...
  10. A video of Russian Marines armor loaded on to the landing craft. Some ideas for dioramas with BMP-2s and BTR-82s.
  11. I do not know... perhaps it is easier to ask Mel? He usually attends the Farnborough show, so might be there next week. If I see him and remember, I shall ask...
  12. and here's the box art for the future kit. http://sandmmodels.co.uk/misc-news/box-art-for-the-soon-to-be-available-canberra-b6-kit/
  13. a bit more on the history of this a/c «Штурмовик командира 3-й эскадрильи 46-го ШАП СФ капитана А.И. Каличева был подбит 22.08.1943 при штурмовке вражеского аэродрома Луостари в Мурманской области. Несмотря на повреждения, лётчик продолжил штурмовку, а затем смог вернуться на свою территорию и посадить самолёт на поверхность озера», — The gist is: The aircraft was a mount of the CO of the 3rd Sq., 46 ShAP (Ground Atack Regiment) - Captain A.I. Kalinichev. This aircraft was damaged during an attack on Loustari airfield, but despite it Cpt. Kalinichev continued the attack and then returned to the friendly territory and crash landed the Il-2 on the lake's surface. Captain Kalinichev survived the war and served in the VVS until 1955. His photo and a few more interesting pictures of this wreck (including cockpit interior) are here (text in Russian) https://zen.yandex.ru/media/iskatel/shturmovik-il2-75-let-na-dne-ozera-i-snova-v-polet-5b6d25eea121fd00ab33e6ee
  14. This is a "relaxation" project, built out of the box with only a few minor additions and changes (like a few handles, replaced antenna and few more). I cannot recommend this kit high enough - do not know enough superlatives. For the price of a couple (or a bit more) of pints one can get what is probably the best 1/72 tank kit ever. As it was a quick build, I did not go into too much detail and research (a few articles and a few photos for reference) - just enjoyed the build.
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