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  1. A "Shilka" would be very nice.... Akatsia too, but from what I gather, almost impossible to find good data on it. Soviet Floating tanks would be very good. GaZ-66 in plastic - would be awesome! So many options. And someone, please, give us a decent T-62 in plastic! Ferret - is a funny little thing to put in the collection. Saxons - ungainly looking and weird. A better M4A1 Halftrack...
  2. Sorry, but no. I actually referred to this drawing in my message as the "comic book one". My calcs were based on Luranc drawings (which are reportedly the base for all Kuznetsov's books drawings) and the German drawing AaCee refers above. Unlike, AaCee, I would not pay too much heed to the manual picture, it is a good and solid reference source, but not really a guide to shapes and sizes, in my opinion. I am happy to admit that Arma's CAD model is based in the Kuznetsov plans and the fact that on their screens it corresponds to them perfectly, but looking at the result in plastic, it does not seem so in the wing tip area. And finally, I am totally with AaCee here - I would be very happy to see my calcs about nervure 22 and 23 wrong as it is much easier to bring BrenGun Yak-3 to Arma's shape, and I have an fully intend to build both of the kits.
  3. This becomes more and more interesting....I have dug out the kits to compare and here are some findings (relatively crude for now) : I compared the wings of Arma to BrenGun (after it was cleaned up from flash - sadly despite being a new kit BrenGun one still shows some) and as expected found the difference in the wing tip. It is a relief, as I started thinking, I am losing the sense of shapes after looking at the similar images for a while. The wings actually show very good correspondence up until the point of outer wing aileron"border" and depending upon positioning a relatively similar shape along the leading edge up to the point of the position light. The trailing edge outside is were the difference is and Arma is about 1-1.3mm thinner were nervure (rib) 22 is supposed to be, hence a more pouty look of the wing tip. Now what is correct? I am not sure now. I could not find the exact dimensions of nervures 22 and 23 anywhere and the only two sources available to me are the ones from Luranc's set (and Kuznetsov's drawings are reputedly based on them) and the German drawings taken from a captured Yak-1 in 1942. Neither of them provides the measurements for these particular parts, but sort of scaling off the copy of both (so please, mind these are far from perfect) gave me that according to Luranc #22 should be 720mm and according an unknown German circa 1942 -735mm. Now we know for sure, that the base of Luranc measurements were not perfect and rather crude, but they are still the best available. The German drawings, being done professionally and giving some extra details is also questionable (for example it omits #23 completely). I measured the wing of Arma's kit were the nervure 22 should be (I have drawn the ribs by pencil to be more precise) and arrived at 645mm (scaled up) or 8.96mm on the model. Now, I would assume that this discrepancy is accountable for the "pointy" look of the wing compared to BrenGun. And everything now boils down to the accuracy of the source drawings if Lurancs drawings are good (and my calcs are correct) there is a small problem with Arma's Yak-1 wingtip. To my eye and on the sprue Arma's wings looked strange. But I might be just overthinking it, and frankly after removing both Arma's and BrenGun wings from the sprue and putting them side by side, perhaps the difference will not be noticeable? If Arma's source is better, than Brengun's kit needs fixing - and this would take no time at all- just a few careful strokes by a needle file. And to muddy the waters further- I crudely measured the elevator on the Arma's stabilizers and it is spot on in accordance with the published dimensions, But the stub for stabilizers positioning on the fuselage is oversized.... So more attention and digging is needed here, and perhaps BrenGun dropped the ball here.
  4. Hi, I am not sure what you meant in the message, but having another look at Kuznetsov's drawings (which are consented to be rather OK in the planform and more or less are in line with the published measuring), I still tend to think that Arma's wingtips are too narrow and thus look too "pointy". It is rather obvious if you have a look at the photos of the wings of any Yak-1. Not exact as they are one can more or less have and idea of a shape. The color picture from the thread you suggested is taken from the Yak-1 manual and was intended for illustration purposes only. You would have similar questions and issues comparing things to pictures in comic books, or trying to replicate the Soviet camo by the illustrations from 1941 "Instruction on camouflage". I have the measurings published at scalemodels.ru and, if I have time, shall try and measure the Arma kit. "If I have time, or do not forget"(c) Happy New Year!
  5. Yes, absolutely correct. It is more about buying stuff, really than swapping. Swaps might happen, but I have not witnessed any. Good selection of books, manuals, photos. Very few model kits, but there are a few... Some interesting aviation related brick a bra... From pilot helmets, to aircraft instruments.
  6. Yes, there is an aviation themed swap meet on the first weekend of Jan https://ipmsuk.org/calendar/croydon-aviation-fair-2020/ I believe they open the Croydon Airport Museum for this day too. Worth a visit.
  7. Although the question is not for me - Just my two pence worth: I have not compared the kits to the drawings yet, but it looks to me that the Arma's wingtips are slightly too "pointy" and do look a bit strange. Possibly fixable and possibly even without major efforts, but careful comparison to the drawings is required. The stabilizers in the Arma kit on the sprue look 1.5 mm too big in span each compared to BrenGun's, but the same in span compared to A-Model's Yak-1. One should look at the attachment points which protrudes much more at Arma kit than either of the kits, very little at A-model and about 0.7 mm more at BrenGun. I believe, there might be an issue with Arma's stabilizers, but it can only be confirmed after the kit is put together and again fixing it should not pose more than 5 minutes of work. Where BrenGun beats Arma hands down is the replication of the fabric surfaces. Everywhere. On the other hand the quality of moldings is somewhat better in Arma's kit. The PE sets are not great in either of the kits, but better in Arma, however you have to pay extra for "Expert" boxing. Neither of the kits is perfect, and neither has the irreparable faults (at least from the first glance). As one can guess - I bought both of the kits with intention to build both of them, and my preference is for the BrenGun. But I would easily buy another Arma kit if I can find it cheaply....
  8. My first impression of the both kits is also that Bren Gun's one is slightly superior to Arma's offering. And yes it is hugely superior to their own Yak-1 kit.
  9. The first one will be 1/350 kit... but might not be ready for Telford show - according to Mel at the show last Saturday.
  10. Yesterday, at a show noticed that S&M Models are planning a new kit of Oberon Class subs. Perhaps it is an old news.... Sorry then. Here's the link to the announcement http://sandmmodels.co.uk/misc-news/o-class-submarine-and-the-westland-wasp-has-1/
  11. The cabs were fading significantly less than the rest of the vehicle, so normally it would be a tad darker than faded 4bo of the flat bad, or (especially) shelter. In general zil-131s were somewhat lighter in color than Gaz or Ural trucks, perhaps this had something to do with the Moscow's supply chain. The cab of the ICM kit is rather incorrect in shape and would require serious surgery....
  12. Thank you for the kind words. The kit is rather good and I plan to get their PROFI version to try my hand at the US variant.
  13. BallsBuster

    T-72 in Syria

    The lack of thermal jacket is not a rare sight on Syrian tanks. Most of their machines have been in the heat of action for the last five years and had them damaged. Naturally given the type of engagements, those are not on the priority list to be repaired. The 125mm though comes with the jacket as standard.
  14. https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/AGB72030 Super detailed version with PE and resin parts.
  15. Done and dusted! Repainted the stock black and put the model on a slab....
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